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bellicon Rebounder Review – What Is All The Hype About?

Find out what distinguishes the bellicon from other rebounders, and determine if these top-of-the-line units are worth the extra money.

Bellicon units, products of Germany, are a unique sort of rebounder. The bellicon company (no, the small “b” isn’t a typo) took the classic metal-spring concept and upgraded it, giving their rebounders a more contemporary look and feel.

The company swapped out the metal springs, replacing them with several dozen stretchy bungee cords.

We were curious about how such a significant design change affects the rebounding experience. What are the pros and cons of a bungee cord design? What are bellicon bungees made of, and are they as durable as metal springs?

Do stretch cords hold up over time, or do they tend to overstretch, fray, or tear? Given the stretchiness of bungee cords, do users have to worry about too much bounce?

We were also intrigued by the bellicon price tag. Bellicon rebounders are significantly more expensive than some other quality brands. Why the high price?

In short, we had a lot of questions, so it was time for a full bellicon review.

If you’ve already done the research and are certain the bellicon is for you, then…

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If you need more information about the bellicon brand, need help choosing the right model, or want to know how bellicon compares to the competition, read on.

At the end of the day, we want you to climb on your next rebounder and feel like you’ve paid a fair price for a well-built, stable unit with just the right amount of bounce. You should look forward to using it and sense that your workouts are both effective and safe.

What you don’t want is an oversized, overpriced, underused unit taking up space in your living room. And you don’t want the cost and hassle that come with frequent parts replacements.

Let’s find out what the bellicon is all about.

What do customers say about the bellicon?

Overall, customers who own and regularly use a bellicon love the bellicon experience. They’re happy with the unit’s stability, bounce quality, and comparatively large jump space.

Everyone raves about how quiet the unit is, and the company gets good ratings with respect to customer service.

What are the downsides? We found two: price and portability. Sit tight and you’ll hear more about those.

What are the different bellicon models?

You can choose from four different bellicon models:

Bellicon Classic

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The Classic is currently bellicon’s least expensive model. It features a painted steel frame with a black, powder-coated satin finish. The Classic is available in three sizes (we’ll speak about sizes below), with either pre-attached or screw-type legs. It is a popular (and excellent) choice for home use.

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Bellicon Premium

The bellicon Premium has a tougher and sleeker frame than the Classic. Made of stainless steel, the Premium frame offers enhanced protection from rust, scratching, and corrosion, as well as a more contemporary look.

The Premium’s frame also boasts a higher-quality inner thread, so the connection between the frame and the screw-on legs is exceptionally tight and secure. Unlike the Classic frame, the Premium frame is antiseptic, so it’s a good choice for hospitals, rehab clinics, gyms, and other public/commercial institutions.

The Premium is available in two sizes (44″ and 49″), with either pre-attached or screw-type legs.

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Bellicon Jumping Fitness

The bellicon Jumping Fitness model was designed for use with a particular style of rebounder power training. Most suitable for gyms, the frame is hexagonal, has a powder-coated satin finish and is stackable for convenient out-of-the-way storage.

It has a quick-release fastener for the T-shaped stability bar. The Jumping Fitness has a corner-to-corner 54″ diameter, screw-type legs, and black ultra-strong bungees. The bounce mat is available in four color combinations.

Bellicon Plus

The frame of the bellicon Plus resembles that of the Classic, but it features a quick-release fastener for the T-shaped stability bar. The Plus model is available in one size (44″), with either pre-attached or screw-type legs.

If you order the Plus, you’ll have a choice of five bungee strengths.

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Are bellicon rebounders worth the extra price?

This is the question on everyone’s mind. There are arguably two reasons to pay more for a bellicon:

Quality: First, if you opt to buy a bellicon, you can be sure you’re getting a top-quality, high-performance unit. You’re paying more for bellicon’s super stable frame, better, bouncier mat, and quieter jump experience.

Consider the different parts of a bellicon:

Frame: Bellicon frames are made of durable, industrial-strength material. They’re solid, stable, and built to last.

Mat: The bounce mats are constructed from UV-resistant polypropylene mesh fabric. They offer a secure, anti-slip, but highly elastic surface and they’re designed to hold up to regular and frequent use both indoors and outdoors.

Cords: The bungee cords are crafted from allergen-free rubber and are covered by rugged polyester material.

Legs: Bellicon offers two leg styles — pre-attached and screw-on. The pre-attached legs fold inward, so the unit can be stored relatively flat. The screw-type legs must be completely removed if you wish to store the unit under a bed or flat against a wall.

Customization: Second, you’re paying more for a unit that better fits you and your specific fitness needs. The bellicon’s specially formulated bungees come in five different strengths to accommodate different body weights and different forms of exercise.

As a result, you’ll end up with a model that is most appropriate for your body type, fitness goals, and bounce style. The fact that your unit will be custom-fit for you means your overall jump experience will be more satisfying.

If the bellicon price scares you, keep in mind, the company offers a payment plan for those who wish to pay in installments.

How big is the jump space on a bellicon?

The company offers three main frame-size options. The larger the frame size, the larger the mat. Jump surfaces are as follows:

  • Small round frame (39”/100cm) = 26” (67cm) mat size
  • Medium round frame (44”/112cm) = 31” (79cm) mat size
  • Large round frame (49”/125cm) = 36” (92cm) mat size

Consider the size of your rebounding area carefully before choosing a frame size.

What are the benefits of bungee cords?

Bellicon’s stretchy bungee cord system offers several benefits over conventional springs, including the following:

Softer bounce: Bellicon’s highly elastic stretch cords offer a softer, deeper bounce. According to the manufacturer, bellicon bungees stretch up to three times their original length.

Smoother cycle: The bellicon’s smooth bounce cycle is less jarring than conventional rebounders and trampolines. That means no sudden jolt when you hit bottom. It also means less stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

Greater highs and lows: As you descend on the mat and the bungee cords stretch to their full length, they become mini storehouses of energy. As you ascend, that stored energy is released, propelling you smoothly upward and off the mat.

Quieter experience: We can’t say enough about bellicon’s quiet performance. Spring-type rebounders tend to squeak with every jump. Bellicon units are close to silent. Users love the fact that they can use the bellicon in the bedroom when their spouses or roommates are sleeping.

More style options: Bellicon offers a large range of bungee cord colors, so you can get a unit that coordinates with your current decor.

As a side note, because bellicon’s bungees are so stretchy, their frames have to sit quite a bit higher than standard rebounder frames. The additional height allows you to descend lower without hitting the floor.

For people who are unnerved by the extra height from the ground, and for those who have lower ceilings, the company offers shorter rebounder legs.

What is the weight limit of a bellicon?

Every bellicon frame is built to accommodate up to 440 pounds. Impressive, no? But that’s only part of the story.

Bellicon offers five bungee strength options. You’ll need to choose a cord strength, basing your choice on two factors: your body weight and your preferred type of workout. Keep reading to find out more about bungees.

How do you choose a bungee strength?

Use the following information as a guideline for choosing bungees based on your body weight.

  • <80lbs: Soft bungees
  • 81-130lbs: Medium bungees
  • 131-200lbs: Strong bungees
  • 201-280lbs: X-Strong bungees
  • 281-440lbs: Ultra bungees

Some customers prefer to use the strongest bungees regardless of their body weight because they like a tighter jump surface. Stronger bungees result in a firmer platform, which is preferable for jogging and fast footwork. For a bouncier workout, you need a mat with more “give,” which requires cords of lesser strength.

It’s interesting to note, you can easily adjust your mat’s tension level as your body weight or workout style change. Simply replace your current bungees with cords of different strength.

On the bellicon website, you’ll find a bungee strength chart that can help you choose the right cords for your weight and workout style. The company recommends choosing a bungee strength that is suitable for the heaviest person who plans to use your bellicon.

If the difference in body weight between different jumpers is too great, you might need more than one rebounder.

Are bellicon units difficult to assemble?

All bellicon rebounders require minimal assembly. When your unit arrives, you’ll find the mat and cords are already fully attached to the frame.

Depending on which version you purchase, you will either have to screw on the legs or unfold the pre-attached legs into a standing position. That’s it. No tools required!

Customers who purchased the screw-on version claim attaching or detaching the legs takes a maximum of two or three minutes.

Which type of leg should I buy?

Honestly, it depends on your priorities. For users who want to stow the unit flat between uses, the pre-attached, foldable legs are arguably more convenient.

However, there are reports that the foldable legs tend to wobble somewhat, so if your main concern is stability, we suggest the screw-on legs.

The company also points out that the pre-assembled, foldable-leg model can be a bit noisier on certain surfaces, so if you don’t need to stow your unit between uses, you’re probably better off with screw-on legs.

Do I have a choice of colors?

The company offers five mat colors, two frame finishes, and eight bungee cord colors. Cords of all strengths are available in all eight colors.

T-bar vs. side bars: What’s the difference?

Bellicon offers two stability bar options:

  1. The T-bar is positioned in front of the person who grasps it. Its purpose is to enhance rebounding workouts. Some users question the value of the T-bar and prefer not to use it.
  2. The rounded side bars are located on both sides of the person jumping and are designed to increase stability. The side bars are particularly useful for people who have balance issues.

Does the bellicon fold for storage or travel?

Unlike some other popular rebounders, the bellicon frame and mat do not fold. For people who value portability, this is a major consideration.

What kind of warranty does bellicon offer?

On the manufacturer’s FAQ page, the bellicon warranty is described as follows:

  • Frame: Lifetime warranty
  • Mat: Five-year warranty
  • Bungee cords: One-year warranty

A full replacement set of bungee cords costs $85, and installation of new cords should take about ten minutes.

As the company points out, the longevity of bungee cords depends on many factors, including the body weight of users, types of workouts, and workout intensities.

Bungees don’t last forever. Over time, with consistent and frequent use, they do wear out. If you use your unit regularly, you’ll need to replace the bungees at some point.

To extend the life of your bungees, you can rotate them periodically.

Can I manage with the 39″ frame, or should I spend more for a larger unit?

Plenty of users find the smallest bellicon, with its frame size of 39″, to be sufficiently large for comfortable bouncing. People who want to fit their rebounder in a car trunk actually prefer the smaller, lighter-weight frame.

However, some customers feel safer on a larger jump space or appreciate the greater versatility offered by a more spacious mat.

What’s the bottom line?

If you can afford a high-end rebounder, we highly recommend purchasing a bellicon. We think it’s an excellent product.

Bellicon rebounders have a sturdy build, a high weight limit, a super smooth bounce quality, and are far quieter than many other brands. They’re also incredibly fun, so we think you’re more likely to use yours regularly.

But if the bellicon is too costly for you, or if you need a unit that you can fold for easy storage or travel, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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6 thoughts on “bellicon Rebounder Review – What Is All The Hype About?”

  1. I love my Bellicon 44″ Frame, Strong bungee cords, I have had the most fun on this product…you can’t compare the bounce to any other mini-trampoline, no one compares. Unfortunately, my foot is breaking due to age & arthritis and I have to sell mine. I will never bounce again. So sad.

  2. This is an impressive and thoughtful review. It’s probably the best gift I was able to get for myself and my parents during this time. We are actually excited about working out- and it’s a beautiful piece of an equipment that brings smiles to our faces. My parents act more youthful during and after their workouts. Bellicon customer service was excellent with great response times. They also gave a thoughtful discount to me as I work in the er. I am very glad to have chosen them over cheaper versions. Not only am I enjoying the product now, but I am comforted knowing of their extremely reasonable warranty.

  3. Gina,

    Thank you for this excellent article. I think it is the best review of the different Bellicon options and is really helping me to make a firm decision. What are your thoughts on the Comfort Mat that Bellicon started offering in 2019? It appears that the 39″ Classic with the Comfort Mat and the 44″ Classic with the Standard Mat have the same jump space. I’m 6 feet tall with no balance issues. Do you think there is any disadvantage of going with the lower cost option of the 39″ Classic with the Comfort Mat?

    Thank you for your time!

    • Great question!

      In general, the bigger the frame the better, but if you don’t have any particular balance or coordination issues, I think the 39″ frame with the upgraded Comfort Mat would be an excellent compromise. You’ll get some additional jump space, but you’ll pay considerably less than you would for the 44″ frame.

      Here are a few considerations:

      1. The 39″ frame is more than sufficient for many users. It offers plenty of jump space for standard rebounding exercises. It’s also more compact and offers greater portability than the other frame sizes, which might be an important consideration for you.

      2. The 44″ offers 40 percent more jump space than the 39″, and it’s bellicon’s most popular frame size. Many users feel more secure with the larger jump space, and bellicon does recommend larger frame sizes for taller people and for people who enjoy complex, dance-like workouts.

      3. The Comfort Mat is a great new offering by bellicon. The padded perimeter offers an impressive 30 percent more jump space than the classic mat and greater comfort in seated and lying positions.

      Again, I think the 39″ frame with the Comfort Mat is a great option. It will get you some extra jump space (although not quite as much as the 44″ frame with standard mat), which is a plus for someone of your height. You’ll gain more comfort and versatility from the upgraded mat, and you’ll spend less than you would for the 44″ frame.

      Good luck!


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