The Best Baby Memory Books in 2024

I have two kids, and their first few years on earth have been wildly different. They have hit all of their milestones at their own paces, and it has been so wonderful seeing them grow. I purchased a baby memory book for each of them before they were born because I wanted to remember these precious moments as they grew. Sometimes as we age we often forgetful, and I wanted to be sure that I could look back on those times and share them with their kids when they got older.

The first years with your baby are going to be full of amazing memories and milestones. You will take lots of pictures that will capture special moments in your child’s life. Baby memory books are a great way to document all of that. In this guide, I will talk about a couple of different types, so you can figure out what is going to be best for you and your baby.

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What Should I Look for in a Baby Memory Book?

Luckily, many baby memory books will have exactly what you are looking for. If there are specific features that you want, then that is what is going to aid you in your buying decision. Below I will touch on a few details that you should keep in mind while you are shopping for a baby memory book.


Even though these baby books are from Amazon, sometimes you can find ones that will personalize them for you with your baby’s name. Plus, there’s always Etsy. However, I like them to be generic so I can use them during pregnancy.


You will need to decide if you want the rings to open for switching pages, or spiral to remove pages.


There are books just for the first year and journals that go beyond. It will be your preference when you choose the right book for your baby.

Specialized Pages

Some of the journals will include a page for a national holiday or birthday that you can use. It’s something to keep in mind if you are wanting that to be part of the book.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Baby Memory Books

To determine which baby journals were the best options, I compared what’s on the market now with what I have and what other people love. Once I figured out all the different baby memory books out there that suit unique wants and needs, I was able to pinpoint which were the best for their price range and what they had to offer.

Our Top Picks for the Best Baby Memory Books of 2024

#1: RubyRoo Baby First Year Memory Book and Baby Journal (Best Value)

RubyRoo Baby First Year Memory Book and Baby Journal
View on Amazon | $23.98

There are a lot of things to love about this memory book. You get so much for the price, making it the perfect baby shower gift, or something for you to purchase for your own child. This product will quickly win you over and get you excited about documenting your baby’s milestones and special moments. Read on to see why I chose this as the very best baby keepsake book that money can buy.

It’s Very Inclusive

What I liked most about this baby scrapbook is that its design is made for anyone. No matter what your family looks like, you won’t feel left out. You will notice that there are so many different scenarios and even holidays. It is truly perfect for every type of family, including LGBTQ+, adoptive, and single parents.

It’s Not Just for the First Year

I really enjoyed that you aren’t limited to a baby’s first year with this memory book. It goes up through the first five, which is nice because if you already have a child, then you know that the firsts don’t end after the one-year mark. Babies and children are constantly learning and growing, and with this baby memory book, you can include so many photos and memories of your child.

What are some other features of this baby memory book?

  • Eco-friendly
  • Pages for personal stories
  • Holidays are easily removed if you do not celebrate certain ones
  • Flexible family tree
  • Includes space for pregnancy information
  • Floral design is great for girls, and there are others to choose from for a boy, including this one here.

There is so much to love about this baby memory book, which is why I own them for my own kids. You would be surprised to find out all of the memories and moments that you can include in this book, especially since so much can happen in five short years. It is a wonderful keepsake to look back on as your girl or boy grows. You won’t be disappointed with this baby book because it is also such a great value for the price.

#2: Artifact Uprising The Story of You Baby Book (Best Luxury)

Artifact Uprising The Story of You Baby Book
View on Amazon

I recently discovered this baby memory book in my search, and the quality is unlike anything I have seen. The first thing that you will see is that it is much more expensive than the other memory books that are included on this list, but that is what makes it a splurge. I would definitely consider this book if you have it in your budget. Let’s talk about the main reasons why this Artifact Uprising baby book could be a great choice for you.

It’s Hardcover and Made of Premium Materials

Only the finest materials went into this memory book, making it one of the most thoughtful products on this list. Of course, this reflects in the price as well. The binding makes it look like an actual storybook, while the linen cover gives it that truly timeless feel. Its design is unlike any of the other baby keepsake books that we will mention.

You Can Download the App to Choose Your Prints

It has never been easier to include the memories you like than with this photo book. Not only can you include important milestones, but you are not just limited to those moments. You can use your smart device to create prints and even use photos from your Instagram account. Just download the app with your iPhone or another iOS device, and you are ready to go.

Here are some more features of the Artifact Uprising baby memory book.

  • 4-ring binding to make moving and removing pages easier
  • 7 different color combinations for the cover and font
  • 100 pages with the option to purchase additional packages
  • Made from eco-friendly resources

This baby memory book may seem like a simple book and while that is true, the quality is impeccable. The main reasons that you wouldn’t choose this one is if you enjoy the design of the RubyRoo better, or if you have a tighter budget. However, this is a great choice if you can splurge.

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#3: Ronica Farm Baby Memory Book (Best For the First Year)

Ronica Farm Baby Memory Book
View on Amazon | $34.99

Upon first looking at this memory book, there is no denying that it’s adorable. This was my impression when I first discovered it on Amazon. There are slightly different themes to choose from and additional products like stickers, which give you the freedom to purchase one for a boy or a girl. There are a few standout reasons why I chose this memory book as the best one for documenting your child’s first year. Let’s talk about those below.

It Comes With Monthly Stickers for Your Baby

You can treat this baby memory book kind of like a growth chart. The stickers are meant to be placed on your child, so you can snap a photo to compare their growth from previous months. Nothing is wilder than seeing how much your baby develops in just a few short weeks and with this baby journal, you can.

It Includes a Keepsake Envelope for Important Items

If you are like me, then you probably are still holding on to your baby’s hospital bracelet. What better way to keep it safe than by putting it into the baby book? There are even places for your baby’s first tooth or hair clips. If you like keeping those to look back on memories, then this could be a good baby journal for you.

What else makes the Ronica Farm baby memory book the best for a baby’s first year?

  • Includes pages for specific holidays
  • Each frame has a print-size guide
  • Spiral binding to easily remove unwanted pages
  • Comes with a gift box

Any parent would like to receive this as a baby shower gift because of how thoughtful it is. It allows you to keep track of all those special moments that occur in your baby’s first year, especially since we all know as parents that our memories need a little help after having children. It’s a great choice that acts as a time capsule to hold those keepsake items.

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#4: Pearhead First Five Years Baby Memory Book (Best Low Cost)

Pearhead First Five Years Baby Memory Book
View on Amazon | $18.29

If you have a tight budget, this baby memory book would still be a great choice for preserving memories. It can hold all of the important details about your baby that you will want to look back on, while also looking super cute. Read on to see what I like best about this baby memory book.

It Has an Ink Pad for Foot or Hand Impressions

Before you worry, the clean ink is made to ensure that it doesn’t get all over your baby’s skin. It works by pressing the ink side of the pad onto the paper and your baby’s hand or foot on the other side. Gentle pressure will give you an imprint without them ever touching the ink! The two-time use ink pad allows you to get a print of their foot or hand for the cover and one of the pages on the inside. Many parents like looking back on how small their baby used to be and this feature are perfect for reminiscing.

It Has Many Specialized Pages

Not only is this memory book great as a baby journal, but it also has some other pages to mark milestones for your baby. This includes a growth chart, delivery announcements, birthdays, a family tree, and more. It’s great for documenting all sorts of firsts during your baby’s first year and up to five years total.

Here are some other features of this baby memory book.

  • There’s space for your baby’s art
  • You can keep track of their eating, sleeping, and bathing schedule
  • Spots for photos
  • Simple chevron cover design

This baby journal allows you to include as much information as you like about your baby and not just milestones. If you have a stricter budget but having a memory book is important to you, then this particular book will still work great. You can add important photos and prompts and all of the other things you like in a simple book. However, if you would like to include information on your pregnancy, there isn’t a space for that like there is in the RubyRoo memory book.

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#5: Promptly Journals Childhood History Journal (Best for Writers)

Promptly Journals Childhood History Journal
View on Amazon | $38.99

This is the only baby memory book on this list that actually has the space for information from pregnancy to age 18. There are others out there, but this one had the most positive reviews from parents who love to write. If you love to write too, or you have kept a diary in the past, you may enjoy this baby journal the most. Keep reading to see why this is one of our favorite memory books.

There’s Plenty of Space to Add Notes

Some parents like to write to their child so that they can read it when they get older. That is exactly what this baby journal was made for. It gives you a place to write little notes and bits of advice, 254 pages to be exact, that your baby can look back on as an adult.

Memory Based Prompts for Ever Year

All it takes is one hour per year to fill this beautiful journal with wonderful memories. Several meaningful prompts give you ideas of what to say to your little one at that point in your life. I’m not sure there is anything sweeter than that.

What else does this baby journal have to offer?

  • Linen bound hardcover
  • Perfect baby shower gift
  • Prompts that allow for quick answers

If I wanted a journal, then this is what I would choose. You can tell that Promptly is one of those brands that cater to exactly what the mom wants. This is why it rounds out the list as one of the best baby keepsake books.

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What Years Should Be Covered in My Baby’s Memory Book?

Most baby memory books will cover your baby’s first year. Others go up to five years and sometimes longer. If you purchase a journal, then you may be able to get a lot of use out of it. This all depends on what you are looking for. However, it is common for many parents to only use a baby memory book for the first year.

How Do I Fill My Baby’s Memory Book?

There is no right or wrong way to fill out your baby’s memory book. Depending on the style you have chosen, there may be room for lots of pictures of places to write down stories or important memories. Some of these choices act as a journal, while others are more like a scrapbook. You will notice that there are baby memory books that have special pages to include their first or most significant holidays and birthdays. The best part about any baby memory book is that they are versatile and can be customized to fit what you want to include about your little one’s life.

Verdict: Your Best Baby Memory Books 

Here is the takeaway for the best baby memory book.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the RubyRoo Baby First Year Memory Book and Baby Journal. it’s the most inclusive for all types of families.

For the best luxury, pick the Artifact Uprising The Story of You Baby Book. It can be connected to an app on your phone and is made of high-quality materials.

If you are looking for a book for a baby’s first year, pick the Ronica Farm Baby Memory Book. It has stickers for the milestones, so you can take photos each month.

If you want to spend under $20, pick the Pearhead First Five Years Baby Memory Book. For a low price, it still has a lot to offer as a baby memory book.

For the best journal for pregnancy and beyond, pick the Promptly Journals Childhood History Journal. It is truly the best for including memories from pregnancy to early adulthood.

Each of these baby books provides different ways to preserve babies’ milestones, photos, and firsts. As a mom, I can appreciate the varying designs to accommodate every family and parent. During my searches, these are some of the best baby books that I have found. As long as you keep your needs and wants in mind, there is something for everyone.

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