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What is the Best Rectangle Trampoline of 2024? It Depends on Your Needs…

Having spent close to 100 hours analyzing different trampolines, I noticed that rectangle trampolines have clear advantages over their round counterparts: they have a larger jumping area, they are better for gymnastics, and their bounce quality tends to be more consistent across the entire mat.

So I put together a list of the top rectangular trampolines for you, together with guidelines on how to choose the best one for you.

Our Picks for the Top Rectangle Trampoline of 2021

#1. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline 9’x15” Best Value for the Money)

Skywalker rectangular trampolines come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different outside areas. I like them a lot, and consider them to be the best value for the money. The 9’x15′ offers a large jump space. All Skywalker enclosure nets are attached to the mat instead of the frame in order to keep kids’ hands and feet away from the springs.

Durability: Skywalker trampolines, including rectangular models, feature reinforced T-sockets which boost stability and prevent structural twisting. The frame is made of galvanized steel, which improves weather resistance. Skywalker jump mats are crafted from UV-protected polypropylene, which is woven to prevent slipping, and the polyethylene safety net and protective spring pads are resistant to UV damage.

Size: 9’x15′

Assembly: Assembly should take two adults approximately 2 to 3 hours. The instruction manual isn’t great, but Skywalker trampolines have been around for a while, and they’re popular, so online DIY help is available.

Safety features: The spring pad covers the springs on the outside of the enclosure net, and a patented no-gap enclosure system attaches the mat to the safety net at each spring. There is a dual zipper for easy entry and exit.

Bounce quality: Customers report that Skywalker trampolines offer good, even bounce.

Weight limit: 250lbs

Extras: Assembly tools and spring hook are included. You’ll have to order a ladder and/or anchor kit separately.

Price: Most of the time expect to pay between $450 and $550 for the 9’x15′ model.

Warranty: Skywalker offers a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and 1-year limited warranty on all other materials. This does not include weather damage, fading, or rust.

Customer service: While we encountered some complaints about sluggish customer service, some recent buyers have reported good experiences with the company’s customer service department.

What we like: For the price, we think the Skywalker is a great deal. The frame is solid and heavy. The springs are located outside the safety net, so your kids are less likely to have their fingers and toes pinched. Owners report good-to-excellent bounce quality.

Keep in mind: There are complaints of poor packaging and damaged or missing parts. Some customers would like a longer zipper on the enclosure net for easier access. Directions for assembly aren’t perfectly clear, but customers who had trouble were able to go online for help with installation.

Bottom line: A highly popular option, the Skywalker 9’x15′ rectangular unit offers a sturdy frame, a generous jump space, and good bounce for your money. If you can’t afford a pricier unit, the Skywalker is the way to go.

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#2. JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce 10′ x17” (Best Safety and Performance)

JumpSport AlleyOOP BowerBounce Trampoline

The JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce was designed with your kids’ safety in mind.

Durability: The AlleyOOP is built strong and sturdy and is designed to last. The JumpSport frame features heavy-gauge galvanized steel support poles, which are designed to flex upon impact. A powder coating process helps prevent deterioration. The AlleyOOP PowerBounce has 92 tapered 9.25″ springs, plus 56 PowerSprings. The mat is made of rugged Permatron fabric and boasts 10 rows of quality stitching.

Size: 10’x17′

Assembly: Set-up time is standard for large trampolines. If you work with a partner, you can expect to be up and jumping in 3 or 4 hours. We saw some complaints about the instructions being unclear, but the parts fit together well. Installation involves very few nuts and bolts. The biggest challenge is getting the safety enclosure net to fit snug.

Safety features: The AllyOOP has a 7′ safety enclosure with a bunch of patented safety and performance innovations. There’s an overlapping doorway instead of a zipper, which means your kids can’t inadvertently leave the door open while jumping. The safety net has an open-weave design, so jumpers have something to grab onto for balance and while taking a break. The safety enclosure net distributes impact throughout the trampoline system, so jumpers are consistently guided back to the jumping surface.

Bounce quality: The AlleyOOP PowerBounce offers a smooth bounce experience that can be tweaked for different ages, weights, and skill levels. The trampoline comes with V-rings of different lengths, which promotes better shock absorption, a deeper bounce, and an enhanced rebound effect. In the words of one user, the AlleyOOP “bounces much more than any house trampoline I have been on.”

Weight limit: Up to 350 pounds for a single user.

Extras: Don’t expect a ladder, and don’t expect an anchor kit. You’ll have to purchase those separately.

Price: The AlleyOOP isn’t cheap. It’s likely you will pay between $2,500 and $2,800.

Warranty: The AlleyOOP comes with the following limited warranty:

Steel Frame: Lifetime

Enclosure Poles: Lifetime

Mat Fabric: 5 Years

Mat Stitching: 5 Years

Enclosure Net: 5 Years

Springs: 5 Years

Customer service: Some owners reported fantastic experiences with customer support.

What we like: The frame is strong, the bounce is great, and the company offers a strong warranty. This trampoline is loaded with extra safety and performance features that will give parents peace of mind and kids a great jump experience. We’re impressed with how the AlleyOOP’s enclosure net gives parents a clear view of what’s going on when their kids are jumping.

Keep in mind: It can be hard to get a tight fit on the enclosure, but once the net is installed, you’ll like the secure feel. The AlleyOOP is pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Bottom line: JumpSport’s rectangular AlleyOOP is a great product with some of the most innovative safety and performance features around. You’ll pay more for it, but we think the extra cost equals higher quality in this case.

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#3. ACON Air 16 Sport HD Rectangular Trampoline (Best Overall)

ACON Air Sport HD Rectangular Trampoline

In the words of one enthusiastic Acon owner, “This trampoline is bulletproof.” The Acon gets great marks from owners. It’s a bit pricey, but many, many proud owners are thrilled with their trampoline’s performance, and they believe the Acon is worth every penny.

Durability: Made of heavy-duty materials and boasting a sturdy, weather-resistant design, the Acon is a real work horse. The frame is made of black powder-coated galvanized steel with a tube thickness of 2.5 mm. The trampoline has 140 galvanized steel 10-inch springs and a tough UV-treated cross-sewn polypropylene mat. Users claim the enclosure net holds up well, even when heavier jumpers go plunging into it.

Size: 10’x17′

Assembly: Expect to spend from 2 to 4 hours on installation. At least one customer suggested that the company should number the pieces to make it easier to follow the instruction booklet. The parts tend to fit together well.

Safety features: The enclosure net is tight.

Bounce quality: Users love the Acon’s bounce quality. The jump experience is smooth and quiet.

Weight limit: The Acon has no weight limit for individual users, which says something about the unit’s durability, sturdiness, and materials. The structural weight capacity is 800lbs/350kg.

Extras: Acon’s rectangular trampoline comes with ground anchors, a ladder, and a spring puller tool. Many models don’t include a ladder or anchors, so we consider this a plus.

Price: Usually priced between $1650 and $2,000, the Acon is more expensive than some other rectangular models on the market.

Warranty: The warranty on the Acon is generous. The company offers 10 years for the frame, 5 years for the jumping mat, 2 years for other mat components, 2 years for the safety pad, 5 years for the springs, and 1 year for the safety enclosure.

Customer service: We heard some great feedback about customer service. Customer reps are generally helpful, and service is prompt.

What we like: We’re fans of Acon’s sturdy frame design. The materials are particularly strong, and the frame-mat-spring combination offers superior bounce. We also like the sleek all-black design which gives the Acon a more professional look than some other models. Combine all of this with good customer service and some helpful extras, and you’ve got an all-around excellent product.

Keep in mind: The instructions are a bit unclear, and set-up is somewhat time-consuming. The Acon net attaches to the frame poles outside the spring area, which might be of concern to some buyers. There are gaps between the net and the frame, and the springs, although covered by a thick pad, are within the jump area. And of course, there’s the hefty pricetag.

Bottom line: The Acon is top of the line for rectangular recreational trampolines. The quality is superb. The price is higher than some other models we’ve reviewed, but if you opt for Acon, you’ll get an awesome combination of quality parts, durability, quiet bounce, and good customer service.

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#4. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline 8’x14′ Best Space Saver)

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline 8x14

The Skywalker 8’x14′ is great for smaller yard spaces and tighter budgets. The actual jump space measures 6’x12′, which is enough room for certain tricks, but not others.

Durability: Overall, buyers seem pleased with 8’x14′ Skywalker and its ability to withstand regular use and challenging weather conditions. Most users find the galvanized steel frame to be strong and sturdy, but some report a bit of wobble. The polypropylene mat and safety padding are UV resistant.

Size: 8’x14′

Assembly: Assembly instructions aren’t perfect, but they’re clear enough. Buyers suggest reading through the instructions to the end and laying out all the parts before you begin assembly. In particular, be sure to install the springs in the order suggested. Expect assembly to take 3 to 4 hours.

Safety features: Like other Skywalker trampolines, this one’s springs are located outside the safety enclosure net, so kids get added protection from pinching, and they’re unlikely to go plunging through. There is a dual zipper for easy entry and exit.

Bounce quality: Customers are generally happy with the unit’s bounce quality. Over time, your trampoline might develop a squeak.

Weight limit: 200 pounds

Extras: No ladder. No anchor kit. You’ll have to purchase these separately.

Price: The 8’x14′ model usually ranges between $400 and $500.

Warranty: Skywalker offers a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year limited warranty on all other materials.

Customer service: Skywalker gets mixed reviews. Some customers report unreturned phone calls and emails. Others found the reps to be helpful and prompt.

What we like: We like the more compact size of this model. It fits into smaller spaces and is less cumbersome to move around the yard, if necessary. And, of course, we like the fact that the springs are outside the enclosure net.

Keep in mind: Some buyers report being surprised and somewhat disappointed by the smaller size. Your kids might find the available jump space to be insufficient for certain tricks.

Bottom line: The Skywalker 8’x14′ is well-made, sturdy, and pretty easy to assemble. It’s not as big as some of the monster trampolines, and it comes with a modest price tag.

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How We Selected the Trampolines

And now, let’s get to our list of the top eight rectangular trampolines, which is based on the following criteria:

Assembly: Trampoline assembly is not always intuitive. There are a lot of parts — big and small — involved. We want you to get off to a good start with your trampoline, so we considered the quality of the instruction manual, average assembly time, and ease of assembly.

Safety features: We looked at each trampoline’s safety features, because we know you want a trampoline that meets or exceeds accepted safety standards.

Bounce quality: Some trampolines are tighter; some are slack. Your kids expect a fun jump experience, so we considered the bounce quality of every trampoline on the list.

Weight limit: You should never permit more than one jumper at a time, but we know many buyers prefer a higher weight capacity.

Price: There’s a big range in price with rectangular models. Unless you have an unlimited budget, we assume price is a consideration.

Warranty: No one plans to have issues, but damaged or broken parts are a part of life, and trampolines are no exception. Warranties vary, and you should know what you’re getting.

Important Considerations When Getting a Rectangle Trampoline

Just a few points before we finish up.

Rectangular vs. Round

Some buyers prefer rectangular trampolines because the oblong shape is arguably better for certain gymnastics and tumbling tricks. Rectangular models tend to offer a larger jumpable area, and the bounce quality is more consistent across the entire mat. Kids don’t have to stay in the center to get the best bounce.


The rectangular trampolines we reviewed range in size from 8’x14′ to 10’x17′. It’s important to note that the measurements you see below are based on the size of the trampoline frame. The size of the actual jump space will always be somewhat smaller.

When you’re deciding what size to buy, make sure you have adequate clearance on all four sides of your trampoline. For maximum safety, aim for at least 10 feet of clear space around the perimeter and a minimum of 20 feet of clearance above the surface of the mat.


Check the surrounding area carefully for obvious and not-so-obvious hazards, including electrical wiring, fences, tree limbs and bushes, storage sheds, yard equipment, and recreational gear. Don’t let your trampoline’s safety enclosure lull you into a false sense of security. Nets don’t provide 100% protection from falls, so you need to keep the surrounding area clear.

Safety Considerations

There is some speculation that round trampolines might be safer than rectangular, because all points on a round frame are an equal distance from the central jumping area. People who opt for the classic rectangular shape should keep this in mind and be particularly vigilant about following three key safety rules:

1. Take turns. Only one person should jump at a time.

2. Aim for the sweet spot in the central area of the mat.

3. Avoid complicated and potentially dangerous tricks and moves.

What’s the Best Rectangular Trampoline for Your Family?

If you’re looking for the best overall rectangular unit for your family, we suggest the ACON Air 16 Sport HD. It’s a powerhouse trampoline with superb bounce quality.

We encourage budget-conscious folks to seriously consider the Skywalker 9’x15′, but if you also have space constraints, the smaller Skywalker 8’x14′ might be a better option.

If safety is your primary consideration, take a serious look at JumpSport’s AlleyOOP PowerBounce. The AlleyOOP is a great performer with some highly innovative safety features.

And for the youngest set, we’re big fans of the Jump Power 72″x50″. For such a small unit, we think it packs a big punch for toddlers and little kids.

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