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The Best Newborn Strollers of 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing a stroller for your newborn? This is the only guide you’ll ever need.

If you’ve ever tried to find the best newborn stroller, you know the problem: There are way too many options, and half of them look identical except for brand and price.

I myself had trouble when my baby was born.

No one was holding my hand, telling me what the differences are and what to watch out for. I was afraid of spending a fortune and discovering that it wasn’t the right buy.

That’s why I wrote this article. Here, I will examine the nine best newborn strollers on the market – and talk about who each is best for, and how to choose the stroller that’s right for you.

When researching this article, I excluded strollers that are “newborn-friendly” – but only with a separately-purchased bassinet or car seat. In other words, all of the best strollers in this article either have a seat which can be used from birth, or come together with a bassinet or car seat which is suitable for newborns. Some of the best strollers below have both a newborn-friendly “toddler” stroller seat and an included bassinet or car seat.


Let’s start

The Best Newborn Strollers of 2024

1) Babyzen YOYO² (Best Overall)

31KE1J06OEL. SL500

Babyzen’s YOYO² comes in two versions – a 0+ version for newborns, and a 6+ version for babies six months and older. The two versions use different fabrics, and the newborn version has a bassinet, which Babyzen calls a “nest.”

While usually you’d purchase either one or the other, here, you can purchase both sets of fabric as a single package, in the color of your choice.

The good: Babyzen’s YOYO² is super-lightweight and has a compact fold, as well as options to purchase both a bag and a parasol. With its easy fold and unfold mechanism, this stroller is sure to be a favorite for parents who love to be on the go.

The not-so-good: You’ll need to purchase adapters in order to use this stroller with a car seat, and older babies using the 6+ mode can only recline 145 degrees.

The best: The Babyzen YOYO²’s fabric is machine-washable, and its “nest” bassinet feature has a five-point harness – a rare safety feature in bassinet strollers.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a high-end, lightweight baby stroller for your newborn to grow in, Babyzen’s YOYO² is the one for you.

* “nest” has 5-point harness
* fabric is machine washable
* compact fold
* lightweight and easy to carry
* 2-year warranty
* car seat compatible
* 3 canopy positions

* on the expensive side
* car seat requires adapters (sold separately)
* older babies can’t fully recline

YOYO2 newborn stroller

2) UPPAbaby VISTA (Best High-end)

41MkZNdfg3L. SL500

UPPAbaby’s VISTA stroller is a popular and versatile stroller that can be used as both a bassinet stroller and a regular baby stroller, as well as a double stroller later on, if you purchase their RumbleSeat. VISTA accepts UPPAbaby’s MESA car seat, and its machine-washable fabric means easy cleaning and less worries.

The good: UPPAbaby’s VISTA can fit a bassinet or the company’s MESA car seat, and its reversible “toddler” seat can be used for babies ages three months and up. The stroller also has a 50-lbs weight limit, a telescoping handlebar, and an extra-large basket, plus a relatively easy one-step fold.

The not-so-good: This stroller is on the heavier side, and the fabric isn’t machine washable. Also, even though the seat can recline, it’s not a full recline and there’s no way to adjust the footrest to allow baby to lie completely flat.

The best: The VISTA’s fabric is washable, and UPPAbaby offers an option to extend the warranty to three years. Plus, you can easily turn this stroller into a double stroller later on. And for those parents looking to purchase a bassinet stroller, the VISTA bassinet is made for overnight sleeping.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a versatile newborn stroller that will grow with your baby, or if you’re looking for a bassinet stroller that can be used for overnight sleeping, UPPAbaby’s VISTA is the stroller for your newborn.

* bassinet can be used for overnight sleep
* reversible toddler seat
* one-step folding mechanism
* telescoping handlebar
* stands independently when folded
* basket holds up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
* accommodates toddlers up to 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
* easily converted to double stroller
* bassinet included
*adjustable footrest
* zippered cell phone pocket

* on the heavy side
* relatively expensive
* fabric isn’t machine washable
* car seat brands other than the MESA require adapters

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3) Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System (Best Built-in Bassinet)

Maxi-Cosi’s new Zelia Max travel system offers parents who want a bassinet or “carriage” mode exactly that – but without the added bulk of an additional piece. Instead, the reversible seat can be reclined fully backwards, so that it functions as a bassinet with a seat belt.

The stroller also comes with an included car seat, which can be used instead of the toddler seat.

The good: With its included car seat, adjustable handlebar, and simple folding mechanism, the Maxi-Cosi’s Zelia Max 5-in-1 makes it easy to switch from car seat to stroller and comfortable for parents to push. Its full recline means comfortable naps, and its parent cup holder lets you keep a drink on hand for hot days.

The not-so-good: This baby stroller isn’t cheap, and unlike most travel systems, the car seat doesn’t fit onto the stroller seat – so it’s either/or.

The best: The Zelia Max can be used as a toddler seat or bassinet, either forward-facing or rear-facing. Its fabric is removable and machine washable, and its handle can be extended to accommodate parents of different heights.

Best of all, if you’re the first owner and register the product within 3 months of purchase, Maxi-Cosi offers a lifetime warranty. For those who bought the stroller second-hand or didn’t register it in time, the Zelia Max 5-in-1 has a 24-month warranty, counted from date of original purchase.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a bassinet stroller, don’t want the bulk, but do want a reversible seat, Zelia’s Max Modular Travel System is the stroller for you.

* adjustable handlebar
* Mico Max 30 seat included
* parent cup holder
* lockable swivel wheels
* machine washable fabric
* car seat adaptable
* reversible seat
* can be used as bassinet
* easy folding mechanism
* fully reclining seat
* limited lifetime warranty available
* 24-month automatic warranty

* not cheap
* car seat can’t be placed on top of stroller seat

Click here to see today's price for the Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System on Amazon

4) Maclaren Quest (Best Lightweight/ Umbrella Stroller)

Maclaren’s Quest stroller is a lightweight umbrella stroller that can be used for babies from birth to 55 lbs. Though it can’t be used with a car seat, the Quest has a built-in “cocoon” for newborns which offers additional head and foot padding, and it’s also compatible with a bassinet (purchased separately).

Easy to fold and carry, with an option to purchase replacement parts, this stroller is sure to be a favorite for many years.

The good: Maclaren’s Quest has lockable front wheels, a waterproof hood, an adjustable footrest, and a storage pocket on the back of the seat. Plus, it has a one-hand, compact umbrella fold, and both a carrying handle and a carrying strap.

The not-so-good: This baby stroller isn’t car seat compatible – and there are no adapters to be bought – so you’ll need to leave the seat in the car, and transfer your baby to the stroller.

The best: The Quest’s fabric is machine washable, and the stroller comes with Maclaren’s sovereign lifetime warranty. Also, Maclaren sells self-service replacement parts, allowing you to avoid hassle and fix it on your own.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a superb, lightweight stroller that reclines nearly all the way back and can be used from birth – and don’t mind that it can’t be used with a car seat – Maclaren’s Quest is the stroller for you.

* machine washable fabric
* self-service replaceable parts available
* sovereign lifetime warranty
* offers “cocoon” feature for newborns
* compatible with universal bassinet
* lightweight
* carry strap and carry handle
* one-hand fold
* compact fold
* waterproof hood
* lockable front wheels
* storage pocket on back of seat
* adjustable footrest
* almost-full recline

* not car seat compatible

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5) Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System (Best Value & Best Travel System)

51FmDzjigoL. SL500

Graco’s Modes Click Connect Travel System functions as a classic travel system – but with a twist: its seat is reversible, and the car seat can be attached both with and without the stroller seat.

With the stroller seat, it functions as a regular travel system – snap the car seat into the stroller and go. Without the stroller seat, the Modes functions as a lightweight frame, giving your car seat wheels without any extra bulk. Amazingly, it is the best stroller for 4 year old and newborn

The good: The Modes Travel System retains classic Graco features, such as the one-hand fold, a child tray with cup holders, and two parent cup holders with a phone compartment between them.

However, this baby stroller adds additional features: The child tray is completely removable instead of just hinged, the car seat can be placed forwards or backwards when the stroller seat is removed, and the seat itself is reversible.

The not-so-good: This stroller still only has a one-year warranty, and its fabric is wipe-clean only.

The best: Even though the Modes doesn’t have a bassinet, its seat fully reclines and the footrest is adjustable and can be lifted to form a built-in “bassinet” for newborns – facing forwards or backwards.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a classic travel system, but want the flexibility to face your baby in or out, Graco’s Modes is the travel system for you.

* reversible seat
* stroller seat has “bassinet” mode
* car seat can face in or out
* car seat can be used 2 ways
* Graco car seat included
* fully reclining seat
* locking swivel wheels
* car seat can be used from 4 lbs
* removable child tray with cup holders
* parent cup holder
* one-hand fold
* stands when folded
* meets Disney size requirements
* compatible with all Click Connect car seats

* not machine washable
* warranty isn’t the greatest

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6) BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 (Best Jogging Stroller & Highest Weight Limit)

41lSYo8kLeL. SL500

BOB’s Revolution FLEX 3.0 is a high-quality jogging stroller offering active parents the chance to get out and moving with their children. However, the BOB Strollers company does not recommend jogging or running with babies under six months, and newborns using this stroller must be in a car seat, not the stroller seat itself.

The good: With nine handlebar positions, an extra-large canopy, and six pockets, BOB’s Revolution FLEX stroller offers both babies and parents a comfortable ride. Its easy parking brake is simple to use and stops both back wheels immediately.

The not-so-good: This stroller can’t be used for babies less than 8 weeks old without a car seat, and BOB Strollers say not to jog or run with babies under six months old. Also, the fabric isn’t machine washable, and the stroller doesn’t fully recline.

The best: Water-repellant fabric means less work to clean spills, and a wrist strap adds safety when running and jogging. Bike tires mean easier jogging, and removable rear wheels allow you to store the Revolution FLEX more compactly. Plus, the super-high weight limit means your child will be able to use this stroller for several years.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a jogging stroller, or you want a stroller that will fit your child well into their preschool years and don’t mind using a car seat for the first two months, BOB’s Revolution FLEX is the stroller for you.

* 9-position handlebar, 180 degree motion
* 6 storage pockets, including cell phone pocket
* super-high weight limit (75 lbs)
* safe jogging stroller
* bike tires
* reflective strips
* removable rear wheels
* wrist strap
* car seat compatible
* large canopy

* requires car seat for babies under 8 weeks old
* adapters purchased separately
* sponge clean only

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7) Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (Best Classic Stroller)

418Wg68fL9L. SL500

A newer version of a classic favorite, Baby Jogger’s City Mini GT2 comes with included car seat adapters and the company’s classic one-hand fold, as well as a large extendable canopy. With just three wheels instead of four, the GT2 is easier to maneuver than most strollers.

When upgrading their GT, Baby Jogger gave the GT2’s storage basket higher sides – a feature that makes for a deeper basket and more storage, but also for a tougher time getting things in and out of the basket.

It’s important to note that despite the company name, Baby Jogger’s City Mini GT2 is not intended for use as a jogging stroller.

The good: While the City Mini GT had a Velcro closure for its canopy window, the GT2’s window has a magnetic closure, making it easier to keep closed and cleaner in general. And the GT2 also has an easy, one-hand fold and an adjustable handlebar and footrest.

The not-so-good: This stroller doesn’t recline all the way, so parents may prefer to use it as a travel system during the first few months. Also, while three wheels offers added maneuverability, they also mean reduced stability.

The best: Baby Jogger’s City Mini GT2 has machine-washable fabric and comes with the adapters you’ll need to turn it into a travel system. Plus, it has a high weight limit and a hand-operated parking brake – great for parents who like to stroll.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a good quality, classic stroller that can be adjusted to fit both you and your baby, used with a car seat, and washed in the machine, the City Mini GT2 is the one for you.

* machine washable fabric
* car seat adaptable
* included adapters
* high weight limit (65 lbs)
* easy one-hand fold
* adjustable handlebar
* hand-operated parking brake
* adjustable footrest
* meets Disney requirements

* doesn’t recline all the way
* basket can be hard to access

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8) Britax B-Lively (Fits All BOB and Britax Infant Car Seats)

A newer version of Britax’s retired B-Agile, the company’s B-Lively was made to be a sleeker, more modern version of its predecessor. (It also weighs two pounds more.) A classic-style stroller which can be used with Britax and BOB car seats without any adapters, this stroller offers parents good quality basics for a reasonable price.

The good: Britax’s B-Lively stroller has an easy one-hand fold, a ventilated canopy, and a zippered pocket in the back. It also has a two-year warranty and washable fabric.

The not-so-good: This stroller doesn’t quite fully recline, and unlike many others in this list, its fabric isn’t machine washable – it needs to be hand-washed. Also, like the City Mini GT2, the B-Lively has three wheels, offering added maneuverability but slightly less stability.

The best: The B-Lively doesn’t need adapters for BOB and Britax car seats, and adapters for other car seat brands can be purchased separately, offering you a wide range of options. Plus, unlike most convertible strollers, this stroller can take a car seat *over* the stroller seat, not just instead of it.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a simple stroller that can be used from birth, can fit a car seat without removing the stroller seat, and won’t break the bank – Britax’s B-Lively is the stroller for you.

* car seat compatible
* one-hand fold
* ventilated canopy
* zippered pocket behind seat
* fits BOB and Britax seats without adapters
* adapters for other car seats available
* two-year warranty
* washable fabric

* not machine washable
* doesn’t fully recline

Click here to see today's price for the Britax B-Lively on Amazon

9) Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System (Best for Budget)

Baby Trend’s Expedition Jogger Travel System, also called their Expedition Travel System, is a budget-friendly travel system and a three-wheel jogging stroller. Though it doesn’t flaunt a one-hand fold, it still has an easy folding mechanism.

The good: Like many jogging strollers, Baby Trend’s Expedition Jogger Travel System has an ergonomic handle, bicycle tires, a reflective strip on the footrest, and a locking front wheel.

The not-so-good: Though the stroller offers decent quality for the price, it isn’t as long-lasting as some of the others, and only has a 180-day warranty. It’s also not machine washable, and even though it’s a jogging stroller, it’s not intended for hard-core jogging and running.

The best: The Expedition Jogger is a relatively inexpensive jogging stroller, with convenient cup holders for both parent and child and large bicycle tires to ensure a smooth ride.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a travel system that can be used for light jogging and isn’t too expensive, Baby Trend’s Expedition Jogger is the one for you.

* car seat adaptable
* includes car seat
* can be used for jogging
* reflective strip
* locking front wheel
* inexpensive
* easy folding mechanism
* ergonomic handle
* 2 parent cup holders
* child tray with cup holder
* large bicycle tires

* not machine washable
* babies under 6 months need to use a car seat
* may not last as long as others
* doesn’t fold with one hand
* can’t be used for hard-core jogging
* short warranty (180 days)

Click here to see today's price for the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System on Amazon

Want to see how the details compare?

Weight Weight limit Type Car seat compatible? Car seat or bassinet included? Recline Machine wash? Warranty
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 21.4 lbs Up to 65 lbs Classic Yes, with included adapters. No About 155 degrees. Machine wash cold, delicate cycle, dry on frame (do not tumble dry). Frame – lifetime warranty, parts other than tires and tubes – 1 year.
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System 26 lbs Up to 50 lbs (22.7 kg) and 42″. Use with car seat before 6 months. Travel system Yes Car seat included. About 150 degrees. Use a sponge or damp cloth, with mild soap and warm water. 180 days for all products, must be obviously their fault.
Babyzen YOYO² 12.8 lbs (5.8 kg) Up to 40 lbs (18 kg) Convertible, Lightweight Yes, with purchase of car seat adapters. Bassinet included when you buy the YOYO² 0+. Car seat not included. Full recline when used with “nest,” 145 degrees in 6m+ mode. Yes (removable fabric only). Two years from date of purchase.
BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 28.5 lbs (12.9 kg) From 8 weeks to 75 lbs (34 kg) occupant plus luggage. Max child height – 44” (112 cm). Jogging stroller Yes, with the purchase of car seat adapters. No Reclines to 70 degrees. Sponge clean with lukewarm water and mild soap. Frame – 5 years, fabric and components – 1 year. Original owner only.
Britax B-Lively 20 lbs Up to 55 lbs Classic Yes No About 160 degrees. Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Air dry, do not iron. Two-year warranty
Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System 21.05 lbs Up to 50 lbs. Travel System/ convertible stroller Yes Car seat included. Stroller seat can be used in “bassinet” mode. About 170 degrees. Stroller fabric can be spot cleaned, with mild soap and warm water. Car seat fabric is machine washable, cold water delicate cycle, hang to dry. One year
Maclaren Quest 12.19 lbs 55 lbs (25 kg) Lightweight stroller No Stroller seat has built-in “cocoon” for younger babies. Car seat not included. About 170 degrees. Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Hang to dry. Sovereign lifetime warranty.
Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System 21 lbs Up to 50 lbs Convertible/ travel system Yes Includes car seat, stroller seat can be used as a bassinet. Full recline Wash on light cycle. Two years. Limited lifetime warranty available for first owners who register within 3 months of purchase.
UPPAbaby VISTA Frame: 19.3 lbs (8.7 kg) Seat: 7.3 lbs (3.2 kg)
Bassinet: 8.8 lb (4 kg)
From 3 months to 50 lbs (22.7 kg) Convertible Yes Includes bassinet About 155 degrees. Hand wash in cold water. Two years, option to purchase third year.

What kind of newborn stroller do you need?

Before setting out to choose your stroller, you’ll need to decide what kind of stroller you need: Do you want a travel system? Do you want a bassinet, or no bassinet?

Do you want a stroller that reclines fully and can be used from birth, but can also take a car seat? A jogging stroller? Do you need something that’s super lightweight? A stroller that stands independently when folded? Or maybe you don’t need a stroller at all – you just need to give your car seat wheels.

To help you decide, here’s a list of the different categories, along with what’s best (and worst) about each:

Bassinet strollers

Many parents love bassinet strollers because they allow newborns to lie completely flat (not a given when buying a stroller), are made especially for tiny babies, and are soft and comfortable.

Bassinet strollers also eliminate every parent’s fear of waking the baby when transferring him or her out of the stroller, or bringing him or her into the house: Instead of bringing the entire stroller, you can remove the bassinet and carry it carefully into the house.

Instead of unbuckling and transferring with your fingers crossed, you can just leave your baby in the bassinet.

It’s important to understand that most bassinet strollers are not intended for overnight sleeping, or for sleeping at all. Not only that, the softness of the bassinet is a liability, not an advantage, and the lack of a seatbelt is a risk in and of itself.

Plus, bassinets are only safe until your little one learns to roll over – something that usually happens between three and six months. Once that happens, it’s time to move on to a regular stroller.

Travel systems

Travel systems, on the face of it, seem ideal: One purchase and you’ve got both your stroller and your car seat – with a guarantee that they’re compatible. Plus, the price tag for a travel system is often lower than it would be if you bought the components separately.

But the downside is that travel system strollers are often bulky and heavy, and it’s hard to find a travel system that offers options such as a reversible seat or handlebar, or a super-small fold.

Pro tip: Think about whether you’d purchase that travel system’s components separately instead of together, and if the parts you don’t love about the travel system are important to you or less than significant.

Lightweight strollers

Most lightweight strollers are not intended for babies under six months old, unless they are in a car seat or bassinet. At the same time, a significant number of lightweight strollers are not compatible with either a car seat or a bassinet.

Lightweight strollers – whether they fold “umbrella” or otherwise – are a great choice for older infants and toddlers. But if you’re searching for one for your newborn, be sure that it lies flat and is approved for use with newborns – such as Babyzen’s YOYO² or Maclaren’s Quest.

Also check its weight limit – some of the lightweight strollers that can accommodate newborns can’t accommodate older toddlers. (In this article, the Quest can hold children weighing up to 55 lbs, but the YOYO² can only accommodate children up to 40 lbs.)

Jogging strollers are not usually intended for babies under six months of age, unless they’re used together with an infant car seat. A few jogging strollers can accommodate babies ages three months and up. Never use a regular stroller as a jogging stroller.

Does your stroller need to accommodate a car seat?

Most parents are happy when they can easily transfer baby from stroller to car to home. But if your baby is in a rear-facing infant seat, that means you’re not using a convertible car seat.

And while many parents prefer infant car seats to convertible seats, there’s no question that there’s an advantage in buying just one seat that will fit your child until booster age.

Before adding “car seat compatible” to your must-have list, decide whether you’d like an immovable convertible car seat, or a traditional infant car seat which will need replacing after about a year.

Also remember that just because a stroller is car seat compatible doesn’t mean it’s compatible with *every* car seat: Double check that the stroller you’ve set your heart on can hold the car seat you’re planning to buy.

The extras

Lots of strollers have extra features, such as adjustable handlebars for shorter or taller parents, extra basket space for parents who tend to lug everything, and special pockets for cell phones, keys, and other trinkets.

While there’s no question that these are great features to have, you’ll probably be fine without them: Most parents carry their phones and keys in a pocket, purse, or diaper bag, and if you end up bringing only one pack of wipes instead of two, that’s not such a big deal.

Also remember that chances are, you’ll want to bring your diaper bag with you. That’s great but make sure you don’t hang it high on the handlebars, and be sure it isn’t too heavy and won’t tip your stroller – and baby – over backwards.

Other extras include an extendable canopy (definitely worthwhile if you tend to walk a lot), a compact fold (important if you’ve got a small trunk), and an ability to stand independently when folded, which you may or may not need, depending on where you’re planning to store your stroller.

In other words, before you get excited over a unique feature, think about whether that feature is important for your lifestyle. Don’t let the jazz blind you to your true needs.

The bottom line?

If you’ve got the money to splurge and want to buy top-of-the-line, go for UPPAbaby’s VISTA or Babyzen’s YoYo 0+. Looking for a stroller that includes a bassinet for overnight sleeping? Pick the VISTA.

Want a travel system? You’ll love either Maxi-Cosi’s Zelia or Graco’s Modes. For a good old-fashioned classic stroller that’s also car seat-adaptable, go for the B-Lively or City Mini GT2.

Parents who want a lightweight stroller will love either Maclaren’s Quest or the YoYo 0+. And if you’re looking for a jogging stroller, BOB’s Revolution FLEX is top-of-the-line and reasonably priced, while BabyTrend’s Expedition Jogger is your budget choice.

Have you ever owned one of these strollers? Do you know a stroller that should’ve made this list but didn’t? Have a question or comment? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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