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My First Trampoline: Is It Really the Best Starter Trampoline for Kids?

Since the My First Trampoline is one of the most highly regarded trampolines on the market, I decided to examine its design, construction, and durability.

Like most parents, I hate (or can’t afford) to spend money on sub-par play equipment. I know that whether you’ve got one little jumper or many, you’re hoping your starter trampoline will get a LOT of use, and you want it to last for more than a few months.

I’m happy to say that I’m ready to share what I found. So read on to see what I learned about My First Trampoline’s durability, safety features and more.

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Children are precious, and their safety is vital, so we’ve also taken a look My First Trampoline’s safety features. Like you, I’m concerned about trampoline-related childhood injuries, so I wanted to know what steps the manufacturer has taken to protect kids.

And as you consider purchasing My First Trampoline, you might also have other, more practical questions and concerns. Is the trampoline easy to assemble?

Can you move it once it’s set up? How tall is it? Is it weatherproof? What’s the warranty like? Is it going to cost you an arm and a leg?

Let’s get started.

What Do Customers Say?

My First Trampoline is a popular choice for parents who want an affordable starter trampoline for their kids (we’ll discuss age-appropriateness below).

The happiest customers report satisfaction with the trampoline’s quality materials, safety, sturdiness, and affordability.

Here’s a small sampling of what parents and grandparents have to say:

“Hours of fun for my kids.”

“It’s still in perfect condition after almost daily use by my kids and their friends.”

“My kid loves it, and it’s a fun way for her to get some exercise.”

“My son LOVES his trampoline.”

“My children literally will not get out for hours.”

“Big enough to be fun but small enough to be safe.”

“It’s perfect!”

Who Can Use My First Trampoline?

Sportspower, the company that manufactures My First Trampoline, recommends the unit as a starter trampoline for ages 3 to 10 years old. The weight limit is 100 pounds.

There is no ladder, but the trampoline frame is fairly close to the ground, so little kids can enter and exit without help from an adult. That’s a big help for parents who want to encourage independence (while monitoring their kids’ jump time, of course).

How Big and How Tall Is My First Trampoline?

My First Trampoline measures 84″ W x 73.5″ H when the frame and safety enclosure are fully assembled. The jumping surface, which measures 60 inches across, offers a generous play area for little kids.

The frame and mat are hexagonal, and three vertical arches support the 360-degree safety netting. The unit has six legs that are evenly spaced around the frame. The mat is approximately 12 to 18 inches off the ground.

Is My First Trampoline Durable?

My First Trampoline has a strong and sturdy design and is constructed from good-quality materials.

Take a look at the features that enhance this trampoline’s durability:

— Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame

— R-hooked galvanized steel springs

— UV-resistant jumping mat

— UV-resistant polyethylene mesh enclosure

— Metal legs encased by molded plastic

— Steel arches

— Padded spring cover

— Dense foam padding for arches

— Mesh Netting

It’s important to note, the galvanized steel frame is durable but relatively lightweight, so it is possible to move the trampoline after you have assembled it.

Many customers claim their trampoline has held up well in direct sun and wind, but some opt to cover it with a tarp or pop-up canopy to protect it from harsh weather and debris.

Some parents move the trampoline indoors in the winter. Others disassemble and store it until the warm weather returns.

Is My First Trampoline Hard to Assemble?

Feedback about the assembly is mixed.

Many, many customers find the assembly process straightforward and easy, but it’s important to follow the directions carefully. If you want to avoid time-consuming mistakes, be sure you pay close attention to the diagrams that are included in the instruction manual.

Before and during assembly, you should carefully analyze the diagrams to ensure the pre-drilled holes are facing in the proper direction.

There have been customer complaints about holes not lining up properly during assembly. Some customers have resolved this problem by drilling new holes.

Others back-tracked and discovered they had misinterpreted the instructions.

Generally speaking, even those who struggle with assembly are pleased with the product once they’ve set it up.

Set-up time seems to vary from 1 to 3 hours. Some people report working solo, but the company and many customers agree that working with a partner is easier and more efficient, especially when it’s time to attach the final springs, the foam padding, and the enclosure netting.

Many customers report satisfaction with the tools and hardware included in the trampoline assembly kit. However, some opt to use their own screwdriver, pliers, crescent wrench or other basic tools in order to work more comfortably or to get a tighter, more secure fit.

Keep in mind, until the trampoline is fully assembled, it will seem wobbly. This is normal and to be expected. Once you secure the arches and attach the safety netting, the unit should firm up completely.

Is My First Trampoline Safe?

My First Trampoline meets or exceeds all ASTM (American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials) safety standards. Customers are impressed with the unit’s stability, and we found no complaints about tipping or flipping.

We’re impressed with the following safety features:

  • Spring covers: Padded spring covers prevent small feet and hands from getting pinched or trapped.
  • Foam padding: Dense but soft foam padding covers all major metal parts, including the arched poles.
  • Mesh enclosure: The design of the safety netting ensures that parents or caretakers can see their kids while they’re jumping.
  • Safety stitching: The jump mat and spring cover are stitched together, so there is no dangerous gap.
  • Spacious interior: The generous play area means kids have more room to jump without bouncing into the metal arch supports.
  • Zippered closure: The mesh safety enclosure has a zippered opening. You can manipulate the zipper from inside or outside the enclosure to prevent kids from falling through the opening. A plastic clasp secures the zipper-pull in place to prevent tampering.

Are There Other Benefits?

Apart from the durable construction and various safety features, other benefits include the following:

  • Versatile design: My First Trampoline can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Plastic legs: The metal legs are covered by a sturdy molded plastic, which helps prevent scratches on hardwood floors.
  • Attractive design: The hexagonal shape and blue-green highlights are fun and pleasant looking.
  • Good tension: The zippered enclosure net has a snug fit. The mesh stays taut even when kids bounce into it.

What’s in the Box

The trampoline arrives in one 72-pound box that measures approximately 41x14x6 inches. Inside, you’ll find all the necessary metal frame parts, a jumping mat, legs, springs, enclosure netting, foam pads, and a spring cover.

The kit also contains a spring-loading tool, an instruction manual, screws and screw caps.

We recommend laying out all the parts, tools, and hardware before you begin building the trampoline. Make sure everything you need was included in the box. Some customers have reported that tools, screws, or other parts were missing from their order.

How’s the Bounce Quality?

The product’s steel springs and high-quality bounce mat combine to create a soft, smooth jump experience for young children.

Keep in mind, this is a starter trampoline designed for kids ages 3 to 10 years old. We think it’s plenty bouncy for little kids, but older children might find the mat a bit too stiff.

Is There a Warranty?

My First Trampoline has a 1-year warranty on the steel frame and jumping mat.

Other Considerations

There are a few additional points to bear in mind:

  1. Many customers report being surprised at how large My First Trampoline is. Before purchasing the unit, you should measure your area carefully to confirm it is suitable. If you plan to set up the trampoline indoors or in an outdoor area with low-hanging branches, check that you have sufficient overhead clearance.
  2. Although this trampoline holds up well outdoors, you might notice some discoloration from long-term sun exposure. You can prevent this by covering the unit with a large tarp and securing the tarp to the ground with ropes and pegs.
  3. The instruction manual is not perfect. It’s important to examine the pictures carefully during assembly. Specifically, you need to make sure all the spring slots on the frame are facing upward, including slots on the joints.
  4. We suggest using gloves to protect your hands during assembly.
  5. Although some customers reported good results on wood floors, some parents suggested adding pads to the underside of the plastic trampoline feet to prevent scratching.
  6. The screws that included with the kit tend to strip out. If you plan to disassemble and reassemble the trampoline throughout the year, expect to purchase replacement screws at some point.
  7. The enclosure net is not sewn directly to the blue spring cover, so it is theoretically possible for a little foot to slip through and get caught between the net and pad. We did not encounter more than one or two parental reports of this happening.
  8. Get in the habit of closing the zipper when you’re finished jumping for the day. The zipper is also effective at keeping animals out when the trampoline is not in use.

Tips for Safe Jumping

Follow a few basic safety rules to protect your kids from injury:

–Set up your trampoline on level ground.

–Always watch your children when they jump or appoint a responsible and attentive adult to supervise bounce time. Intervene immediately if kids get wild.

–Allow only one child to jump at a time, regardless of the weight limit. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a whopping 75% of trampoline accidents occur when more than two people are jumping on the mat together.

–Teach children to close the zipper before they begin jumping.

–Inspect the trampoline before every use. Check that the frame is stable and the springs are firmly attached. Examine the mat, pads, netting, and spring cover for signs of wear and tear.

–Don’t allow your children to perform somersaults, flips, or other stunts on the trampoline.

What’s the Bottom Line?

We think the Bounce Pro My First Trampoline by Sportspower is a great buy for kids ages 3 to 10. If you’re looking for a well-built, affordable and wholesome outlet for active kids, this is a fabulous option.

Don’t worry that this trampoline will sit unused; kids LOVE it.

The unit is sturdy, spacious, and bouncy. The enclosure net, spring cover, and foam padding provide critical protection from bumps and bruises, and the hexagonal mat offers just the right amount of bounce for young jumpers.

Although assembly can be challenging, parents who stick with it are generally thrilled with the end result.

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