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The Best Kids Bounce House for Your Family in 2023

Want to buy a fantastic bounce house for your kids? We’ve gathered all the information you need to choose the best inflatable house for your home or yard.

Bounce houses are an awesome way to keep your kids busy, happy, and physically fit. Available in various sizes, designs, and color combinations, these affordable inflatable structures are generally suitable for kids ages 3 and up.

Assembly tends to be ridiculously quick and easy. Within minutes of opening the box, your kids and their friends will be up and jumping.

There are a dizzying array of bounce houses on the market, and they’re not all created alike, so we decided to explore what’s out there. We took a look at what hundreds of real-world customers have to say about their bounce house, and then we translated that mountain of feedback into a thorough but user-friendly article.

Discover what we learned, and see what we’ve chosen as the Best Bounce Houses of 2021.

How do you choose a bounce house?

There are a lot of bounce house manufacturers and a slew of models to choose from. When searching for the best bounce house for your family, think about the following:

Size: Consider the overall dimensions of the built structure, as well as the size of the actual jump space. Before you start shopping, carefully measure the area where you intend to set up the bounce house. As you measure, remember to leave an appropriate clearance zone around the perimeter of the unit.

Durability: Look for strong, durable fabric and stitching that is tight.

Safety: You want a bounce house made of non-toxic materials and a design that is sensible.

Capacity: Know the maximum weight capacity of the unit and the number of children that can jump simultaneously. Again, total weight should be distributed evenly among the kids that are jumping.

Accessories: You need a blower to fill your bounce house with air, as well as stakes to anchor the bounce house and blower to the ground. Determine whether or not the unit includes these. Is the blower reasonably quiet? Are the stakes sufficiently long and sturdy?

Price: Prices vary, and there’s a bounce house for every budget.

Our Picks for the Top Bounce House of 2021

So, let’s get to it. Here’s our list.

#1. Blast Zone Magic Castle (Best Overall)

Blast Zone Magic Castle Bounce House

Made of sturdy, long-lasting material, the Blast Zone Magic Castle has four mesh sides and a central velcro closure. It’s a favorite with parents, and we voted it our top choice for little kids, because it boasts a combination of quality construction, unique safety features, and an appealing design.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s the tallest bounce house we reviewed, and it’s got a higher-than-average weight limit, so it will accommodate your kids as they grow.

What we like: We’re happy with the quality of the material and seams, and we believe it’s a big plus that the unit is completely enclosed by mesh, so parents have a clear view of what’s happening inside. The “castle” design is visually appealing, and the model has a higher weight rating than many others.

Keep in mind: Some customers indicated that the velcro strips on the entry aren’t big or strong enough to keep the door closed. Also, it’s not as bouncy as some people would like.

We saw some complaints that the walls collapse too easily if kids bounce into them. The unit rolls up easily, but getting it into the storage bag can be tricky. You might want to purchase a large plastic container for storage.

What customers say:

“For the price, this bounce house is a bargain”

“Stitching is top notch”

“Can take a beating from wild kids”

Size: 8.5′ W x 11′ L x 8′ H when inflated

Durability: The floor of the Blast Zone is made of reinforced, commercial-grade vinyl. Double and quadruple stitching helps keep seams tight.

Maximum kids: 3

Weight limit: 300 pounds

Safety features: The unit has soft, non-abrasive safety netting, several anchor points, foot holes, and safety handles. The blower is UL-approved.

Time to inflate/deflate: Installation takes less than 2 minutes.

What’s included: The bounce house comes with a blower, storage straps, step-by-step written instructions with safety recommendations, and an instructional video.

Warranty: The bounce house comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Price: $248 – $322

Bottom line: For an attractive, well-designed bounce house that boasts tough fabric and durable seams, go with the Blast Zone Magic Castle.

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#2. PicassoTiles KC102 [Upgraded Version] (Best Budget)

PicassoTiles KC102 Bounce House

The upgraded PicassoTiles KC102 has some extras that you won’t find with other bounce houses. In addition to the basketball rim and assorted balls, the unit has multiple entrances, so kids can enter and exit easily.

What we like: Priced lower than many bounce houses, the PicassoTiles has some pretty nice features, including a retractable shade, a generous-sized slide, a storage pocket for shoes, and a built-in basketball hoop.

Keep in mind: We saw some complaints about seams coming apart, but the enclosed patches seem pretty effective for dealing with repairs. The side entrances don’t close, which could be a safety concern for parents with very small children.

What customers say:

“Quality is great.”

“Easy to assemble. Stores easily. Highly recommend.”

“This is some of the best money we have spent.”

Size: 12′ W x 10′ L x 7′ H when inflated

Durability: The PicassoTiles bounce house is made of quality, non-toxic materials.

Maximum kids: 3

Weight limit: 250 pounds

Safety features: The PicassoTiles upgraded bounce house is made of toxic-free materials and features mesh walls, so parents can monitor their kids while they jump.

Time to inflate/deflate: Installation takes less than 2 minutes.

What’s included: The PicassoTiles comes with a blower, storage/carry bag, cinch straps, repair patches, blower stakes, bouncer stakes, a built-in basketball rim and four sports balls. This bounce house also has a retractable shade and a side pocket for storage.

Warranty: PicassoTiles offers a 90-day limited warranty on the bouncer unit and a one-year limited warranty on the blower.

Price: $189 – $210

Bottom line: For a reasonably priced bounce house with some handsome features, try the PicassoTiles.

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#3. Action Air [Updated Version] (Best for Preschoolers)

Action Air

Sporting durable fabric and a generous jumping area, the Action Air bounce house is also priced right.

What we like: We like the simple, straightforward design and durability of this bounce house. It’s just the right size for preschoolers, and the price is modest.

Keep in mind: Some customers reported small holes in the bounce house upon arrival.

What customers say:

“Good quality, easy set-up.”

“The durability has been outstanding.”

“Price was amazing.”

Size: 12′ W x 9′ L x 6′ H

Durability: The bounce house features particularly thick material on the jumping and sliding areas. Customers report that the seams are sewn well and that the unit holds up well over time, even with lots of roughhousing.

Maximum kids: 3

Weight limit: 250 pounds

Safety features: Three sides of the Action Air bounce house are made of mesh safety netting. The unit has satisfied Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) tests and has earned a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC).

Time to inflate/deflate: Installation takes less than 3 minutes.

What’s included: The Action Air comes with the fabric unit, a heavy-duty blower, a storage/carrying case, repair patches and an instruction manual.

Warranty: Three-month return policy.

Price: $189 – $210

Bottom line: Great for little ones, the Action Air is a reliable bounce house that’s priced affordably.

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#4. Bounceland Bounce House Castle W/Hoop Inflatable Bouncer (Best Durability)

Bounceland Bounce House Castle

The Bounceland Bouce House is made of tough material and has a super quick inflation time.

What we like: Along with the appealing look of this bounce house, we like the quality stitchwork and good track record for durability. And the basketball hoop is a nice bonus.

Keep in mind: Some users think the opening is too large, which could up the risk of falling out. Parents who are concerned can put pillows or blankets on the floor near the entrance. The Bounceland house is more expensive than many bounce houses of similar size.

What customers say:

“Exceptional value.”

“Good size, sturdy, easy to use.”

“Three years later, and it’s still going strong.”

Size: 12′ W x 9′ L x 7′ H

Durability: The Bounceland jump surface is crafted from heavy-duty commercial-grade material with a PVC coating, the unit features double to quadruple stitching.

Maximum kids: 3

Weight limit: 250 pounds

Safety features: The Bounceland unit is certified by ASTM and CPSC. The UL-certified blower has a 25-foot power cord and a GFCI plug. The fabric house has a vertical velcro opening.

Time to inflate/deflate: Installation takes 1 to 2 minutes.

What’s included: Along with the fabric bounce house, the unit comes with a blower, a storage/carrying bag, 9-inch stakes, a repair kit, and instructions for installation. There is a also a basketball hoop that attaches with velcro.

Warranty: The company offers a 90-day limited warranty to cover manufacturing defects. The blower is under warranty for a year.

Price: $243 – $250

Bottom line: Bounceland prices its bounce house higher than some other makers, but they make a great-looking product that performs well.

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#5. Little Tikes Inflatable Jump n Slide Bounce House (Best for Toddlers)

Little Tikes Inflatable Jump n Slide Bounce House

One of the most popular bounce houses on the market, the Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide can take a lot of toddler abuse. It also packs up easily for storage and transport.

What we like: The Lil’ Tykes unit holds up well, even when subjected to regular and frequent use. The fabric house folds and packs easily in the carrying case.

Keep in mind: The blower is a bit loud for indoor use. One user describes it as “a little louder than a hair dryer on high.” Another claims it’s “not quiet but not unbearable.” There are some reports of seams opening up, including along the top of the slide.

What customers say:

“Super durable. Would definitely recommend.”

“Showing no signs of wear and tear.”

“Great product. My kids love it.”

Size: 9′ W x 11′ L x 5′ H

Durability: The Lil’ Tykes bounce house is made of tough puncture-resistant material.

Maximum kids: 3

Weight limit: 250 pounds

Safety features: The unit has mesh walls on three sides to promote air flow and enable parents to monitor play.

Time to inflate/deflate: Installation takes less than 2 minutes.

What’s included: The bounce house comes with four blower stakes, six bounce-house stakes, a heavy-duty blower with GFCI plug, repair patches, and a storage/carrying bag.

Warranty: Lil’ Tykes offers a 90-day warranty for the fabric unit and a one-year warranty for the blower.

Price: $200 – $279

Bottom line: The Lil’ Tykes is a popular bounce house. There are some issues with seams opening up, but most users consider this an excellent introductory product for the youngest set.

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#6. My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House with Ball Pit and Balls (Best with Ball Pit)

Made from durable, child-safe materials, the My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House comes with a set of 500 balls for the built-in ball pit.

What we like: The stitching holds up well, the velcro is secure, and the weights are a great tool for helping keep the unit in place. The ball pit is a great side attraction.

Keep in mind: We saw some reports that the netting loses some of its tension after a few months of use.

What customers say:

“We absolutely LOVE this product.”

“Super-high quality.”

“Highly recommend to anyone with (destructive) kids.”

Size: 88″ x 118″ x 72″

Durability: The bounce house is crafted from durable puncture- and tear-resistant nylon material.

Maximum kids: 3

Weight limit: 150 pounds (bounce area).

Safety features: The bounce house is made of phthalate-free, lead-free, BPA-free, non-PVC material. The unit is surrounded by mesh safety netting, and the fabric is coated with a child-safe rubber lamination.

Time to inflate/deflate: less than 60 seconds

What’s included: The bounce house comes with a 380W UL low-noise continuous-flow blower, a pack of 500 balls measuring 3.1”, a storage/carrying bag, ground stakes, weight bags, patch materials, and instructions.

Warranty: 90 days for the blower; 30 days for the bounce house

Price: $130 – $200

Bottom line: The My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House with Ball Pit and Balls is a durable unit, and the attached ball pit is a big plus.

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What is a bounce house?

Bounce houses, or bounce castles, are temporary inflatable play structures that operate with the help of a plug-in air blower. The blower pumps a steady flow of air into the “house,” which is constructed from durable but lightweight fabric. The flow of air causes the floor and walls of the house to fill and expand.

Bounce houses typically feature bold, kid-friendly colors with terrific eye appeal. Depending on the size, make and model, they may be appropriate for use indoors and/or out. When used correctly, they’re great for parties, play dates, and anytime your kids need a safe, fun place to play.

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How do you set up a bounce house?

Bounce house assembly is easy and straightforward. To set one up, you remove the fabric house and air blower from the box, unroll and unfold the house, attach the inflation tube to the blower, and stake down both the house and blower.

Finally, plug in the blower and switch it on. Average fill time is under 5 minutes. The blower must remain attached to the house and switched on as long as your children are playing.

At the end of their play session, you turn off the air blower and allow the unit to deflate by itself. Once the air is out, you can fold and roll up the house and place it in its box or carrying bag for storage. When rolled neatly, units are generally similar in size to a medium or large sleeping bag.

Are bounce houses safe?

Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann, a pediatriacian at Mercy Children’s Hospital in Missouri and an official spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, asserts there are clear risks involved when children play in bounce houses. To minimize risk and ensure a safe and positive play experience, you should take the following precautions:

  • Follow manufacturer instructions for assembly and operation. Respect the manufacturer’s age and weight recommendations.
  • Position the bounce house on grass or some other soft surface. It should be on level ground and at a safe distance from fences, trees, sheds, and other potentially dangerous objects.
  • Use long, strong stakes, ideally at least 18 inches long, to properly anchor the bounce house and blower. Drive the stakes in at a 45-degree angle, hammering them in completely.
  • Instruct children to remove shoes, eyeglasses, and jewelry before entering the bounce house.
  • Require children to empty their hands and pockets before play. Sharp objects are particularly problematic.
  • Do not allow children of vastly different heights and weights to jump simultaneously. Weight should be distributed evenly among the different jumpers.
  • Make sure kids stay hydrated. If possible, keep bounce houses out of direct sun, as the bounce house surface can get quite hot to the touch.
  • Supervise children at all times, and be strict about prohibiting wild behavior.

What’s the best bounce house for your family?

Let’s sum up.

If you’re looking for a superior-quality bounce house with great safety features and a higher-than-average weight limit, go with the Blast Zone Magic Castle. It’s a premium product for a reasonable price.

For the budget-conscious, we recommend the PicassoTiles Bounce House. You’ll pay less, but you’ll get a solid product. The My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House with Ball Pit is another lower-priced option, and it’s got a built-in ball pit that kids love.

For toddlers and preschoolers, we vote for the Action Air and Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide. Both are well-made products with simpler designs that suit the youngest set.

And if durability is your top priority, try the Bounceland Bounce House Castle with Hoop. It’s priced higher than some bounce houses, but it’s got a great reputation for tight stitching.

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