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Review of the Upgraded Zupapa Trampoline (2024)

We’ve crafted a thorough review of the upgraded Zupapa trampoline. You’ll learn about Zupapa’s emphasis on construction, safety, and top-notch service.

The upgraded Zupapa trampoline offers a high level of durability and several design features that will help keep your kids safe.

But is it the best trampoline for your family?

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In your search for the ideal outdoor trampoline, bounce quality is just one of your considerations. Obviously, you want your kids to have a blast on the mat, but you’re also concerned about their safety. And you want some assurance your new trampoline will survive harsh weather and hold up to regular use by rowdy kids.

If you’re still sorting through information about trampolines and want to hear more about the Zupapa, keep reading.

We spent many hours researching the upgraded Zupapa, and we’re ready to share what we know about the unit’s construction and safety. If you read through to the end, you’ll also learn about warranties, assembly, and customer service. We’ve included a lot of information, because we want you to make the most educated decision possible.

Whether you’re purchasing your family’s first trampoline or replacing an old one, this article will help you decide if the Zupapa is your best option.

Are customers happy with Zupapa?

At the time of this review, Zupapa’s 12-foot, 14-foot, and 15-foot trampolines had earned an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Customers are generally thrilled with the sturdiness and overall quality of Zupapa’s trampolines, and most claim that setup is relatively easy, but we’ll talk more about that in our section on assembly.

With a few minor exceptions, customers who needed to contact the company for replacement parts or with other customer service needs were extremely pleased with the friendliness and responsiveness of company reps.

Many customers report being blown away by the company’s willingness to quickly replace damaged parts, even when damage was not due to company error.

Are Zupapa trampolines durable?

Feedback about durability is quite positive. The upgraded Zupapa features a sturdy metal frame crafted from rust-resistant galvanized steel. Boasting a 42mm diameter and a 1.5mm thickness, the rugged frame poles ensure a high level of stability, durability, weather resistance and safety.

Zupapa trampolines are certified by TUV, an independent German company that provides inspection and production certification services. TUV certification is your assurance that every piece used in the production of a Zupapa trampoline and its various accessories is quality tested to ensure maximum durability and safety.

Are Zupapa trampolines safe?

The upgraded Zupapa has several notable features that promote a safer jump experience:

1. Gap-free mat: Zupapa’s upgraded trampoline is fitted with a no-gap jumping mat. Padding around the entire perimeter offers total coverage of the springs and effectively closes the gap between the springs and the jumping surface. As a result, your children’s feet won’t get caught in the springs or slip through.

The jumping mat itself is constructed from heavy-duty UV-protected polypropylene, so it tolerates constant bouncing and resists damage and deterioration from the sun’s rays. The 15-foot Zupapa trampoline has a generous weight limit of 375 pounds, so even larger adults can jump safely.

2. Double-layer safety pads: The upgraded Zupapa trampoline features a 20mm-thick safety pad with two layers. The upper layer of the pad is woven securely to the jumping mat to prevent displacement, and it offers vital UV protection. The lower layer of the pad provides extra cushion, boosting comfort and safety.

While some reviews of earlier versions of the Zupapa noted a breakdown in the padding after several months or years, the company’s current use of improved UV stabilizers might prevent or delay pad disintegration.

Even customers who reported premature breakdown in safety padding have praised the company for promptly sending replacement pads.

3. Net enclosure: The net enclosure does an effective job keeping jumpers safely on the mat, but some customers report having issues with the zipper. The zipper itself is reportedly strong, but because the net fits tightly around the frame, the resulting tension can make it difficult to close the zipper all the way.

Incidentally, the zipper is fitted with plastic clips to help with closure, but some customers report these can pop open if stretched too far.

4. Steel clamps, lawn stakes and non-slip grippers: The Zupapa comes with steel clamps that hold every pole and leg combination together at two points. The double clamping design helps prevent buckling of the legs and may help give the Zupapa a sturdier, safer feel than some other trampoline models.

Lawn stakes are included with the trampoline kit and are intended to prevent the unit from shifting during use. Many customers feel these lawn stakes are sufficient, but some report purchasing higher-quality garden stakes and zip ties at a local hardware store to better secure the trampoline legs.

The Zupapa also comes with slip-resistant rubber grippers to help prevent the trampoline from sliding. There isn’t much specific feedback about the effectiveness of these grippers, but many customers do report their trampolines stay firmly in place once installed. This might be due in part to help from the no-slip grippers.

5. Assembly tools: The Zupapa assembly kit comes with two T-shaped tools designed specifically for safe and easy spring attachment. Customers found these T-tools, as well as complimentary protective gloves, to be extremely helpful during assembly.

The company includes everything you need for assembly, so you won’t need to improvise or make do with less-than-optimal equipment.

Note: You might find a mallet useful — but not essential — for attaching the slip-resistant rubber grippers.

How does the Zupapa rate in terms of jump quality?

It is generally understood that the greater the number of trampoline springs and the longer the springs are, the better the bounce. The Zupapa has a higher spring count than many leading trampoline brands, and the 7-inch springs are crafted from galvanized steel.

The above-average spring count on Zupapa’s 15-foot model (108 springs vs. the Skywalker’s 96), the decent coil length, and quality spring material all combine to create a good amount of stretch and a consistently smooth, comfortable jump experience.

What is the Zupapa trampoline weight limit?

The Zupapa’s weight limit varies by trampoline size. The 15-foot model can accommodate up to 375 pounds. This is greater than both the 15-foot Skywalker (200-pound limit) and the 15-foot SkyBound (330-pound limit).

The 14-, 12-, and 10-foot Zupapa models can each accommodate up to 330 pounds.

Is the Zupapa weather resistant?

The Zupapa frame and net poles are galvanized to protect them from corrosion, and the mat and safety pads are designed to resist damage from exposure to UV rays.

To extend the life of your Zupapa, consider using the rain cover when the trampoline is not in use, even when there’s no rain in the forecast. The cover does a good job protecting the mat from dust, leaves, bird droppings, lawn debris, and the sun.

If you choose to use your cover when you anticipate rain or snow, be sure to monitor the cover regularly. Be sure to shake it off if you notice a build-up of water, snow, hail, or ice.

If you’re concerned about the frame shifting as a result of heavy wind, the company suggests anchoring the trampoline, using a combination of ropes and stakes. Attach one end of every rope to the round, outside portion of the frame and tether the other end to the ground.

Zupapa warns against securing the legs themselves to the ground, because doing so can cause them to be dislodged from the frame sockets. If your Zupapa rain cover or any part or accessory does sustain damage due to weather, you can contact the company to request a replacement.

What should you expect from the Zupapa customer service team?

Zupapa owners are generally extremely pleased with the quality of customer service. Service reps reportedly respond promptly to e-mails, and they are friendly, empathetic, and responsive. The company is reportedly quick to ship replacement parts, free of charge, even when the damage is weather-related. For more information you can visit the Zupapa website.

Does Zupapa offer a good warranty?

Zupapa is confident that their trampolines and accessories will hold up well over time. The company offers a generous 10-year warranty for their trampoline frames and a 2-year warranty for jumping mats, safety pads, net enclosures, and springs.

The manufacturer assures that defective parts will be replaced free of charge. As we mentioned above, the company has an excellent track record when it comes to replacing parts, and response times are quick, so your kids won’t be waiting endlessly for the delivery truck to arrive.

Are Zupapa trampoline instructions easy to follow?

The majority of Zupapa customers report being pleasantly surprised by the ease of assembly. Some customers were able to assemble the trampoline solo, but most found it helpful — and more efficient — to work in twos or threes. Assembly time seems to vary from one to three hours.

The Zupapa instruction manual is poorly translated into English, but the illustrations that accompany the text are reportedly more than sufficient. Customers who need additional assistance with assembly can also view a brief but helpful three-minute instructional video:

YouTube video

While overall ratings are high for ease of assembly, there is widespread agreement that setting up the enclosure net is pretty challenging. Because the foam padding isn’t attached to the net poles, the padding tends to slip downward as you insert the poles into their sleeves.

If you read through some of the reviews, you’ll find some helpful suggestions for how to deal with net assembly. Suggestions include using duct tape to secure the foam to the poles or spraying the foam with soapy water to reduce resistance upon insertion.

What will you find in the box?

Expect your trampoline and accessories to arrive in a total of three large boxes (or two boxes, if you order the 10-foot model). Customers report the materials are all well packed in a neat, orderly fashion. When you open your boxes, you should find everything you need for complete assembly. The full kit includes the following:

  • 1 trampoline frame and mat
  • 1 trampoline ladder
  • 1 safety enclosure net
  • 1 outdoor floor mat
  • 1 rain cover
  • 2 T-hooks for spring assembly
  • 2 pairs of knit gloves for safe/comfortable assembly
  • 1 set of springs (quantity depends on trampoline size)
  • 6 wind stakes

Is the Zupapa the right trampoline for your family?

If you’re looking for a well-built, easy-to-assemble, safety-certified kids trampoline with a high spring count, you’ll likely be very pleased with the Zupapa.

You’ll get a great piece of equipment plus a very generous warranty and excellent customer support (if you should ever need it).

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The Zupapa is pricier than some other brands, so if you’re looking to spend less for the same size trampoline, you might want to consider a more moderately priced unit. To see more about less expensive spring-type trampolines, you can check out our reviews of the Skywalker and SkyBound trampolines.

If you want to explore the benefits of a springless trampoline, see our review of springless models for important information.

Incidentally, if you like what you hear about the Zupapa, but your kids insist on a rectangular unit, you’ll need to keep shopping, because Zupapa currently offers only round equipment.

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