The Best Toddler Beds in 2024

One day, your child will outgrow their crib. It’s a day that you will see coming but also dread because it is a sign of your baby growing up. Both of my boys are in toddler beds, and I can honestly say that you will know when they are ready to make that transition.

Every toddler is different. Luckily there are some signs to look out for. Obviously, the first is if you are dealing with an escape artist. Toddler beds are much lower to the ground and easy for children to get in and out of. Of course, you must be ready for your little one to constantly climb out of bed. Besides that, potty training is another sign. A toddler bed will be a lot easier for them if they need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

You will see a lot of different types of toddler beds in this guide, but don’t worry. We will break down each one, so it will be a simple decision for you when it is time to make the purchase.

Carry on reading or jump straight to our number #1 pick here.

What Should I Look for in a Toddler Bed?

Thankfully a lot of toddler beds are designed similarly. There are certain things that you should look for, and we have compiled a list of the best. Here are some features that are the most important, and should definitely be on your mind when you are ready to grab a toddler bed.


No parent wants any of their child’s belongings to be toxic. Make sure that they are free of harsh chemicals. Additionally, you will want a toddler bed that is low to the floor. Last, you will need to decide if you want a bed with integrated guards or rails in place to prevent your child from falling out, or if you want to purchase your own toddler bed rails separately.


This really comes down to personal preference. There are toddler beds made from wood, metal, plastic, and some are even upholstered.

Weight Capacity

Each of these toddler beds has a different weight limit. Again, this will be based on your preference as well. The average limit is usually around 50lbs and some are higher, especially ones that can be used as day beds.

Easy to Move

Some parents find that a bed that is easy to move around is important. This may be because you plan on reusing it with another child in another room. If it is lightweight, this will make life easier for you.

Mattress Size

You will notice that most toddler beds actually fit a standard crib mattress. If you’re like me, you’ll be jumping for joy because you can use the same mattress that you used in your little one’s full-size crib. This will also give them the feeling of something familiar during this transition while putting some money back into your pocket.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Toddler Bed

First, we took a look at what children enjoy the most. After all, they will be the one sleeping in the toddler bed. One of your goals should be to pick something that is appealing to them. Next, we went by the testimonials of other parents. This was very important because they know first hand what was safe, what worked for them, which was easy to assemble, and other crucial factors. Mix this up with what I know as a parent of two children in two different toddler beds, and you have this list of the best toddler beds out there right now.

Our Top Picks for the Best Toddler Bed of 2024

#1: Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed (Best Value)

Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed
View on Amazon | $67.99

This is a traditional wood toddler bed that may be simple, but still the best choice on our list. I find that my own children change their interests constantly. So much so that is often hard to keep up with what they are into. I decided that a bed like this would be the best choice not only because of how safe and sturdy it is, but because it isn’t tied to a particular theme or character, making it perfect for little ones who bounce between their favorite things. Let’s dive right in and discuss why this toddler bed takes the #1 spot.

It sits close to the floor

My youngest is a little on the short side for his age, and I was worried that he would struggle to get in and out of a bed on his own. This toddler bed is low enough that he has zero issues with getting in bed all by himself. He is enjoying his newfound independence since he transitioned out of a baby crib, and this bed is perfect for a 3-year-old his size. The best part is that if you find your little one is ready at a younger age, you won’t have to worry about this with the Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed.

It comes with all the tools needed for assembly

This alone made putting it together so easy and quick. Compared to the toddler bed that I chose for my older son (which didn’t make this list), this was one of the easiest pieces of furniture that I have ever put together. The directions were clear and straightforward, all the bolts and screws were labeled, and I didn’t need anything else to put it together. For someone who struggles with building things, I had no problems putting this toddler bed together.

What other features of this toddler bed put it at the top?

  • Two safety side rails
  • 50lb weight limit
  • Bed weighs just under 17 pounds
  • Multiple color choices

At only $80, this is a very affordable toddler bed. You really get the best value for your money with this one, even if it isn’t for the lowest budget. Still, it is safe and sturdy and will last all through your child’s toddler years and beyond. Plus, you can use a standard size crib mattress with this bed. That is also a great money saver if you already have one. If you are looking to compare this with our runner up, the Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed, it isn’t as luxurious and not anywhere near as expensive. That helps this toddler bed slightly edge it out if you don’t have a truly unlimited budget.

#2: Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed(Best Overall)

View on Amazon | $16.99

The first thing you’ll notice about this toddler bed is the cost. It is miles more expensive when compared to any of the other toddler beds we talk about here. It is a very modern-style bed, which you may consider if you don’t have budget constraints. At just under $700, you are probably wondering if it’s worth it, and the truth is that it is. You should snag this one if you can afford it because it’s very promising according to parent reviewers. Read on and see what makes this one our best overall.

It is made of solid birch

The solid wood design makes this very sturdy, so you will never question the integrity of the frame. The finish is also completely non-toxic, making this wood bed as safe as possible. Many parents prefer wood construction over plastic or even a steel bed frame. It lasts through normal wear and tear and goes well with various home décor.

You can remove the feet

Even with the feet attached, this toddler bed is still very low to the ground. However, you can remove the feet and have the bed frame sit directly on the floor. This will make it even easier for little tikes to get in and out of their bed all on their own. Having this option alone is a great selling point, making it one of the best toddler beds on our list.

What else places this modern style toddler bed as one of our top picks?

  • It fits a full-size crib mattress
  • It is eco-friendly with sustainably sourced wood
  • It has single wood piece side rails for sturdiness
  • It is Greenguard Gold certified
  • It is easy to assemble

If you don’t have any sort of restrictions in your budget, you should consider this toddler bed. It is modern and stylish and will make your baby feel like a bigger kid without sacrificing their safety. If your budget doesn’t allow it and you still want the wood construction, choose the Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed. It is made of high-quality wood but is much more wallet-friendly.

#3: Dream On Me 3-in-1 Emma Convertible Bed (Best Convertible)

Dream On Me 3-in-1 Emma Convertible Bed
View on Amazon | $169.99

Wouldn’t it be great if the toddler bed you purchased could be repurposed once your tot grows out of it? Many reviewers love this feature of this product. It is also made of the same high-quality wood that you can expect from the Dream On Me brand. Keep reading to see what unique features allowed this toddler bed to take the #3 spot on our list.

It has 4 rails

Traditionally, a toddler bed has 2 safety rails that attach to the headboard, to keep your child from falling out of bed. However, the Emma convertible also has 2 guard rails at the foot of the bed. If you are concerned about your little one falling out of bed because they toss and turn and change positions a lot while they sleep, this could be a great option to give you peace of mind.

It converts to a table and 2 chairs

You will see that this is the only toddler bed with this capability that made our list. If you know that this is something you will want once your big kid is ready for a twin bed, then this could be the best choice. This is especially true if you have more than one child. Purchasing new furniture can be expensive, and this is one of those products that will save you some money in the long run. The chairs can be great for a kids’ room to read books or a playroom for art projects. Virtually whatever you can come up with!

Here are some other features to mention about this product.

  • Made of solid New Zealand pine wood
  • Available in a variety of color options
  • Sleigh bed design
  • 50lb weight limit
  • Fits a standard crib mattress

The reality is that if you are a parent who loves furniture and other products for your child that serve more than one purpose, then this bed should be a top choice for you. All you have to do is purchase one of the conversion kits and you are good to go when your toddler is ready to move on to an adult bed. It really is simple and easy. The best part is that the assembly is also a breeze. Parents enjoy that it doesn’t take a lot of work to put this bed together.

#4: Delta Children Plastic Sleep and Play Toddler Bed (Best Low Cost)

Delta Children Plastic Sleep and Play Toddler Bed
View on Amazon | $59.98

Coming in at under $60, this is the most inexpensive bed on our list, and you’ll notice that it is one of the cheapest out there. This plastic toddler bed is a great choice if your little one has their heart set on a character bed. It is a molded plastic bed and even though it is not made of solid wood, it is still very safe. So, no worries about using this one for your child. Let’s go over this bed’s top features that lead parents to purchase this one, besides a tight budget.

There are so many different characters to choose from

Kids change their interests all the time. Luckily, Delta provides a lot of different familiar characters for your tot to choose from. You’ll notice Mickey Mouse, Frozen characters, Lightning McQueen, and even Ninja Turtles. There is something for every child. Plus, this can help them get excited about the transition. Match it with a bedding set and they will be asking to sleep in their new big kid bed.

It has other uses

You will notice in the name that this bed is called the Sleep and Play. This is because this bed can have other uses if you choose. Delta recommends a play enclosure or even a ball pit. This is optional of course, as not every parent will want to use where their toddler sleeps as a play space. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference. This may end up being a major selling point if you know that your toddler will enjoy using the bed in this way when they are not asleep.

Why else is this the top budget pick?

  • Each character bed has its own complete room collection
  • It is JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified for safety
  • It has built-in toddler guard rails
  • It fits a standard crib mattress

If you know that your child will enjoy having a theme for their new bed, then this is a great choice. It is very inexpensive and versatile for the price. However, if you know that your toddler changes their interests frequently, then your money might be better spent elsewhere. They will have to use their bed for a couple of years, so you are better off choosing a standard frame like the Dream On Me Classic bed. If they are set on a particular character, there are lots of bedding options out there. Overall, this is a very sturdy plastic toddler bed that your little one will love.

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#5: Hiccapop Inflatable Travel Bed (Best for Traveling)

Hiccapop Inflatable Travel Bed
View on Amazon | $84.92

This is the only toddler bed on our list that is portable. Hiccapop Travel Bed is perfect for overnight trips and even camping. It is safe and easy to set up. Plus, it isn’t very expensive. It is the best choice for making sleeping in an unfamiliar place more comfortable for your little one. Obviously, if you are looking for a bed for your child’s bedroom, you wouldn’t want a toddler travel bed like this. So you should only choose this one for sleeping outside of the home. Let’s go over the features that parents love about this bed.

It’s extremely durable

Hiccapop claims that this travel bed is puncture-proof. This is a great quality to have in an inflatable bed, especially for a toddler. You probably already know that your little one will test its limits, so it is great to know that this bed won’t pop after a few jumps and bounces. Plus, the material is 40% thicker compared to its competitors, which contributes to its durability. Overall, this makes it a great choice for young and rambunctious toddlers.

It has extra tall/long bed rail bumpers

Compared to other toddler travel beds, the integrated side rails are 25% longer and taller. This is for maximum safety to ensure that your child won’t fall out of bed at night. No matter what bed you choose, this will always be one of the top features that you will look for.

What other features put this toddler travel bed on our list?

  • It inflates in under 30 seconds
  • It is lead and BPA-free
  • It includes a travel bag and an electric pump
  • It has reinforced seams
  • The Velvet mattress provides comfort

Of course, you wouldn’t choose a toddler travel bed if you are specifically looking to transition your child out of a crib. However, it is a great choice if they are going to be spending the weekend at grandma’s house or if you are going away for a few days on a quick getaway. Having a comfortable and safe place to sleep is important for your child, to make sure that they get plenty of rest.

#6: Kid Kraft Race Car Toddler Bed (Best Race Car Bed)

Kid Kraft Race Car Toddler Bed
View on Amazon | $172.98

It’s no secret that race car beds are some of the most sought after beds for little kids. The appeal is obvious. I agree that it’s extremely cool to sleep in a bed shaped like a car, though I’m not sure my husband would be on board with that. Anyway, this toddler bed is a great option if your little one is car-obsessed. Read on and see why this made our list.

It has a built-in bench

At the foot of the bed is a deep bench that is used for that extra bit of storage. Your child can use it for some books that they like to read at bedtime, a couple of pairs of shoes, or even some plush toys that they like to keep nearby. It doesn’t affect the safety of the bed; it is just a really nice perk that you won’t see with any of the other toddler beds on the list.

It fits most crib mattresses

Generally, all full-sized crib mattresses are the same size. This means you can just use the mattress that is in your child’s crib right now, saving you some extra money. Of course, this is a feature of many of the toddler beds on our list, but it is still worth mentioning because getting rid of that extra cost can put some funds back into your budget.

Here are some other important things to mention about this toddler bed.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid wood construction
  • Easy for your child to get in and out
  • Integrated bed rails
  • Low to the floor

If your child has their eyes on this race car design, you may not be sure if it is worth the cost. Well, your child is no longer a baby and is taking interest in a bed like this one, that’s a huge step for them. This means that they are open to change, which is something a lot of kids struggle with. If you have the budget, I say go for it. Nothing beats seeing your kid get excited over their new bed.

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#7: Delta Children Canopy Bed (Best Princess Bed)

Delta Children Canopy Bed
View on Amazon | $88.06

When we said there is something for every child on this list, we even meant your little princess. Princess beds are very sought after by young girls, so of course we had to include the best one on our list. This cozy bed will keep your little one safe but also so excited and happy to move on from a crib into a big kid bed. Keep reading to see why Delta Children has made the best toddler bed fit for royalty.

It has an adorable canopy

Your child will truly feel like she’s cozying up for bedtime in a castle with this canopy. It is each to attach to the bed feet and also very easy to remove if needed. It is perfect for blocking out light as well as making your little girl feel like she’s actually a princess.

Delta Children offers matching furniture

To really make your child feel special, you have the option to complete the bedroom set with other furniture and accessories. This is fantastic if you are working towards setting up a whole theme for their room. Children love when you make a big deal out of important moments in their lives, so why should the transition from a crib be any different? If you can splurge, go ahead and do so because the reaction of your child will make the whole thing worth it.

What other features make this the best princess toddler bed?

  • 50lb weight limit
  • Steel frame with plastic guard rails
  • The lightweight and sheer canopy
  • Easy to assemble

This takes the cake if you are searching for a princess bed for your big kid. It has the same safety you expect from a toddler bed, allowing you to breathe easier and be less worried about them falling out of bed. It is cute and functional and supports their growth throughout the toddler years. It is also low to the ground, making it a breeze for your child to get in and out on their own. It’s perfect for your little one if they love pink and fairy tales.

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#8: Dream On Me Sleigh Toddler Bed with Storage Drawer (Best for Storage)

Dream On Me Sleigh Toddler Bed with Storage Drawer
View on Amazon

Sometimes you just don’t have enough space. Once you no longer have a crib or changing table, you are giving up a place to put things. When your kid is ready to move on to a toddler bed, you are probably wondering where you are going to store some of their essentials. That’s where this particular bed comes in. Keep reading to find out why this toddler bed rounds out our top picks at #8.

There are two storage drawers under the bed

This may be obvious because of the heading, but this is really the main reason why you would choose this bed. It is just as easy to put together as the Dream On Me Classic, but it has a slightly different design and includes the convenient drawers directly underneath. You can store clothes or toys, or anything you want, really, right under the bed, and you don’t have to worry about taking up any extra space that you don’t have. It is truly a game changer.

It has a sleek sleigh design

Of course, this feature is just about aesthetics, but it is really a beautiful bed. Sleigh beds are designed to look exactly like that- a sleigh! It doesn’t change anything about the structure, and it is made of solid wood, but it just looks cool. A lot of parents like this style because of how good it looks with the home décor. It may not be called classic, but it really is a classic design.

Some other important features of this bed:

  • Fits a full-size crib mattress
  • Comes with tools needed for assembly
  • Weight limit of 50lbs
  • Side rails for added safety
  • Multiple color finishes

Dream on Me makes some phenomenal products for both babies and kids, and their beds are no exception. This one is by far the best for storage because it is so simple and will work for a few years before your kid is ready for a twin bed. If you are looking to save some space and obtain extra storage, then this is the best choice for you, especially compared to the Delta Children’s plastic bed or the Delta Children canopy bed. Also, with color options, your child can choose their own color scheme.

What Age Is Best for a Toddler Bed?

The youngest that your tot can be ready for a toddler bed is around 18 months. Of course, this isn’t the same for every child.

As mentioned earlier, there are signs that you can look for that may indicate that they are ready to move into a bed and out of the crib. You will want to be sure that they are a pro at walking and climbing, so they can get out of their bed safely on their own. If you are in the middle of potty training, a toddler bed might help with nighttime accidents because it will give them the freedom to get out of bed and use the bathroom if needed.

The bottom line is that there is no real right or wrong answer, but it is safest to wait until they are at least 18 months old.

Something else that is important to know is that you don’t want to go straight to a twin bed. Moving to a twin mattress too soon will be a huge jump. Toddlers are not tall enough to use them until they are 5 and sometimes even 6 years old. The same goes for bunk beds. A toddler isn’t the right size for a bunk bed, so you might want to wait a couple of years for that as well.

Verdict: Your Best Toddler Bed 

Here is the takeaway of our list of the best toddler beds.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed. It is a simple bed made out of wood that your toddler will love and have no issues getting in or out of.

If you are looking to splurge on a luxury toddler bed, pick the Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed. The safety rails have unique slats, and it has a very modern look that’s perfect for any home with a high-end budget.

For the best convertible bed, pick the Dream On Me 3-in-1 Emma Convertible Bed. Once your child grows out of it, they can use it as a table and chairs. It’s perfect for multiple children.

If you want to spend under $60, pick the Delta Children Plastic Sleep and Play Toddler Bed. It’s perfect if you want a plastic bed that can be used as a play enclosure, as well as options for your child’s favorite character.

For the best travel bed, pick the Hiccapop Inflatable Travel Bed. It’s perfect for sleepovers and weekend getaways.

If your kid is sold on having a race car toddler bed, pick the Kid Kraft Race Car Toddler Bed. The bed comes with integrated bed rails and is safe and sturdy.

For your little princess, pick the Delta Children Canopy Bed. It is adorable and will make your child feel like she’s going to sleep in a castle.

If you want some extra storage, pick the Dream On Me Sleigh Toddler Bed with Storage Drawer. This bed will give you a little more space back for other furniture in your child’s room. It’s one of the most important features.

A new bed for our former baby is one of the most important purchases that we will have to make as parents. Transitioning from a crib is no easy feat, but luckily these companies provide you with the best bed choices around for your children. Part of your decision will be safety, and you will want to be sure that the bed rails are what you are looking for. Next is the design. Do you want more of a classic design with wood or a simple color? Are you looking to create a theme? Each of these options on our list provides you with whatever you are looking for in their own way. All you have to do is decide if your child is a fan of Ninja Turtles or Mickey Mouse. No matter the situation, we have you covered with the best toddler beds on the market right now.

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