Here Are the Best Diaper Deals This Month

Diaper costs can add up, so it’s always a good idea to find a good deal and stock up. It turns out this month is a great opportunity to do just that.

Here are the best discounts we found for you today.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Sunday September 25, 8pm PDT:

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You might want to sit down for this. The average parent will change over 4,500 diapers per child from birth to potty training. Go ahead, we’ll give you a minute to compose yourself.

That is a shocking number of diapers to purchase, and when you consider that the average price per diaper is about 25 cents, that adds up to a lot of money. Many parents will go to great lengths to save money on this essential baby item. From store brands to reusable cloth diapers to couponing and stockpiling, there are many ways to save on diapers. One often overlooked way to save on diapers is by taking advantage of Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals.

What Happened on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are the biggest shopping days of the year and often boast the best deals of the year on everything from large electronics to jewelry, and even diapers. Many Cyber Monday and Black Friday ads won’t list the great deals offered on diapers, but online retailers offers significant price cuts on all sizes and types of diapers if you are willing to look for them. Shipping is usually free as well, so you can have these packages delivered to your door for much less than regular price and save time on going to a store to shop for them!

While most of the products wev’e discussed have a predictable relationship with Black Friday and other major sales, diapers seem to defy the logic of prediction based on previous costs. This could just be because they’re perishable, or because they’re sold at a pretty poor margin on a per-unit basis. Either way, this is a bit different to our usual review.

Black Friday Sales Trends

To start with, the most we can get from this product is that sales are very tight – even during black Friday sales. The RRP is around $30-40 for a month’s supply (between 190 and 250 units, depending on size and brand), while sales only bring prices down to around 90%. This is a very small swing, with very small cost-reductions.

This is also predictable – there are very small variations and they make it easy to get an idea of the kind of sales you can expect. During sales, the largest mark-down we’ve seen reliably occur is around 20%. There also seems to be very little correlation between the size and the sale price, making it difficult to say what to expect.

What we Can Say about Diapers on Black Friday (and How You Can Take Advantage)

The overall trend across all brands and sizes, however, is a slow downwards trend in prices. The RRP s of these products are easing down while the sales remain consistent. This is interesting as it means that the overall sale prices continue down, while the percentage point of the sale is pretty much the same every year.

However, small and consistent sales aren’t all bad. While they may be less impressive than those seen on consumer electronics or new products on the market, they play an important role. The first point here is that diapers are an essential product: it’s not a luxury or an optional expense.

Cutting costs on these products is a benefit since you’re going to have to buy them anyway. We expect to see 20% reductions in wholesale stores – especially the large superstores that can shift hundreds of thousands of units during a holiday like Black Friday.

On the other hand, these products are consistently discounted in a way we can predict and budget for. If you’re looking to bring down your home costs, then the reliably 10-20% reduction in costs that come with Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a huge benefit. After all, this might not be a lot of money, but it can make a difference in your wallet while bulk buying.

What Was On Sale In 2017-2018

We found most brands offered at a discount, and to get you ready for this year, here are some of the great savings on diapers we found during Black Friday 2016:

Walmart offered a deal on several sizes of Huggies Little Movers. These diapers feature a DryTouch liner that absorbs on contact for the driest feel, along with a SnugFit waistband and Leak Lock for up to 12 hours of leakproof comfort. Little Movers are a parent favorite for busy toddlers. They are available in the following sizes at great discounts, depending on the size of the package, with bigger discounts on super and jumbo size packages.

Size 3 (16-28 lb), Size 4 (22-37 lb), Size 5 (27+ lb), Size 6 (35+ lb)

Toys ‘R Us featured a discount of 40% on Babies ‘R Us brand super packs of diapers in all sizes. These diapers feature a wetness indicator that lets you know when baby needs a change and guarantee leak-free protection for up to 12 hours. Super pack diaper counts are as follows:

Newborn, 104; Size 1, 132; Size 2, 128; Size 3, 116; Size 4, 100; Size 5, 86; Size 6, 72.

Huggies offered 40% for one day only on Amazon, and Babyganics offered 70% as well. Babyganics diapers are made with a natural seed oil blend and proven by pediatricians and dermatologists to be gentle on delicate skin.

Target offers a $20 gift card to shoppers who purchase $100 or more in qualifying diapering products. Many brands, sizes and styles of diaper are included in this sale as well as wipes and other baby products.

Amazon was also on board with the diaper deals and is offering of Earth’s Best diapers as low as 15.4 cents per diaper. These diapers are earth-friendly diapers and made from non-chlorine bleached materials.They contain natural absorbent material such as corn and wheat and have breathable sides and a moisture barrier cuff. Also at Amazon, Honest Co. diapers were $15 off, and if you choose to Subscribe and Save, it brings the per diaper price down to 22 cents, down from the regular price of almost 40 cents! Honest Co. diapers are a favorite for their eco-friendly materials and manufacturing and you can choose your own pattern!

For Amazon Prime members, large boxes of Huggies were listed at up to 50% off, and Luvs diapers are priced as low as 8 cents each! Luvs is one of the more popular discount diaper brands that parents love for their low price point and leak-proof absorbency.

Amazon, once again offered a deal that will get you a Pampers Easy Up Training Pants Stock Up Deal that is 20% off your Diaper Purchases if you are a member of Amazon Family and you have Amazon Prime. Deals on overnight diapers and training pants are rare and hard to find, but on Black Friday there is a deal for every diaper and a diaper for every deal!

Cloth diapering can often mean a larger expense when starting, but it usually evens out over time, but Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals are great for purchasing all the necessities. Many brands use bright colors and patterns as covers, and add liners and inserts to help keep cleanup simple. Diaper pails, wet bags and detergent are also important elements in a cloth diapering regimen. Cloth diaper companies usually run promotions on not just the diapers, but all the necessary accessories to make cloth diapering easier.

Wink Diapers offered 50% off with a coupon code as well as free shipping. They offer cloth diapering needs such as covers, liners and inserts. Buttons Diapers offered 20% off of their cloth diapers and accessories as well. Nicki’s Diapers are a popular cloth diaper brand that discounted their diapering products up to 35% for last year’s Black Friday promotion.

Since diapers are an essential part of day-to-day life with a baby, it is important to find the right diaper and get the best possible deal since you’ll be buying a lot of them. Many parents find that one brand of diaper works better for newborns and infants, and another brand might be best for toddlers. Activity level, frequency of changes and type of materials make a difference in comfort and absorbency in diapers. Even the priciest diaper is offered at a sale price occasionally, and Black Friday is the best time to find such deals.

Bundling: An Underrated Bonus

The final thing we want to mention is the value that comes with bundling during Black Friday sales. This is when a product is attached to another product during sales to offer greater value at the same, or lower, price we’d see during sales.

Diapers are often met with this type of sale – with previous years showing that diapers are often bundled with other childcare products and sanitary products. This might mean actually being provided alongside another product, or simply seeing a large reduction in costs on baby wipes when buying diapers.

This is definitely a product to buy on Black Friday if you’re going to have to buy it anyway – and superstores provide a great place to make the most of these predictable bundling offers. As mentioned above: you don’t’ get a choice on buying these products, so even these small wins are going to add up if you can take advantage of them on Black Friday 2019.

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Grab a cup of tea, fire up your laptop and let your search engine do the work. Find all the best deals on all the best brands on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, order online and wait for your discount diapers to arrive on your doorstep. After all, those 4,500 diapers aren’t going to change themselves!


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