The Best Spiderman Toys in 2024

Spiderman is one of the most popular superheroes ever. He is so well-known, and kids love him. My kids are no different. They are going through a superhero phase right now, where one of them is obsessed with Spiderman and the other is obsessed with Batman. So, we have all kinds of superhero-themed toys, clothes, and accessories.

In this article, I’m going to focus on Spiderman, the New York City web-slinging hero. We are going to cover all sorts of toys that are great for all different ages. This way, you can pinpoint the right Spiderman toy for your child. I included several types, so there is something for every skill level and interest!

Here are the top picks in each category, if you want to jump right to that. The best toddler Spiderman toy is here, the best preschool Spiderman toy is here, and the best Spiderman toy for older children is here.

What Should I Look for in Spiderman Toys?

If you have a diehard Spiderman fan in your home, chances are that they will be overjoyed with whatever toy they receive. However, there are still certain features that you should be looking for when you are ready to purchase that perfect Spiderman gift. Below I have compiled a list of things that I would want in a Spiderman toy for my child, along with what some other parents are saying.

Ease of Use

I didn’t want any of the choices to be difficult to play with, so each of these is easy to play with and understand.


Since everyone is working with their own budget, I tried to choose Spider-Man things that were in all sorts of price ranges.

Age Range

All of the top picks are divided into categories based on age. This includes skill level and safety.


Some parents like to choose items that are versatile and can have multiple uses, so I tried to be sure I included a few that were like that.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Spiderman Toys

Just like with any other toy or product that I purchase for my children, I always try to find the best quality as well as overall playability. I did my research and used feedback from other parents to determine which Spider-Man toys were worth the money. I included various types of toys in each of the categories because I felt it was important that there were enough options. After all, every child is different. Each of these Spider-Man toys was made to last and has unique features that will help you decide which to buy. After all, it’s important to always weigh the pros and cons.

Our Top Picks for the Best Spiderman Toy of 2024

Best Spider-Man Toys for Toddlers (1-3 Years Old)

#1: Jay Franco Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Pillow Time Pal (Best Plush)

Jay Franco Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Pillow Time Pal
View on Amazon | $32.99

If you have a toddler in your home, you know how important stuffed animals are to them. Any sort of plush that they can get their hands on becomes a favorite. My kids are no different. Plushes are soft and great for all kinds of play. Read on to see why this particular Spiderman plush is the best choice over the other toys.

26 Inches of Cuddles

If your child is looking for something to cuddle and love, this Spiderman plush is perfect. At 26 inches long, it will be life-size for a toddler. They can carry around their new friend anywhere, and even bring it with them to bed. No other toy on this list comes close to the size of this one, and it’s great to cuddle with.

There Are More Options Besides Spiderman

Do you have a Spiderman-loving toddler in your home, but another who loves another character? There’s no need to worry because this plush brand offers other characters to choose from. The other toys don’t provide these same options.


  • Can be cuddled at bedtime
  • Doesn’t require assembly or batteries
  • Great for imaginative play
  • Other character options


  • Limited ways to play

What I like about this plush is that it is perfect for toddlers. There are no small parts, and it isn’t a challenging Spiderman toy. It’s also very affordable and is less expensive than the Playskool Mr. Potato Head set. Overall, it’s a great choice if you have a young child at home who loves stuffed animals and Spiderman.

#2: Playskool Friends Mr. Potato Head Marvel Spiderman and Green Goblin (Best Versatile)

Playskool Friends Mr. Potato Head Marvel Spiderman and Green Goblin
View on Amazon

If you are a Marvel fan yourself, you probably already know that the Green Goblin is Spiderman’s nemesis. This set of Mr. Potato Head toys by Playskool offers so many ways to play that there are endless opportunities for fun. These Marvel Spider-Man toys are also great for other things. Read on to find out more and why you would choose them.

Great for Developing Fine Motor Skills

Toddlers need to work on their gross and fine motor skills development. They will need to learn to pinch and grasp the pieces and place them on each of the potato head toys to create characters. Since they are mix and match, there’s no wrong answer. No other toddler toy on this list is as educational as this one can be.

Large-Size Parts

Some of the other Spider-Man toys on this list, such as the Lego set, aren’t suitable for toddlers because they are a choking hazard. However, they can build and create with this toy, and you don’t have to worry about them choking on tiny pieces. So, if you are shopping for a child under 3 years old who loves Spiderman and likes to build, this could be a great choice.


  • No batteries required
  • Offers open-ended play
  • The parts are compatible with other potato head toys


  • It’s a little expensive

The price for these Spider-Man toys may seem like a lot, and luckily there are other toys on this list at a lower price than you can choose instead. However, if your kids like to assemble things and have played with potato head toys in the past, then they would probably enjoy these. In my opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to these Spider-Man toys.

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#3: Spider-Man Coloring and Activity Book Set (Best Coloring Books)

Spider-Man Coloring and Activity Book Set
View on Amazon | $5.59

I love coloring books, and so do my children. We have an endless amount with so many characters and themes, and they ask for them almost every single day when they get bored with their other toys. This particular set isn’t just for coloring but has some fun and simple activities included as well, such as mazes. Keep reading to see why I chose to include this coloring book set as one of the best Spider-Man toys for toddlers.

They Each Have 96 Pages

Your child is going to get so much use out of these activity books, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. These coloring books are the cheapest Spiderman toy on this list, at under $10. Plus, you get two books! Your kids will get to color pictures of their favorite superhero that they can hang up in their room when they’re done.

The Activities Are Optional

This is going to come down to preference and skill level. I usually let my kids fill their book however they want, and this includes just coloring the activities instead of following the instructions. If they ask for help, then I always do, but I don’t make it a requirement. They love free reign to color in their Spiderman books however they see fit.


  • You can find other Marvel superhero options on Amazon
  • Easy to replace with more books because of the price
  • Paperback, but durable binding


  • The pages are a bit difficult to tear out cleanly

The only complaint that I have about these Spiderman activity books is that even though the pages are perforated, it still isn’t easy to remove them from the book. I get it fairly close most of the time with minimal rips, so I definitely wouldn’t say this is a deal-breaker. My kids love all of the different Spiderman pages, and there are even other characters, like the villains. I would highly recommend these for an art-loving Spiderman fan.

Best Spider-Man Toys For Preschoolers (3-5 Years Old)

#1: Super Hero Adventures Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Jetquarters (Best Overall)

Super Hero Adventures Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Jetquarters
View on Amazon | $44.98

This is a super cool Spider-Man toy that has many great details, and at under $30, it’s also an awesome deal. After discovering this Spider-Man toy, I would love to purchase it as a surprise birthday present for one of my boys. Let’s talk about some of the features that will make you want to buy it.

It Can Be Paired With Other Marvel Figures

I was pleased to discover that the fun doesn’t have to stop with Spiderman. This jet comes with a Spiderman action figure, and you can purchase additional Marvel Superhero Adventures action figures and their vehicles. There’s room in the back of the toy for vehicle storage, and any of the 5-inch figures fit in the cockpit. It gives your child so many play options. Some of the other superheroes you can purchase are Iron Man or Captain America, so they can create their own group of Avengers. You can see the Captain America toy in action at the Amazon link.

It Has a High Re-playability

Let me explain what I mean by this. Compared to the other Spider-Man toys on this list, especially the matching game you will read about in this category, your child is less likely to lose interest. There are many ways to play with this Spider-Man jet, and since you can add on another Marvel action figure, it only adds to the options your child has. I love when the toys that I buy my children are played with often and for more than a few weeks.


  • Easy to use
  • Many ways to play
  • No batteries required
  • Great quality for the price


  • It doesn’t come with a small vehicle for the Spider-Man figure like the other ones you can purchase separately

Obviously, there are pros and cons for every toy out there. I wouldn’t say that this one has a deal-breaker since there are always going to be more toys that you can purchase additionally that can be played with side by side. Overall, I feel like compared to the other toys with action figures, this one is going to be the best Spider-Man for preschool-age children because of its versatility, quality, and just for how cool it looks!

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#2: The Amazing Spiderman Hot Wheels Spider-Mobile (Best Hot Wheels Car)

Do you have a little one at home who loves both Hot Wheels and Spiderman? Lucky for you, this toy is the best of both worlds. This Spidey mobile will be the perfect addition to your child’s collection. They will not be disappointed with this Spiderman toy. Read on to see why this Hot Wheels Spider-Man web car could be a great choice for your kids.

It’s a Diecast Collectible Car

Many Spider-Man fans continue their love into adulthood and love these cars as collectibles. This Hot Wheels Spider-Man web car is the best Spider-Man toy for future collectors. Since it is diecast, you never have to question its durability.

It’s Perfect for Car Lovers

It’s no secret that many children under the age of 5 years old, and even some a little older, love Hot Wheels. They are extremely popular, and there are endless ways to play with them. This is why I chose to include this Spidey mobile. It’s the perfect gift for the little one in your life that loves Spider-Man AND cars. Plus, it’s small compared to the other superhero toys in this category. It won’t take up too much extra space.


  • Simple but versatile
  • Durable
  • Fits on all Hot Wheels tracks


  • It’s a little more expensive than your average Hot Wheels because it’s a collectible

You may be thinking that the price of this Spider-Man Hot Wheels car is a little bit much, but remember that it can be something that your child can hold onto through the years and give it to their children to play with when they become an adult. However, if the price still sounds like it may be a deal-breaker for you, then you could choose one of the other Spider-Man toys from this list.

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#3: Wonder Forge Marvel Matching Game (Best Card Game)

Wonder Forge Marvel Matching Game
View on Amazon | $10.99

Both of my sons love matching games. They love ones that include their favorite character or theme even more. What’s great about this game is that it is the best of both worlds. Not only does it feature their favorite Spidey superhero, but other well-known Marvel superheroes as well. Let’s talk about the best features of this game that made me choose to add it to the top list.

It’s Educational

As a parent, I always feel like it’s a win-win situation when I can find something for my kids to play with that is both fun and educational. This card game is perfect for that. It’s simple and easy to understand but can also provide a little challenge. Your little ones can really work on their memory skills with this game, along with discovering new characters in the Marvel universe mixed with some of their favorites like Spider-Man. It’s a great game that your kids are going to ask for again and again. There isn’t another educational toy like it on this list!

It’s Quick

The biggest issue among young children is holding their attention. This game takes 15 minutes to play from start to finish, keeping your kids from getting bored. Even though it’s a short game, it is a great way to keep their focus for that time. Since this is the only actual game on this list, it’s the only toy that is structured. You might want to purchase one of the other Spider-Man toys if you are looking for something that is more open-ended.


  • Great for solo play, multiple kids, or for the adults to join in on the fun
  • Teaches memory skills, patience, and sharing
  • You can adapt the rules for younger players


  • There is only one way to play

The instruction manual included with this game gives you clear information, making it easy for your kids to understand. Even though there aren’t multiple ways to play, it’s a great way to get your little ones to sit down for a short period and really use their brainpower. Memorization skills are very important, especially when kids start to learn how to read. I highly recommend this Spider-Man matching game for your Marvel fans.

Best Spider-Man Toys For Older Children (5 Years Old and Up)

#1: LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Jet Vs. Venom Mech (Best LEGO Set)

LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Jet Vs. Venom Mech
View on Amazon | $84.45

Legos are extremely popular toys and for good reason. You can create so many cool things with Legos, and there are endless themes to choose from. So obviously, I had to include one of the most popular Spider-Man Lego sets on Amazon. What makes this one so great? Keep reading to find out why Spider-Man fans love it.

It’s Perfect for Venom Fans

If you have read a Marvel comic book or if your kids have, then they probably know that Venom is one of the most popular villains in the Spider-Man universe. In this Lego set, you get two mini-figures, and the Legos to build a Spider-Man jet and a Venom Mech (basically a giant robot). This gives your kid multiple scenarios for superhero vs. villain play. This is the only Spider-Man toy on this list that features Venom. They can use the mech to make Venom pull the Spider-Jet out of the sky to keep Spidey from saving the city!

Building Legos Is So Much Fun

My son and I have built many things out of Legos, and I have to say, it’s so much fun. Even my husband has more intricate Lego sets of his own that he enjoys putting together. I highly recommend this set if your kid is a fan of Spider-Man. It is the best Spider-Man toy on this list for building and creating for older children. You won’t find anything else like it mentioned here.


  • It’s a small set, so it doesn’t talk a long time to build
  • The building is just as fun as the play after it’s complete
  • It’s great for children and parents to do together


  • It’s tedious for kids who don’t like working with instructions

Besides being a possible choking hazard, Legos are hard for little kids to put together. The instruction manuals can sometimes contain a lot of information, and it may be too much for them to understand. That’s why you probably wouldn’t buy one of these Lego sets for a toddler. However, older kids of all ages love playing with them, and it’s obvious why. This set would make a great affordable gift for the Spider-Man superfan in your life.

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#2: Spiderman Rechargeable Kids Walkie Talkies (Best Walkie Talkies)

Spiderman Rechargeable Kids Walkie Talkies
View on Amazon | $39.99

I remember having walkie-talkies when I was growing up. They are so much fun and are perfect for imaginative play. These are Spider-Man-themed, and I think they would be a great gift for the Spidey fans in your life. There are many ways for your children to incorporate them into their playtime and can be used in any of the games that they come up with. Let’s talk about the best features of these Spiderman toys.

They’re Rechargeable

As a parent who buys a ridiculous number of batteries for my kids’ toys, I can appreciate rechargeable ones. Not only do they save you money, but they also save time. Just plug them in at bedtime, and they are ready to use again the next day.

They Can be Used Indoors or Outdoors

If you want a great outdoor toy for your kids, this is it. They have great battery life and are perfect for your little superheroes to talk to each other from across the backyard during their secret mission to save the world. These are great for Spider-Man fans who like to get outside.

They Have a Privacy System

With over 22 channels available, your kids can set their walkie-talkies to be used on their own frequency, which ups the secrecy factor in their pretend play. Plus, they are equipped with CTSS technology. This eliminates interference and allows for crystal clear transmission.


  • A locking button to save preset settings if needed
  • Volume control
  • Great for learning communication skills


  • They are a bit expensive

I’m no expert when it comes to the cost of some things, but the price seemed a little bit high for me. However, you are technically buying them for more than one kid to use so that probably evens it out a bit. I would definitely pay that price for a Christmas present for my boys. They love to play together and they love Spider-Man, and these walkie-talkies would take their imaginative play up a notch.

#3: Fun Factorys Spiderman LED Mask and Cape Set (Best For Dress Up)

Dress-up and role-play are some of the best things that your child can be interested in. They create so many opportunities for your kids to play together. After all, it isn’t always fun playing alone. You can purchase more than one set since they aren’t very expensive if you have more than one child. This mask and cape set is perfect for turning your child into their favorite superhero. Keep reading to find out why it could be a great choice for your little Spider-Man fan.

It’s Perfect for Role Play

In my opinion, there is nothing more perfect for pretend play than dress-up clothes. This particular set comes with everything your kid needs to turn themselves into their favorite Marvel character Spider-Man. There is a cape, mask, web shooter, and disc launcher. The mask has LED lights in the eyes to make the costume feel more realistic, and the cape has adjustable velcro to help fit kids of all sizes. There are no other dress-up Spider-Man clothes on this list because I didn’t find any others that were are good as this one. Besides, what Spidey fan wouldn’t want their own web-shooters?

You Can Use This for Halloween

If your kids want to be Spider-Man for Halloween, this would work great as a simple, inexpensive costume. Since this is the only dress-up outfit on this list, you won’t find any alternatives which should help to make your buying decision easier. Plus, it can be worn to a costume party!


  • Great for developing the imagination
  • The only Spider-Man toy on this list that has a web shooter
  • There are other options, so they can dress up as another one of the Marvel Avengers


  • Not suitable for children who don’t care for dress-up or masks

When my kids were young, neither one of them was a fan of hats or masks. This made their Halloween costumes and dress-up options more limited. This isn’t a problem now that they have grown a bit, but all children are different. You know your kid better than anyone, so you probably know already whether or not this cape and mask set would be a good idea. If this doesn’t sound like an issue, then great! You can rest easy knowing that this set is made of high-quality materials and won’t disappoint even the biggest Spider-Man fans.

Why Is Spiderman So Popular?

There are many different versions of Spider-Man in the comic book world, the most popular being Peter Parker and Miles Morales. They are very similar in the way that they are both young and came to have their spidey powers the same way.

Kids love watching a character save the world. I think this can be said for all superheroes. Spiderman in particular is very relatable. He is just a teenager who suddenly finds himself with powers that make him feel like he has the responsibility to step up and help people. He can do cool things like climb buildings and shoot webs, and a lot of children look up to him and want to be able to do more to help and protect their own neighborhoods. The purpose of a superhero is to inspire others, and Spider-Man does that well. Plus, it helps that he’s just so cool!

Verdict: Your Best Spiderman Toys 

Here is the takeaway for the best Spider-Man toy.


If you want the best plush, pick the Jay Franco Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Pillow Time Pal. It’s soft and comforting, but it is also life-size. Perfect for bedtime!

If you need something more versatile, pick the Playskool Friends Mr. Potato Head Marvel Spiderman and Green Goblin. Your kid will have a blast working on their fine motor skills.

If you want the best coloring books, pick the Spider-Man Coloring and Activity Book Set. These are filled with Spidey-themed coloring pages and fun activities and puzzles for your kid to do.


If you are looking for the best overall, pick the Super Hero Adventures Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Jetquarters. Your little Spider-Man will not be disappointed if they receive this toy as a gift.

For the best Hot Wheels car, pick The Amazing Spiderman Hot Wheels Spider-Mobile. If you have a kid that loves Spider-Man and Hot Wheels, look no further.

If you want the best card game, pick the Wonder Forge Marvel Matching Game. It’s perfect for your kids to work on their memorization skills and patience.

Older Children

For the best LEGO set, pick the LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Jet Vs. Venom Mech. They will have so much fun building this Spider-Man Lego set, and even more, fun playing with it when they’re done.

If you are looking for the best walkie-talkies, pick the Spiderman Rechargeable Kids Walkie Talkies. These are perfect for communication and imagination.

If you want the best dress-up set, pick the Fun Factorys Spiderman LED Mask and Cape Set. This can be used in several different scenarios. Many kids love to wear a cape and mask.

You will notice that some of these Spider-Man toys include the Playskool brand, which is well-known and loved by parents and little ones alike. Hasbro is also a widely loved brand, but none of the Hasbro ones cut it this time. Other brands are not as well-known but still have received an abundance of positive reviews, making them just as great. It can sometimes feel like a difficult task when trying to find the right toy for your kid, especially when dealing with a theme like Spider-Man.

Lucky for you, I created this guide to give you some help by taking out the research for you. As long as you know what kind of toy you want your kid to have, the age range you’re interested in, and your budget, it will be easier than you think. Each of these is found on the website Amazon (almost everyone’s favorite online store) and the links provided allow for one-click ordering! My job is to create content to make your life more simple, and I hope I have done that with this wide variety of superhero toys that focus on the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. They all have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day, will make your kid really happy!

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