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Review of the Best Round Trampolines of 2024

Looking for the right round trampoline for your family? Check out our list of the Best Round Trampolines of 2021, so you can make an informed decision.

Round trampolines are ideal for casual backyard use. Some parents prefer the traditional look of round models; others like the particular bounce experience that round units offer.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly trampoline that is great for kids, teens, and adults, stick around. We’ll introduce you to the best round trampolines of the year.

We analyzed hundreds of customer reviews and carefully considered how various makes and models perform in several key areas. The result is an easy-to-read article that will help you find the perfect trampoline for your family.

Let’s get started.

Round vs. Rectangular — Why Buy Round?

Round trampolines differ from rectangular trampolines in a few key respects. Before purchasing, consider the following three points:

1. Bounce quality: Round trampolines offer a central sweet spot, whereas square and rectangular trampolines have a more even bounce quality across the entire mat. With circular trampolines, you’ll get the best bounce in the middle of the mat.

The area nearest the frame tends to have less give, and the farther your child moves from the center, the less bounce he’ll experience. Furthermore, as he bounces closer to the frame, he’ll naturally be drawn back toward the center, where there’s more slack.

2. Functionality: Round trampolines are great for recreational use, and large-size models are ideal for practicing single jump skills. However, experienced athletes with more advanced skills might find the round shape too limiting.

Gymnasts, divers, acrobats, and parkour enthusiasts tend to prefer an elongated rectangular shape, which provides more room to work on complex movement sequences.

3. Safety: Because jumpers tend to be drawn toward the center of a round mat, round trampolines are considered by many to be a smarter, safer option for younger kids and for teens and adults with limited jumping experience.

The bounce is more predictable, so kids are less likely to be taken by surprise and thrown off their feet. Many parents like the fact that the highest jumping happens in the middle, rather than near the trampoline edge.

Size and Placement

When it comes to size, biggest isn’t always best…or safest. Make sure you do your research before choosing a trampoline for your particular outdoor space.

To avoid disappointment, remember, frame size isn’t the same as mat size. An 8-foot trampoline, for example, offers about 5.5 feet of actual jumping space.

Choose a location. Ideally, the ground under your trampoline should be flat, level, somewhat soft, and energy absorbant. Avoid placing your unit on concrete, asphalt and other hard surfaces.

Avoid guessing. Don’t underestimate how big (or small) some of these units actually are. Some customers resort to guesswork when choosing a size, and when their trampoline arrives, they’re shocked at how massive (or how tiny) it is.

Take the time to carefully measure your outdoor space. Use a tape measure rather than eyeballing the size of the area.

Check your clearance. When choosing a size, make sure you’ll have a lateral clearance space of about 5 feet around the entire perimeter of the trampoline.

Safety enclosures offer a great deal of protection, but they do have some give, so the net should not be too close to a wall, fence, tree, or other hard surface.

Make sure the entire surrounding area is free of potentially dangerous objects and debris, including power cables, lawn furniture, sheds, and garden tools.

Our Picks for the Best Round Trampolines of 2021

#1. Zupapa (Best Overall)

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Zupapa trampolines are known for their super sturdy frames and integrated mat-and-net system. Here’s what customers have to say about their experiences with Zupapa:

“Very well-made and well-thought-out product.”

“Zupapa customer service is top notch!”

“This is by far the best in design and quality of workmanship.”

Durability: Zupapa offers a heavy-weight galvanized frame for superior stability and durability. The mat, net, and protective padding are specially treated to help protect the unit from UV damage.

The support poles and legs are bundled tightly at two places, which helps prevent structural twisting. While we have seen complaints about the zipper breaking and protective padding breaking down over time, customers are generally pleased with how their Zupapas have held up.

Size: The round Zupapa is available in 12′, 14′, and 15′ sizes.

Assembly: According to customers, assembly of the Zupapa is fairly straightforward, but you’ll need about two hours to get the job done.

Many parents struggled to get the foam-covered poles into their protective sleeves, but there are ways to make the job easier. (Hint: try spraying the foam with a mix of soap and water before sliding on the covers). Also, tying the bottom of the net to the springs is a bit of a chore.

The trampoline comes with one LONG string that needs to be looped around the entire perimeter of the trampoline. (Hint: cut the string in half, and work with one half of the rope at a time, so you don’t have to pull the entire length through with every loop).

We recommend watching online instructional videos before assembly, especially if the written instructions seem unclear.

Safety features: The 2020 newest upgraded Zupapa trampoline features a no-gap mat design, which eliminates potentially dangerous gaps between the jump mat and and the springs. Zupapa trampolines have special TUV safety certification.

Bounce quality: Some customers find the Zupapa a bit more firm than some other trampolines, but the mat is plenty bouncy and owners claim it doesn’t sag or lose its bounce quality even after many months of regular use.

Spring count for the Zupapa is as follows:

12′: 72 springs

14′: 96 springs

15′: 108 springs

Weight limit: Weight limit varies by trampoline size. The 12′ and 14′ models can hold 330 pounds. The 15′ can hold up to 375 pounds.

Extras: The Zupapa comes with a ladder, rain cover, wind stakes, and gloves to protect your hands during assembly.

Warranty: Zupapa offers a 10-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty for the mat, safety pad, and springs.

What we like: The integrated mat/spring cover/net system is a real boon for safety. Your kids feet and toes are kept well away from the springs, and the risk of slipping through or falling off is greatly reduced.

The unit comes neatly packed and has a hefty frame which means greater stability, better durability, and a higher-than-average weight limit. Also, we’re impressed by the outstanding feedback we’ve seen about Zupapa’s customer service.

Service reps have demonstrated a keen willingness to help and have worked promptly to resolve issues that arise.

Keep in mind: The safety netting on the Zupapa is reportedly super tight. That’s great for keeping kids safely on the mat, but it puts a lot of strain on the zipper. Some customers claim their zippers broke or that they can’t close them all the way.

According to one customer, it’s like “trying to fit into the jeans I wore in high school. It’s just not happening.” The ladder is a bit uncomfortable on the feet, and the wind stakes aren’t the best quality, but we think it’s nice that they’re both included.

Securing the net to the frame is a bit of a pain. Zupapa is also more costly than some models, and replacing parts can be expensive.

Bottom line:

The Zupapa is a super solid unit with impressive bounce quality and a higher weight limit than other models of comparable size. The unit comes with several extras, the warranty is generous, and the company is amazing to work with.

If Zupapa’s higher price point works for you, we think it’s one of the best round options currently on the market.

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#2. Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline (Best Value)

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Cheaper than the Zupapa, the 15′ Round Skywalker offers a generous jump space, a stable frame, smart safety features, and a good amount of bounce.

Durability: The Skywalker features a weather-resistant galvanized steel frame, a polypropylene mat, a rugged polyethylene enclosure net, and a vinyl-coated UV-resistant spring pad.

The frame sits on six W-shaped legs and is reinforced by steel T-sockets, which improves frame stability and helps prevent structural twisting.

Size: 15′ round (also available in 12′, 13′, 14′, and 16′ round)

Assembly: Expect assembly to take around 3 hours. Some owners claim the instructions are unclear and that assembly can be a pain. Others report positive experiences with installation.

Safety features: The safety enclosure net has a dual zipper and latch clip closure system. The support poles are padded, and each pole is angled near the top to give jumpers more clearance space.

The trampoline springs are positioned around the outer side of the enclosure net, so fingers and toes won’t get pinched. Skywalker trampoline models meet or exceed all safety standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Bounce quality: The 15′ round model has 96 springs, and the bounce quality is reportedly quite good.

Weight limit: 200 pounds for the 15′ model

Extras: The basic model, which is the most economical option, does not include a ladder, wind stakes, or game accessories.

Warranty: 3-year limited warranty on the trampoline frame, 1-year limited warranty on other materials

What we like: We’re pleased with the feedback we’ve seen about Skywalker’s quality workmanship and safety features. The company’s trampolines are sturdy, they hold up well over time, and they feature a gap-free safety enclosure that reduces the risk of injury.

Keep in mind: Skywalker units aren’t super easy to install, and the written instructions could be better. Also, we’ve seen stories about the safety padding breaking down as a result of excessive sun exposure.

Bottom line: Skywalker’s 15′ round trampoline is a great deal for the money. For a full-size outdoor trampoline, you can’t beat the price, and you’ll get a sturdy, reliable unit with good bounce quality.

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#3. Merax 15 Feet Round Trampoline With Basketball Hoop (Best Accessories)

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Durability: Made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and supported by six W-shaped legs, the Merax frame is solid and sturdy. Customer’s like the frame’s “beefy” feel. The bounce mat is constructed from high-grade micro-woven polypropylene (PP), and the spring pad is waterproof.

We saw some reports that the triangular pieces that connect the mat to the frame can twist and become distorted, but customers seem generally pleased with the unit’s durability. It holds up well when customers move it in order to mow.

Size: 15′ Round. Other sizes are available.

Assembly: Assembly of the Merax is fairly straightforward, but we recommend reading the instructions carefully and/or checking out online videos for help. Expect to spend about 2 to 4 hours putting the unit together.

One customer notes the importance of lining up the screw holes carefully. You’ll have an easier time with installation if you use a socket wrench, power drill, or a set of wrenches.

Some claim the net is hard to install, and at least one customer opted to use zip ties instead of the string that is supposed to tie the net to the frame.

Safety features: Poles are padded and covered with protective sleeves. The net has a dual-direction zipper and latch clasps for added security. The spring pad provides good coverage.

Note: The Merax safety enclosure net is attatched to the frame, not to the mat, so the springs are located within the jump area. While some people consider this a disadvantage, others prefer this design, because they can easily remove leaves and other debris by sweeping them under the spring cover.

Bounce quality: The 15′ model has 108 galvanized springs. Some customers wish their units had more give, but many are pleased with the bounce quality.

Weight limit: 375 pounds

Extras: Includes a 4-step galvanized steel ladder and a basketball hoop

Warranty: We were unable to find warranty information for the Merax, but multiple customers report having a good experience dealing with the company.

What we like: We like the thought that went into the basketball accessory. The backboard is solid, hard plastic, and the rim is made of strong metal. We think it’s great that Merax put in extra netting on both sides of the backboard to keep your ball from flying off the trampoline.

We were also pleased to see a lot of positive feedback about Merax customer service. The company’s service representives are reportedly helpful and prompt.

Keep in mind: Some customers have noted problems with the zipper on the enclosure net. The net is quite taut, making it difficult for a single person to gather the fabric from both sides while pulling down the zipper.

The result is a small gap at the bottom of the net that, according to one customer, is only a minor inconvenience and doesn’t appear to be a safety hazard. Also, we’ve heard that the ladder rungs aren’t super comfortable for bare feet.

You might want to cut up a pool noodle and attach a short piece to each rung to increase comfort.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a sturdy trampoline with a good-quality basketball attachment, try the Merax. The price is reasonable, assembly is relatively easy, and the company gets good reviews for customer service.

If you want your trampoline springs to be located outside the safety enclosure, you’ll have to pass on the Merax and opt for one of the other trampolines on this list.

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#4. Skywalker Trampolines 10-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net/Basketball Trampoline (Best Space Saver)

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The Skywalker 8-foot Jump n’ Dunk model is great for smaller spaces or younger children.

What do folks have to say?

“Nonstop fun, amazing value.”

“Well-built and there is no gap between the safety net and trampoline.”

“PERFECT! Love this trampoline!”

“My toddler loves it! It’s built super well.”

Durability: According to customers, the galvanized steel frame is strong and sturdy. The springs are made of heavy-gauge rust-resistant steel, and the legs are attached by T-sockets to prevent structural twisting. The spring pad is UV-resistance.

Size: 8-feet round.

Assembly: Expect to spend around 1 to 2 hours on assembly. Make sure you take time to fully understand the installation process BEFORE YOU BEGIN, and pay close attention to the order in which you need to attach the springs.

Several customers pointed out that the net arrives inside-out. It’s important to arrange the net so the safety/warning label faces outward, not inward. If you don’t take the time to do this before assembly, you’ll likely have to deal with a time-consuming re-do.

Safety features: The 8-foot Jump n’ Dunk has Skywalker’s patented no-gap enclosure system, which helps protect kids from contact with the springs.

The unit has padded poles that are angled at the top to reduce the risk of impact, and the enclosure net has a dual zipper and closure clips for added security. Like all Skywalker products, this trampoline meets or exceeds all ASTM standards.

Bounce quality: Customers report better bounce quality than some trampolines of similar size.

Weight limit: 175 pounds

Extras: Basketball hoop. This is a nice feature in theory, but we heard from a lot of customers that the hoop doesn’t attach securely.

Warranty: Skywalker offers a 1-year limited warranty on the frame and a 90-day limited warranty on other trampoline parts.

What we like: Skywalker’s patented enclosure design helps keep kids well away from the trampoline springs, which helps protect their feet and toes from painful pinching.

The frame is small enough to fit in tight spaces, and it sits lower to the ground so smaller kids can enter and exit more easily.

Keep in mind: Some customers were disappointed by the small jumping space. Remember, the 8-foot measurement refers to the frame size, not the mat size, which is about 5.5 feet across.

Instructions are somewhat unclear, but the pictures should be sufficient for assembly. The basketball hoop doesn’t stay put and can be a source of frustration.

Bottom line: If you’ve got limited outdoor space but don’t want to compromise on safety, try Skywalker’s 8-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net and Basketball Hoop. It’s built well, has innovative safety features, and is a nice size for younger kids.

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#5. Springfree Round Trampoline (Best Springless)

Springfree trampolines get their bounce from a series of fiberglass rods that are located below the trampoline surface. If you’re bothered by the idea of conventional metal springs, consider the Springfree.

Durability: Springfree’s trampolines are built to withstand tough weather and heavy-duty use. The frames are constructed from double powder-coated galvanized steel, which offers good protection from weather-related damage.

The enclosure nets and mats are made of tough UV-resistant polypropylene material, and the rods that are used to replace conventional springs are made of a tough composite material.

Size: Available in 8′, 10′, and 13′ round

Assembly: Assembly of the Springfree is admittedly challenging. Make use of the instruction manual and online videos, and take necessary safety precautions when installing the rods.

Safety features: Springfree has no metal springs and no dangerous gaps, so kids are not at risk of pinching or plunging through. T

he metal frame is concealed under the jump surface and the flexible poles that support the enclosure net are bowed outward, so jumpers won’t come into direct contact with hard metal. The SoftEdge mat offers shock and impact resistance for a safer jump experience.

Bounce quality: Springfree trampolines offer a smoother, less jarring bounce than conventional trampolines, which the company claims is healthier for the joints.

Weight limit: 220 pounds

Extras: Springfree accessories, including a ladder, basketball hoop, and sunshade, are sold separately.

Warranty: Springfree offers a 10-year warranty for manufacturing defects on all parts, including the frame, mat, and net. Accessories are covered by a 1-year warranty. Keep in mind, if the company agrees to replace a defective part, you might be charged for shipping.

What we like: Because of Springfree’s no-spring design, you can fit more actual jumping space into your yard. For example, the jump surface of Springfree’s 10′ round model is equivalent to the jump surface of a 12′ conventional round trampoline.

Keep in mind: Assembly is difficult. The fiberglass rods that are used instead of springs are tricky to insert. Springfree trampolines cost quite a bit more than conventional trampolines, so they’re clearly not for everyone.

Bottom line: If the idea of a springless trampoline appeals to you, consider Springfree. Springfree units are costly, but they’re designed to minimize accident risk, and they offer a smooth, even bounce.

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#6. PLENY 36-Inch Kids Mini Trampoline with Handle (Best for Younger Kids)

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Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, the PLENY 36-inch mini trampoline is great for indoor play.

What do parents say?

“Sturdy and easy to assemble.”

“Fantastic, tough product.”

“Good size. Easily assembled. Great value.”

Durability: Most customers are pleased with the quality of the frame and jump mat. At least one customer reported there are no structural issues after a full year of use. Once fully assembled, the frame feels sturdy. We did see reports of kids ripping or picking at the foam covering on the handlebar.

Size: 36-inch round

Assembly: Assembly is super quick and easy. From beginning to end, the process should take 10 to 15 minutes.

Safety features: The Pleny has a handrail to help kids keep their balance and a padded spring cover to protect feet and toes. The handrail is covered in foam for improved grip and added safety.

Bounce quality: The mat offers decent bounce, but lighter-weight children might find it stiff.

Weight limit: 220 pounds

Extras: Removable handlebar.

Warranty: We were unable to find warranty information about this unit.

What we like: We’re encouraged by reports we saw of the PLENY’s sturdiness and stability. For such a small unit, it’s got a relatively high weight capacity. Assembly is incredibly quick, and the safety handle is detachable for easy storage.

Keep in mind: The safety handle is not extendable, so taller kids might find it too short. For reference, the bar extends 21.5 inches above the surface of the mat. The foam on the handle can rip or tear if kids fuss with it. Some parents opt to wrap the foam with colorful duct tape to help preserve it.

Incidentally, adult supervision is necessary to prevent avoidable accidents. Children should be taught not to lean excessively on the safety handlebar. Leaning heavily on the bar while jumping could cause the back legs to lift up.

Bottom line: The PLENY 36-inch Kids Mini Trampoline has a sturdy frame and offers firm but fun bounce for kids ages 3 and up. We think it’s a fun and affordable starter tramp for families with young kids.

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What’s the best round trampoline for your family?

If you’re looking for a super sturdy trampoline with great bounce, a high weight limit and an excellent customer service record, we recommend the Zupapa Round 12′, 14′, or 15′ Trampoline.

For a solid unit that won’t break the bank, the Skywalker 15′ Round Trampoline is an excellent option. Or go with the Merax 15′, if your kids would appreciate a good-quality basketball hoop.

If you need a compact model, but don’t want to compromise on quality, opt for the Skywalker 8′ Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net/Basketball Trampoline. For smaller backyards, it offers a good amount of jump space and all the safety features of a larger Skywalker.

Got bad memories of traditional metal springs? Go with the Springfree Round Trampoline, which is available in three sizes. You’ll pay considerably more for Springfree’s unique safety features, but if the design speaks to you, you’ll be glad you did.

Finally, if you’ve got little ones at home and you want a good starter trampoline, we suggest the PLENY 36-inch Kids Mini Trampoline. It’s a solid little guy with a sturdy handlebar and a good amount of bounce for kids as young as 3 years old.

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