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One of our missions at Parenting Pod is to increase awareness of maternal health disorders, so that mothers and mothers-to-be know what to look for and to seek help when necessary.

Below you will find a series of posts by professionals on the various perinatal mood disorders.

We have also included the story of one mom’s struggle with postpartum depression.

Beyond Depression: Anxiety, Psychosis and Other Mental Disorders of Pregnancy and Postpartum

A summary of the most common perinatal mood disorders by Dr Calra Brock and Rachel Fink.

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Paternal Postpartum Depression Guide

Did you know, if your partner is depressed after the birth of your baby, then there’s a 50% chance you will be too? Paternal depression just isn’t talked about, so it can be difficult for men

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Moms With Low Support From Partner & Family – At Risk for Depression

Low level of social support is commonly cited as a risk factor for postpartum depression. For example, an early review by Michael O’hara and Annette Swain in 1996 (1), reported that, among other

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Postpartum Depression: What Every New Mom Needs to Know

One of the tragedies of postpartum depression (PPD) is that most women who suffer from this illness, do not realize what they are going through, so they end up experiencing needless pain for months and

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Postpartum Anxiety: What You Need to Know

About 13% of new mothers suffer from postpartum anxiety, yet most people are not aware of the symptoms and most cases are ignored.  In this article we explain what postpartum anxiety is, what the risk

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Postpartum Psychosis: A Complete Guide

Most people have heard of the terms, “postpartum depression” and “anxiety.” In addition, most new health professionals have been specifically trained on how to properly identify the signs and symptoms

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My Experience With Postpartum Depression

You think this is something that happens to others, that you are somehow immune. I became pregnant with my first child when I was 28, after having been married for two years. We had planned it, the timing

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Postpartum OCD: Why We Need to Talk About It

Everyone knows that new mother’s are susceptible to postpartum depression.  But did you know that postpartum OCD is also very common? Most people don’t, and that’s exactly why we need

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