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The Best Chicco Stroller in 2024: Which model is right for you?

Finding a stroller you not only love but trust is important for new parents. But with so many brands on the market, it can be challenging to find the right one. Well, if you’re into top-notch safety features and sleek, state-of-the-art designs and styles, then you might find Chicco to be your best choice. They are certainly strollers that stand out from the pack, and any parent or grandparent would be thrilled to own one. The only problem is: Which one is right for you and your specific needs?

What Should I Look For in a Chicco Stroller?

Although you can’t go wrong with a Chicco stroller, you don’t want to purchase one blindly. Everyone has their own specific needs and desires when they’re looking for the best stroller. Here are some things to consider when you’re on the hunt for a Chicco stroller.

Criteria #1: Does it have the necessary space for you and your child(ren)?

The most important thing for a lot of parents is space. For example, Mom doesn’t have to worry about trudging along with her diaper bag on one arm and her purse on the other. Ample storage space makes life easier for everyone. There should also be ample space for your child, whether they’re still sitting in their infant car seat or have adorably long toddler legs.

Criteria #2: Does it have the features you need?

Every stroller is going to have its own special features, whether it’s an extended canopy or the ability to go for a jog. These are things that parents need to take into consideration. Someone who lives in a warmer climate may find that the extended canopy is a must. The active mom who loves to hike will want a stroller with suspension. The on-the-go mom might want a super lightweight model to take anywhere. Pay attention to features!

What Sets Chicco Apart?

Parents love Chicco – myself included. They are by far the most stylish brand on the market. The strollers have a cool and innovative look that you won’t find anywhere else. This automatically makes them a standout company, but it’s not just the smart appearance that makes them a hit. Here are a few reasons why you should absolutely consider purchasing a Chicco stroller.

Improved Safety Features

Chicco has made it a point to do extensive research on their strollers. They simply won’t settle for “okay”. Through their years of research, Chicco has been able to put together strollers with all of the best safety features you could ever ask for. Thanks to the secure belt, easy-to-use parking brake, and heavy-duty wheels, you can feel confident in your ride. Their strollers have gone through rigorous testing which led them to the finest quality materials for their products.

Ergonomic Design

These safe, secure, and stylish strollers also take the extra step to ensure good ergonomics. Each stroller provides comfort for mom and baby. Chicco takes it a step further by ensuring that the child’s posture is also being developed correctly from their seat, which is something other stroller brands simply have not even considered.

One-Handed Fold

Clunky strollers are no longer when it comes to Chicco. This brand prides itself on creating strollers that are easily maneuvered through city streets while also being a breeze to collapse. Their one-handed fold system makes it simple for parents to collapse and scoop up the stroller, whether they’re headed onto the bus or packing up for a stellar vacation.

Added Storage

From zippered pockets to a handy parent tray, these Chicco strollers are designed with convenience in mind. Every stroller on this list will have cup holders for mom and child, with some cup holders being detachable. The parent tray will come with enough space to place your coffee, smartphone, and child’s sippy cup.

What Types of Strollers Does Chicco Make?

Chicco has a wide selection of strollers to choose from, making it easy for parents to find exactly what they need. These strollers include…

  • Full/Travel System – The travel system is designed to see your child through from babyhood on up. This model tends to be a bit bulkier than the others, as it can accept an infant car seat and grow with your child, typically up to 60 pounds.
  • Lightweight – On the other side of the weight spectrum is the lightweight stroller, also referred to as an umbrella stroller. These strollers are more compact and weigh less than 20 pounds.
  • Double – As the name suggests, the double stroller is suitable for parents with multiple children that are coming along for the ride.
  • Jogging – On-the-go moms who love to jog, run, and hike will need a jogging stroller. These strollers are specifically designed to handle the trails, flat or bumpy.

Our Picks for the Top Chicco Strollers of 2021

When it came to finding the top picks for strollers Chicco, I considered three things – my personal reviews, user reviews, and specific features of each model. Let’s take a closer look.

#1: Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Modular Stroller (Best Value)

Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Modular Stroller
View on Amazon

When I think of a superior product that I can purchase at a great price, I consider that the best value. That is why I picked the Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Modular. Why? Because it leaves parents asking this important question: “Is there anything this stroller can’t do?” There are so many reasons why parents will instantly adore this innovative product.

Transforms from Car Seat Carrier to Toddler Stroller with Ease

Getting the biggest bang for your buck will equate to finding a stroller that can literally grow with your child. That is exactly what this model does. The Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Modular can be used right from birth as it accepts Chicco infant car seats. From there, it can transform into a comfy infant carriage. As your child grows, it can transform once more into an inventive, comfortable toddler stroller able to hold a weight of up to 50 pounds.

6 Fun Ways to Ride

This model offers the most versatility compared to any other on this list. Aside from the 3 different seat configurations, this product becomes even more innovative by allowing for baby to face forward or backward in all 3 positions. In total, that allows for an impressive 6 different ways to ride.

All-Season Boot

One thing that will instantly catch your eye about this model is the interesting, yet fascinating appearance. Have you ever seen a stroller that comes with a specialty “boot” that covers the seat? Probably not. Well, this one does, and it’s the only one on this list that does. The unique model comes with a novel boot feature that will keep baby warm and cozy during the chillier months. This puts an end to annoying blankets that just end up on the ground anyway.

Expandable Canopy

Chicco isn’t only concerned about keeping your child nice and warm, though. The company knows that the pesky sun can wreak havoc on a baby’s fragile skin. With that in mind, they designed it with an expandable canopy, too. This extra expansion ensures that your baby stays protected and comfortable without any glares hitting his eyes or UV rays damaging his skin.

Comfortable and Adjustable Handle

The innovation doesn’t stop at 6 ways to ride or the nice boot and expandable canopy. It’s in the handlebar, too. This handlebar comes with extra padding so you can stay relaxed while you stroll. It is also entirely adjustable, so Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Uncle can take the baby for a ride and feel entirely comfortable.

Final Thoughts: Needless to say, this is going to offer you the biggest bang for your buck. It comes with some enhanced features for the price, such as 6 different ways to ride and an intriguing boot that keeps your child toasty during winter. It’s not incredibly pricey, which means you can indulge in all of these features for less.

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#2: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System (Best Stroller Car Seat Combo)

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
View on Amazon | $399.99

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a travel system. This is especially true if you are soon to become a parent and you have not yet purchased a car seat for your bundle of joy. Car seats and strollers are two very important items, so if you can buy them at the same time, it will save you a lot of time, hassle, and money in the long run. When it comes to Chicco, I found the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System to have the most added highlights that any parent will enjoy.

Comes with Chicco KeyFit 30 and Base

First and foremost, this travel system comes complete with the highly sought after Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat. This is a super safe and comfortable car seat for your infant. The best part is that it includes the car seat base which is just as important as the car seat itself. From there, the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat can easily attach to the main frame. This makes it a breeze to use, since not all car seats will be accepted.

Removable Seat to Transform into a Stroller Frame Carrier

Now, this was a feature that I haven’t been able to find on any other model, whether it was a Chicco brand or not. This was a specialty design that is extremely hard to find but is a major game-changer for any parent. With this travel system, you can completely remove the seat and transform it into a stylish stroller frame carrier. With just the stroller frame, it’s more lightweight, compact, and easy to use. And yes, it is still entirely safe.

Self-Standing Compact Folding Position

When it comes to a travel system, you’re likely not going to use it a whole lot for travel – that’s what lightweight models are designed for. So, a big feature of this particular model is that it is not only easy to fold, but folds standing up. This makes it simple to maneuver it into the storage or coat closet when not in use. When you’re ready for a nice, brisk walk around the block, simply take it out and get moving.

Reclining Backrest with 3 Positions

Any mom or dad is going to be concerned about their child’s comfort. The good news is this travel system comes complete with a reclining backrest with 3 different positions. Adjust according to his or her needs. When she’s alert and wanting to enjoy fresh air, sit her up. When she’s starting to drift off to sleep, recline the seat so she can have a nice snooze in nature.

Removable Canopy

Another special feature of this travel system is that it comes complete with a removable canopy. Let’s face it – those canopies can be a pain, especially if it’s nice outside and you just want to enjoy time with your child. Being able to remove the canopy allows for more looks at nature and more bonding time for parent and child. It’s a unique feature you won’t find on the other models, and while you might think you don’t need it, you will certainly enjoy having it as an option.

Largest Storage Basket

Of course, this model comes with cup holders for mom and baby, but it goes a step further when it comes to convenience – an extra-large storage basket. This is the largest storage basket found with any of the models on this list, which means you can feel confident that all of your must-haves can come along for the ride.

Final Thoughts: If you want a car seat and stroller combo, this is the only way to go. Yes, it is a bit larger, but that is only because it comes with the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat that is readily attached to the frame. If you want to make it more compact, then simply transform it down to the frame carrier. It’s easily stored and comes with plenty of storage space for all your needs.

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#3: Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller (Best Jogger)

Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller
View on Amazon

Where are my sporty moms at? If you’re a sporty chick and you plan on being active post-partum, then you’re going to need a jogger that can handle your active lifestyle. To be perfectly honest, though, I think any mom could enjoy it whether she is super active or not. Here’s why.

Sporty Fabric Is Easily Cleaned and Water-Repellent

I’m not going to lie to you – kids are messy. It’s not entirely their fault. They’re working on their fine motor skills! In the meantime, their drool, milk, and eventually snacks will end up all over your stroller – not to mention other unmentionable mishaps that can easily find their way onto their seat. For that reason, it’s nice to have a model that comes with sporty fabric that s easily cleaned with a wet wipe.

Another bonus is that the fabric is also water-repellent. Even the Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Modular does not have this feature, but it’s something you will thoroughly enjoy. This is not only true for moms who don’t want to have to worry about milky mishaps. It is highly beneficial for moms who love to go for a jog in the rain. Now you can do it safely without worry about damaging your product.

Pneumatic Tires

Another top-notch feature you won’t find on any of these other strollers is the pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires, or air-filled tires, are essential for jogging strollers. Since they are entirely filled with air as opposed to being solid rubber, they have the ability to glide easily over all types of terrain. That is beneficial for any mom who wants to go for a jog around the block or test her skills up a steep hike.

Three Folding Configurations

Now, all of these strollers are going to have the one-hand fold feature that is typical of the Chicco brand. However, not all of them will have an impressive three different folding configurations. While the Chicco Bravo Trio System can only stand, this can do the following.

  • Self-Standing fold to store away easily in the garage
  • Flat fold to squeeze it tightly into the trunk
  • Compact fold for tighter storage spaces

With so many options, it’s never been easier to stow away strollers. That is something that every parent can agree is a major plus.

Adjustable Flex Core Suspension

The Chicco Modular 6-in-1 may have its own desirable features and the Liteway below might be best for its unique hallmarks, but one thing none of these other strollers have is an entirely adjustable flex core suspension. What can this do for you? Well, it allows the user to switch between soft or firm strolling. When you’re going for a simple jog around the block, opt for the soft and bump suspension. When you’re going for a sprint or a steep climb, use the firm ride.

Final Thoughts: This model comes with plenty of special highlights specifically geared towards the active parent. But even those who are not particularly mobile can enjoy the suspension system, pneumatic tires, and a variety of folding configurations that make transport and storage a cinch.

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#4: Chicco Liteway Stroller (Best Lightweight Travel Stroller)

Chicco Liteway Stroller
View on Amazon

When your child gets a bit older, typically around 6 months, he is finally able to ditch the infant car seat attachment for his stroller. (Please keep him in the infant car seat for car rides, of course.) At 6 months old, he can sit up on his own and engage with the world in an all-new way. This is good news for parents, especially when it comes to a stroller. At this age, you can finally ditch the bulkier models and find a lightweight stroller size for easy maneuvering and being on-the-go. Here’s what makes the Chicco Liteway is a great pick.

Most Lightweight Design

This model, without a doubt, is the lightest on this list. It is designed using a super-lightweight, aluminum frame that only weighs around 18.8 pounds. This means you can easily collapse the stroller, toss it in the trunk, and bring it back out when you have reached your destination.

Compact Fold with Carrying Handle

Speaking of convenience, not only is this model extremely lightweight, but it is constructed to be the easiest to transport. Why? Because it collapses into an ultra-compact product, complete with an automatic storage latch and carrying handle. Now, you can break down the stroller and carry it to your car with just a single hand. Plus, it’s so lightweight, you will hardly notice you’re carrying anything at all. What other Chicco strollers on this list can do that?

4-Position Backrest

Adjustable backrests are simply a must. As children get older, they simply require different configurations to keep them the happiest and most comfortable. Well, this stroller comes with a 4-position backrest. That’s more than the Chicco Bravo! Plus, you can easily adjust the backrest with a single hand, making it easier than ever to give your child the comfort they deserve.

Adjustable and Removable Canopy

Sure, the Chicco Urban 6-in-1 can expand. The Bravo can be removed. But what model can be adjusted and removed whenever you want? The Liteway! This stroller was designed to allow the canopy to be fully adjusted, depending on where the sun is hitting, or removed entirely. When left on, there is also a peek-a-boo window so you can spend some one-on-one time with your little one no matter where you go.

Final Thoughts: This lightweight model is ideal for those who have children 6 months or older and want a super lightweight and compact design they can take anywhere. There are several enhanced features, such as a carrying handle and 4-position backrest, which parents will certainly enjoy.

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#5: Chicco Echo Twin Stroller (Best Side-by-Side)

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller
View on Amazon

For those who have multiple children, a double stroller is a must. There are two ways to go about it, though. You can either opt for a double stroller that has a seat in the front and a seat in the back, or you can opt for a side-by-side style. Let’s take a look at the side-by-side stroller from Chicco – known as the Echo Twin – and see what it has to offer.

Independent 4-Position Reclining Seats

Now, we saw the Liteway Chicco strollers that came complete with a 4-position reclining seat. This is essentially the same design. However, since there are two seats, there have to be two separate reclining options. Well, that’s what you get with the Echo Twin. Each seat has an independent recliner. So if one child wants to snooze and the other wants to look at the world around him, it’s easy to accommodate.

Adjustable Leg Support

Another great feature of this model is that it comes with fully adjustable leg supports. This makes it easy to adapt to your growing children, providing them with the best comfort while you stroll around.

Rear Canopies with Added Enclosures

These double strollers come equipped with rear canopy panels. The added enclosures can easily be zipped off. This allows for additional airflow to your children. This becomes especially handy on days where there is a wonderful breeze, and you want your children to feel the wonderful air.

Front Wheel Suspension and Locking Swivels

A smooth ride is critical for mom and baby (or should I say, babies). That’s why these strollers are designed with front-wheel suspension combined with locking swivels. Together, these hallmarks ensure that you have the best and smoothest ride possible, no matter what terrain you might find yourself in.

Side-By-Side Design

For me personally, I enjoyed the side-by-side design as opposed to one little one being in the front and the other little one being in the back. It simply made it easier, especially as my kids got older. They were able to enjoy the world around them together, which I loved to see.

Final Thoughts: This is a compact, easily-folded, side-by-side Chicco product that any parent will enjoy. The padded seats are fully adjustable, and the addition of the suspension and locking swivels makes it easy to enjoy your trip without any “bumps” in the road.

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#6: Chicco BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller (Best Double Stroller with Sit and Stand Option)

Chicco BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller
View on Amazon | $349.99

Some people are not fans of the side-by-side design. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a little one that is still in a car seat. If you have younger children, then you will need to look for a baby’s stroller that can accommodate more than one little one. The Chicco BravoFor2 is definitely the right choice for these reasons.

Front Seat Folds to Accept Chicco Car Seats

The biggest difference between these strollers and the side-by-side Echo Twin design is that the front seat can fold forward. When folded forward, you can attach a Chicco KeyFit or Fit2 into the stroller frame. This is necessary for those who have an older child in the home as well as a baby that needs to stay in an infant car seat for the time being. When you no longer need to attach a car seat, simply use the stroller seat complete with a 5-point harness and detachable cup holder.

Bonus Back Seat for Sitting or Standing

These sit and stand Chicco strollers make it easy for two kids to ride at once. Keep the baby upfront while the older child sits or stands in the back. The bonus back seat can easily be used as a little seat right in front of mom. You can keep him safe and secure using the included 3-point harness. If he is in the mood to look at the world around him, simply fold down the seat to make room for standing.

Free-Standing Fold

While the Echo Twin can be easily collapsed and carried, it doesn’t have the free-standing feature of the BravoFor2. This can make it a bit more challenging to store, especially inside the home. The free-standing fold is easily adjusted using a single hand. Simply engage the collapsing feature and stow these strollers away until you’re ready to use them again.

Final Thoughts: This is a high-quality stroller designed for a baby and an older child. It can accept Chicco car seats, which is something the Echo Twin can’t do. There is also an innovative sit-to-stand device in the back for older children to enjoy their ride, whether they want to sit and relax or take a gander at what’s around them.

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Verdict: Your Best Chicco Stroller 

If you want the best value for money with 6 fun ways to ride and a cozy boot for baby, pick the Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Modular.

If you need strollers that come complete with the car seat, a detachable canopy and seat, and comes with the largest amount of storage, pick the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System.

If you want a model that comes with water-repellent fabric, flex core suspension, pneumatic wheels, and 3 different folding configurations, pick the Chicco TRE Jogging.

If you need a lightweight product with an adjustable canopy and carrying handle, pick the Chicco Liteway.

If you need a double stroller and prefer a side-by-side design with adjustable backrest and leg support, pick the Chicco Echo Twin.

If you want a double stroller that can accept a car seat and comes with an innovative sit-to-stand device in the back for an older child, pick the Chicco BravoFor2.

Chicco is a brand you can trust. They pride themselves on offering strollers that are innovative, safe, and stylish for parents. You can’t go wrong with any of these strollers, but try to seek out specific innovations that are most convenient for you and your situation. For some, it might be a jogger while others need a duo that can accept a car seat. Happy hunting!

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