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How to Find a Trampoline in Stock (and why are they all out of stock right now)?

If you’ve been looking for a trampoline in the past 4 months, you may have noticed that they are out of stock everywhere.

This article will explain why this is happening and how you can find a trampoline online that is in stock.

Why are Trampolines Out of Stock Everywhere?

Many families are staying home and practicing social distancing. A trampoline gives the kids an activity to do, a way to release their energy, so many parents have decided to add one to their home. This is an especially good investment since nobody knows how long this situation will last.

Other parents, who were just thinking about it, saw that trampolines were slowly running out of stock, and that added some urgency which probably caused them to buy as well, hence increasing the speed at which trampolines got purchased.

Where can I find a Trampoline In Stock Right Now?

There are a few ways to get a trampoline in stock at this crazy time:

These trampolines are still available (sometimes)

The following brands are still in stock most of the time, and have tons of positive reviews and happy customers. Click on the following links to see whether they are in stock right now:

Skywalker Trampolines! Yes they are finally back on Walmart (although some sizes are already gone), and they are our favorite choice. A few have been spotted on Amazon too.

Zupapa Trampolines on Amazon (we love these too)

Upper Bounce on Amazon

Bounce Pro Trampolines

Merax Trampolines

ORCC Trampolines

These trampolines can be found (though rarely)

If you are insist on getting one of the more popular trampolines like Skywalker and Springfree, then there’s a small chance you will get lucky. Every once in a while Amazon or Walmart will get a limited stock of the trampoline you want, and the lucky people who see it first will be able to purchase it. Unfortunately they always run out of the stock quite fast. So try your luck now:

Click here to see what’s in stock at Amazon

Click Here to See what’s in stock at Walmart

And finally… every once in a while we’ll spot a trampoline on eBay!

Click here to see trampolines on eBay

What about weird-sounding brand names that are popping up on Amazon?

If you look at the comments below, you will see that readers have not had good experiences with these new brands from China. Since getting a trampoline does require a significant investment of your money, and since there’s an issues of safety involved as well, I suggest you stick with the known brands above.

Get Notified When New Stock Arrives

We can’t promise anything. However, we do spend a lot of time every day looking for new trampoline stock, and will be happy to notify you as soon as we spot something so you can get them before they are gone (that happens fast!).

Get notified when we spot trampolines in stock:

When will trampolines be in stock again?

Based on what we hear from the vendors we’re in touch with, you can expect new trampolines to arrive at online stores at around July. I don’t promise anything, and it’s possible that the first trampolines that arrive will sell out fast, but eventually the dust will settle and you will be able to get just the trampoline you wanted.

19 thoughts on “How to Find a Trampoline in Stock (and why are they all out of stock right now)?”

  1. Thank you so much for the notification! I finally got an email at 7am and ordered a 16′ Skywalker at 8am for only $350 from walmart (all the other websites linked had already hiked their prices up to like $700!)
    Thank you ! 😀
    Now I wait and hope the delivery system doesn’t suck lol

  2. I bought a trampoline from a website “Ill Take Dat” they sure too that $399.00. I order it on May 22nd for my 3-grandkids to play due to COVID lockdown. It’s been a month and they are now saying it was delivered through UPS on June 22. Ups could not locate the shipment details with that tracking number. So sad! DO NOT BUY FROM ” I’LL TAKE DAT”

  3. You saved my sons upcoming birthday ! I have been searching for weeks and stumbled upon your list ! I placed my order and it will be delivered in 5 days! Giving me 3 days to spare ! Thank you sooooooo much !

  4. Crazy, I thought I was the only person left to not own a trampoline since I have not been able to buy one since February.
    Thanks for the post at least I know My kids are not the only kids on the planet to not have a trampoline.

  5. I found one on amazon but I’m nervous because it’s coming from China. Not only because the obvious but also if something is wrong with it the thought of dealing with issues with product seems daunting.
    Anyone buy from China?

    • We ordered from a website called Jamapye and when the “trampoline” arrived it was actually 2 N95 face masks. I’ve reached out to the company but haven’t heard yet if there was an honest mix-up or scam. I’ll reply again when we do.

    • I ordered one from China in April. was supposed to come June 2. Didn’t arrive.
      Found it was a scam. 1st time ever on Amazon. Thankfully I received my money back, and now on the hunt for another one.

      I hope you will be able to get yours.

    • I got scammed on a website called aliexpress. Fake tracking number and all the reviews are now saying no one received their trampoline. Also a ton of scam websites on Amazon coming from China. I had to have my bank do a fraud investigation because Aliexpress doesn’t help anyone or refund money. The seller just keeps coming up with excuses. Don’t buy from China!

  6. I got a bouncy house. But it was to stiff and little bounce. I an returning it back and I will get a trampoline

  7. Omgsh thank you for this article. I have been looking for 1 over a month. My daughter wanted 1 for her birthday which is May 16th. I was running out of time. Probably overpaid by at least $100. But anything for my baby!

  8. We purchased one 3 weeks ago with shipping out 2 weeks and we’re notified 2 days ago that the order has been cancelled because they are out of stock. We have 4 boys and have been hunting for the right one since early March. So disappointing, hopefully restocked warehouses will meet up with the demand soon.

  9. Our 18 year old jumped almost daily on the trampoline we had for 15 years. Sometimes the dog would jump with her. I also used it from time to time. During a recent heavy, wet snow a huge tree branch fell on it. The frame was smashed to pieces and the mat was torn through several places. We are shocked we can’t get one easily, but glad so many people have one to exercise, and have fun during this stay at home time. Hopefully we will get a replacement soon. 🙂

  10. We ordered in March and 2/3 were delivered April 5th and the last box is now lost and they’re all sold out! We have 2/3 of a 15′ square Skywalker!

  11. I have literally been looking for a trampoline daily for weeks! We have 6 year old (very active) triplet boys and this is very necessary with us being stuck at home! After reading this, I was able to find one on Amazon! I think I might have bought the last one because as soon as I ordered, it was no longer showing up as available. We have to wait over a month for it to be delivered but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. Thank you!

    • At least u have found one ! I’m still hunting I too have very active 4 year old boy triplets ! Please wish me luck in finding a trampoline …. thanks


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