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What Are the Best Crib Deals This Month?

Cribs are a big expense for new parents and a big part of your baby’s first few years. That’s why we look out for you to help you find those great discounts.

Here is what we found today.

Here Are the Top Baby Crib Deals:

Deals we recommend, last updated on Thursday October 6, 1am PDT:

Dream On Me Carson Classic 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in White
Price: $124.99
Was: $199.99
Discount: 38%

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Cribs are a product that your child will be spending a lot of time in, so it’s no wonder that the crib market is booming and millions of Americans put hours into this decision.

Today, we’re going to take some of the stings out of that decision – both in terms of money and (hopefully) time! It’s all about how it can make crib shopping easier, cheaper, and better for your baby.

Cribs: Why do they Matter?

From the moment you return home with your baby, you’re going to be exhausted. You and baby both need to catch up on rest during these early months and years – it’s key for physical and mental health. The problem is that being apart from your child may be a daunting process after months of being so close.

When you make this shift and you’re preparing your home for your child, the crib is a way of ensuring that their sleep and early waking hours is spent in a safe, stimulating environment. It’s about putting them somewhere safe and comfortable as they start to become more and more mobile.

In many ways, the crib is the quintessential baby product: it’s about bringing you some convenience and ease, while also making your baby’s life happier and safer. Plus, a good crib could mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless one.

When infants sleep anywhere from 2/3 of the day, this isn’t an investment you can overlook.

The Market Nitty Gritty

Cribs don’t come cheap. This essential piece of kit comes with a 3-digit price tag for most American families.

This means you’re already looking at a product that contributes to the substantial financial demands of being a parent. There are many entry-level models on the market but even these will set you back $100+ when you include the cost of the mattress.

Kids are expensive and, as mentioned above, this is an investment in one of the most formative areas of your child’s early months/years. Many parents are already looking to get discounts, savings or coupons for these products due to the many purchases made during this time and the price tag on cribs.

Prime Day: A Saving Grace?

Amazon’s prime day extravaganza has consistently shown us that they’re committed to great savings for parents. Children’s products and baby care items are always popular in the sales and they’re often found discounted at 20% and upwards.

Cribs have featured heavily in these sales, with 20% discounts on premium products – many were reduced from $300+ to as little as $200 during  Prime Day festivities. When Prime Day comes this year, these types of savings can be key to making your money go further.

Decorating a nursery takes a fair few products and Prime Day is likely to cover most of them. We’ve seen everything from changing mats/tables to cribs and travel systems taking big discounts. Some models experience much bigger cuts, so being on the ball is key to maximizing your discounts.

Prime Day also saw many products bundled with long-term subscribership discounts and additional deals are becoming more popular. Some products have been sold at these baseline 20$ discounts, but with additional saving vouchers for everyday items included.

We think this is a great benefit for many new parents and it’s worth looking out for products that incorporate these additional savings and offers. Prime Day is always unpredictable – that’s part of why we love it – but we’re confident saying that each year is going to be even stronger on the discounts than the previous!

Buying Tips for Cribs

With the amount of importance we place on cribs, here are some important ways of getting the best deals on the right product.

  1. Look for Certifications: ASTM, CPSC and CARB certifications/compliance are well-respected in the industry and guarantee the highest levels of safety for your child. That means peace of mind for you.
  2. Invest where you can: This is about the weight-tolerance of cribs and your child’s growth. If you’re between two products, it makes sense to opt for the better tolerances as it’ll mean more use. This obviously means better value for your hard-earned cash.
  3. Warranties are Key: If you order a product and it breaks, you don’t want to have to shell out for a replacement. This is an awful unexpected cost and it’ll disrupt life for you and your child. Pay attention to warranties – they’ll be available on every good product.
  4. Buy Safe: We believe in saving what you can when you have kids – it’s a necessary part of staying afloat – but safety comes first. If you can get a better product at the RRP of a poorer one, that extra quality will be obvious over years of use.

Final Thoughts

A crib is so much more to your child and their wellbeing than just a place to sleep. It’s a place they’ll spend most of every day during their first few months and a place of comfort, safety and rest when they’re toddling.

It’s a product that, as parents, we should be very selective with. This comes at a cost, but with holiday sales and the history of large discounts, it’s not quite as bad as you might think. Being open minded and sticking with these buying tips can make for an easier, cheaper, safer result than high-street shopping.

If you’re looking at buying a crib, or need to upgrade, July will be the perfect month with these best-of-the-year deals leaving a little more money in your pocket.

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