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The Complete Disney Stroller Rental Guide

Vacationing with your little ones can feel like a huge ordeal.  While you are making many wonderful memories, it is also important to simplify the experience as much as possible. When visiting a magical place like Walt Disney World, there are several ways to make your trip both easy and loads of fun.

If your kiddos are small enough to ride in a stroller, it may be ideal to consider a Disney stroller rental at the theme parks.  As with any purchase, there are pros and cons to renting a stroller at Walt Disney World.  Below, I will answer some of the most common questions that arise.

What are the benefits of renting a stroller at Walt Disney World?

There are a few benefits of renting a stroller rather than bringing your own. Let’s discuss the details!


Nothing is more worrisome than the thought of carrying extra luggage on a plane.  If you are traveling to Florida for a Walt Disney World vacation, renting a stroller from one of the theme parks may be the best option.


Stroller rentals are actually pretty inexpensive.  Single and double strollers are available, each at a bargain price. This is especially true if planning to use one for the entire length of your stay.  The daily cost of a multi-day stroller rental is cheaper.

Things happen

You may first arrive at a Disney park thinking that your little ones don’t need a stroller.  However, after a bit of walking and standing in lines, they become tired or need a break.  The ability to rent a stroller onsite (depending on availability) can be helpful if your child or children need time to rest while roaming around Disney.  It happens!

How much does it cost to rent a stroller at Disney World?

A single stroller rental costs $15 per day, and $31 per day for a double stroller.  For “length of stay” rentals, Disney offers a discount.  The price is reduced to $13 per day for single strollers, and $27 per day for double ones.

If you instead book the Disney world stroller rental through a third-party company, contact them directly to confirm prices. Here are some popular alternatives:

  • Orlando stroller rentals which you can visit here. They offer free delivery to your resort hotel!
  • Magic strollers is another frequently used company that offers special discounts. Check them out here!
  • Kingdom strollers provides free delivery to your hotel.  They offer crib rentals as well!  Contact them here!

Can I rent my stroller in advance?

Yes!  You can prepay for your “length of stay” rental.  Just show your receipt at any of the Disney World theme parks to pick up your stroller.

This is also true when purchasing through third-party companies.  Some offer delivery of the stroller, but for an additional charge.  You may also pick up your stroller at one of their locations.

Where can I find stroller rentals?

Stroller rental locations can be found at each Disney theme park.  Maps on the Walt Disney World Resort website help to you find these locations.  It is also possible to rent strollers at Disney Springs.

Here is a quick list of the stroller rental locations:

  • Animal Kingdom– Stroller rentals at Garden Gate Gifts
  • Magic Kingdom– Stroller rentals at Magic Kingdom Park
  • Hollywood Studios– Stroller rentals at Oscar’s Super Service
  • Epcot– Stroller rentals at the main entrance and at the International Gateway
  • Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney)– Stroller rentals at Sundries

Note:  Epcot is the only park that offers two separate rental locations.

If you prefer to rent your stroller prior to arrival at the theme parks, contact one of the third-party companies with which Disney has partnered.  The benefit of this option is that the strollers can be used anywhere in the Orlando area, not just at Disney resorts and parks.

What is the recommended age for using a stroller at Disney World?

At Disney World, strollers are ideal for infants and children under four.  Older children should be able to easily walk around the theme parks without any issues.  This saves you the hassle of bringing or paying for something you don’t necessarily need.

There are also weight limits.  Single strollers can accommodate up to 50 lbs.  For a double one, the limit is 100lbs.  Keep this in mind before booking a Disney World stroller rental.

Renting from a third party stroller provider at Disney World

If you choose to rent from a third party company, the rules are the same.  Pick up and return the stroller at the designated locations of the theme park.  Unfortunately, the Disney World website provides limited information about third-party options.  Popular alternatives include Orlando Stroller Rentals, Kingdom Strollers, and Magic Strollers. These companies partner with the Walt Disney Company to help families enjoy their experiences.

Another Disney recommended stroller provider is Scooterbug.  Similar to other third party companies, the stroller may be delivered to Disney resort hotels, and used for the length of your stay.  This company allows you to use the stroller within the Disney World properties and offsite. 

Can I buy a new stroller at Disney?

New strollers are not available for purchase at Disney World. If you wish to purchase a simple umbrella stroller, local department stores in Orlando may carry them.  Otherwise, your only other option is to rent a stroller at Disney or through a third party company.

Should I bring my stroller?

You can definitely bring your own stroller to use on your Disney vacation if preferred.  For air travel, most strollers can be gate-checked, then returned to you upon arrival in Orlando.  Just make sure that your stroller meets Disney’s size requirements.

Bringing your own stroller has its benefits.  For one, there is no additional cost.  However, you may be stuck lugging it around if you venture too far from your hotel or car. 

Companies such as Orlando Stroller Rental offer airport pick up.  Payment can be made in advance or when picking up the stroller.  It can then be used to navigate the airport, within the Disney parks, and elsewhere.  

What are the Disney World stroller rental requirements?

All strollers must not exceed 31 inches wide and 52 inches long.  Aside from this, there are no other restrictions for single or double strollers.  Fortunately, a wide variety of stroller models fit well within these parameters.

What types of strollers are NOT allowed at Disney?

Stroller wagons are not permitted in any of the Disney parks. This includes any type of foldable wagon, not just ones used as strollers.  Wagons are large and bulky, making it difficult for other guests to navigate the theme parks.  So, if you choose to bring your personal stroller, leave your wagon stroller at home.

Tips for using your stroller at Walt Disney World

Here are some tips for using your stroller at Walt Disney World parks.

  • When boarding Disney transportation such as the parking lot tram or interpark buses, your child must be removed from the stroller.
  • Always return the rental stroller before exiting the park.  If “park hopping,” show your receipt at the next destination to pick up a new stroller.
  • Never leave your belongings unattended in your stroller. Disney employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Never put a stroller on an escalator.  It is safer to use the accessible ramps or elevators.  Just ask an employee where to locate them if you’re unsure.
  • If you plan to rent a stroller, keep your receipt handy.  It will allow you to pick up and drop off strollers at each park. 
  • Invest in a stroller cover for rain and sun protection.  Florida is notorious for unexpected rain showers, and the sun can be intense.  It is a good idea to be prepared.  Free rain covers are available upon request with any rented Disney stroller.
  • The strollers that are available at Disney DO NOT accommodate infant car seats. They are designed for older infants and children who are able to sit upright and unassisted.
  • A stroller rental at Disney Spring will require a $100 deposit.

Special tips for double strollers and twins

If you have twins or young children who are close in age, a double stroller may be a good idea.  You may wish to bring your own, or to rent one while on your Disney vacation.  Here are some helpful double stroller tips:

  • As long as the size requirements are met, double strollers are permitted in all of the parks.
  • A double stroller is more expensive to rent than a single stroller.  It may be more cost effective to bring your own if you have more than one child under age four.
  • Measure your stroller before bringing it to avoid any unfortunate surprises. Luckily, most jogging strollers are well within the size limits.
  • If you plan to rent a stroller, do so in advance.  An unreserved double stroller can be hard to obtain at Disney parks.
  • Disney strollers can not be removed from the parks.  Only bring essentials with you to make changing strollers much easier, especially when visiting several parks in one day.

What is the drop-off process?

Returning your rented Disney World stroller is a pretty quick and easy process.  At the end of your park visit, bring it to the same stroller pick-up location.  If you are planning to go to another park, simply show your receipt of payment at the next destination.  As mentioned before, strollers may be rented at any of the Disney World parks and at Disney Springs.

Going on a vacation shouldn’t be stressful.  Disney does its best to provide resources that help your family to have the best experience possible.  Disney provides rental strollers for use in their parks for convenience.  They recognize that parents and caregivers want to have a magical time with their children too.

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