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The 7 Best All-Terrain Strollers of 2021 – Here is What You Should Get

All-terrain strollers are tricky. On the one hand, you want them to be sturdy, durable, heavy-duty, and safe. On the other hand, you want them to be easy to push no matter what surface you are walking on. Oh, and they definitely need to be easy to fold!

In this article, we’ll go over what we found after hours of meticulous research. We’ll also explain what an all-terrain stroller is (and what it’s not), which all-terrain strollers are worth buying, and how to determine what kind of stroller is right for you.

Let’s start.

Our Picks for the Best All-Terrain Strollers of 2021

#1. BOB Revolution FLEX & FLEX Duallie Strollers (best overall)

Bob Duallie Stroller - Best for All Terrain

The BOB Revolution FLEX and FLEX Duallie strollers are single and double all-terrain strollers which can be used as jogging strollers as well.

Offering both stability and maneuverability, this stroller is easy to use, has a front wheel that can both swivel and lock into place, suspension. Its 9 handlebar positions make it perfect for both tall and short parents.

The good: The Revolution FLEX and FLEX Duallie can be used for newborns (you’ll need to buy their car seat adapter), it comes with a wrist strap for jogging.This stroller also offers extra pockets, four canopy positions, and a large storage basket.

The not-so-good: This stroller is only recommended for use with infants over 8 weeks of age, and you’ll need an adapter to use it with (a) car seat(s).

The best: The Revolution FLEX strollers are slim, sturdy, safe, and can be used both as jogging strollers and as all-terrain strollers. Plus, the fabric is water-repellent.

Is it for you? If you need a double stroller, or you’re looking for a model that can hold car seats and work as both a jogging stroller and an all-terrain stroller, BOB’s Revolution FLEX is the stroller for you.

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#2. Chicco Activ3 stroller (best for older babies & toddlers)

Chicco Activ3 All Terrain Stroller

Rated #1 by Consumer Reports, Chicco’s Activ3 is a single stroller which can be used both as an all-terrain stroller and as a jogging stroller.

Easy to use and easy to maneuver, the Activ3 was received high ratings in every area except bulk.

The good: Chicco’s Activ3 stroller offers rubber tires, suspension, a large canopy,and four handle positions.

The not-so-good: This stroller is bulky even when folded, but it’s not suitable for babies under 6 months of age unless you use it as a travel system.

The best: The Chicco Activ3 has a front swivel wheel which locks into place, as well as a hand brake. Plus, it’s compatible with Chicco’s KeyFit and KeyFit 30 car seats, and doesn’t need an adapter. Plus, its fabric is water-repellent and can be wiped clean.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for an all-terrain stroller that doubles as a jogging stroller, but don’t want to have to use a car seat adapter, this is the stroller for you.

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#3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller (best for budget)

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller

Baby Jogger’s City Mini GT and City Mini GT Double are popular all-terrain strollers offering an easy fold, all-terrain wheels, and a hand brake.

It’s important to note that as a rule, Baby Jogger emphasizes that its strollers are not meant for jogging. The company does in fact state that the City Mini GT Double is not a jogging stroller, but there’s no word of whether the single version is a jogging stroller, or absolutely not intended to be one. To be safe, don’t buy this stroller if you need a jogging stroller.

The good: Baby Jogger’s City Mini GT and GT Double are sturdy, durable strollers with large storage baskets, hand breaks, and adjustable handlebars. They’re also car-seat compatible.

The not-so-good: To use the City Mini GT strollers with a car seat, you’ll need to purchase an adapter. Plus, the GT Double can only take one car seat – not two.

The best: All of Baby Jogger’s strollers have huge canopies, and these, like the company’s other strollers, offer a very smooth ride.

Is it for you? If you’re not looking for a jogging stroller or special features, but you want car seat compatibility, a smooth ride, this is the all-terrain stroller for you.

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#4. Stokke Scoot stroller (best high seat & adjustable handle)

Stokke Scoot All Terrain Stroller

Ranking third on Consumer Reports’ list, Stokke’s Scoot stroller is light, maneuverable all-terrain stroller, and offers easy access to the basket – from all sides. Like the Nuna, Stokke’s Scoot offers the option to use the stroller from birth, as well as a reversible seat. Also, it’s neither here nor there, but the seat on this stroller sits higher than most other stroller seats. Note that this stroller is not intended for use as a jogging stroller.

The good: The Scoot is a versatile stroller with an extendable canopy, easy-to-use brakes, and an adjustable handle. It also offers a one-hand fold and the option to purchase a car seat adapter.

The not-so-good: To use this stroller with a car seat, you’ll need to purchase an adapter separately. Also, this stroller isn’t as great on rough terrain as the two top ones ranked by Consumer Reports.

The best: Stokke’s Scoot offers four or five different seating options, including the option to reverse the seat. It offers a smooth ride and is easy to maneuver.

Is it for you? If you don’t need a jogging stroller, want a stroller with a high seat, and need an adjustable handle, this is the all-terrain stroller for you.

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#5. Baby Trend Expedition stroller (easiest to fold)

Baby Trend Expedition

With its large, all-terrain bicycle tires and a front wheel that can swivel or lock into place, Baby Trend’s Expedition Jogger can be used both for jogging and as an all-terrain stroller.

The good: The Expedition Jogger offers an easy fold, car seat compatibility, and a large storage basket.

The not-so-good: This stroller can only be used for babies younger than six months if you purchase Baby Trend’s car seat adapter tray. Also, this stroller’s warranty is relatively short. One user said the front swivel wheel axle snapped off while jogging.

The best: This stroller’s basket is super-large, it offers cup holders, and the canopy can be maneuvered to block the sun almost completely.

Is it for you? If you’re not planning to jog too much and are looking for a stroller that’s easy to fold, has a low price tag, and is car seat compatible, this is the stroller for you.

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What else do you need to know?

All-terrain strollers vs jogging strollers

Many times people confuse all-terrain strollers with jogging strollers. It’s true, the two types do share many characteristics, but there are some important differences between the two.

An all-terrain stroller is intended for use on dirt roads, in mulch, on hills, and everywhere else. But it isn’t intended for jogging unless the manufacturer states so explicitly, and it may have three wheels or four.

A jogging stroller usually has three wheels, and the front wheel should lock into place for added balance while jogging. It might not be useful, however, if you’re walking through mud, mulch, sand, or piles of leaves.

It’s important to note that neither jogging strollers nor all-terrain strollers are intended for use with babies under six months of age, unless the model specifies that it is intended for that age group, and/ or offers the option of attaching a car seat.

Also bear in mind that all-terrain strollers can be heavy and bulky, so if you’re looking for something small, compact, and lightweight, this might not be the stroller type for you.

Choose wisely

The above seven strollers are the best all-terrain strollers on the web, but none of them are perfect for every parent.

Before you buy, consider how old your baby will be, and whether or not you’re willing for your baby to spend the first few months in a car seat: several of these strollers should not be used with newborns without a car seat.

Never underestimate the manufacturer: If the stroller is not intended for jogging, even a 20-minute jog can put your baby’s safety at risk. And even if it doesn’t make sense, if a stroller isn’t intended for use with babies under 2 (or 6) months without a car seat – don’t use it for babies of that age without a car seat.

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Can you jog with an all-terrain stroller?

Some all-terrain strollers can be used for jogging, and most can be used for the 3-minute jog to a bus stop on a flat sidewalk.

However, you should never use an all-terrain stroller for jogging unless the manufacturer explicitly said that model is intended for use as a jogging stroller.

Should I get an all terrain stroller or a jogging stroller?

That depends on your needs. All-terrain strollers are great for parents who love to hike, or who need to be able to maneuver away from city streets. They may be heavy, are often bulky, and can have either four wheels or three.

Jogging strollers are made for parents who want to jog, including on an incline. They may include additional safety features, such as a hand brake, and usually have a fixed front wheel (or an option to fix the front wheel into place while jogging).

Bear in mind that even if, ideally, you’ll be jogging for an hour three times a week, you don’t actually need a jogging stroller unless you’re sure you’ll actually jog.

If you’re on the fence, find another parent who does have a jogging stroller, and take it for a run (literally) before making your decision. Jogging strollers aren’t always easy to get in and out of cars (or up and down stairs), so don’t rush to buy one unless you need it.

The bottom line?

Before you choose a stroller, make a list of what you need, what you want, and what you can’t stand. Look at your lifestyle – but more specifically, look at your exercise routine. Do you need a jogging stroller? Do you need a stroller for an older baby or for a newborn? Will you be lugging it in and out of your car a lot? And do you need a single stroller or a double?

Then go through the list. If you have an older child and a baby, and don’t need a jogging stroller, the Baby Jogger will be perfect. If you do need a jogging stroller, and want something which can be used with 2-month old babies without a car seat, go for the Revolution FLEX.

All of the strollers listed are considered to be good all-terrain strollers. Which one works for you?

Do you have one of these strollers? Know of one which should’ve made the list but didn’t? Let us know in the comments!

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