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The Top Black Friday Travel System Deals of 2024

The holidays are here and we’re seeing great Cyber Monday deals on travel systems.

We’ve compiled a list of discounts for the most popular items. Take a look.

Today’s Deals:

Deals we recommend, last updated on Wednesday April 24, 7am PDT:

Safety 1st Grow and Go Flex 8-in-1 Travel System, Forest Tide
Price: $199.99
Was: $249.99
Discount: 20%

Baby Trend Passport Cargo Travel System, Grey Bamboo
Price: $159.99
Was: $199.99
Discount: 20%

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Let’s face it, being a parent is not easy, or cheap.

Your parenting to-do’s are exhausting and the must-have goods list is long and expensive. Each November, parents have a great opportunity to save a lot of money and time when shopping for larger items for their young children. Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping, specifically online, is a time-honored holiday tradition for many Americans, and retailers know that big bargains bring in shoppers.

One of the most expensive (and important) items new parents need is a travel system. A travel system is a set of equipment that transports an infant from riding in a car to moving around from place to place. A travel system typically includes an infant carrier car seat, a separate base for the car and a stroller which can be used in combination with the carrier seat, or as a stand-alone stroller.

Parents love these items because they allow them to transport a sleeping baby without ever having to disturb the child to move from one place to the next. The downside of the travel system is price. Because this equipment needs to be safe, comfortable and easy to use, manufacturers often establish higher price points.

But back to Cyber Monday and Black Friday— this is the best time to find great bargains on travel systems and the biggest shopping day of the year! Retailers large and small offer incredible deals for baby items, and if you’re in the market for a travel system, this is the time to buy. But don’t drive from store to store in search of the best deal, just fire up your smartphone or computer because all these deals can be found online!

What to Expect on Black Friday 2024

The travel system is a type of product, rather than a single product, which makes looking at market trends more difficult. Even so, we’re going to look through the kind of sales that Black Friday has brought in previous years, and shed some light on what we might predict for 2024.

Different Types of Travel Systems Get Different Discounts

The price points that you can expect from travel systems varies widely. There are many entry-level products designed to soften the cost-burden of raising a child – those with an RRP between $100 and $200 fit within this category. They’re separated by quality and usability, mostly, but provide a great way to keep costs low when raising a little one.

The mid-tier tends to be characterized as being $200-$400: products that come with a brand or design that justifies the cost to many parents. The Usability and durability here are considered an investment and are generally more suited to the “comfortable.

This is the kind of range we’d expect for those who don’t need to worry about the cost of a child, but don’t want to pay for anything unnecessary. A balance of quality and affordability, this range comes with some key features, but the difference is primarily made up by being strong on the basics like safety and ease of use.

Finally, the “upper” tier of travel systems is anything that costs upwards of $400. This is a range where products are more distinguished by brand, design, and features. These are often not necessary, but make the experience of using the product more practical or pleasant. This is for those who are prioritizing quality over cost – a luxury but a reasonable place to invest.

We’ll be using the following exemplars for each category:

  • Entry level: Evenflo Vive travel system
  • Mid-tier: Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe
  • Premium: Baby jogger city mini gt travel system

They’re examples, but not comprehensive ones.

Predictions for 2023 Based On Previous Black Friday Sales

The Evenflo Vive is one of the most surprising, fantastic opportunities to get a great deal. We usually see that lower-RRP products have pretty small sales since they’re already cheap, but the Evenflo breaks the mold with sales averaging 30% – and all-time low prices of only $99.

This is an enormous sale and provides a level of convenience on an essential product that can’t be ignored. If you’re looking to get a great deal on a travel system on a budget, Black Friday presents a great chance to pick up a product like this for under $100. The prices seem relatively stable but are trending down, so the 2018 sales are looking very promising!

The mid-tier product, the awfully-named Britax “B agile & b safe” is a good example of mid-tier products bringing the big sales. With an RRP of $385 and an all-time low sale price of $240, there’s a huge opportunity to pick up a 30% sale, meaning $$$ of savings. This is a pretty common result in this category, even if individual sales tend to be unpredictable.

Our premium product, the Baby jogger city, is a good example of premium product performance during sale season. It fluctuates up and down often, with sales dropping the overall price down to a record low of $360. As before, this is a huge saving of $210 – over 30%.

Our predictions on these categories are accurate: the RRP of a product plays a huge role in how much you can expect to save. While the Evenflo Vive is a rare example of a huge sale on a cheap product, we generally see that the pricier a product is, the larger the gross savings will be during a sale like Black Friday.

During Black Friday 2019, we’re expecting this to hold up. Entry level products will be reduced by around 20-25%, mid-tiers by 20-30%, and premium products carry huge swing with the possibility of sales up to 40%.

This is obviously limited by the product and the manufacturer, but we can reliably say that these trends are true of travel systems – as well as perhaps all other products. Remember this – and know your own needs – to get the best deal on a travel system during Black Friday 2019.

Past Deals from previous years

Here are some of the best deals we found in 2016 on travel systems in a wide range of styles, features and price points:

Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System was available at for $99, down from its regular price of $169.99. The infant car seat is rated for infants 4-22 lbs rear-facing. The lightweight stroller (17.5 lbs) can be folded flat quickly with one hand. Connecting the infant seat to the stroller is a secure, one-second attachment. The stroller features an extra-large storage compartment for baby items or even a purse or shopping bags. A locking front swivel wheel makes this stroller easy to maneuver, and your child will ride comfortably in a 2-position reclining seat with a canopy shade and peek-a-boo window.

Babies ‘R Us offered the BabyTrend TriFlex Travel System for only $124.99 (regular price $189.99.) The TriFlex stroller is great for on-the-go families with its three-wheel design, making it sleek and maneuverable. Baby will also ride safely and comfortably in the 5-point safety harness with padded, removable headrest and a canopy to shade from the sun. The stroller’s weight limit is 50 lbs, and the infant seat is safe for babies up to 30 lbs. The Car Seat Base has four adjustable height levels, making it easy to install with push button latch connectors. The car seat attaches to the stroller tray with ease, and the stroller can be folded with one hand.

Britax 2016 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System was on sale on for $290, or 34% off of its regular price of $440. This travel system is one of the highest rated on the market. The SafeCell Impact protection of a Britax car seat ensures the safety of its passenger. This set features a Click & Go stroller from BOB. The SafeCenter LATCH system makes it simple to install the car seat base, and spring-assisted recline helps you find the right angle for installation of the base. The stroller features a single step rear wheel brake system and three-wheel design.

RECARO Performance Denali Luxury Travel System was listed on at $399, 20% off of its usual $500 price tag. The included Performance Coupe Infant Seat and Performance Coupe Infant Seat Base are lightweight and easy to install with built-in QuickSnap infant seat adapters. The infant seat is rated for children from 4-35 lbs. and less than 32 inches. The stroller accommodates children up to 50 lbs. and the stroller itself weighs 24 lbs. Folding the stroller is quick and easy with one-hand fold and an auto lock for added security. A parent cup holder and removable child’s tray are the height of convenience.

Amazon offered the Evenflo JourneyLite Travel System with Embrace for just $118.99 (regular price $169.99.) This travel system includes a travel stroller and an infant car seat. Folding this stroller is a breeze with the push-twist handle fold mechanism that takes only one second. The stroller is equipped with a pivoting child tray, covered parent console and a storage basket. Its durable lightweight design is ideal for use up to 50 lbs. The car seat includes an adjustable base, three shoulder harness positions and a 5-point harness system.

What Else You Can Get This Black Friday

Remember: each family and child have different priorities and needs when searching for the perfect travel system. Size and weight of the stroller are very important for function and storage, and safety ratings for the car seats are high priorities for all shoppers, but we have found that there’s a travel system for every budget, and both Cyber Monday and Black Friday mean great opportunities for a bargain. Shoppers can get an upgraded travel system for their budget, or save money by buying their chosen system at a discounted price.

And even better, all of these systems can be purchased from home with the touch of a button. Many online retailers offer free shipping on Black Friday, so you don’t even have to go to the store and find a way to get those large boxes in your vehicle! Online shopping for travel systems is quick and easy and it allows you to compare features and prices from home. Be sure to find the best deals and features when shopping for this important part of your baby equipment needs!

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