The Best Nap Mats in 2024

If I’m honest, I didn’t know that a toddler nap mat was going to be a requirement when my son started preschool. I’d heard of them before, and we had used sleeping bags, but some types of nap mats are different compared to your average sleeping bag. So obviously I had to figure out what was going to be the best for him to take to school. During my search, I also found other kinds that would be useful for other situations.

There are several reasons why you would purchase a toddler nap mat for your child. Some of the most common include using it in the living room for some rest, taking it to daycare, or taking it to grandma’s house to spend the weekend with her. No matter why you need one, you will want it to be a place that provides comfort for your toddler, so they can feel better about getting some sleep on a mat that isn’t their familiar bed. That’s where this guide comes in.

I have done my research and found the six best nap mats on the market right now, to make it easier for you to find the right match.

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What Should I Look for in a Nap Mat?

The type of nap mat and its features are going to come down to preferences. Below I have compiled a list of things that you should take into consideration when you are ready to buy a nap mat for your child.


The four most common materials that I have seen used in a toddler nap mat are cotton, polyester, vinyl, and foam. Your choice is going to come down to your preferences. There are also various ways to clean them, and that may influence your purchase decision. No need to worry, though! These are all comfortable materials, so comfort won’t be a concern.


If you have a cleaning preference, then that is going to decide what toddler nap mat you choose for your child. The cotton and polyester mats are typically machine washable. The vinyl mats can be cleaned with sanitizing spray or wipes. Foam nap mats typically have a removable cover that is machine washable. Each type is easy to clean in its own way.


The two things that you can sometimes get with a nap mat are a pillow and a blanket. These are usually attached to the mat. The vinyl mats don’t come with them, and the foam mats sometimes include a pillow. If either of those is needed, that will help narrow down the ones that would work best for you.


All of these toddler nap mats fold up in some way for convenience. If you want a handle or some other way to carry it, then you will have to choose a nap mat with that feature. There are also options for straps or velcro. These will keep the nap mat from unrolling when you transport it as well.


Many of these nap mats are made of cotton or polyester, so obviously there are no tools or assembly needed there. There are some out there that do need a little bit of setup, but I prefer ones that don’t need any tools.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Nap Mat

When I was looking at nap mats for my son before he started preschool, I didn’t know where to start. Luckily, I could rely on reviews from other parents to be sure that I chose a toddler nap mat made of quality materials, with all of the features I was looking for. Besides, the most important thing to remember is that the nap mat you choose is meant to give your child enough comfort to sleep in a place outside of their own bed. To put this list together, I pinpointed what the wants and needs other parents had for a nap mat were, and then chose only the best-rated ones. There is truly something for everyone here!

Our Top Picks for the Best Map Mat of 2024

#1: Wildkin Original Nap Mat With Pillow (Best Value)

Wildkin Original Nap Mat With Pillow
View on Amazon | $49.99

This brand is trusted by many parents because they make high-quality products, and this toddler nap mat is no different. It’s the perfect size for a toddler, and there are so many prints available that would be great for all kids. Below, you’ll find the main reasons why you should choose this nap mat for your child.

It’s Great for Traveling

Setting up this nap mat and rolling it up to take on the go is extremely easy. It also has a convenient carry handle, making it simple to put in your car and take with you on a trip. Not many nap mats have this feature. The only other nap mat that has a carry handle is the Lambs & Ivy nap mat, but it has a slightly different design that you can read about under #4.

You Can Purchase Matching Gear

Wildkin loves giving you the option to coordinate products. If you take a look on Amazon you can find backpacks and lunch boxes to match the nap mat that you choose. This is something else that you seldom find with products like nap mats. No other nap mat mentioned in this list gives you this option!


  • Machine washable
  • Many pattern options to choose from
  • The design includes a soft pillow for ultimate comfort
  • Great value for an affordable price


  • Must be machine washed so not ideal for daycare or preschool

Even though the Wildkins nap mat isn’t best suited for school, that’s just fine. You will see that we have a top pick for that, the KinderMat, so you would be better off choosing that one if that’s what your kids need. However, if you are looking for a machine washable and easy-to-transport toddler nap mat that’s also comfy and cozy, you won’t find anything better at this price point.

#2: Urban Infant Bulkie Kids All-Purpose Nap Mat (Best Premium)

Urban Infant Bulkie Kids All-Purpose Nap Mat
View on Amazon | $54.95

In general, toddler nap mats aren’t very expensive. However, not every family is dealing with the same sized budget. If you have a bit more money to spare and want a couple of extra cool features, then you might choose this nap mat for your child. These run over $50, but you can rest easy knowing it really is worth the money. Keep reading to find out the other major reasons that you might choose this nap mat over the others.

It Converts Into a Backpack

This is a really cool feature that you won’t see with any of the other nap mats on this list. It makes this one super easy to take on the go. Since it is also lightweight, you can even have your child help out and carry the nap mat on their back. It will be one less item for you to carry to the car if you are getting ready for an overnight trip. That means more room in your hands for other essentials.

It Grows With Your Child

Another feature that isn’t included with any of the other toddler nap mats mentioned is that the pillow is unique. It can be flipped up, so as your child gets a little taller, they can continue to use this nap mat comfortably. There are other nap mats on this list that include a pillow, but they are fixed and don’t allow for growth like this one. It’s perfect for toddlers of any size.


  • Machine washable
  • Made of a soft, cozy blend of polyester and cotton
  • Comes in several adorable patterns
  • Has a comfy blanket attached
  • Is a great size


  • Material isn’t ideal for spot cleaning

Note that this is strictly a machine washable nap mat. Urban Infant does claim that this is made for daycare, but I find that more teachers prefer the vinyl sleep mats because of possible accidents and worry of bacteria. However, there are so many other uses for this nap mat. It’s a great choice for naptime in your house or any other place you take your child overnight.

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#3: KinderMat KM-150 Childrens Rest Mat (Best for School)

KinderMat KM-150 Childrens Rest Mat
View on Amazon | $29.99

KinderMat is a popular brand that makes vinyl nap mats for toddlers. The material makes it perfect for use at school, and that is why we ultimately purchased this one for my son this year. He says it’s comfortable, and he likes using it. Let’s talk about why this particular mat could also be a great choice for you.

It’s Easy to Sanitize

The top reason we chose this nap mat is that my son’s teacher wanted everyone to bring in something easy to clean and sanitize. Since this nap mat is made of vinyl, it can be wiped clean quickly in between uses and after accidents, which are normal for preschool-age kids. This makes it perfect for use in a classroom. No other nap mat on this list is made of material that can be easily wiped down.

It’s Durable

Every review I have read about this nap mat before I purchased it was positive. Other parents spoke highly of the quality. This was a concern I had because it was going to be used every day, and I didn’t want to buy a nap mat that couldn’t stand up to all of that use. I have no complaints about this one. The seal is strong, so it is also great at keeping out bacteria, which is a unique part of the design.


  • It’s very affordable
  • It’s lightweight
  • You can purchase fitted sheets by the KinderMat brand for at-home use


  • No carry handle
  • No blanket

It may not have any plush for comfort since it’s not made of cotton, but this mat isn’t uncomfortable. The mat still provides some give and isn’t hard like you might think it would be. The only drawback to this nap mat is that it doesn’t have a convenient way to carry it, like a handle. However, this isn’t a deal-breaker. Chances are, it will not have to be moved around much when used in a classroom, so I don’t see this as a problem, especially since it isn’t heavy at all. I would definitely purchase this again.

#4: Lambs & Ivy Snoopy Nap Mat (Best Low Cost)

Lambs & Ivy Snoopy Nap Mat
View on Amazon

Coming in at just over $20, this is the most inexpensive nap mat on this list. It’s just as soft and comfy as the others, but it is more suited for a tighter budget if you can’t afford the extra money for the Wildkin Kids or the Urban Infant nap mats. However, many toddlers love this one, and it’s still made of quality. The only drawback is that it is missing some of the features that make the other nap mats stand out. Keep reading to find out more about that, and the reasons this is the best choice for the lowest cost.

It Has Velcro Closures

What a lot of parents like about this nap mat is the velcro straps to keep it secure when you’re planning to load it into your car and take it somewhere. However, some of the less positive reviews (and there were very few) mentioned that it didn’t close up as well because of the bulky pillow. Obviously this is a minor complaint and not necessarily a deal-breaker, but I thought it was worth mentioning if you are purchasing a nap mat that is specifically for travel. Other nap mats on this list have straps as well, but there wasn’t mention of velcro as there is with this one.

It Has the Space For a Name Label

If you do decide to purchase this toddler nap mat for your child to use outside of your home, then it’s important that it can have some sort of indicator that it belongs to your child. The pattern is often just on the inside, so it can be hard to figure out which nap mat is whose. The clearly visible name label eliminates those issues and makes the nap mat one-of-a-kind this way. While you can find personalized nap mats on Etsy, I didn’t find any on Etsy that matched the same high-quality of any of the mats on this list.


  • Lightweight and cozy
  • Has several pattern choices
  • Made of a polyester and cotton blend
  • Machine washable
  • Has a blanket


  • The pillow isn’t detachable
  • It’s very thin

Since it’s only 0.5 inches thick, it may not be comfortable depending on the type of floor it rests on. Many homes are carpeted, so this is a great budget-friendly option to use at home on the living floor or to cuddle up with on the couch. Just like the other fabric nap mats, it isn’t really recommended to be used at daycare since it’s not as convenient to keep clean. However, it’s a great choice for its affordable price.

#5: My First Memory Foam Nap Mat (Best Memory Foam)

My First Memory Foam Nap Mat
View on Amazon

I really like how different this one is, and I feel like it could make a difference with toddlers who struggle to get some shut-eye during naptime. It is comfortable and made of non-toxic gel foam, so you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t exposing your child to any harsh chemicals. So what makes this particular toddler nap mat special? Read on to see why I chose this one over others to include it on this top list.

The Foam Keeps Your Child Cool

If you know that your kid gets too hot when it’s time to take a nap, this nap mat may solve that problem. The cooling gel foam inside this toddler nap mat absorbs pressure and heat and reroutes heat to ensure a comfortable body temperature. No other toddler nap mat on this list has this technology.

The Cover and Pillow Are Removable

Upon first looking at this toddler nap mat my first question was, how do you clean it? Obviously, you can’t put the foam into the washing machine. However, you can remove the pillow and the cover, so you can clean them. Just remember that only the cover is machine washable. It keeps its shape well, so it is easy to put back together after it’s cleaned. This is a standout feature because most of the other toddler nap mats on this list do not have a detachable pillow.


  • It’s plush enough for use on hard floors
  • The memory foam is 100% CertiPUR-US certified
  • Can be rolled up for portability
  • Hypoallergenic, so allergens don’t cling to it


  • Can’t be spot cleaned
  • No blanket

Much like the other nap mats on this list, you can’t simply wipe it down for cleaning. However, it is machine washable, which makes it a great choice for at-home use or when taking an overnight trip to visit friends or family. It is also pretty affordable when it comes to the price. It’s specifically designed for toddlers who can have a hard time getting some shut-eye because they are just too hot. You will feel better knowing that this nap mat is providing the comfort they need.

#6: Acrimet Premium Stackable Nap Cot (Best Nap Cot)

Acrimet Premium Stackable Nap Cot
View on Amazon | $49.9

Nap cots are very different compared to traditional nap mats, and it’s their design that makes them truly unique. This one in particular had very positive reviews, and I wanted to include it to be sure that there was plenty of variety in types of nap mats, even ones for use at home. Below you will find the most prominent features that set this sleeping cot apart from all of the other ones on this list.

It Has a Heavy Duty Steel Frame

The most unique feature of this nap mat is that it has a frame. It’s meant to keep your child slightly elevated off the floor so it feels more like their bed. For some toddlers, this could be helpful if they struggle during naptime. It also helps that the fabric is also strong, preventing sagging or tears. No other nap mat on this list has any sort of frame.

It’s Easy to Assemble

Since this nap mat is actually a nap cot, the frame is going to require some assembly. None of the other nap mats will need this. Luckily, it’s easy, and there are very few parts that need to be put together. There are no tools required, and once it is set up, you don’t need to take it apart again. Since it only weighs 7 pounds. you can move it around and store it almost anywhere.


  • Easy to wipe down to keep clean and sanitized
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Can support up to 60 lbs. in weight


  • You can’t fold it up for travel
  • No blanket

Even though this mat can technically be used in a daycare or on the go, I wouldn’t really recommend it. It doesn’t fold up like the other nap mats, so it would end up taking up a lot of space in your car. Not many people actually have the trunk space to accommodate this large cot. So, better to store rather than transport. However, it’s great for use at home or for naps at grandma’s house where you can just leave it instead of bringing it home. You should probably choose something like the Kindermat for school or the Wildkin Kids for on the go.

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#7: Disney Mickeys Toddler Rolled Nap Mat (Best Disney Nap Mat)

Disney Mickeys Toddler Rolled Nap Mat
View on Amazon | $21.46

Of course, I had to include an option that included recognizable characters. This mat is perfect for the little Disney lover in your life. After discovering these, I am going to get a couple for my kids to use at home because I think the recognizable theme will help them want to sleep for a little bit during the day, or at least have some rest time. Keep reading to see what my favorite features of this nap mat are.

It’s Simple

Even though this mat is thin, it’s still made of quality material. It includes an attached blanket and pillow as well, for comfort. It isn’t thick enough to feel comfortable on a hard floor but would work well on a carpet or couch, or any other soft place.

It’s Machine Washable

Just like all of the other nap mats mentioned that are made of cotton or polyester, this mat is machine washable. I love being able to wash it frequently to prevent the spread of germs. Since all the pieces are attached, you won’t have to worry about anything getting separated or misplaced. If you have kids, then you know that this happens a lot.


  • Has a carry handle
  • Has many Disney character options
  • The mat material is soft and cozy


  • It’s thin like a blanket

Since this mat doesn’t have any plush, I still wouldn’t recommend it for use on a harder floor. It would be better for you to find another place to use it if you are considering getting it for your kids to sleep in as an alternative to a bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would My Toddler Need a Nap Mat?

Many daycares and preschools will require that you send a nap mat in with your child. Even if your little one doesn’t actually sleep at naptime, they must have quiet time to rest during the day. Young kids still need to take breaks from all the fun and learning. Also, some still do nap at this age. Some kindergarten classes will even ask for your child to have a nap mat, though this is less common.

You may also find that it will be more comfortable for your toddler to sleep in the living room rather than their own bed at nap time. I found with my kids, they preferred to sleep on nap mats in a place that was closer to me.

At What Age Can My Toddler Use a Nap Mat?

Most toddler nap mats are suited for children in the 2-5 years old age range. This is because most toddlers commonly need naps or some resting time during the day. As they get older, you will notice that they will need that timeless and less, therefore, dropping the need for a nap mat.

However, you mustn’t use nap mats with a baby. You will never want to leave a child that young unattended while they sleep on the floor. A bassinet, crib, playpen, or play yard is better equipped for a baby. Also, some nap mats have built-in blankets. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you never want to give a loose blanket to your baby because it is a huge suffocation hazard. Babies can only sleep with swaddle blankets or a blanket tucked tightly under their mattress.

So, if you are looking for a toddler nap mat, make sure your child is in that 2-5 age range for safety reasons.

When Will My Child Be Ready to Give Up Naps?

This will ultimately depend on the child. Many kids still nap at age 4 and even older. This is why many preschools and daycares offer nap time or quiet time for children that young because some need it while others do not. Some stop napping at age 2.

If I am talking about my own children, they gave up their naps young. Both of them were under age 3. As soon as it became too much of a battle to get them to take a nap, I let them stop. Use your best judgment because no one knows your child better than you do.

How Do I Wash My Nap Mat?

The material is going to determine how the nap mat gets cleaned. As you can see above, several toddler nap mats are machine washable. This makes cleaning so easy and fast. Vinyl sleep mats can be wiped down and sanitized to prevent bacteria growth. Always check the tags on the sleeping mat or read the description before you buy to see how best to clean your nap mat.

Verdict: Your Best Nap Mat 

Here is the takeaway for your best toddler nap mat.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Wildkin Original Nap Mat With Pillow. It’s great for traveling, and you have the option to purchase matching gear, like a backpack in the same pattern as the toddler nap mat.

For the best premium, pick the Urban Infant Bulkie Kids All-Purpose Nap Mat. It’s the only nap mat on this list that folds up into a backpack, making it easy for your child to carry around. This will give you your hands back for other things.

If you are looking for the best for school or daycare, pick the KinderMat KM-150 Childrens Rest Mat. It’s the only vinyl mat on this list, making it the best for sanitizing and spot cleaning.

If you want to spend under $25, pick the Lambs & Ivy Snoopy Nap Mat. This toddler nap mat may be thin, but it still provides softness and comfort at a very inexpensive price.

For the best memory foam, pick the My First Memory Foam Nap Mat. It’s the only mat with a cooling gel foam that helps keep your child from getting too hot while they sleep.

If you are looking for the best nap cot, pick the Acrimet Premium Stackable Nap Cot. Everything about this toddler nap mat is durable. Even though it’s not made to be portable, it’s great for at-home use if you like the idea of your child being slightly raised off of the floor.

For the best Disney mat, pick the Disney Mickeys Toddler Rolled Nap Mat. They can even choose a theme that would match their real bed!

Searching for the perfect nap mat for your child doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, I hope that this guide gave you all of the information that you needed to help you out with your purchases. When trying to decide which toddler nap mat to get for your toddler, it is important to first decide how you want it to be used. If it’s meant for daycare, I would recommend the KinderMat sleep mat. If you want a nap mat to set up in your living room and plan on keeping it at home, maybe you should look into the Acrimet nap cot. For traveling, I would suggest the Wildkin nap mat. See what I mean?

All you have to do is pinpoint your specific needs and favorite details, and then you should be able to decide on the perfect toddler nap mat for your children. I’ve covered the basics, and all that’s left for you is to click one of these links and buy! If you have a smartphone, you can even download the Amazon app to make your purchases. We may earn a commission for what you buy. Happy shopping!

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