Which is the Best Baby Bassinet of 2024? My Experience.

After I gave birth to my first son, I knew I wanted to have him close to my bedside. Based on recommendations from family and friends, and a little research, I found out about baby bassinets. They are great for having your little one nearby and are also a safe alternative to bed-sharing. It is important, though, to find the one that best fits you and your baby’s needs.

For example, if you don’t plan to co-sleep with your baby (that means having your baby in the same bed as you) the best value for you is likely going to be the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet. It has lots of features you will want and need, while also saving you some bucks.

BEST VALUE: Graco Dream Suite Bassinet
This is a bassinet, changing table, and storage space all in one. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to move throughout your home. You can choose from two speeds of vibration for just the right setting to soothe your baby.

If you do plan to co-sleep then I recommend the Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper. It is perfect for keeping your little one within arms’ reach, especially if you are breastfeeding and having to wake at night for nursing sessions.

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On the other hand, if budget is not a concern and you want the best of the best, choose the Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper. It response to your baby’s needs and actually sleep-trains your baby, providing you with much-needed rest. It has everything you need for a good-night sleep for both you and your baby. So if you can afford it – this choice is a no-brainer.

BEST PREMIUM: Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper
This bassinet will sooth your babies with the constant rumbly sound and gentle rocking motion they loved in the womb. It automatically response to cries with rocking and white noise. It has been shown to increase babies' sleep by 1-2 hours per night. An app lets you adjust bassinet’s motion, sound, and cry sensitivity. Includes preemie mode and weaning option for the best transition to the crib. Plus there is a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee.

Continue reading to learn more about these bassinets and to find out what other options I recommend for different needs.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Baby Bassinet?

Of course, there are some features to consider if you are looking to purchase a bassinet for baby. You may be interested in a couple or all of these, depending on your needs. Let’s take a look at a few helpful bassinet features that many parents want.

Weight and Age Limits

Most bassinets can support up to 20 pounds, which typically can be used up to 6 months old. Still, think about how long you will want to use it and get familiar with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Believe it or not, a mattress can be one of the most important features of your baby’s bassinet. You will want to make sure it’s firm and thin, to prevent any possible suffocation. Keep in mind that your bassinet mattress needs to be much smaller than a crib mattress.


With a new baby around, the last thing you want to worry about is taking time out of your day to clean the bassinet. Choosing one that’s easy to clean and maintain can make a huge difference.

Space and Size

Not all bassinets are the same size. They come in various shapes and weights. If you have a small bedroom, be sure to have the measurements in hand before you make a purchase. Also, consider how heavy it will be if you are planning to move it around the house.


This can range from locking wheels to prevent rolling while in use, to breathable mesh sides, to absence of parts that could propose a hazard to your baby (loose blankets or sheets, pillows, etc.).


Cribs traditionally have wooden slats for airflow. You will see that almost all bassinets have mesh sides that function the same way.

Extra Features

This is fairly broad, but little extras can sometimes push a product over the edge. Wheels, vibrations, sounds, a canopy, and others can be very valid selling points.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Baby Bassinet

As a mother, I took a look at a lot of factors when deciding which baby bassinets were the best of the best. The first was my personal experience. I remembered what I used for my children and what features I wish that I had. The number one priority is always safety. I thoroughly researched the bassinets with the best safety rankings.

Then I compared the comments of other parents to the price point. I saw this as the most important. We all have varying budgets and money is usually the first concern. After all, a bassinet isn’t the only product that we purchase for our babies. So it was important to me to find which has the best value and best bassinet features without hurting the wallet. Based on all of this, here is what I found.

#1: Graco Dream Suite Bassinet (Best Value)

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet
View on Amazon

This baby bassinet by Graco has so much to offer, which is why the majority of parents choose it. They love its versatility and all of its characteristics. The most obvious reason is the functionality. For what this baby bassinet costs and what it can do, it is such a steal. It is a sleeper, changing table, and storage space all in one. So it saves you space and money at the same time. If you were looking at the Happiest Baby Snoo Bassinet, this is a better option for a tighter budget. It will save you easily over $1,000!

So let’s break down why this is #1 on our list.

Reason #1: The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Is Easy to Use

Everything about this product is easy, and mothers love that. It makes sense, right? Easy to move, easy to clean, just plain easy. I’m not sure about others, but motherhood is already a struggle and anything that can make life simpler for me, has my vote.

The Graco Dream Suite is also easy to keep clean. I would hate to spend my time scrubbing a bassinet from a diaper accident or spit-up. You can remove the mattress cover, throw it in the washing machine, and wipe down the frame. It is so simple, and you don’t have to worry about finding time to do it. The last thing any of us want to do is add more to our already long day.

Reason #2: The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Is Multifunctional

One of its most notable features is that it isn’t just a bassinet, it doubles as a changing station! I don’t know about you, but dual-purpose products always get my vote. This is the only bassinet on this list that can be both.

I haven’t even mentioned the best part. It is recommended that you discontinue the use of the baby bassinet once your little one is over 15 lbs. or starts pushing themselves up, whatever comes first. However, the reversible changer has a limit of 30 lbs., so you can keep using it long after they have outgrown the bassinet. How amazing is that?

What else makes it great?

  • Safe and breathable mesh sides
  • 4 locking wheels
  • 2 soothing vibration settings
  • Canopy to block out light
  • Seamless transition from bassinet to changer
  • Storage space underneath

So you get a lot of bang for your buck, which is why it holds up at number one. Parents are always looking for a lot of value for the money spent because there are always other products they have to buy for their new baby.

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#2: Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper (Best Overall)

Snoo Smart Sleeper
View on Amazon | $1695

If you have done your research, then you probably have heard of the Snoo. This baby bassinet is revolutionary. Don’t have a budget constraint? Buy it. Seriously, you’ll be glad you did. It has been proven to help even the fussiest of babies sleep better and longer. Plus you can use this bassinet until your baby is 6 months.

The price tag probably is making you think, “Yikes!” Not to worry, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you find you are not sleeping more, you can return it and get a full refund (they pay for return shipping too!)

Now, what makes this one so special (and expensive)?

Reason #1: The Snoo Smart Sleeper Responds to Your Baby’s Needs

Think about it. So many parents experience difficulty with even putting their babies down to sleep. It is so common for them to want to be held as often as possible. We all know that this is impossible. Eventually, moms need to get some sleep too. Well, the Snoo is a huge help with that. It has been proven to calm even the fussiest babies. It detects their crying or restlessness and responds accordingly by increased motion or sound. This is instant. It takes NO time to react to what your little one needs.

How much better would you feel with even 1 or 2 hours of extra sleep? I remember those baby days, and I would have done anything for some extra shut-eye. Don’t take the opportunity for extra sleep for granted. I did at times, and now I know better.

Reason #2: The Snoo Smart Sleeper Is Very Safe

Now, this isn’t to say that all of the other bassinets we will discuss aren’t also safe. The Snoo baby bassinet offers safety in a whole new way.

You probably know all about swaddling. My husband was a swaddling master. I could never get it just the way either of my sons wanted, so I used swaddling blankets with velcro. To reduce the risk of SIDS, all babies need to sleep on their backs. This bassinet comes with its own Snoo sleep sacks to use along with it. They keep your baby tightly swaddled and also comfortable. There are also clips to keep your baby attached to the sides of the bassinet to keep them from rolling over – which is what goes hand in hand with SIDS.

Reason #3: The Snoo Smart Sleeper Sleep Trains Your Baby

This can get a little bit controversial because there are a lot of opinions out there about sleep training and its methods. In no way are we saying that it’s required or even necessary. However, this baby bassinet simply “trains” your baby on ways to self soothe in the long run. That way, you don’t have to rush and grab your baby at the most minor instances of fussing to get them back to sleep.

The Snoo baby bassinet automatically detects this for you, so your little one can get used to calming down and going back to sleep without your help. You learn as your child grows that this is a crucial skill for them to have.

This bassinet also has other features that are worth mentioning.

  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited access to sleep consultants
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Option to rent instead of buy
  • Mattress and cover (cover is waterproof!)
  • Integrated white noise
  • Breathable mesh sides for airflow
  • Quiet motor
  • 5 levels of sounds and motion to soothe baby

You’re probably thinking to yourself that you need to have this bassinet, and so many parents do. Just take a look at some of the reviews. People swear by this bassinet. The only drawbacks are price and that it doesn’t have wheels to move it around easily. Luckily it isn’t heavy (just under 40 lbs.) so it isn’t too difficult to relocate if needed. This is why having the option to rent is pretty sweet if you’re alright with that.

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#3: Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper (Best for Co-sleeping)

First off, I feel that many parents don’t realize that co-sleeping and bed-sharing are different. Co-sleeping means that your baby is sharing your room, while bed-sharing is the baby sleeping in your bed. The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper is our best bassinet choice for co-sleeping. It is perfect for keeping your little one within arms’ reach, especially if you are breastfeeding and having to wake at night for nursing sessions. This is why it is our top choice for a co-sleeper bassinet.

So what are the top reasons to choose this baby bassinet?

Reason #1: The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Has Two Modes

Let’s start by touching on what the modes are and then explaining the difference. You can convert this baby bassinet into “bedside sleeper mode” or “bassinet mode.” They sound pretty self-explanatory, but we’re going to talk about the differences and what each mode has to offer.

Bedside sleeper mode allows you to take down the sidebar for easier access to your baby. This is what makes it ideal for breastfeeding moms or even for quickly changing a soiled diaper, and it is what makes it a co-sleeper bassinet. Two belt straps attach the unit to your bed, to keep it from moving.

Bassinet mode allows it to be free-standing. Baby will still be sleeping in your room, but you will each have your own space.

Reason #2: The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Has a Higher Weight Limit

The design of this baby bassinet allows for it to support more weight than your average bassinet – up to 33 lbs. This is more than any of the other bassinets on this list. All little ones are different, and some gain weight faster than others. It is totally normal and more common than you think. However, it is still recommended to discontinue use, once your baby can pull themselves up to sitting, for safety precautions.

Why else should you purchase this bassinet?

  • Wheels to make it easy to move
  • Brakes for safety
  • 7 adjustable heights, to accommodate many types of adult beds
  • Breathable mesh sides
  • Pockets to store essential baby items
  • Tool-free assembly (makes it easier to travel with)
  • Lightweight
  • Additional sheets (available separately) that are made for this specific mattress

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper bassinet is great for co-sleeping and as a standalone bassinet. It is easy to put together and to convert to your specific needs. One of the biggest worries for all new parents is making sure that your baby is where you can see them at all times. There are so many great choices on this list and what stands out about this one is the ability to keep baby safe, but also close. Plus, that’s an option. You don’t have to attach this sleeper bassinet to your bed unless you want to. Isn’t it nice to be able to if you want to?

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#4: Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet (Best Rocking)

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet
View on Amazon | $164.67

The first thing that you’ll notice about this Fisher-Price baby bassinet is that it is so cute! I know, this really isn’t important but just look at the mobile! We all have a weakness for adorable baby things. The best part is that this isn’t on our list just for looks – that’s a bonus. This bassinet does have a lot of features, so let’s start with the ones that make this one of our top picks.

Reason #1: The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Sways from Movements You Generate

This gentle rocking bassinet doesn’t sway or move by battery power, as the Happiest Baby Snoo bassinet does. It all starts with your using soft rocking motions yourself. I thought this was very interesting. It continues to move even after you’ve stopped rocking and keeps going with the baby’s movements. Babies like to be rocked – well, both of mine did and still do sometimes as toddlers. This bassinet requires batteries for other functions but not for the motion. You won’t have to worry about that feature if the batteries wear out.

Reason #2: The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Has Lights and Sounds

From a soft night light to a soothing lullaby, you have so many different options to help get your baby to sleep. You’ll notice that I will mention more than once that babies, especially newborns, aren’t used to silence. Sounds and music can be a great tool to have access to. Not all babies are the same, but having these options are nice so you can figure out what your little one needs to drift off to dreamland.

So what else does this bassinet have to offer?

  • Overhead mobile with light projection
  • Calming vibration settings
  • Removable light projection unit (Use it separately!)
  • A soft, thin mattress
  • Option to lock and reduce swaying motion
  • Wipeable sleep pad
  • Machine washable sheet

Overall, this is a great baby gadget. Not only can this bassinet soothe your baby with its comforting features, but it can also stimulate their senses. You can always set your baby down in their bassinet and turn on the lights and sounds for purely entertainment purposes. The textures, sounds, and vibrations are great for sensory development!

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#5: Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet (Best Low Cost)

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet
View on Amazon | $59.99

If a small budget is what you have to work with, you can still find wonderful bassinets that will fit your needs. Our top pick is the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings bassinet. It “clocks in” at under $50 which makes it very affordable. What’s nice is that even at a low price point, you are still getting a safe and quality product. When all is said and done, all we want is the safest environment for our sweet angels.

Reason #1: The Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet Includes Lights and Sounds

I’m saying it again: babies aren’t all that used to quiet. Think about where they have spent most of their existence up until this point. The womb is really loud, so the transition to the outside world isn’t all that easy for your baby. This bassinet plays sweet lullabies to soothe your little one to sleep. It also has a night light which can be helpful for you, the parent, to check on them while they sleep without waking them.

Reason #2: The Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet Includes a Few Convenient Accessories

With the purchase of the bassinet, you get a fitted sheet and a waterproof mattress. Accidents are bound to happen, and I’ve experienced my fair share with both of my kids. Trust me when I say that waterproof or stain resistant anything is just like heaven.

Next is storage space under the bassinet. Wherever you are, the baby always needs something. Something as simple as some extra burp cloths and wipes – even diapers – with an arms reach can make a huge difference.

Some of the other notable features are…

  • Canopy to block out light
  • Lockable wheels
  • Used for babies up to 15 lbs.
  • Has won many “best bassinet” awards

Overall, it is a great choice for a bassinet for babies. It is easy to clean because you can machine wash the sheet and wipe down the mattress. You can play some lullabies to help get your baby to sleep. Adequate storage space for essentials makes it one of the best bassinets on this list, because dual-purpose products are amazing. It is also a budget-friendly alternative to our top pick, the Graco bassinet. What mom wouldn’t be happy with that?

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#6: Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper (Best for C-Section Moms)

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper
View on Amazon | $558.88

I have been fortunate enough to not have to deliver either of my kids by c-section. Based on stories from other moms, I know how tough recovery can be. It is considered major surgery after all. The healing process takes time, and it can be so difficult to get the rest you need with a newborn.

The Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper has been rated the #1 bassinet for c-section moms. If you take a look at some of the testimonials, you will be able to see why. So let’s talk about a couple of other reasons why mothers consider this one of the best bassinets.

Reason #1: The Halo Bassinest Swivels 360 Degrees

This is the top reason to purchase this bassinet. You can bring it right up to your side of the bed, if your baby starts to fuss, and pick them up gently and easily. Getting as much rest as possible when you are recovering from a c-section is very important because the sooner you heal, the sooner you can really begin to enjoy your new journey of motherhood. The Halo Bassinest Swivel is the only one of the bassinets on this list that can swivel 360 degrees for easy access.

Ultimately, the swivel motion is convenient and safe. Your baby can sleep close to you without bedsharing, which lowers the associated risks (mainly SIDS).

Reason #2: The Halo Bassinest Promotes Safe Sleep

We all know that after your little one is born, you want them close by. I found myself often hesitant about putting either of my babies down to sleep. You may think it is easier to keep baby in your bed, especially if you are breastfeeding and do a lot of nighttime feeding. However, it is much safer to put the baby to sleep in a bassinet. Personally, I toss and turn a lot at night, so I know it wouldn’t be a good idea to have my children in bed with me while I’m sleeping. The Halo Bassinest is one of the top baby bassinets that functions as a co-sleeper.

What else is great about this baby bassinet?

  • The mattress is waterproof and free of flame retardants.
  • The bedside wall lowers for easy access. (It can also lock in place for safety.)
  • The swivel makes getting in and out of bed easier for mom.
  • Use it for up to 20 lbs.
  • The height and base are adjustable.

Although this bassinet doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, it is a great choice for safety and convenience. You can keep an eye on your little one while they sleep and be able to have them as close to you as possible – which many mothers enjoy with a newborn, because it gives them peace of mind and a chance to rest themselves.

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#7: Lotus Bassinet (Best for Travel)

Lotus Bassinet
View on Amazon | $229.95

As parents, we shouldn’t be limited to where we can travel. Even with a newborn, you might still be itching to go on a vacation. So why worry about where your baby can sleep? The Lotus Bassinet is our top pick when it comes to travel. It makes the transition a breeze, and your baby will be able to rest somewhere comfortable and familiar. Let’s face it, no one wants to be anxious while trying to enjoy a nice getaway from their everyday routine.

Having a nice sleeping area is one of the most important factors while traveling. Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to taking this bassinet on vacation. You can bring it with you when you’re visiting the grandparents. Newborns take a bit of time to fall into a sleep schedule in their first few months and can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to nap time. This is where the Lotus bassinet comes in.

Reason #1: The Lotus Bassinet Is Easy to Transport

I know what you’re thinking and this is obvious, but it is still worth mentioning as one of the top reasons. It is very simple to put together and to take apart. You fold up and place it in the storage bag provided with the option to carry it luggage-style or backpack-style.

Reason #2: The Lotus Bassinet Is Convertible

When you purchase this bassinet, it comes with a crib conversion kit as well. This can be especially helpful when you are looking for a play yard for your baby as well. It is safe, durable, and set up in seconds, making it perfect for travel. The mesh sides provide great breathability, and the side zipper allows easy access to your little one. That way, you can get down and interact without having to stand and lean over to take them out.

A few other notable details include the following.

  • Carry-on sized for air travel
  • 30-day, worry-free guarantee (return in 30 days for a full refund)
  • 2-year warranty
  • Sturdy aluminum frame

If you know that you are going to be traveling a lot, a bassinet like this would best fit your lifestyle, without sacrificing safety or the comfort of your baby. Plus, it is a breeze to just move around the house, so your little one can have a sleeping area no matter where you are. You can’t do this as easily with the Halo Bassinest or the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, for example. Ask yourself if portability is something that you can’t live without.

#8: Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet (Best for Small Spaces)

Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet
View on Amazon

Not everyone has unlimited space in their house. If you’re like me, you are trying to fit a bassinet in a very small bedroom that you and your spouse barely fit in. This is where the Evenflo Bassinet comes in. It is the smallest one on this list but doesn’t skimp on safety and accessibility.

What are the main reasons you should consider purchasing this baby bassinet?

Reason #1: The Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet Is Bluetooth Capable

Is this all that important? Not really. Why am I mentioning it? It can be more useful than you think, and honestly, it’s flat out neat. You can connect to a Bluetooth speaker with your smartphone and play your baby’s favorite songs and sounds.

My older child was very picky as a baby and I’m convinced that he was already forming his opinions about music at barely a few weeks old. Certain songs and artists would calm him; others would have the opposite effect. Babies are very unique, particular creatures. Sometimes they like what they like, and that’s it!

Reason #2: The Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet Is Collapsible

If you are wanting to store the bassinet when not in use because you have limited space, this one folds up very fast and easily, so you can put it away somewhere – like under your bed or in a closet. Also, it can be transported from room to room in your house (or tiny apartment) to wherever you are and need it to be.

What are some other features that this portable bassinet has?

  • Built-in night light
  • Soothing music
  • Breathable mesh sides
  • Room temperature monitor
  • 90-day warranty
  • 30-day return policy

If you are comparing this to the Lotus bassinet, for example, since they both offer portability, how do you know which is better for your needs? Honestly, it comes down to travel. The reason that this is our top pick for small spaces is because it may not be as easy to bring with you on an airplane. It is more suited for a small bedroom or apartment that can’t accommodate something larger.

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Bassinet vs Crib vs Co-Sleeper: Which Is Better for Your Baby?

After hearing all about bassinets, I bet you are wondering about cribs. What’s the difference? How do I know what’s best? The reality of it is that there is no wrong choice. Let’s go through the differences between a crib and a bassinet and talk about what makes each of them a good choice, or maybe a not so good one, for you.


A crib is characterized by its slatted sides and is most widely used for older babies. Parents generally use cribs once their little ones are older than 4 months. However, they are perfectly safe to use from birth if that is your preference.


  • Used longer, with a much higher weight limit
  • The mattress can be used in a toddler bed
  • Sturdy for when the baby learns to stand
  • Made of durable wood


  • Not ideal for small spaces
  • Difficult to move around
  • Don’t allow for easy access to the baby


A bassinet is typically smaller, provides more mobility, and consists of cloth or mesh sides. Most of the time, parents have them bedside for easier access to their newborns.


  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Lightweight (easy to move)
  • Easier access to the baby
  • Less expensive than a crib
  • Extra features like lights and music
  • Sometimes include wheels


  • Used for only the first few months
  • Not as sturdy as wood


The term “co-sleeper” has been trademarked by the company Arm’s Reach. These are designed to keep your baby closest to you as possible but also safe.


  • Some types allow for baby to be in your bed
  • Encourages bonding
  • Baby feels comforted


  • Not usually free-standing
  • Not space-efficient (may not fit in parents’ bed)
  • May make self-soothing more difficult

The Difference

The main thing that you will notice is that bassinets are made for much smaller babies, generally under 20 lbs. and under 4 months old, while the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your baby shares your bedroom until they are about 6 months old. Studies show this greatly reduces the risk of SIDS. However, if space allows, you can keep a crib in your room rather than a bassinet if you desire.

Bassinets are ideal for bedside sleeping. They make access to your baby very easy, and of course, children that young wake up in the middle of the night frequently. It will save your back some trouble from leaning over the side of a crib to comfort them. Co-sleepers provide this as well but are usually able to be placed directly into your bed. You also have the option of getting a moses basket, which is much more lightweight and does not come with a stand.

So, Which Is Better?

Obviously, this decision still comes down to your lifestyle. If you have a small bedroom, want to have your baby close during naps, and know you might need something more portable, go for a bassinet. This is especially true if you want your child close, but also want to have your bed to yourself, which you won’t get with a co-sleeper.

Realistically you can purchase a mini-crib or a larger crib down the road when your child outgrows the bassinet and starts sleeping in their own room. However, there isn’t one choice that is overall better the other.

How Do You Soothe a Baby in a Bassinet?

When it’s time to put your baby down to sleep, there are a few things that you can do to calm them down and get them ready for bed. The first is to establish a bit of a routine. It is no secret that most children thrive on routines, since it gives them an idea of what to expect at certain times of the day, like at bedtime. A relaxing bath can be a very important part of getting your little one to sleep.

So what can you do to help soothe your baby while they are in their bassinet whether it is at bedtime or the middle of the night?

Read or Sing

Sometimes hearing the sounds of your voice and knowing you are nearby is enough to help your baby settle down in their bassinet. Read them a bedtime story and sing a calming lullaby – unless you have a scary singing voice as I do. In that case, a story would work just fine.

Rocking or Vibration

Depending on which bassinet you have, a little motion can calm down even the fussiest baby, so they can get the rest that they need – and so can you, Mom! Some rocking or light vibration can be enough to soothe them back to sleep.

White Noise or Sound Machine

Believe it or not, it may be too quiet for your baby to fall asleep. (I have mentioned the loudness of a mother’s womb many times already.) Some bassinets like the Happiest Baby Snoo have this as a built-in function, or you can purchase a white noise machine separately. Some little ones even respond well to car rides, the washing machine, or the vacuum, but I’m getting off-topic here.

Verdict: Your Best Baby Bassinet 

So here is the takeaway.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet. It will provide you with a lot of features that you will want and need, while also saving you some bucks. After all, it is the best baby bassinet on our list. Can you say, “3-in-1”?

For parents who don’t have a strict budget, pick the Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper.

If you want a bassinet that has the choice to be used right up next to your bed or as a standalone, pick the amazon_link asins=’B07J232RV4′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’parentingpod-20′ text=’Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper’].

For the best at rocking and swaying to soothe your baby when it’s time for bed, pick the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet.

If you want to keep the spend under $50, pick the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet. Delta makes quality products so, even though it is a lot cheaper compared to other bassinets, it still provides a safe sleep environment. We wouldn’t recommend any bassinet if it wasn’t top-notch.

For 360 swivel and easiest access to the baby as one of the main features, pick the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper .

If you need portability, pick the Lotus Bassinet . It is going to be hands down the easiest for travel and moving around, especially since it includes its own carrying case.

Pick the Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet if you are searching for something to best work in small spaces.

Any of these choices is great. It depends on which features you require, and if you are looking for simplicity or a bunch of bells and whistles. These top 8 are the best of the best and rated highly by parents just like you. You can’t go wrong with any of these bassinets.

Remember what bassinet’s features matter most to you when making your decision. Is it wheels? Size? Does it matter to you if there is a night light built-in? Do you want extra storage?

Furniture is an investment. Think long and hard before you make your purchase to make sure that you choose what works best for you. Or you could always throw your favorite onto your baby registry if you’re expecting. Everyone has a grandparent or a Great Aunt Margie who will spare no expense when it comes to that sweet new bundle of joy – I’m just saying.

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