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Propel Trampoline Review: How Good Are They Really?

Note: Unfortunately the Propel Trampoline did not make our list of top trampoline brands.  In order to see the best trampolines available today, read our review of the best 5 trampolines of 2024.

Otherwise, keep reading.

The best rundown on Propel trampolines on the net.

You’re looking to buy a trampoline.  You’ve read about Propel.  And before you put down any money, you want to know if it’s worth it.

Are the trampolines bouncy? Are they safe? Are they too expensive? And most of all, does Propel offer what you’re looking for?

We’re going to answer all those questions below. But first:

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I mean, you want a trampoline. You want to love your trampoline, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on something that won’t last forever. And every review you find lacks so many of those important points. You have to read through five pages of Google results in order to answer a single question.

Yeah, I know how you feel. But the good news is I did the legwork for you. Meet Propel, the makers of fun, bouncy, creative trampolines and accessories. To start with, here’s a chart comparing Propel’s larger trampolines.

Okay, but I need more of an explanation. Which trampoline should I buy?

Your Options

Good question. Propel has a variety of trampolines, in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Let’s take a look.

Propel 15 ft trampoline with enclosure

The 15′ trampoline is probably the most popular, and for good reason: It’s their biggest trampoline, in the classic circular shape. It also has an enclosure. For this one, you can (and probably should) buy a weather cover. Of the round trampolines, this one offers the most space, and probably the most bang for your buck.

Propel 14 ft trampoline with enclosure

If you don’t have space for a 15′ round trampoline, but don’t want to downsize too much, the 14′ round one has just as many options (even if slightly less space) than the larger trampoline. The two are pretty much identical in every other way, though the color of the spring pad may vary.

Propel 12 ft trampoline with enclosure

Just as popular as the 14′ round trampoline is the 12′ round trampoline. While the bounce quality stays high, this one offers a nearly-identical jumping experience to the larger ones, but takes up less space in your yard. Like the previous two, this trampoline is compatible with all of Propel’s fun accessories.

Propel 12′ x 8′ rectangular trampoline with enclosure

Propel sells only one rectangular trampoline, and this is it. With a large 12×18 foot jumping surface and its professional rectangular shape, this is probably Propel’s bounciest trampoline.

Like most Propel trampolines, this one comes with an enclosure. However, unlike the other large trampolines, the weather cover, shade cover, and clubhouse won’t fit it. And if you want to anchor your rectangular trampoline, you should probably buy two anchor kits.

This trampoline comes with 8 padded steel poles and has 80 galvanized steel springs. Though the number of springs does help the bounciness, it’s true advantage comes from its rectangular shape. Plus, the intact corners provide jumpers with extra bouncing space and the longer sides allow for longer jumps.

Propel 8′ trampoline with enclosure

In addition to the larger, more standardly-sized trampolines, Propel also offers two unique additions: Small, but not preschool, trampolines. The 8′ one has a weight limit which can support an average adults, and it comes with an enclosure, too. Bear in mind that the weather covers are too large for these smaller trampolines, so it might be best to keep them indoors.

Propel 7′ trampoline with enclosure

Like the 8′ trampoline, the 7′ has an enclosure and an adult weight limit, but lacks compatibility with the weather covers, shade covers, and clubhouses. On the other hand, those things aren’t critical. If you need a small trampoline with an enclosure, and don’t have to worry about rain or snow, this might be the perfect choice for you.

Propel preschool trampoline

This is probably the safest Propel trampoline out there. The safety net tucks under the jumping mat, seemingly (though not certainly) above the springs. This, presumably, prevents a child from accidentally slipping and injuring a limb on the bungees. But it’s worth pointing out that the net looks saggy, not firm, so you don’t want your child banging into it too hard.

This particular model is easy to use both indoors and outdoors, and includes extra padding for the poles. There’s also a safety net under it, to prevent children (and pets, and toys) from ending up underneath.

Also, it’s worth noting that this particular model has no springs. Instead, it uses bungees. And less sharp metal means a safer jumping environment for little kids.

Propel Rebounder Fitness trampoline

The Rebounder is a small, mostly-preassembled trampoline with 32 metal springs and a diameter of just 38 inches. The purpose? To allow regular busy people to work in (out?) a few minutes of exercise every day.

Most of the customers are satisfied, even calling it “fantastic,” but a few have complained of unjustifiably broken springs.

Are Propel trampolines bouncy?

Yes, they are reported to have excellent bounce, thanks to the high number of springs and the material of the jumping pad.

What kind of accessories can I get?

Accessories are a Propel specialty. They offers many more accessories than most of the other companies – though to be fair, some of their accessories can be used on other trampolines as well.

Propel’s accessories can be divided into two categories: fun, and useful.

Weather cover: The weather cover is probably the most useful accessory you’ll find. Protecting the trampoline from sun and rain, this weather cover is essential. Made from poly material, it comes in 12′, 14′ and 15′ sizes (sorry, no rectangles!).

The customer reviews on this are mixed – some say it’s good quality, and some are disappointed. Overall, the consensus is that the drawstring is incredibly annoying, and makes it hard to get the tarp on and off the trampoline. One customer pointed out that water pools on the cover and then has to be manually drained off. However, that customer also thought there should be a hold in the middle of the rain cover, which would pretty much defeat its purpose. (There isn’t, after all, a hold in the middle of the trampoline…)

Spring puller: What happens if a spring gets loose? How will you manage the springs during assembly? The handy-dandy spring puller will do the job nicely – and it’s only $5.

Ladder: This one’s easy. Short legs and a tall trampoline aren’t always a good mix. The ladder helps little people – and big ones – climb up easily.

HOWEVER, customers have reported missing rungs, rust within a day, improper sizing, and safety issues. One customer pointed out that the tubes tend to fill with water – and then dump it onto the trampoline. The same customer suggested protecting the ladder from rainy weather might prevent rust issues. So if you do buy the ladder – keep that in mind.

Anchor kit: The anchor kit is meant to help anchor the trampoline during storms, but the truth is it can be used anytime. Buy one pack of three anchors, and add them during assembly to ensure maximum safety for your jumpers.

Mist sprayer: Propel offers a nice way to jump on a hot day: Spray a cool mist on your trampoline. However, it’s not clear exactly where this mist sprayer attaches, or how it avoids the problem of a potentially dangerous wet jumping surface. The mist sprayer can also be bought together with the ladder – though it’s actually cheaper to buy them separately.

Customers have also complained the mist sprayer doesn’t hook up well to the trampoline, is too small, and doesn’t provide mist to cover the entire area. If true, this would negate the dangers inherent in spraying mist while jumping – but most of the customers don’t seem to be satisfied with the mist sprayer anyways. Cool idea (pun intended), but it’s probably better to skip it.

Basketball hoop: With a flexible hoop, sturdy backboard, and easy attachment, this looks like a promising accessory with practically zero risk. The best part? The basketball hoop includes a ball and pump, too.

Customers have complained about bad instructions, though, so make sure to read them through before attempting assembly. And three customers complained about bad quality: Two had to deal with a snapped backboard, and on with a snapped hoop.

Trampoline Accessory Kit: The accessory kit includes a ladder, anchor set, and shoe bag. And according to the Sears site, this kit works well with any kind of trampoline. Worth a try? Maybe.

Shade cover: Designed to go over the safety poles, the shade cover offers protection from the sun and some rain, but leaves the sides open. The shade cover comes in three different sizes and fits Propel’s 12′, 14′, and 15′ circular trampolines.

Clubhouse: This is by far the most popular Propel accessory, and there were even some Skywalker customers who bought Propel clubhouses for their trampolines. The main complaint seems to be the flattish roof which allows rain and snow to drip in, and then clogs if the mess is not cleared. Once customer summed it up by saying the clubhouse should not be used under trees or pine needles.

The vast majority of customers were ranting and raving about the amazing, terrific, clubhouse their kids absolutely love.

It’s important to note the clubhouse is meant for use *over* a safety net – not *instead of* a safety net. Though the clubhouse walls are very cool, they are not strong enough to protect your child from falling off.

See, I told you Propel was king of accessories! Okay, now for the big questions.

Are propel trampolines good quality?

Truth be told, they are not *great* quality. Some customers report satisfaction, and others utter dissatisfaction. However, Propel does meet basic safety standards, and for a relatively low price, you get a trampoline of decent quality.

If you’re looking for superb quality, I’d have to say Springfree. But those aren’t cheap – and not everyone has the money for it. (Plus, Propel has way cooler accessories. But that’s just an aside…)

All in all, Propel trampolines seem to give decent quality for a decent price.

How does Propel compare to other brands?

Should you buy from Propel or choose a different brand? Here’s how Propel measures up with some of the others.

Propel vs Sportspower

Sportspower is a British company, whose website caters mainly to European countries. Though the company does sell on Amazon, not all models are available. Also bear in mind that the exact models may change, so it may be worth buying any extra parts you may want at the same time as you buy the trampoline.

The two companies’ preschool trampolines are approximately the same price, but Sportspower’s seem to be more padded than Propel’s. On the other hand, Propel’s preschool model uses bungees instead of the more dangerous springs – and it’s not clear that Sportspower’s preschool trampoline does the same.

Sportspower doesn’t offer as many accessories as Propel, and they’re also more expensive. On the other hand, there do seem to be fewer complaints about Sportspower than about Propel. Again, though, Sportspower trampolines are harder to find than Propel’s, and not all models are sold consistently.

Propel vs BouncePro

BouncePro offers a light which can be attached under the spring, and comes with the “Electron Buzz” game. Like Propel customers, BouncePro customers have complained of missing parts and not-so-great customer service. And while some BouncePro customers do enjoy their trampolines for more than a year or two, it’s not something you can really count on.

Though BouncePro products can be bought on the internet, they are often bought in physical stores – probably because both Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart like to stock them. However, it’s tough to know exactly what models BouncePro offers.

Some BouncePro trampolines are sold as “BouncePro by Sportspower.” What this means, I haven’t quite figured out, but it’s probably something you should be aware of.

BouncePro also seems to sell only 14′ and 15′ round trampolines – which doesn’t allow for too much variety.

Propel vs Skywalker

The biggest difference between Propel and Skywalker trampolines is the price. While Propel trampolines run between $60-$500, Skywalker products run between $240-$700. However, the extra money may be worth it, since Skywalker users have reported far fewer complaints than Propel users.

While Skywalker offers more variety in terms of shape, Propel offers more variety in terms of accessories. Plus, Propel’s website is significantly easier to navigate, making it easier to order replacement parts as needed. Bear in mind that no matter which company you choose, you will probably have to replace the netting around once a year.

Where do I find a Propel trampoline for sale?

You can find them for sale on their site, on Amazon, and in selected stores.

Is there anything else I should know?


Propel allows you to register your trampoline – you know, like you register a car seat – so you’ll be updated if there are any recalls or issues. This is the first company I’ve seen to offer this service, and I think it’s a pretty big thing.

Also, each trampoline has a minimum age requirement. From deep-searching the net, the minimum age for the adult (not preschool) trampolines seems to be 6. Check the manual (it may be available on Propel’s site or elsewhere on the internet) or email the company before allowing your kids to jump. (And this probably goes for all companies, not just Propel.)

The last thing you need to know is that Propel uses a T-bracket system, which increases stability and safety, as well as a unique safety pad which locks in around the poles so the pad won’t move. They also claim to have a unique impact-absorbent system which reduces the chance of injury should your child bang into one of the poles.

The bottom line

If you want a fun trampoline that won’t cost too much money – go ahead and get a Propel trampoline.

If you’re looking for top customer service and absolute safety for your kids, and don’t mind spending the extra money get a Skywalker or Springfree instead.

Propel has several models of different sizes – be sure to measure the space available and choose appropriately.

And their rebounder is perfect for adults who want to burn a few calories during the day.

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