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Catherine Munson, M.D.

Catherine Munson, MD is a retired psychiatrist with over 25 years clinical experience. She currently works as a freelance writer for Parenting Pod. In her spare time she enjoys writing fiction, reading, and drawing pencil sketches. She has two grown sons.

Articles by Catherine Munson, M.D.

ADHD Medications & Side Effects: A Summary Chart

Below is a chart that summarizes the main medications used to treat ADHD at the present time. Keep in mind that it is not limitless as there are always new developments going on with new medications. Note:

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ADHD: What You Need to Know

From time immemorial adults have envied the energy, passion and spontaneity of children. For the same amount of time, adults have complained about those same qualities. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s

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What Causes School Shootings and How to Stop Them

This article examines possible causes for school shootings, what evidence there is to support them, and what can be done based on the evidence.

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