The Best Kids 4-Wheelers and ATVs in 2024 (My Experience)

My daughter has a 4-wheeler and we’re planning on getting her a new one. A four-wheeler can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. Yes, they’re not just for adults. Kids can enjoy riding them, too, as long as they know how to ride safely and responsibly.

However, with so many makes, models, features, and color options, you may not know what to look for when purchasing these products for your child. It can be a bit of a daunting task, so that’s why I’m here to help and share my experience with you.

Let’s start with the best value for younger kids. We own the Costzon Ride-on ATV and my daughter absolutely loves it. It’s stylish and realistic and provides an authentic driving experience for young children. It’s easy to control and simple to ride using just a few buttons and a foot pedal.

My neighbor’s son is older. He has the X-PRO 110cc ATV and he rides it all over the place. It’s a great youth ATV for beginners who want the riding experience of a gas-powered four-wheeler but aren’t quite ready for a manual transmission just yet. 

From here, you can keep reading to learn more about the details of these four-wheelers and also view the rest of my favorite four-wheelers and ATVs.

What Should I Look for in a Kids 4 Wheeler/ATV?

My brothers and I grew up on four-wheelers. At first, we weren’t very good sharers. There were four of us kids and only one four-wheeler. Eventually, my parents bought us another ATV, so they didn’t have to hear us constantly bicker over whose turn was next. As kids, we made trails through our backyard that lead through the wooded areas and fields. Although I must say, I don’t recommend riding through a field without the farmer’s permission first. Luckily, the farmer that owned the cornfield next to my house was awesome. We started with a youth ATV until we were old enough to graduate to a larger size and then, eventually, adult four-wheelers.

Choosing the right four-wheeler for your family can be difficult. But don’t worry. I’m here to help. While I can’t be with you to show your kids the ins and outs of ATV riding, I can give you advice on what to look for in a kids ATV, so you can be armed with important information before making your decision.

Criteria #1: Is the four-wheeler age appropriate?

The first thing you should ask yourself before purchasing one of these products for your kids is, “Is it appropriate for my child’s age?” This is because kids’ four-wheelers and ATVs come in different sizes designed with a specific age range and weight capacity in mind. So essentially, size matters. You must find an ATV that fits your child’s size and weight to avoid injury to the rider.

Criteria #2: What type of engine does it have?

The performance of the vehicle will be determined by the engine and its size. While some four-wheelers for children are battery operated, others are powered by fuel. It’s important to know the difference between the two when buying an ATV for your child.

Gas-powered engines are typically identified with a number followed by cc. CC stands for cubic centimeters. Most kids’ ATVs are 110cc engines. The size of the engine, we’ll go with the 110cc as an example here, refers to the total volume of air and fuel pushed through the engine by the cylinders. This is measured in cubic centimeters; therefore, a 110cc engine can displace 110 cubic centimeters of this air-fluid mixture.

Battery-operated four-wheelers usually come with either a single 24-volt battery or two 12-volt batteries, depending on the model.

Criteria #3: Does it have safety features?

Make sure your ATV for kids has some sort of safety features, especially for younger riders. Look for an off-road machine with a parent’s remote control. It’s also a good idea to find one that comes with a safety plug or a kill switch. Some might even have a roll bar, seat belts, a protective engine cover, or a speed limiting device.

Criteria #4: How fast will the ATV go?

This is important. You don’t want your riders getting on an ATV that will go faster than they can handle. This is dangerous in so many ways. Your child might lose control of the vehicle, possibly running into a structure or another person, or maybe get thrown off and injured themselves. Believe me, no parent wants to see their kid go flying through the air because their child couldn’t handle the vehicle they were riding.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Kids 4 Wheeler

The first step I took was reading the reviews. There is so much to be said about other parents’ experiences. Plus, they don’t tend to sugar-coat their responses. This is especially true when it comes to their kids and if they’re unhappy or dissatisfied with the product. I also compared the features to the price point, because no one wants to overpay for a product, regardless of what they’re buying.

Our Top Picks for the Best 4 Wheelers/ATVs for Kids of 2024

#1: X-PRO 110cc ATV (Best Value)

Recommended Ages:10 and up
Weight Limit:132 lbs.
Max Speed:25 mph
Engine:110cc 4-Stroke
X-PRO 110cc ATV
View on Amazon

This product is a great youth ATV for beginners who want the riding experience of a gas-powered four-wheeler but aren’t quite ready for a manual transmission just yet. Your child rider will have a blast taking on trails and hills with these products’ smooth-shifting capabilities and beefy tires. And, one of the best features of this quad is that it comes with parental wireless remote control with a kill switch for added security. With multiple color options, you’ll be able to find one that fits your kid’s personality.

My neighbors have this for their son, and he rides it all over the place. It’s great fun and good for getting your kid outside for some fresh air.

Gas Operated

Your children will have a blast on these gas-powered four-wheelers. The 1.5-liter fuel tank allows for your child to travel a distance of up to six miles for plenty of time to explore new trails and paths.

Electric Start

The electric start makes it easier for new riders to control and handle. It’s also great in case of a stall.

Smooth Shifting

This ATV has an automatic transmission for smooth shifting and easy riding. Your young riders won’t have to worry about learning to switch gears with a clutch just yet.

Beefy Tires

This quad for kids comes with pretty beefy tires. The front and rear 14.5 x 7-6 knobby tires offer excellent traction while adding ground clearance, making this a great off-road four-wheeler.

Wireless Remote Control

You’ll find this comes with a wireless remote kill switch on the right side of the handlebar. You can cut off the engine from up to 21 yards away. This is perfect for parents who worry about their children riding off-road vehicles for the first time.

Speed Limiter

Another great feature of these kids’ ATVs is the speed control, also found on the right side of the handlebar. You can limit the speed to as low as 3 miles per hour and then increase the speed as your child gets more comfortable with their four-wheeler. It also has a foot brake so your child doesn’t need to rely on the handlebar for stopping capabilities.


Parents say X-PRO 110cc ATV is a great buy for their kids. It’s built with quality materials and is fun. Definitely a great value for the price.

#2: Razor Dirt Quad (Best Electric)

Recommended Ages:8 and up
Weight Limit:120 Lbs.
Max Speed:8 Mph
Razor Dirt Quad
View on Amazon | $636.26

The Razor Dirt Quad is a great electric model for those just not quite big enough to handle a gas-powered four-wheeler. That’s because this product has a 24-volt battery and reaches a pretty decent speed of eight miles per hour. Your kid will have so much fun riding this.

Looks Like the Real Thing

This is the perfect vehicle for young riders wanting the look of a real four-wheeler, but who aren’t ready for a gas option.

Twist Grip

Your child will be able to learn the speed control functions of a four-wheeler with the variable speed, a twist-grip throttle, and a hand-operated rear disc brake. The disc brake allows for precision stopping power. They’ll have the excitement of being in control of this quad.


The Razor Dirt Quad can run for 40 continuous minutes per full charge. It’ll reach a top speed of 8 miles an hour, so it’ll go fast enough that your kids will be excited, but not so fast that you have to be concerned.

Smooth Ride

This ATV has four 12-inch knobby air-filled tires and a rear droop suspension. It’s built for a smooth ride regardless of the terrain your child adventures out on.

Designed for Off-Road Riding

Along with the tires and suspension providing for a smooth ride, this ATV vehicle has a high-torque, gear-reduction motor to enhance the off-road traction. This thing is made so your child can conquer tough and rough trails.

Camo Option

The Razor Dirt Quad also has a camo option that has a front brush bar and rear carry handle as well as 13 inch pneumatic knobby tires if you’re looking for this model but a bit beefier.


Parent reviews say this quad for kids is worth the money. Not only does it take a beating and still ride like new, but it also is pretty fast and tends to hold a charge longer than advertised. A huge hit among eight-year-olds everywhere.

YouTube video

#3: Costzon Ride-on ATV (Best for Younger Kids)

Recommended Ages:3 to 6 years old
Weight Limit:55 lbs.
Max Speed:2 mph
Costzon Ride-on ATV
View on Amazon | $148.99

My six-year-old daughter has this product and she absolutely loves it. This is a huge hit among the younger kids.

Realistic Appearance

Similar to the Razor Dirt Quad, the Costzon Ride-On ATV looks just like the real thing. Your children will have so much fun exploring the backyard with this youth ATV.

Multiple Functions

Perfect for a smaller child, this comes with an MP3 layer with AUX input and a USB port. Watch your child cruise the neighborhood on their quad while listening to their favorite music or stories.

Easy to Ride

This four-wheeler for younger children only has a few buttons and a foot pedal, so it’s not hard for your child to get the hang of it. It also comes with an extendable seat to grow with your child.


This has rave reviews from parents everywhere. In fact, I couldn’t find one bad review. This is perfect for three to six-year-old children.

#4: TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc (Best Premium)

Recommended Ages:10 and up
Weight Limit:230 lbs.
Max Speed:35 mph
Engine:110cc 4-Stroke
TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc
View on Amazon | $835

This will also be our next purchase when my daughter is old enough and has the necessary skills to ride it.

TaoTao brands have made a name for themselves in the child ATV vehicle industry. With a variety of color options, the TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc is made for older kids who are ready to get down and dirty with their riding experience. Comparable to the X-PRO 110cc ATV, these gas ATVs for kids are for those who’ve already proven their riding skills but may not be ready for the manual transmission of the larger four-wheelers.

Has Reverse Capabilities

Unlike the X-PRO 110cc ATV, this quad has a reverse option, making it easier for your kid if they get stuck in a tight spot.

Fully Automatic

Similar to the X-PRO 110cc ATV, the gas-powered TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc also comes with a fully automatic transmission and electric start. This is perfect for kids that haven’t mastered shifting just yet. Your rider has full speed control with the twist throttle.

Wider Suspension

The suspension on this product is wider than the typical kid’s four-wheeler. The front suspension measures 11.6 inches while the rear suspension is 11 inches.

Bigger Tires

The tires are also bigger than the X-PRO 110cc ATV. The front tires on this off-road vehicle are 19×7-8 and the rear tires are 18×9.5-8, giving it a ground clearance of 6 inches.


The parent reviews give this vehicle five stars. These are good products for kids and nice four-wheelers.

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#5: Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 (Best for Two Seater)

Recommended Ages:3 to 8 years old
Weight Limit:130 lbs.
Max Speed:5 mph
Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900
View on Amazon | $399

Like TaoTao, Peg Perego is known for its ATVs and off-road vehicles for kids. However, if your kids have a hard time sharing, these are the perfect toys for them. That’s because it’s the best two-seater for smaller kids. They both get to ride and everyone is happy and having fun.

Two Seater

As we’ve just read, these models are two-seaters, perfect if you have more than one rider. No more taking turns! The large bucket seats are also adjustable so you don’t have to worry about your child not being able to reach the pedals.

Seat Belts

This is the only quad on this list that comes with seat belts to keep your children safe. It’s an important safety feature.

Two Speeds

These ride-on toys have two different speed options for kids: 2.5 and 5 miles per hour. Similar to the TaoTaoATV TForce 110cc, it also has a reverse option on it, so your rider can go anywhere they want to go at a safe speed. You’ll have the option to control your kid’s speed until they (and you) are comfortable enough to let them go a bit faster.

Safety Features

For added safety, there is an off-road windshield and roll bar. This will help keep debris from flying into your child’s face and protect your children in case of an accidental rollover.


This product has just as many great reviews as the Costzon Ride-on ATV. Parents agree that it’s great for those children who are too old for the Costzon Ride-on ATV but too young for the Razor Dirt Quad or the X-PRO 110cc ATV.

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Safety Tips a Kids 4 Wheeler

If you plan on getting your kid an ATV, there are some safety rules you should know, not only for their safety but also for the safety of others. Following these tips will give you, as parents, peace of mind knowing your kids are safe while tearing up the trails.

  • Always, always be sure your children are wearing a Department of Transportation approved helmet. These helmets should include a safety visor or face shield. The appropriate helmets should be designed for motorcycle use. A bicycle helmet is in no way, shape, or form acceptable for ATV riding. Your kids should also be equipped with safety goggles, sturdy shoes, and protective, reflective clothing as well.
  • Unless the ATV vehicle has two seats, your kids should never ride double. Passengers can make the vehicle unstable and hard to control.
  • Never let your child ride an adult four-wheeler. These can reach speeds up to 80 miles per hour, sometimes more. The size and speed of these can make them too dangerous for youth.
  • Don’t let your kids ride their ATV on public roads. Not only are these products not designed to ride on the street, but many places in the United States also forbid ATVs on the roadways without being properly registered and licensed.
  • Another safety tip to consider is nighttime riding. You need to make sure your kids are always using reflectors, lights, or flags when riding. This is especially important if it’s early morning or getting late in the day.
  • Pay attention to the details. Choose a kids ATV with safety features such as a seat belt, roll bar, engine covers, kill switch, and a speed control device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between a Kids 4 Wheeler and an ATV?

It comes down to wheels. An ATV is an all-terrain vehicle that has three or more wheels. A four-wheeler, or quad, is just an ATV with four wheels, so they’re basically the same thing. What it boils down to is a four-wheeler is a four-wheeled ATV.

How Much Does a Kids 4 Wheeler/ATV Cost?

The prices of an ATV are going to vary. You can find kids’ ATVs starting at a couple of hundred dollars and going all the way up to a few thousand. On average, though, you can expect to pay around $400 to $500 for a decent kid’s four-wheeler. It’ll also depend on if your kid’s ATV is battery or gas-powered, the size of the engine and, believe it or not, the color options. That’s because, for some models, the different colors offer different features.

What Are the Best Kids 4 Wheelers for 6, 7, and 8-Year-Olds?

For a parent, getting your children their first kids ATV vehicle can actually be kind of scary. You’re going to worry about them getting hurt. It’s in our nature. We can’t help it. That’s what makes the Costzon Ride-on ATV and the Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 so great. They’re easy to ride and come with safety features.

Six to eight is the perfect age range to get your kid started on a child ATV. A smaller, battery-powered four-wheeler is going to be the way to go for beginners. One of the pros of getting a kid a four-wheeler at this age is it lets them get the feel for riding at slower speeds. Some of these have a speed option, so you can decide how fast or slow your kid should go.

Look for the necessary safety features with this age range as well. Having the option of a parent remote control is ideal for kids this age as well as a limiter for slower speeds.

What Are the Best Kids 4 Wheelers for 8 and 9-Year-Olds?

If you’re a parent looking to get your eight to 10-year-old child an ATV, there are a couple of ways you can go. You can choose a battery-operated vehicle or you can opt for fuel-powered products. The best for this age range is the Razor Dirt Quad for beginners or the X-PRO 110cc ATV for those a bit more advanced.

As mentioned above, a battery-operated child ATV is great for beginners to get the hang of riding. On the other hand, if your kid is a bit more experienced, a gas-powered electric kids ATV might be your best bet. The pros of going with a fuel-operated vehicle are that it’ll reach faster speeds, but still has an electric start, which will be beneficial to your kids if they get stalled somewhere and need to restart.

What Are the Best Kids 4 Wheelers for 10, 11, 12, and 13-Year-Olds?

For kids between the ages of 10 and 13, I’d recommend either the X-PRO 110cc ATV or the TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc. These are both gas-powered with electric starts. They also have bigger tires and are designed so your kids can go off-road trail riding. It’s important at this age, though, that your child is aware of and taking safety precautions while they are out riding, since these ATVs have bigger motors and can travel at faster speeds.

What Age Is a 50cc ATV For?

If you’re just really wanting a gas ATV for your young child as opposed to a battery product, consider getting them a 50cc ATV. This is intended for kids six years old and up. It’s smaller size and light weight make it perfect for younger kids, allowing them to learn how to navigate their way around the ATV. The automatic transmission also aids in their learning experience.

What Age Is a 110cc ATV For?

If your kid is a bit older, a 110cc is probably what they’re going to need. These were designed for seven to 12-year-old kids. Whether it’s your kid’s first time riding or they already have some experience under their belt, consider a fully automatic, gas 110cc ATV for your children. These are a bit bigger in size than the 50cc and hold more weight. They also go faster, so keep that in mind as well.

Verdict: Your Best 4 Wheeler for Kids 

If you didn’t read the entire article and skipped straight to the bottom, that’s okay. I forgive you. I’ll also give you a quick rundown of my list of the best child four-wheelers and ATVs.

If you want the best ATV for your money, pick the X-PRO 110cc ATV. This gas ATV for kids comes with an electric start and a speed control device for safe, fun riding.

If you want the best of the best four-wheelers, choose the TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc. Also gas-powered and fully automatic, this kid’s four-wheeler has beefier tires and a wider suspension than its competition on this list.

If you want the best electric ATV, choose the Razor Dirt Quad. This electric, battery-powered child ATV looks just like the real thing and even has a twist-grip throttle.

If you want the best four-wheeler for younger kids, pick the Costzon Ride-on ATV. Don’t discount this just because it’s low cost. This is an easy to ride option for younger children with great reviews from parents everywhere.

If you want the best two-seater, choose the Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900. This model is great if you have more than one kid wanting to ride. This way they won’t be fighting over who’s turn it is. It also comes with adjustable bucket seats and each seat is equipped with a seat belt for added security.

As a quick reminder and a step-by-step rundown of what to consider before buying an ATV for your kids, remember to do the following:

  • Consider their age, size, and weight.
  • Determine if a battery or fuel is best for your children.
  • Ask what type of security features are included on the kids’ ATV.
  • Ask if your kids have the appropriate equipment.
  • Also, consider the speeds at which the ATV for kids will travel.

If you’re looking for a great deal at an amazing price, most, if not all, of these ATVs can be found on the Amazon site. Before you order, though, factor in the pros and cons of each ATV vehicle.

Best of luck, and safe and fun riding to you and your children!

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