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The Best Microphone for Kids in 2024

Kids love to move. They love to sing, dance, and have fun. I can’t think of many better ways to support that passion than with a microphone. Kids’ microphones are a great way to teach your child to get up, be active, and learn about sound and music. My children have always loved to listen to music and sing along, and a microphone gave them a great way to express themselves while also learning about karaoke.

Below you will find a list of the top kids’ microphones you can buy right now. Each is very different and has specific features, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. These microphones are all worth reading about since they cater to all the needs you can think of.

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Types of Microphones for Kids

With Keyboard

Kids microphones that come with a keyboard require your little one to be stationary. The microphone is wired to the keyboard, and they are meant to be used at the same time.

With Speaker

A lot of wireless microphones have a built-in speaker, making them portable and easy to use anywhere.

With Stand

The kids’ microphones with a stand are made to be hands-free. Usually, they have a wire or have to be plugged in somehow, so keep that in mind as well.


These microphones are used without any wires attached, giving your kids freedom to move around while using them.


This is something you see with microphones that aren’t made for toddlers. You can connect them to a smart device via Bluetooth to choose the music for karaoke.

What Should I Look for in a Kids Microphone?

Batteries or No Batteries

Many microphones out there need batteries. Sometimes they are included with purchase, and sometimes they aren’t. Some microphones need to be plugged in. You will see some of each of these types on this list.


What makes some of the kids’ microphones unique is what you can do with them. Even though they are typically made for karaoke, some also include features like LED lights, sound effects, voice changing options, and more.

Ease of Use

Choosing the right microphone for your child’s age is very important. You want them to be able to use it and enjoy themselves without too much intervention from you.


It’s no secret that most kids can be rough with their belongings, especially toys. Given that fact, the microphone that you choose must be built to last and withstand rough handling. This feature kind of goes along with the ease of use because durability relates to the age group the microphone is made for.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Microphone for Kids

To choose the best microphones, I had to do some research. Even though my children each own a karaoke microphone, they have grown a lot, so I wanted to be sure to include options that aren’t just for younger children. I used the comments and reviews from other parents and compared them to what I believed to be the most important features. I then came up with the 5 best kids microphones, so you know which ones are worth the money.

Our Top Picks for the Best Microphone for Kids in 2024

#1: Bonaok Karaoke Microphone (Best Value)

Bonaok Karaoke Microphone
View on Amazon | $24.99

No matter where I looked, whether that be online shopping websites or general web searches, this Bonaok Karaoke Mic always came up as one of the top results. It has so many capabilities and it’s affordable, making it the best choice overall for a microphone for kids in 2024. Let’s talk about our favorite features of this microphone and why you should have it on hand during karaoke night.

It Is Both Wireless and Has Bluetooth Capability

Out of everything that this kids’ karaoke microphone has to offer, this would be the number 1 reason why I would purchase it. There are no wires, which I love. My kids tend to swing things around and trip often, so that feature alone is very appealing. The Bluetooth capability is also great because once you download the singing app on your phone or play another audio file from a compatible website like Youtube, you pair it to the device and are good to play your favorite songs. It sounds so easy!

It Is Rechargeable

There is nothing I have grown to dislike more than to constantly change batteries out of my kids’ toys. This microphone has a USB cable, so you can charge it when you are finished using it, and it will be all ready to go for the next time. It’s truly a lifesaver.

What are some other great features of this wireless microphone?

  • Built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Lightweight and feels comfortable in the hand
  • Comes in several colors
  • Built-in recorder to record sounds and songs

What makes this the best kids’ microphone overall is that it has every feature you could ever want. It also has the best battery life at 10 hours and the shortest charging time at 2 hours. Little things like the voice recorder and its amazing price put this kids’ microphone at the top spot.

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#2: VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine (Best With a Stand)

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine
View on Amazon | $59.99

If you want an easy-to-use microphone that comes with a stand, this one is our favorite. Even though it doesn’t have Bluetooth or wireless capabilities, it is still a great option for your child if they love music and singing. It is very easy for a young child to use, and parents give it fantastic reviews. Are you curious why we like it too? Read on to find out.

It Includes an Audio Cable

Even though it isn’t wireless, this karaoke mic includes an audio cable that you can plug into your mobile device to play your downloaded songs. There’s nothing children love more than to have the freedom to choose their favorite tunes to sing along to. Plus, the Music Magic mode turns down the main voice, so they can hear themselves better.

It Has a Built-In Disco Light

The colorful LED lights that come from the disco ball make using this microphone a truly unique and fun experience. It will make your child feel like they are putting on a concert in their own home. Those colorful lights alone are a huge selling point for this microphone.

Here are some other features we love:

  • Voice changer
  • Six built-in games
  • The karaoke machine includes a built-in recorder
  • The unit is detachable from the stand
  • You can adjust the stand’s height

If you are looking for something simpler but that still has some fun features, you may consider this kids’ microphone. It feels a lot like a karaoke machine, and it even includes games for your child to play. The stand is durable and easy to adjust. If you want your child to be entertained for hours then I would suggest considering this one.

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#3: Kidzlane Microphone For Kids (Best For Toddlers)

Kidzlane Microphone For Kids
View on Amazon | $20.99

This microphone is the first one I ever bought for my kids. They each got their own, so they could play together. At the time, they were much younger, and it was perfect for kids under age 4. Now that they have grown a bit, they are ready for something new. However, the Kidzlane microphone will always be the one I recommend for toddlers. Let’s talk about its best features.

It Has Nursery Rhymes Built-In

For most toddlers, nursery rhymes are the first songs that they memorize. Since this microphone contained recognizable songs, it made my sons even more excited to use it. There are 10 songs in total. The best part is that there is an illustrated book included, with a page for each song, so they can follow along with the pictures while they sing.

You Can Adjust the Volume

One of my favorite features of this microphone is the volume control. Kids will play with their toys as loud as possible at times, and the handy volume is perfect for controlling that. Designed with parents in mind, you can always keep the noise at a reasonable level.

What else is there to love about this kids’ microphone?

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Flashing LED lights
  • Built-in voice changer
  • Easy-to-push buttons

Like I mentioned earlier, my kids loved these microphones. They used them all the time to sing and use the voice changer to make sound effects. Now that they are older, they are ready for something more advanced. However, it was the perfect easy-to-use kids’ microphone for the toddler stage. Plus, it was able to withstand a lot of drops, which is another reason why parents would love it as well.

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#4: FishOaky Karaoke Microphone (Best Low Cost)

FishOaky Karaoke Microphone
View on Amazon

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on the bells and whistles, then this kids’ microphone may be your perfect match. It’s very affordable but still engaging for your child, making it worth the purchase. You may compare this to the Boanak, which edges out this one because of its shorter charging time and longer battery life. But here are some of the standout features of this kids’ microphone.

It Has LED Lights

If your little one is intrigued by colorful light effects, then they would love this kids’ karaoke microphone. Not only can it flash rainbow colors, but it is also capable of staying solid on one color. The options are red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and light blue.

It Supports All Devices With Bluetooth Capability

Whether you have an iPhone, Android, PC, laptop, or another mobile device, this kids’ microphone can pair with it. Just like the other microphones, the Bluetooth capability turns it into a portable karaoke machine that can be used virtually anywhere you want.

Here are some more important features:

  • Both Bluetooth and audio cable compatible
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Five-sound voice changer
  • Sound and voice recorder and SD card slot that can support up to 32GB of storage. (The memory card itself is not included.)

This kids’ microphone most closely resembles the Bonoak wireless microphone, but it has some different features that make it stand out. For instance, there are Bonoak models out there that have LED lights, but our top pick does not, and this FishOaky microphone does. If that plus the low price is appealing to you, then that could make you more apt to purchase this over our top pick.

#5: Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine (Best For Duets)

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine
View on Amazon | $46.99

This kids’ microphone is very unique compared to all of the others on this list. For starters, it is the only one sold with two microphones. If your little ones get along and enjoy playing together, you only have to purchase one karaoke machine. This is why this is the best kids’ microphone for duets. Are you curious what else it has to offer? Read on to find out.

The Speaker Has a Carry Handle

A unique feature that none of the other microphones have is that the microphone stand and speaker are easy to disassemble. This makes it easy to move around, transport, and store. Since there are more parts to this kids’ microphone than others on this list, this is extremely helpful.

It Has Audience Sound Effects

A cool thing that this microphone and karaoke machine can do is that it can play audience sounds. The right foot pedal plays clapping sounds when pressed, so it feels like your children are putting on a concert in their own home. It’s a fun feature that doubles as a nice confidence boost for your kids.

What else does this kids’ microphone have to offer?

  • Easy power and volume control knobs
  • Built-in flashing stage lights
  • Adjustable stand
  • Included AUX cable to stream music from other devices

What I like best about this particular microphone is the ability to let a second child join the fun. Kids can take turns being the lead singer and put on a show in your living room. When you compare this kids’ microphone to all of the others on this list, you will see this is the only one that offers that capability without requiring you to spend more money.

#6: VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio (Best With a Keyboard)

VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio
View on Amazon

The main reason this microphone rounds out the top picks list is that it is the best one on the market for kids with a keyboard. Not every little one enjoys this function, but if you know someone who does, then you have probably found one of the best gifts here. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this kids’ microphone that make it stand above the competition.

It’s the Most Versatile

Since this isn’t something you can hook up to a computer and play songs or connect via Bluetooth, it is great that there are so many sounds and effects available. There are over 40 songs that you can play and sing along to, as well as sound effects for drums and even a whammy bar. It’s the perfect toy for your budding little musician.

You Can Record Singing and Music

This microphone and keyboard include audio playback, so kids can create their own original music or original sound and then listen to their work. Many of the microphones include a similar feature but since this one has a keyboard, there are more sound and instrument options to choose from, putting it in a league of its own.

Here are some more features of this kids’ microphone:

  • Teaches creativity
  • Includes several music genres, including jazz and techno
  • Allows for learning rhythm, melody, and tempo
  • Requires AA batteries to function

It’s pretty clear to see that this particular kids’ microphone is marketed toward children of younger ages. However, a young school-aged child would most likely appreciate all of its functions more than a toddler would. It is so fun to use that they won’t miss the Music Magic mode you get with the VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine, or the Bluetooth speaker you get with the Bonoak or the Kidzland microphones. Plus, I believe the cost for this microphone and keyboard is very affordable, especially considering all of the cool features you receive.

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Verdict: Your Best Microphone for Kids 

Here is the takeaway for the best kids’ microphones.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Bonaok Karaoke Microphone . It has the best features overall.

If you need the best with a stand, pick the VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine . This microphone is great for the price if you want a sturdy stand to go with it.

If you are looking for the best for toddlers, pick the Kidzlane Microphone For Kids . It is the most durable and easy to use.

If you want spend under $20, pick the FishOaky Karaoke Microphone . It is similar to the Bonaok but at a lower price and with slightly different features.

For the best for duets, pick the Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine . If you know your kids will want to perform together, this is the only one that comes with two microphones.

For the best kids’ microphone with a keyboard, pick the VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio . It’s the only one with a keyboard that can teach your child more about instruments.

Each of these best kids’ microphones is great in its way, and they each have specific features that will drive your buying decision. What you are looking for or what you are wanting in your child’s microphone will help you determine your best match. Do you want wireless or Bluetooth capabilities? Maybe something more durable? Or do you think your little one would prefer a stand? Either way, I made sure to choose microphones that cater to all sorts of needs and wants, so there is an option for every lifestyle.

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