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The 4 Best Inflatable Water Slides for Adults in 2024

As I’m writing this – sitting in the middle of a heat wave, covered in sweat, and gulping down water by the gallon – it resonates now more than ever how important it is, both for one’s health and one’s sanity – to stay cool during the summer.

But sometimes the AC is too weak, the beach is too far, and the cold shower is just plain boring. Especially in the summer, adults need to have fun too sometimes. That’s why the best way for you to stay cool during these brutal months might just be an inflatable water slide for adults. Besides helping you shake that sweaty feeling, inflatable water slides offer a great reminder not to take yourself too seriously; and isn’t that what the summer is really all about?

Keep reading to find our list of the best inflatable water slides for adults. These slides are fun for the whole family; your kids will love it, and you’ll become the best host in town amongst the adults. Even your most uptight neighbors will come around once they see you having fun and staying cool in the hot summer.

My Top Picks for the Best Inflatable Water Slides for Adults in 2024

#1: Wow World of Watersports Super Slide (Best Value)

Wow World of Watersports Super Slide
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My list starts off with the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide, which should be the first product any overheating customer should look for. This inflatable water slide comes in at a length of 25 x 6 feet and features diagonal sprinklers that are perfectly angled to make sure your slide stays smooth and you stay cool.

But that’s not all you’re getting with this inflatable slide. There’s a reason this Wow World of Watersports water slide earned the top spot on my list, and while I could write about it all day, I’ve boiled things down to two features that will be almost impossible to say no to. Here’s why you should buy the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide.

The included water sleds

Fortunately or unfortunately, a natural part of becoming an adult is simply being less reckless than children. Part of that means you might just be a little more likely than your kid is to think twice before flinging your body onto the hard ground, even if there’s a wet tarp over the grass.

Luckily, the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide comes included with two inflatable water sleds that will add some comforting padding to your new inflatable water slide. You won’t have to worry about any friction burns ruining your fun summer day with these sleds, and they’re perfectly designed so that you’ll have the smoothest ride possible.

Each sled comes in at 32 by 24 inches, which means that the average adult body will have their feet sticking out the back a little, but you’ll pretty easily be able to guarantee that your entire body stays off the ground. And the smaller kids who can fit completely on the sleds will really have a blast on them.

These inflatable rafts add a lot of value to my top-ranked inflatable slide; they’ll make you feel like your backyard is a bonafide water park, and the whole family will love them.

The customized connection system

If the extra thick water sleds didn’t convince you to pull out your credit card and buy this inflatable water slide, then the customized connection system is sure to win you over. After all, two slides is better than one, and the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide is so reasonably priced that if you need the extra length you can just go ahead and buy another one.

The connection system will let you combine the two water slides and all of a sudden you’ll have a 50-foot water slide that the older kids will love and that’ll let you beat the heat. This kind of customization is hard to beat, so if you’re the kind of customer that thinks more is better and you know what you want, look no further than the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide.

I wasn’t exactly making any hot takes when I named Wow World of Watersports Super Slide my best inflatable water slide for adults. This inflatable water slide has managed to grab the top spot on multiple lists, and with over 750 reviews on Amazon – more than half of them five-star reviews – it’s clear that the fans and the critics agree on this one.

The connectivity feature means that this inflatable water slide doesn’t have any splash pool or crash pad at the end, but the quality you’re getting from this slide more than makes up for that.

Plus, the price is right, and it’s even cheaper than some worse products. The deal on the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide just can’t be beaten, and that’s why I named it the best-value inflatable water slide for adults.

Drawbacks: The only real drawbacks to this product are that it doesn’t have a crash pad and that it’s generally very minimalist. If you want a climbing wall or all the other extra features, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The crash pad probably won’t be a deal-breaker to most customers, but keep reading if you want to see some of the crazier inflatable water slides out there.

#2: Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House (Best Premium)

Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House

Get Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House at Walmart

My previous product may have been the best value, but sometimes you’re not trying to weigh every penny, and you just want the best product full stop. Especially if you live in a really hot area, can’t stand the humidity, or just want nothing but the best, you’ll probably be more interested in the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House.

It may cost a small fortune, but it’s got every feature you could ask for, and it really embodies “fun for the whole family.” One look at this thing will be enough for you to realize that the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House is no kids’ slide.

Here are the two defining features that just might convince you to break the bank and purchase the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House for your own personal water park.

Basketball hoop

Just sliding down a slip n’ slide might keep you cool on a hot summer day, but it’ll get boring and repetitive pretty quickly. If you really want to spend the entire sunny day outside without overheating, you’ll need to keep things interesting.

Thankfully, with the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House’s built-in basketball hoop, you can let your competitive side out a little and sweat and stay cool all at the same time. This mega-sized water bounce house is a water park and a gym all in one.

Your teens will have a blast with this castle, and the padding and the splash pool will make sure the rough-housing stays safe. Plus, the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House comes with an inflatable ball, so everyone will be able to do their best LeBron impression as soon as the bounce house is set up.

Water cannons

If the basketball hoop didn’t appeal to you, then the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House’s built-in water cannons are sure to call your inner trickster’s name. Splash your sibling, child, parent, spouse, or neighbor with the water cannon to make things a little more fun and personal, or use it on yourself to beat the heat.

The water cannons are automatic, so just aim and let them do the rest. The extra water means that your children will have a blast, nobody will overheat, and the large splash pool will fill up nice and quickly to add to the water park vibes.

Multiple slides

If somehow, a built-in basketball hoop and two water cannons didn’t convince you to buy the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House for your backyard, then the multiple slides are sure to do the trick.

The perfect summer companion for anyone with a bigger family who needs to make sure everyone can enjoy the at-home-water-park experience, the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House has two slides so everyone can have fun at the same time. Plus, there’s a climbing wall that makes going up to the top of the slides just as fun as the way down.

All of your children, no matter their age, will simply love the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House.

With all of these features, it might have been quicker to list what the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House doesn’t have. Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s pretty obvious why. On top of everything I’ve already mentioned, this massive water house comes with stakes to make sure everything stays in place and a carrying bag that helps for easy storage and some incredible vacations into the country.

Drawbacks: Just about the only downside is that the weight capacity isn’t very high, so you might not want to put an entire family of four on all at once. But if you want every feature out there, your choice is obvious: buy the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House.

#3: Sunny & Fun Compact Inflatable Water Slide Park (Absolute Best For Staying Cool)

Sunny & Fun Compact Inflatable Water Slide Park
View on Amazon | $194.99

First and foremost, the goal here is to stay comfortable during the blistering summer heat. And if that’s your goal, the Sunny & Fun Compact Inflatable Water Slide Park is the best product out there. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and has the most water action going on at once; after a day on this slide, you’re guaranteed to be shivering no matter what the temperature is outside.

There’s a lot that sets this slide apart from the crowd, so keep reading to learn more.

Top-side shower head

The main reason the Sunny & Fun Compact Inflatable Water Slide Park does such a good job of cooling you down is that you’re never dry for more than five seconds. This inflatable slide has a blast cannon similar to those of the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House, and it has an overhead sprinkler system at the top of the slide. You’re getting a much-needed shower even as you wait in line. If you hate the heat, this water slide will be the new best friend for you and your children.

Higher weight capacity

Unlike the previous slide, this Sunny & Fun water slide has a weigh weight capacity that will allow almost the entire family to beat the heat at the same time. Turn this water park experience into full family bonding with the Sunny & Fun Compact Inflatable Water Slide Park.

In addition to the two features mentioned above, this Sunny & Fun product has a climbing wall similar to that of the Banzai Twins bounce castle. It’s easy to set up, it comes with a storage bag, and it’s one of the top deals out there in terms of the return on your dollar, though it’s a little more expensive than my number one pick. If you want to keep everyone happy and forget it’s even hot outside, then the Sunny & Fun Compact Inflatable Water Slide Park is exactly what you’re looking for.

Drawbacks: While I praised this Sunny & Fun water slide for its high weight limit, it’s a little lacking in terms of height. Adults will definitely be able to use it, but some of the taller members of your family might find that the journey down the slide isn’t all that exciting. Though that being said, anyone of average height or shorter should be fine.

#4: TEAM MAGNUS 31-ft XL Slip and Slide (Best Low Cost)

TEAM MAGNUS 31-ft XL Slip and Slide
View on Amazon | $78

I’m rounding up my list with a special option for the penny pinchers out there (guilty as charged.) It could feel like a big waste to spend a ton of money on something you’re only going to use a few times a year, and that’s why the TEAM MAGNUS 31-ft XL Slip and Slide might be just what you’re looking for.

This minimalist slip n’ slide is roughly 31 feet long, takes seconds to set up, and best of all, costs pennies. You can empty your piggy bank and buy this slip n’ slide.

There’s really not much more to say about the TEAM MAGNUS 31-ft XL Slip and Slide. What you see is what you get. It won’t make you feel like you’re at the water park, but this product costs a fraction of some of the other slides, and since it’s a simple slip ‘n slide, there’s no need to worry about a weight limit.

Plug in the garden hose, slide down and beat the heat. It’s that simple. Your children of all ages will love it, and everyone will feel a little less sweaty.

There’s really not all that much to mention when it comes to the drawbacks of the TEAM MAGNUS 31-ft XL Slip and Slide. It’s a minimalist product, which means there are no glaring flaws but you’re definitely getting a little “less” of everything. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

How I Determined the Best Inflatable Water Slide for Adults

If you’ve never bought a water slide for your backyard, you might not know what to look for. To be as thorough as possible, I had a set list of criteria I used when evaluating the products on my list. Additionally, I gave priority to any product that had good reviews on shopping websites or that was featured on other lists. My criteria can be found below.

What Should You Look for in an Inflatable Water Slide for Adults?

Criteria #1: Extra Features – The first few products on my list has extra features that set them apart. Whether that was a built-in climbing wall, an extension feature, a water cannon, or something else entirely. A water slide is a pretty simple concept, and sometimes you need all the bells and whistles to make things more interesting.

Criteria #2: Dimensions – Especially because the point of this list is to help the adults get in on the fun, an important criterion of mine was that the water slides be big enough that adults can actually use them.

Criteria #3: Weight capacity – Just like with the second criterion, this one is specifically for the adults. A water slide can be heaven on earth, but if it’s going to collapse under an average adult’s weight, it doesn’t really help us here. We want your college-football-playing son to be able to join the water festivities when he’s back for summer vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ve added this FAQ question to make sure that everyone leaves this article feeling completely satisfied and ready to buy the best water slide to make their summer as comfortable as possible.

What kind of inflatable water slides can adults use?

The most important part of a water slide for adults is size. It’s pretty simple: if a product is kid-sized, you won’t have much fun on it, and it might not be able to handle the weight of the average adult.

When looking at a water slide for adults, make sure to check both the measurements and the weight capacity. Of course, the extra features like a basketball court or a water cannon will definitely make things more interesting for adults and children alike.

How tall is the biggest inflatable water slide?

The world’s longest water slide is located in Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey, and stands at 1,975 feet tall, but that’s probably not what you were asking. The tallest product on my list is the Banzai Twins bounce castle, which is 15 feet long and 8 feet tall. That’s just about the tallest option out there, though there are plenty of products that come reasonably close, and that is much cheaper than the extravagant water castle.

What do you put under water slides?

Most water slides come with stakes that will hold them in the ground to keep everything safe and secure. Obviously, you don’t want to put these slides on solid concrete, and the stakes would be useless there anyway, so the grass is probably your best bet.

If you don’t want to ruin your lawn, you may want to put a tarp on top of the grass first, but that’s completely optional. Just make sure that the area you’ve picked is as flat and smooth as possible.

Verdict: Your Best Inflatable Water Slide for Adults

That was a lot of information to take in, so don’t worry if it all felt a little overwhelming. I know that some of you just want the bare bones, so keep reading for a very quick summary of the most noteworthy products on the list.

If you want the best value for money, pick the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide.

If you’re someone that needs to weigh every single pro and con before making your purchase, then this water slide is for you. It’s long, easy to set up, padded and safe, and extendable! When you combine that with the price, it’s no wonder that this slip n’ slide won the top spot on my list.

If you need the best product on the market, pick the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House.

If you need everything under the sun, then look no further than the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House. This thing really is a water park in your backyard, and it has just about every fun water activity you can think of. Stay cool while holding a dunk contest, blast your family members with the water cannon, or climb up the climbing wall and zoom down the slide. The high price of this product is more than justified.

If you want to keep the spending to a minimum, pick the TEAM MAGNUS 31-ft XL Slip and Slide.

If you just want the cheapest option out there, then TEAM MAGNUS 31-ft XL Slip and Slide is exactly what you need. What you see is what you get. This product is reminiscent of the old school slip n’ slides of your youth. Just plug in the hose and get started.

That brings us to the end of your list. I hope that, even if none of the products were quite what you’re looking for, I’ve helped you find a good jumping-off point. It may help to use my criteria to assist your search, or you can simply look at similar products on Google or Amazon after searching for the slides that earned a spot on the list. Either way, I hope you enjoy a cooler summer!

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