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The Best Infant Floor Seats in 2024

After months of lying down or being held all the time, babies can start to feel like activity mats are a little “been there, done that.” Maybe your baby seems ready to try sitting up and expanding her horizons. And, maybe, if you’re like me, your arms are completely exhausted from constantly holding your baby, and you need a safe place to put them down! I knew my baby was ready to try to sit up when she started trying to look around more. In order to encourage further development, I knew it was time to look for a baby floor seat.

There are many options to choose from, and we’ll discuss what’s important in infant floor seats later in this article. One thing’s for sure, though: after reclining for most of her life, my daughter’s new upright seat gave her the ability to keep tabs on everyone and everything in the room (something babies love doing).

Sitting upright is a major developmental milestone that most babies conquer at around 3-6 months of age. Initially, they’ll probably be a little wobbly and require their hands to prop themselves up before they ultimately take a tumble over (hopefully on a soft surface). This certainly requires hands-on attention from Mom or Dad since suddenly, they’re no longer lying down all the time. Enter the infant floor seat. These can offer caregivers a little reprieve from constantly worrying about their newly upright baby, as they provide a stable, safe space for your baby to strengthen his or her back muscles. As always, there are a few safety rules you should follow when using a seat, and we’ll talk more about that later, as well.

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What Should I Look for in an Infant Floor Seat?

Criteria #1: Safety

You’ll want to look for an infant floor seat that can stand up to your little one (who, most parents will agree, are often stronger than they appear). Your child’s floor seat should be able to hold your child securely. The best baby seats come with a safety harness to keep your child tucked safely in even if they try to get out (and eventually, they probably will). Here are a few features you’ll want to check out when shopping around for the best floor seat:

First, consider the seat’s sitting surface. Is it flat and sturdy? Is it flimsy? In my opinion, the safest baby seats tend to have flat, wide bottoms that make them less likely to topple over if your baby leans back too far.

Second, an ergonomic baby floor seat will allow your babe to lay their legs out evenly and spread apart. This position tends to keep babies balanced and sitting straight up, which is more supportive for your child’s growing body.

Third, baby floor seats should provide some kind of arm support for your babe to rest their arms on comfortably. Your child’s arms should never get caught in the seat since their arms are needed for balance.

Criteria #2: Ease of Cleaning

Things happen, especially around babies! Poop, pee, spit up, drool . . . you get the idea. This doesn’t stop just because you place your little one in an upright position. Look for a seat that is easy to clean and easy to take apart and wash (this latter point applies more to baby floor seats that come with a snack tray). You’ll want to look for a tray with a smooth surface and a seat that doesn’t let stains soak in, such as foam or a soft, machine-washable fabric. If the seat comes with toys, they would ideally be detachable for easier clean up, as well.

Criteria #3: Comfort

Even though your little one shouldn’t spend too much time in his or her seat, the seat should still provide a comfortable spot for your child to practice the art of sitting. This means a smooth, ergonomic surface, no sharp angles, and as discussed earlier, proper arm and leg support.

Criteria #4: Fun Accessories

Sitting can get boring if that’s all you’re doing. Some seats provide babies with colorful toys to explore, so they can play to their heart’s desire and also strengthen their core muscles without even realizing it. These toys will come in handy if you need a way to keep your child distracted and entertained while you get something done.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Infant Floor Seat

With so many options for baby floor seats, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed. I spent hours reading up on the different types of floor seats, those meant for newborns, for infants, and for toddlers. I’ve talk to friends who tried out different baby floor seats as well. Here’s what we’ve come up with: the best baby seat is one that is safe, comfortable, entertaining, and won’t break the bank. There are many seats that fit this criteria, of course. Read on to check out what made the list.

Our Top Picks for the Best Infant Floor Seat of 2024

#1: Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat (Best Value)

Recommended age: 2-8 months
Maximum weight capacity: 25 lbs.
Measurements: 10.43 x 8.27 x 8.66 inches

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat
View on Amazon | $109.99

This seat has everything you could want in a floor seat! From snack time to playtime, the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat has got you covered. It supports your child while they learn to independently play and sit upright. With plenty of colorful toys, a soft seat, and a flat seating surface, this seat will keep your little one happy for a long time. If you’re looking for a seat with all the fixings, this one is for you.

It’s safe and ergonomic

Its ergonomically designed seat keeps your babe safe and upright at all times with its wide and stable base. Even if your little one decides to lean all the way back while in this seat, the wide posterior base frame won’t allow for any tipping over. Additionally, this seat provides arm support on both sides that won’t allow your babe to get his or her arms stuck, and lets your babe learn to balance while sitting upright. Finally, this seat has wide leg openings that allow your babe to freely space out their legs, teaching them the right way to comfortably sit up. Keep in mind that this is one of the seats on our list that should only be used on the floor.

It’s fun and versatile

The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat lets your babe learn to sit up while encouraging developmental motor skills and playtime. It comes with 2 detachable toys (a rattle and teething rings) that will bring your babe plenty of entertainment and help them develop their fine motor skills while you get stuff done around the house. Additionally, it comes with a removable snack tray that can be added so your babe can have a snack in whatever room you’re in.

It’s easy to clean

Did your little one make a mess during snack time? Maybe she had a major poop explosion. With the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat, that’s not a problem. This seat has a soft, and more importantly, removable and machine-washable seat cover that you can just pop off and throw right in with the wash.

It’s portable

Possibly the best feature of the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is that it can easily be folded flat for storage or taken to grandma’s house. Unlike other baby floor seats that can be bulky and hard to carry, this seat is lightweight, takes up little space, and is easy to carry around.

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#2: Regalo Grow with Me Floor Seat and Activity Chair (Best Budget)

Recommended age: 4-12 months
Maximum weight capacity: 33 lbs.
Measurements: 14 x 11 x 14 inches

Regalo Grow with Me Floor Seat and Activity Chair with Removable Feeding Tray
View on Amazon | $32.98

Of the seats listed, this seat may be the least expensive one, but it certainly doesn’t lack all the features that more expensive seats offer. The Regalo Grow with Me Floor Seat is sure to give parents and caregivers a bang for their buck for many reasons, but mainly because it is a 2-in-1 infant and toddler booster seat. If you’re hoping to stretch your dollar and purchase a long-lasting seat, this is the one for you.

It grows with your baby

If you’re a parent on a budget, you’re going to need something that lasts through it all. That’s why the Regalo Grow with Me Floor Seat is perfect for families looking for something that will grow with their baby. Your little one can start using this seat as a floor seat from the time they can hold their head up. Once they’ve mastered this and start solids, this seat can be converted to a high chair seat and securely fastened to a chair. Beyond that, the Regalo Grow with Me Floor Seat can be used as a booster seat when your baby is over a year old. Unlike the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe, this seat can also be strapped to an adult chair for meal times.

It’s safe

The Regalo Grow with Me Floor Seat is certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards. It comes with adjustable anchoring straps that attach the booster seat to an adult chair for easy dining. The three-point harness is also useful when used as a booster seat, but can be used when on the floor for infants as well. Finally, like most others on this list, its wide base ensures that it’s unlikely to tip over even with an active baby in it.

It’s easy to clean

The Regalo Grow with Me Floor Seat is a clean up dream. Unlike the Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up and some of the other seats on our list, there is no fabric or need for machine washing. The attachable tray can be easily wiped down, and the foam insert can be wiped down or sprayed off. Additionally, its smooth plastic base is one piece, so food does not get lodged in cracks.

#3: Bumbo Floor Seat (Best Portable)

Recommended age: 3 months and up
Maximum weight capacity: 30 lbs.
Measurements: 14.96 x 14.96 x 9.25 inches

Bumbo Floor Seat
View on Amazon

When I first imagined a baby floor seat, the Bumbo Floor Seat is the one I thought of, and there’s a reason for that. While it doesn’t have all the frills of some of our other seats on the list, it’s definitely a classic and provides excellent support and safety for your child while they’re learning to sit up. In fact, this is the floor seat that I purchased for our daughter. It worked great and was secure, but for parents of babies with thicker thighs, beware: your baby’s cute little thighs might get slightly stuck in this seat! Luckily, it is made of durable foam, so we could easily move the leg openings aside when taking our daughter out of it. If you’re looking for something simple but still time-tested and reliable, the Bumbo Floor Seat is the one for you.

It’s safe and ergonomic

Unlike the two previously mentioned seats, the Bumbo Floor Seat is made entirely of durable, low-density foam and has a soft, contoured seat. The high back encourages your baby to sit up straight, and the enclosing sides are the perfect arm rest for your learning baby. The wide base and high back also makes it almost impossible for your baby to topple over backward, and the three-point harness prevents them from falling forward.

Keep in mind, however, that unlike the Regalo Grow with Me above, and the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat and Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 below, the Bumbo Floor Seat was designed to be used only on the floor. It cannot be strapped on to a chair for table eating.

It’s portable

Clocking in at only 3 pounds, this Bumbo Seat is lightweight. At only 9 inches tall, it’s also pretty easy to pack this seat up and take it with you wherever you go.

It’s easy to clean

Unlike the other seats on our list, the Bumbo Floor Seat is made of just one solid piece of durable foam. There are no pieces to remove, toys, or fabric covers. While this makes it a very simple seat, it also makes for an incredibly easy clean up – all that’s needed is a simple wipe down.

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#4: Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe (Best Grow-With-Me Seat)

Recommended age: 4 months to 2 years
Maximum weight capacity: 33 lbs.
Measurements: 21 x 22.25 x 22 inches

Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe
View on Amazon | $49

The Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe is the most versatile seat on this list. It can be used from the moment your baby is starting to hold their head up all the way into toddlerhood. Not only that, but it also comes with fun toys to bring your baby joy throughout the years. If you’re looking for a seat that will last for years, then the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe is for you.

It grows with your baby

The Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe supports the 3 stages of sitting. First, it acts as a soft foam chair for when your baby is just learning to hold his or her head up. It then converts to an activity chair that will keep your baby entertained and, finally, it converts to a toddler booster seat. Built-in chair straps allow you to securely position it on a chair so that your toddler can eat at the table For all stages of sitting. The Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe also provides a three-point harness to prevent your child from falling forward.

It’s fun

Out of all the baby floor seats on this list, the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe seems to be the most fun. As an activity chair, it sets the bar. It has a 360-degree rotating toy tray (that can also be used as a snack tray), with a variety of activities to keep the baby engaged. The toys are colorful and diverse and offer a way for baby to develop his or her fine motor skills.

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#5: Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Booster Seat (Best Musical Seat)

Recommended age: 4 months and up
Maximum weight capacity: 33 lbs.
Measurements: 17 x 9.38 x 17 inches

Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Booster Seat
View on Amazon | $48.48

What baby doesn’t love a good music and light show? Add snacks and you’ve basically created a baby’s paradise. This is precisely what the Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Booster Seat has in store for your babe. While other seats on the list certainly provide a fair amount of entertainment, nothing quite compares to this seat. With lights, songs, and a detachable snack tray, the Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Booster Seat is the seat for the music-loving baby.

It’s fun

The Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Booster Seat features removable toys (spinning gears, wheels, and buttons) that allow your baby to develop his or her sensory and fine motor skills through playtime. Unlike the other seats on our list, this one has a fully equipped light-up piano that plays 20 songs and sounds. As the only seat on the list that comes with musical stimulation, your baby is sure to appreciate all it has to offer.

It grows with your baby

The Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Booster Seat supports the three stages of sitting. As a floor seat, infants can develop their head and neck control, with support provided by a three-point harness. As they develop, it can be converted into a booster seat that is strapped to an adult chair with its own accompanying snack tray. Finally, when your child is ready for a seat at the table, the snack tray can be removed so you and your child can finally eat from the table together.

It’s easy to clean

The Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Booster Seat comes with a smooth, wipeable, durable foam seat cushion for easy clean up. The snack tray is also a smooth plastic material that wipes clean easily.

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#6: Crate and Kids Busy Baby Activity Chair (Best Premium)

Recommended age: 3 to 9 months
Maximum weight capacity: Not specified
Measurements: 22 x 22 x 14

The Crate and Kids Busy Baby Activity Chair is the seat I would buy for my baby if money was no object. Made of high quality, soft, comforting material, it is by far the coziest seat on our list thus far. For parents who are looking to splurge on a birthday or holiday gift, this seat is the one to buy.

It’s beautiful and high quality

It’s no question that the Crate and Kids Busy Baby Activity Chair is the most aesthetically pleasing seat on our list. Every mom (at least, if you’re like me) dreams of baby products that will easily blend in with their home’s décor. What you usually end up with, however, are loud, bright, and sometimes tacky toys. This is not the case with the Crate and Kids Busy Baby Activity Chair. Its soft, muted tones are not only neutral in color, but the soft and high-quality materials are pleasing to both adults and babies alike.

It’s fun

It’s called the Crate and Kids Busy Baby Activity Chair for a reason. It provides loads of different activities, including a mirror, rattle, squeaky toy, crinkle fabric, and more. These toys not only keep your baby occupied and entertained for as long as you need, but they also help them develop their sensory and fine motor skills.

It’s safe and comfortable

The Crate and Kids Busy Baby Activity Chair is made from soft yet sturdy foam, making it safe and cozy for even the busiest of babies. The plush fabric is soft, warm, and inviting, so baby won’t mind spending their time here. Additionally, this chair comes with a safety waist harness, to help prevent forward falling. Note that this seat can only be used on the floor.

Safety Tips

When it comes to infant floor seats, there are certain rules to follow.

First of all, never leave your child unsupervised, even in a seat. Even though the seats on this list are as safe as you can get, it’s never wise to leave a baby unattended. Accidents happen, so don’t take the risk.

Secondly, while there’s certainly a time and a place for infant floor seats, and while they provide babies a wonderful way to develop sensory and fine motor skills, they do not replace free floor time. Rolling, crawling, standing, etc. are all important developmental milestones for your babe to achieve, and these reaching these milestones require free floor time.

Finally, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, keep these floor seats on the floor. If the seat comes with safety straps or a safety belt specifically designed to be securely strapped to a chair, then that is acceptable.

Are Floor Seats Good for Babies?

Floor seats are an excellent way for babies to learn to control their head, neck, and back muscles. They provide a new position for your baby to observe their ever-expanding world. They provide a safe place for your baby to practice sitting with support and let parents get a break if there’s something they need to do in the house. So, yes, while I consider floor seats a good tool for parents to practice sitting with their babies, please continue to keep the aforementioned safety rules in mind.

How Long Can a Baby Be in an Infant Seat?

Many pediatricians recommend only up to 15 minutes at a time in these infant seats, as they are still somewhat restrictive of movement compared to free floor time (tummy time, for example). It is recommended that babies start off with at least 15 minutes of tummy time daily, and slowly work their way up. It’s easy to let the infant seat take over this time, so be careful that your baby isn’t sitting more than he or she is exploring on the floor.

Can My Baby Sleep in an Infant Floor Seat?

No. Babies are still learning to keep their head and neck upright and are therefore at risk of asphyxiation (blocking off oxygen to their brain) if they are asleep on anything but a completely flat surface. Babies should only sleep overnight on sleep-approved surfaces, such as a bassinet or a crib. If your babe falls asleep in his or her infant seat, move them to a safe, flat surface.

Verdict: Your Best Infant Floor Seat 

Floor seats are on almost every expectant mother’s newborn registry for a reason. They are one of the most popular modes of entertainment for both babies and caregivers alike. Overall, the infant floor seats on our list fit the bill for a fun, high-quality, entertaining, easy to clean, and safe place for babies to sit upright. So, which one is right for you?

If you want the best value, pick the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat.

If you’re on a budget, pick the Regalo Grow with Me Floor Seat and Activity Chair with Removable Feeding Tray

If you need a seat that grows with your family, pick the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe.

If you have a music lover on your hands, pick the Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Booster Seat.

If you’re looking to splurge, pick the Crate and Kids Busy Baby Activity Chair.

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