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The Best LOL Surprise! Deals, Discounts, and Sales in 2021

You may have heard of LOL Surprise, or L.O.L. Surprise. LOL doesn’t stand for laughing out loud, but Little Outrageous Little. These are small baby dolls that come in a mystery ball, hence the surprise aspect. You don’t know what you’ll get until you open it.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Sunday July 14, 4pm PDT:

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How to Choose a LOL Surprise! Gift

Unless you’re cheating and buying them unwrapped, you don’t know what’s in the surprise ball. However, there are some tips to pick one.


Even though you don’t know what you’re going to get, L.O.L. Surprise does have categories to give you an idea of what type you’ll get. For example, some are divided by gender, while others are divided by accessories or a certain theme.


There are other accessories for your L.O.L. Surprise dolls. For example, you can get a dollhouse, which does cost a whole lot more in price.


How much are you willing to spend in price? If you just want a few figures, the price isn’t too much. However, if you plan to collect them all, the price may add up after a while. The price especially increases if you want to buy a house. Make sure you are spending the right price for these products. You don’t want to overspend. For many, this may not be the best time to spend too much.

Why Is LOL Surprise So Popular?

LOL Surprise has recently been a hot toy for a few reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Who doesn’t love a little mystery? With dolls, kids sometimes love to know what they’re going to get, but there is a lot of entertainment to be had with the mystery box side of things.


Kids love to make and watch unboxing videos. Unboxing video culture is another reason why L.O.L. Surprise dolls are so popular.


The surprise aspect also opens up a new reason why these are popular. If your kid gets a duplicate doll, they can trade with their friends. Trading toys or cards is always fun. With that said, it’s important to make sure your kid is getting a good deal.

They Keep Coming Out With New Sets

L.O.L. Surprise is one of those toys that is always coming out with a new lineup. Because of this, L.O.L. Surprise is great for kids who gotta get them all. This also guarantees the product will stay fresh in the eyes of consumers for quite a long time, like similar brands before it.

What LOL Surprise! Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in previous years?

With the surprise ball, LOL doesn’t cost too much. However, you can still find LOL dolls on sale this Black Friday, along with other deals. This Black Friday, we expect to see a good LOL doll sale happening. However, we are not sure what to expect just yet. That’s why looking to last year’s Black Friday can help you see what amazing surprise deals you may get.

When it comes to LOL Dolls, Black Friday deals center on the more expensive units. For example, if you want an LOL Dollhouse, Walmart had one for $33 off. A good dollhouse to check out is the Winter Disco Chalet. You could find packages for a lesser price as well. For instance, there were bundled deals for a reduced price.

With L.O.L. Surprise, you can find them site and storewide. Target and Walmart are good places to find deals and sales, along with Amazon.

During 2020, we expect the deals to stick around. Chances are, you may run into the best deals for L.O.L. Surprise dolls. Whether you want a Winter Disco house for a cheap price or you want to find sales on bundles, you should be able to find them this season.

Where to Buy a LOL Doll House?

If you want the Winter Disco house or another doll house, stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart will usually carry them. The price can vary depending on sales, so check your local stores for the best deals and find a house at the right price. With the house, if you can find it for under $99.99, that’s usually a good price for it.

What Other Gifts Can I Get on Black Friday?

Final Words

Like many doll lineups the LOL Surprise is cheap if you just want a single doll, but the price can add up should your kid want more. What was once $9.99 soon becomes $99.99, and $99.99 becomes even more. Obviously, there’s a limit on how much you should spend, but Black Friday is a good time to give your kid an amazing surprise for a fair price.

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