The Best Scooters for Kids in 2024

If you want your kids to build their confidence while having fun outside, scooters are a great place to start. The skills needed to ride a scooter typically come before those needed for riding a bike, which makes them a great option for beginners.

Scooter riding works on gross motor skills like coordination, balance, and pushing with one foot. With the right scooter, your kids will safely gain confidence as they achieve the ability to whizz around the neighborhood. A shiny scooter is the perfect outdoor accessory, and, they’re not just for beginners. There are choices available for advanced athletes as well.

When my son was first learning to ride a scooter he would get frustrated so easily. I wish that I knew then that there were scooters geared specifically toward his age and ability. Scooters with removable seats and three wheels are great options for kids just starting out.

The options are endless, so how do you choose the right fit for your child? I’ve put together a comprehensive list of my favorites, breaking down who is the best fit for each one. From younger toddlers to older kids ready for tricks, from splurges to budget-friendly options, there’s something for everyone.

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What Should I Look for in a Kids Scooter?

When choosing a scooter for your kids, it’s important to consider their skill level and ability. Not every scooter is made the same, and there are all kinds of different designs available. Here are some of the criteria we think are most important for you to consider before making a purchase.

Criteria #1: Age/Weight Range

Scooters do come with a typical age and weight limit. Especially if you are looking for something that will last your kids a while and grow with them, choose something that has a larger weight limit. Adjustable handlebars and sturdy wheels are also important factors when looking for something that can last over time and be used with more than one child.

Criteria #2: Style of Scooter

There are a ton of scooter styles to choose from, but the most common are 3-wheels, 2-wheels, pro-style, and even electric scooters. Younger children tend to do best with 3-wheel scooters that support balance. Older, more avid riders do best with 2-wheel and pro-style scooters. Checking out all styles will give you an idea of what will match your kids the best. Each one offers something different.

Criteria #3: Steering

The most common handlebars you’ll find on kick scooters are T-bar style. You can look for extra features such as adjustable handlebars and foam grips for comfort. Some kids scooters have lean-to-steer technology, which means kids just need to use their body weight to navigate turns, rather than relying on the coordination of turning the handlebars. Take each of these styles into consideration when deciding which one will be the safest and best option for your kids.

Criteria #4: Wheels and Brakes

From the number of wheels to size and material, there is plenty to consider. Your kids are likely looking for a smooth ride, so you want wheels that will glide comfortably. For younger children, a three-wheeled scooter will support balance, while older kids who are ready for tricks will want sturdy wheels that can land softly. When it comes to brakes, kids’ scooters tend to come with three options: no brakes, hand brakes, or rear wheel brakes. Depending on the age of your child and their coordination and abilities, you will want to choose which style brake, if any, is going to support them best.

Criteria #5: Price Point

Typically, you will find scooters to be less expensive than bicycles, but they can get pretty pricey when you add in extras. Determining what price you are willing to spend will help you narrow down your search for the best kids scooter. Quality is important, so make sure that you are investing in a good scooter from a reputable seller to guarantee the best results.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Scooter for Kids

To determine the best scooters for kids, I evaluated a number of factors and looked for options that would give you the best bang for your buck. I wanted to choose a scooter that could grow with children as they gain confidence in their ability, and that would stand up to consistent practice and use, allowing it to last for a long time.

Our Top Picks for the Best Micro Mini, Electric, and Kick Scooters in 2024

#1: Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe (Best Value for Toddlers)

Recommended age: 2-5 years
Weight Limit: 110 lbs.

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe
View on Amazon | $89.99

The Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe three-wheel is a mini scooter that comes in as my number one choice for the all-around best value for toddlers or younger kids. The Micro brand is well known for its durable, long-lasting scooters that provide a smooth ride for all. This option is no exception. The fact that it was designed specifically with small proportions in mind means that all specifications were tailored to your toddler. You’ll find the micro-mini coming in at a competitive price range, with all of the features your toddlers could need.

It comes with 3 wheels

For young children who are just learning to ride a scooter, three wheels are incredibly helpful for balancing. There is a sturdy T-bar for children to hang on to, but the lean-to-steer technology means that children do not need to additionally learn how to use the handlebars when starting out. With a wide and three-wheel sturdy deck, beginners can feel confident in their ability to start off on the right foot. As a bonus, the front two wheels have motion-activated LED lights, how fun for little kids!

Lightweight but sturdy

Even though this scooter is lightweight, it can support up to 110 lbs.! For a mini size, this is a big range. With the high weight limit and adjustable handlebars, this is a great scooter for children as they grow. This scooter has the lightest frame on this list (only 4.2 pounds), which makes it easy to carry around. As a parent you’ll appreciate if you get left with the scooter while your child runs off to play.

Overall this is an excellent choice for beginner scooter riders up to ages 5. Reviewers overwhelmingly state how easy it was for their children to pick up scooting when using this Micro Mini Kickboard scooter. This sturdy, lightweight scooter is a win in my book especially for beginners who can benefit from a three-wheel mini option.

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#2: Razor A3 (Best Value for Older Children)

Recommended age: 5+ years
Weight Limit: 143 lbs.

Razor A3
View on Amazon | $52.26

If you’re looking for a classic kick scooter, then the Razor A3 is your go-to model! Recommended for children starting at 5 years old, this has everything you could look for in a classic scooter, making it our recommended option for the best value for older kids. There’s no real age limit to this scooter, so it can stay with your child for years, making it a long-term option and one that can easily be shared between siblings.

Classic Style

The Razor A3 has all the classic features: standard polyurethane wheels, lightweight aluminum frame, springless shock-absorbing system, and rear fender brakes designed for quick stops. Give it a couple of extra kicks, and you’ll be off and flying! Most of the beginning and mini scooters on this list don’t have shock-absorbing systems, making this ideal for scooting fast and riding over bumps.


For those who love to travel, this is an easily foldable option that has a sleek and slim design. Most scooters have removable handlebars, but the Razor allows you to fully collapse the scooter. The deck is small, and when it’s folded, it doesn’t take up much space, making it a great scooter for storing in tight spaces or traveling with.

When expanded, this is a good scooter for doing tricks and jumps. It features a wheelie bar and quality turning radius, allowing kids to scoot around the park or other skating sites. All of these are important features for older kids, and you’ll get a good quality scooter for a decent price.

Reviews state that this Razor version gave them peace of mind using one of the best-known scooter brands. The classic scooter version was easy to store, travel with, and held up well with constant use. Users who weren’t quite ready to skateboard enjoyed this scooter instead.

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#3: Lascoota Kick Scooter For Kids (Widest Age Range for Kids)

Recommended age: 2-10 years
Weight Limit: 110 lbs.

Lascoota Kick Scooter For Kids
View on Amazon | $49.99

This Lascoota Scooter has everything you could want in a kick scooter for both toddler and older kids, including an optional seat! The age range gets you past the toddler stage, so you won’t need to run out and make a new purchase soon, making this a great long-term option for a kids scooter. It’s also a good choice for families with multiple children who want to be able to adjust between different ages.

A couple of extra kicks can really get you rolling on this scooter, and as a parent, I appreciate the option of a seat for my younger children to sit and ride if they want. I chose this for the best kick scooter because it has the largest deck, making it perfect for small feet transitioning between riding and kicking.

Stable and Balanced

As with many toddler three-wheel scooters, this Lascoota scooter is a three-wheeled, stable, and well-balanced scooter. It is ideal for children who are just learning to ride as they develop their motor control. The lean-to-steer technology allows beginners to shift their body weight rather than steer the handlebar, making it significantly easier to learn on.

Extra Features

This scooter not only has the removable seat, but it also comes with light-up LED color wheels and a helmet. Parents will love the seat and adjustable handlebars, and kids will enjoy the smooth ride. Compared to the Micro Mini scooter, it also adds a few years of use, accommodating children up to age 8.

Reviewers raved about the included seat as an additional option for their younger toddlers. Because it is removable, once your child grows, you can do away with the seat.

#4: Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter (Best Electric Scooter)

Recommended age: 8+ Years
Weight Limit: 120 lbs.

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter
View on Amazon | $175.16

Starting at age 8, electric scooters bring a whole new element to the scooter game as a top-of-the-line option. Razor scooters are well known for high quality and a smooth ride, and we think their electric scooters are top-notch.

Maintenance-Free Ride

This motor requires no alignment, chain, or belt, allowing for a comfortable ride, up to 11 mph, without any hassle or maintenance. In addition, the pneumatic front tire and airless flat-free rear tire provide a smooth, worry-free ride. Each full battery charge allows for up to 60 minutes of ride time. Very little maintenance will be required with this Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter.

High Quality and Guaranteed Durability

This Razor Scooter is made from an aluminum deck, and the frame and fork are high-quality steel, allowing for great durability. It has an 8″ pneumatic tire in the front and a 6″ rubber flat-free tire in the rear. Both tires support a smooth ride for your child’s enjoyment, even when on bumpy terrain.

As my children get older, I love an option like an electric scooter for when I have to convince them to come on a walk with me! No need to worry about getting tired on hills when you have a motor to do the heavy work for you.

When it comes to scooters for kids, electric ones stand out as something unique and special. Reviewers raved about the battery life and deck size of this one. However, some stated that adjustable handlebars would be ideal given the significant weight limit. If you’re looking for something a little more high-end, electric scooters like this are a great choice.

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#5: Hurtle 3 Wheel Scooter (Sit and Stand Scooter)

Recommended age: 1-14 years
Weight Limit: 132 lbs.

Hurtle 3 Wheel Scooter
View on Amazon | $39.9

Scooters with a sit and stand option are great for kids who will be out playing for a long time and are likely to get tired. The age range on this Hurtle Three Wheel scooter is hard to beat, making it our preferred choice over the Lascoota Kick Scooter for a sit and stand option.

Sit and Stand Design

This scooter has a removable flip-down seat that can accommodate kids up to 45 pounds. If your child is just starting out and feels more comfortable sitting, or they’ve been scooting for a while and need a little break, this seat is the perfect option and requires very little hassle.

When not in use, it just flips up to the handlebars. Once your child exceed the 45-pound weight limit or is more comfortable riding, you can easily remove the seat and still have a regular scooter for years to come. Forty-five pounds is the average weight for a typically developing 6-year-old, so that gives plenty of time for the seat to be usable. Also, the age range of up to 14 years far surpasses the Lascoota sit and stand option, making this stand out.

Many Special Features Included

Even though this is a mini scooter, the adjustable handlebar and large weight limit make this a viable choice for kids up to age 14! Some of the extra features you will find are light-up wheels, extra-wide rear braking, an anti-slip deck large enough for both feet, and the choice of lots of fun colors and designs.

Reviewers love the practicality and versatility that comes with the option of sitting or standing. The fact that it can support kids starting at age 1 and going all the way to age 14 is definitely a perk as well. We love items that will last throughout the years or through more kids! The anti-slip deck will also support scootering in a variety of weather.

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#6: Globber v2 3 Wheel Scooter (Best Low-Cost Scooter)

Recommended age: up to 9 years
Weight Limit: 110 lbs.

Globber v2 3 Wheel Scooter
View on Amazon

For families on a budget, this Globber V2 3 Wheel Scooter will not disappoint. With a handlebar that adjusts up to 4 times, it is a great option for kids up to 9 years of age. The Globber stands out over other scooters on this list because of its one-of-a-kind steering lock ability.

Steering Lock Ability

The Globber V2 3 wheel scooter has a special patented steering lock button that allows you to fix the steering of the two front wheels so that they can only move forward and backward. I haven’t seen this option on other scooters, and I love the ability it gives you to introduce one step at a time. Once your child has become comfortable on their scooter, with the push of a button you can unlock the steering so that they can utilize the lean-to-steer feature.

Robust Brake

The Globber V2 scooter has a newly designed composite braking system that is not only efficient in braking but helps to prolong wheel longevity. The anti-slip deck is also a great feature that will support your kids’ safety as they are learning to scoot.

Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice safety and practicality. The Globber V2 is a wonderful option without being too expensive. There are various colors to choose from, and the LED colors in the wheels add an extra element of fun.

Reviews state that Globber scooters are sturdy and hold up well over time. The deck is large enough for more kids to feel comfortable and the adjustable handlebar is key.

#7: Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter (Best Beginner Stunt Scooter)

Recommended age: 3-12 years
Weight Limit: 220 lbs.

Scooters aren’t just for beginners, and as your kids become more advanced, there are some great options out there for beginning trick or stunt scooting. Many of the classic and mini scooters are not designed for tricks, and we think you’ll find some of these features great if that’s the route your child is interested in heading.

Pro Rise Handlebars

Because this Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter is designed for learning tricks, it has a lightweight but tough frame and sturdy aluminum deck. The high-strength steel handlebar is padded with nice grips that allow the rider comfort as well as control. Fuzion took inspiration from high-end pro scooters to design their handlebars to allow riders more control and strength.

Metalized Wheels

This scooter features Fuzion’s metalized ABS composite hub wheels, which are important for performance and soft landing. The sturdy nylon/steel brake is tough and quiet, perfect for fast stops. As a parent, the safety of my kids is paramount to anything, so knowing that the brakes are effective when performing tricks would give me peace of mind.

Reviewers rave about how smooth of a ride the Fuzion X-3 provides, and they say that the lightweight frame makes it an ideal scooter for tricks.

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#8: Lascoota Scooter for Kids 8+ (Best for Travel)

Recommended age: 8+ years
Weight Limit: 220 lbs.

Lascoota Scooter for Kids 8+
View on Amazon | $79.99

Scooters designed for travel are hard to come by, but the size of this Lascoota makes it easy. Only one of two foldable scooters on our list, I recommend it for older children and adults who like to travel to skate parks or on vacation. The foldability makes it easy to store or pack, and the carrying strap makes it convenient for transporting. The large weight limit means it will accommodate older children, teens, and even adults.


Having a scooter option that easily folds for transportability is a huge factor. Whether heading to the skate park or on vacation, this scooter allows you to quickly fold or unfold without the need for tools. It’s so easy, even your kids can do it! Once folded, this scooter also comes with an easy carry strap, so you can take it with you on the go.

Lightweight and Modern Feel

The lightweight aluminum frame of this kick scooter is just under 7 pounds. This is not only great for carrying when traveling, but also for flying around while scootering. If your kids are into tricks and stunts, the lightweight frame will make that easy.

Reviewers love that the adjustable handle raises to accommodate more heights and older teens as well as adults. This scooter is recommended for children ages 8+, but it’s a good option for adults as well!

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What Is the Best Scooter for a Toddler?

Young toddlers will want scooters that provide stability as they are learning to balance. You’ll also want to look for something that will ensure your child won’t move too fast. We highly recommend scooters that have three wheels for beginners to use while they gain confidence and improve their balance and coordination. Scooters that offer a sit and stand option are great for a smaller child as well. If you’re the parent that is going to get left with a scooter while your kids run off to play, a lightweight option is also something you might look for. A large deck and adjustable handlebars allow for more height accommodations.

What Is the Best Scooter for Ages 4-12?

Depending on your child’s interests, the best kids’ scooters for ages 4-12 can vary. By age 4, they are likely comfortable with their balance and coordination and are ready for a classic 2 wheel scooter. If they have been scootering for a while and are ready for something more advanced, you may look at pro scooters meant for tricks, or an electric scooter. Depending on the terrain older kids will be scootering on, you may want to take wheel style into consideration. Whether at the skate park, on the grass, or around the neighborhood, there are scooters for kids in every design imaginable.

Do I Need Any Accessories for My Kid’s Scooter?

A helmet is definitely a must for kids who are riding scooters. Just like when they ride a bicycle, you want to make sure that first and foremost your kid’s head is protected! Additional accessories such as knee and elbow pads can be added, particularly if your kids are still getting comfortable riding or are into trick scootering. In general, kids scooters won’t require accessories, but your kids do!


If you want the best value for Toddlers, pick Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe. A great option when it comes to kick scooters, it is lightweight and sturdy. For beginners, you’ll want to start them off with a scooter that offers a well balanced ride, and three-wheeled options are a great choice.

If you want the best value for older kids, pick Razor A3, a classic designed specifically with older kids and adults in mind. For kids who want to keep scootering and aren’t quite ready for a skateboard, the Razor A3 will keep them successfully riding with their friends.

If you’re looking for a premium option, pick Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter. An electric scooter is an investment, but kids will go crazy for the ability to ride a scooter up to 11 miles an hour.

If you’re looking for a scooter for both toddlers and kids, pick Lascoota Kick Scooter For Kids. We think you’ll find the larger deck is perfect for small kids learning to transition between riding and kicking.

If you’re looking for a top-notch sit and stand option that will last a long time, pick Hurtle 3 Wheel Scooter. Long after your child needs the seat, this scooter is still rideable, making this a great option to grow with your child over the years.

If you want to stay on budget when purchasing a kids scooter, and spend under $75, the Globber v2 3 Wheel Scooter is a great choice without sacrificing features or safety.

Have kids ready to learn some kick scooter tricks? Pick the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter, a great beginner pro scooter that will get your kid’s tricks up and off the ground.

Need something easy to travel with? Pick the Lascoota Scooter for Kids 8+. The lightweight frame, easy-to-fold design, and included carrying case makes this the perfect option for popping in the car.

Riding a scooter can provide hours of entertainment for kids, and getting them that exercise and fresh air is so important. Pair a sturdy helmet with one of these kids’ scooter choices, and you and your children are guaranteed to have a great time! If you’re feeling adventurous while looking for a scooter for kids, grab an adult one and join in on the fun!

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