The Best Folding High Chair in 2024 (My Experience)

Weaning my little boy onto solids was a very exciting time. Watching him taste new foods and pulling different expressions when he tried something new was a highlight of my day. Mealtimes often took a long time, so it was crucial to have a comfortable, safe seat to feed my little one, where he could eventually learn to feed himself. Feeding is an important activity, and having the right equipment makes a big difference.

As parents, we want to instill healthy eating habits early, and feeding your baby in the right position with a space to explore will make the experience even better. Learning to sit and eat with the family is a good habit to form right from the beginning.

However, our dining space and kitchen area weren’t designed to fit an extra bulky high chair. Luckily, today there are many fantastic high chairs that can be compactly folded and stored in a small space.

With so many features to consider, including extra trays, adjustable heights, reclining positions, comfort, and safety features, it can be a challenge to find the right high chair.

I have researched and compared many of the different folding high chairs available now. I will share this information, along with my personal experiences using a folding high chair, so that you will be able to know what features really matter. By the end of this article, you will feel confident knowing exactly which is the right one for your child and your family.

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What Should I Look for in a Folding High Chair?

Criteria #1: Safety Features

For me, safety is the most important feature because if your child is an escape artist, an accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Falling from a high position could badly injure your child.

There are two safety features that your high chair must-have. First, make sure that there is a piece on the seat that fits between your baby’s legs (passive restraint bar) so that they cannot slip through the bottom of the seat.

Secondly, a three-point harness will strap your child between and over the legs, and a five-point-harness will also have an extra seat belt over the shoulders that will ensure that they cannot get up and crawl off the side of the chair. Choose a chair with at least a three-point-harness.

Criteria #2: Comfort

Make sure to choose folding high chairs with ample padding, as feeding can take a long time, and the more comfortable the seat, the happier the experience.

Criteria #3: Adjustable Features

If you would like a high chair to grow with your child, choose one that is adjustable and will suit your child from infancy onward, until they won’t need a high chair anymore.

Other features such as height adjustments and reclining positions are also important, as you will be able to feed your baby at a height and angle that is most comfortable for both of you.

Criteria #4: Size When Folded

Depending on where you want to store your high chair, make sure to choose one that, when folded, will neatly fit into the space that you want to store it in.

Criteria #5: Ease of Cleaning

Eating is a messy business for kids learning how to feed themselves. It is important to choose a high chair that will be easy to keep clean. Choose high chairs with wipe-clean materials or seats that are machine washable.

Also, try to choose a foldable high chair with a food tray area that is dishwasher safe.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Folding High Chair

While researching the best folding high chairs, I only chose chairs that have the best available features for different needs and price points.

I also only chose folding high chairs that have rave reviews from parents that have used them and love them.

Our Top Picks for the Best Folding High Chair of 2024

#1: Graco Table2Table Fold 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair (Best Value)

Recommended age: first feeding to 6 years
Weight limit: 60 lbs.

Graco Table2Table Fold 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair
View on Amazon | $273.48

This foldable high chair is an Amazon’s Choice product that has everything you could dream of as a parent, and more. It can be used from the very first feed up until when your child doesn’t need a high chair anymore. This means you won’t have to worry about getting an infant feeding chair or a booster seat, or even a second chair if you have more than one child.

It Lasts From the First Feeding to 6 Years Old

This chair will grow with your child. You will be able to use it from the very first feeding (6 months) up until your child is old enough to sit at the table with the family comfortably without a high chair.

The high chair features an infant recline so that you can feed your little one in the correct position, and it has 5 different height adjustments depending on your child’s height, your comfort level, and the height of the family dining table.

The chair can be removed from the legs and converted into an infant seat booster, which can be fastened onto a chair and will bring your little one close to your table, so they will learn how to sit and eat with the family, forming good habits from the beginning.

A seat insert will fit your baby closely for a comfortable and supported fit. The soft material is gentle on the baby’s skin, can be wiped clean, and is machine washable.

The plastic food tray is easy to wipe clean and will fold neatly into the chair for easy and compact storage.

A footrest will provide even more comfort for your little one when sitting and eating for long periods of time. It also has three different positions and will grow with your child.

The infant booster will last up to 3 years or up to 40 pounds weight limit.

The toddler chair will elevate your child to be able to sit comfortably at the table with the family. The toddler booster seat can be used to age 6 or 60 pounds.

Two Kids Can Use It at the Same Time

If you have two children, the infant booster seat can be secured to the table, and the toddler chair option can be connected to the high chair legs and be used as a full-size high chair for an older child.

It Converts Into a Desk and Chair

To extend the life of this high chair even more, it can be converted into a desk and chair for your toddler to play on.

If you are looking for an all-in-one folding high chair that can even sit an infant and older child at the same time for a reasonable midrange price, this one has it all.

With an average of 5-star ratings on Amazon, it’s safe to say that parents are loving this high chair. Many parents love the versatility, ease of use, and quality of this high chair.

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#2: Peg Perego Siesta High Chair (Best Premium)

Recommended age: birth and up
Weight limit: 55 lbs.

Peg Perego Siesta High Chair
View on Amazon | $329.99

I have a particular soft spot for this foldable high chair, as this is the one I used for my own child. Although the Peg Perego doesn’t have as many different uses as the first high chair on the list, this one had everything I needed and was stylish and luxurious to boot.

It Has a Leather Seat

The seat is made from soft and silky Italian leather, which is easy to keep clean and maintain with a damp cloth and mild soap. I chose the raspberry color, but there are 6 different neutral leather tones to choose from to suit your personal style or décor.

The seat is well padded, and provides a very comfortable seat, even during long feeding sessions.

The Most Height Positions

The Peg Perego has the most height adjustments (9 positions) of all the high chairs on this list, so you are guaranteed to find a comfortable height for you and your baby. Also, like the Graco, the Peg Perego has a footrest for that extra sense of comfort and stability.

Like the Graco, this chair can be used from the first feed and reclines in 3 different positions to ensure that your baby is comfortable and seated in the right position when feeding. Also like the Graco, this chair is height adjustable, and your baby will be secure with a 5-point-harness and a passive restraint bar that will prevent them from slipping through the chair. My escape artist never managed to get out of this chair.

It Has a Storage Area

This is the only high chair on the list that has a handy little storage net connected to the back of the chair so that you can keep your extra items or your kid’s favorite toys close, but away from the mess.

It’s Easy to Move Around and to Clean

The feeding tray has an extra removable layer that clips out and is dishwasher safe. This feature was particularly useful to me when the upper tray was covered in food after a feeding. I could remove the dirty tray and there would be a clean one for my baby to play with his toys on while I cleaned the other one.

This high chair has four wheels, and by pushing and holding in a button, the wheels unlock, so it’s easy to move the chair around. I would often move it from the dining room into the kitchen when needed. The wheels at all other times are securely locked to prevent the chair from moving around.

If you would like your baby closer to the table for family meals, the tray can be removed and you still have the safety of the five-point-harness. The tray can be stored neatly at the back of the chair when not in use.

I can tell you from experience that this chair was easily wiped clean and folded out of sight. By the time I had finished using it, it still looked to be in perfect condition.

If you have a higher budget and are looking for a genuine leather foldable high chair that is both practical and very stylish, this is the one.

The Peg Perego has excellent reviews with many parents, including me, saying that it is comfortable, luxurious, durable, and of outstanding quality.

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#3: Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair (Best Portable)

Recommended Age: 3 months to 3 years
Weight limit: 35 lbs.

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair
View on Amazon | $58.76

This award-winning and Amazon’s Choice product is the perfect folding high chair that can go with you everywhere.

When you go camping, to the beach, for a picnic, feeding your baby comfortably can be a challenge. That’s why I love the Ciao! Baby High Chair, because it can easily travel anywhere with you.

It’s Portable

Unlike our first two options, this high simple fold-and-lock high chair is made to be portable. It is lightweight and even has its own carry bag, so when you are out, it’s so easy to carry.

The whole chair is made from very durable nylon fabric and will be comfortable for the baby, as it isn’t a hard surface to sit on.

The tray is covered in clear vinyl, which is very easy to be wiped clean.

With 9 stylish and fun color options to choose from, I love that the style matches outdoor camping chairs.

Safe, With Collapsible Fold

What I appreciate about this high chair is that, despite its portability, your baby’s safety will not be compromised. Like our first two chairs, this one has all the necessary safety features.

The Ciao! Baby has a completely collapsible, one-step fold. When unfolded, the strong metal legs will lock into place, which means the chair cannot collapse when the baby is seated.

There is a built-in piece of nylon that fits between your baby’s legs so that they cannot slip under the seat.

It also features a five-point-harness to securely keep your baby in place and prevent them from crawling out of the chair.

Carry Bag

If you want to be able to store and transport your folding high chair, this is the only one on the list that has its own carry bag and strap.

Deep Cup Holder

This is the only chair on this list that has a very convenient deep cup holder, which will prevent cups from being easily knocked over.

While I wouldn’t choose this one for everyday use at home, if you love spending a lot of time outdoors and are looking for a portable high chair that is safe, easy to travel with, and comfortable for your baby, this one will move you.

The reviews of the Ciao! Baby are fantastic. Lots of parents have commented that they love to take it everywhere, including on trips and to restaurants.

Some parents commented that the leg space can be a little too snug, so for some babies, this may be an issue. Because the tray is not made from a solid material, it can tend to sag slightly in the middle. Complaints about these issues were far and few between, and I can assure you most parents are very happy with this easy to fold high chair.

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#4: Cosco Simple Fold High Chair (Best Low Cost)

Recommended Age: 6 months and up
Weight Limit: 50 lbs.

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair
View on Amazon | $49

If you are looking for a no-frills, no-fuss high chair for a price that won’t hurt your wallet, I have found a winner.

This Cosco High Chair will fold and open in one easy step, similar to the Ciao! Baby. While not as compact as the Ciao! Baby, it can also be a good portable option, as it folds flat and is lightweight.


If you are looking for a high chair that will be simple and easy to use without breaking the bank, this is an excellent option. The removable tray with a cup holder has three different positions, so this chair is designed to grow with your baby.

7 Different Designs

Out of all the chairs on this list, I absolutely love the different patterns and colors this chair is available in.

The seat is generously padded and made from soft material that will be very gentle on your baby’s skin and keep your baby comfortable. The seat pad is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Like our first two options, this high chair also has a footrest for extra comfort and support.

It’s Safe

With a piece that fits between the baby’s legs, like our other choices, your baby cannot slip and fall off the seat. The tray clips out completely for easy washing.

The Cosco has a three-point-harness, unlike our other options that have a five-point safety harness. The three pieces wrap around the waist, legs, and between the legs. Although it doesn’t have straps around the shoulders, the leg straps will prevent your baby from being able to crawl out of the chair, and the piece in the middle will keep your baby from falling through the seat when the tray is removed.

If you need an easy-to-clean high chair that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but will get the job done at a very reasonable price, this one is a keeper.

With thousands of excellent reviews, this high chair is a very popular choice among parents and grandparents. The biggest complaint is that the back of the chair doesn’t support the baby in an upright position. I wouldn’t recommend this chair for babies that cannot sit up by themselves yet (usually around 6 months).

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#5: Graco Slim Spaces High Chair (Most Compact Fold)

Age recommendation: 6 months to 3 years
Weight limit: 40 lbs.

Graco Slim Spaces High Chair
View on Amazon

The Graco Slim Spaces High Chair is an Amazon’s Choice product. It comes preassembled and can be used right out of the box. It is easy to unfold in 3 quick steps and is a very compact fold, which is ideal for small spaces.

Very Compact Fold

Out of all the full-featured high chairs on this list, the Graco Slim Spaces High Chair has the most compact fold, at only 8 1/2 inches wide. This high chair will fit into a very small space so that it doesn’t have to become a permanent feature in your kitchen or dining room.

Plush Infant Cushion for Added Comfort

I love the fact that this chair comes with an extra-plush infant cushion so that even from the first feed the chair is comfortable and supports your baby in the right way.

When your baby no longer needs the extra insert, the toddler cushion is also well-padded and will be very comfortable for your toddler to sit in.

With 6 height options and 3 reclining positions, you will be able to find the ideal position for you and your baby. A footrest will add to your baby’s comfort while sitting and exploring in this high chair.

It’s Safe

Like all of the products on this list, this chair has all the safety features, including a three-point-harness or five-point safety harness to keep your little one from climbing out of the chair, and a plastic insert between your baby’s legs to keep your baby from slipping through the seat.

It’s Easy to Clean

The pillow is wipeable, stain-resistant, and can be placed in the washing machine, making this seat easy to keep clean and looking new.

The feeding tray is easily removed with one hand for easy washing up, and a snap-on-and-off topper tray will allow you to clean the dirty tray while your baby can continue to play on the clean one underneath.

If you want a high chair that will fold into the smallest of spaces but also has all the extra features, this one is a smart choice.

The parent reviews of this high chair are stellar. So many people have commented that they love the quality, height positions, and easy fold and storage of this high chair.

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#6: JOOVY Nook High Chair (Best Minimalist)

Recommended Age: 6 months and up
Weight limit: 50 lbs.

JOOVY Nook High Chair
View on Amazon

The JOOVY Nook High Chair has a very modern and stylish appearance, and its minimalist design allows for easy and compact folding and storage.

Made with a soft leatherette seat, it is very simple to keep clean and will keep your little one very comfortable. With 5 different colors to choose from, you will definitely find one that you love.

Swing Open Tray

The JOOVY Nook is the only high chair on this list that has a one-hand swing open tray, which allows you to open the tray without completely removing it, to more easily place your child in the seat in one easy step.

Putting your child into a high chair seat can prove to be a challenge. You need to gently fit their feet and legs between the seat and the tray, and babies don’t like to make this easy for you. This clever design makes placing your baby into the chair a breeze.

It comes with a click-off plastic tray insert that is also dishwasher safe. This will provide a clean space for your baby to play while you wash the tray insert.

The tray can also be fully removed to be cleaned, or if you would like to place your baby closer to a table.

Folds Like A Beach Chair

By unlatching the back of the high chair, this chair collapses and folds down exactly like a beach chair. Very compact folding will ensure it will fit into a small space. It is also light lightweight and has a handle for easy portability and travel.

It’s Safe and Comfortable

Although the seat height isn’t adjustable like the Graco Table2Table, Peg Perego, and Graco Slim Spaces, this chair will grow with your child as the tray is fully adjustable and can be adjusted outward in 4 different positions for a perfect fit as your child grows.

An adjustable five-point safety harness and a bar that fits between your little one’s legs will give you peace of mind knowing your child won’t be able to climb off or slip through the seat of the chair.

A footrest will add comfort and support for your little one when sitting and eating.

This high chair is BPA, BPS, phthalate, and lead free, ensuring your baby does not come in contact with any harmful toxins.

The legs are fitted with non-scratch floor pads, which will protect your floors when moving the chair around.

If you are looking for a modern high chair that is both stylish and practical and can also travel with you, the JOOVY Nook High Chair is a fabulous choice.

The parent reviews of this chair are excellent, with so many parents loving the fact that this chair is very stylish and compact. Many people love the one-hand swing open tray. There are some complaints that this chair can be difficult to clean, but these comments are few and far between. Honestly, feeding can be a messy business, and keeping any high chair 100% clean all the time is not always possible.

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#7: Oribel Cocoon Easy Clean High Chair (Easiest to Clean)

Recommended age: 6 months to 3 years
Weight limit: 45 lbs.

Oribel Cocoon Easy Clean High Chair
View on Amazon

If being able to keep your high chair clean as a whistle is a non-negotiable for you, and you don’t want to spend hours doing it, the Oribel Cocoon Easy Clean high Chair will thrill you.

This very modern-looking folding high chair is not only lovely to look at, but it is also ergonomically designed to keep your baby comfortable even for long feeding sessions. It comes in four gorgeous colors to suit your personal style or to match your décor.

Easiest to Clean

The seat is made from a waterproof, spongy EVA material that is soft to the touch, provides cushioning, and doesn’t have any seams for food to get stuck in. This chair is super easy to clean by simply wiping it with water.

With no removable material or seams for food to get stuck in, I’d say this is the easiest chair on this list to keep clean.

Side Feeding Attachment

With 6 different heights and 3 reclining positions, this high chair is perfect to use from the very first feed up until your child doesn’t need a high chair anymore.

Like many of the high chairs on this list, this one has an extra, dishwasher-safe tray insert, allowing you to clean a dirty tray while your child plays on a clean one.

When you want to remove the tray completely, you can stow it away using the magnetic attachment on the back of the chair.

This is excellent because when you feed your baby in the beginning, you don’t necessarily want a tray between you and your baby. The large tray is more useful later on when your child starts to explore and learn to feed themselves.

This high chair folds up easily and can be stored away in a small space.

This high chair has a very innovative design in which the main tray is removed and a food holder and cupholder will attach to an arm of the chair. This allows you to get closer to your baby while still having a convenient surface to hold the bowl and cup.

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Why Should I Use a High Chair That Folds?

There are two main reasons that you would want to use a high chair that folds.

Firstly, if you don’t have a lot of space or prefer not to have a high chair as a permanent fixture in your dining room or kitchen, a chair that can fold away and be stored in a small space or in a cupboard out of sight is a great option.

Another reason to have a high chair that can fold is if you want to be able to take it out with you. While not all foldable high chairs are made to be portable, many of them are, and this makes them very versatile.

Verdict: Your Best Folding High Chair 

I love all of the high chairs on this list, but the Graco Table2Table Fold 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair is my pick for best value high chair, as it has the most features for a reasonable, midrange price. It is perfect to use from infancy up until your child no longer needs it, and can be used for both an infant and a toddler at the same time.

If you have a higher budget and would love a plush Italian leather seat pad, pick the Peg Perego Siesta High Chair. This high-quality folding chair has the most height adjustments (9), can recline, and includes storage for extra items on the back of the chair.

If you want one of the best folding high chairs for camping or travel, pick the Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair. It is very light, has a 1 step compact collapsible fold, a carry bag, and a deep cupholder.

If you want to keep the spending under $50, pick the Cosco Simple Fold High Chair. This simple folding high chair comes in the most adorable designs, can be stored in a small space, and will not empty your pockets.

If you are looking for a full-featured folding high chair that will fit into a very small space, choose the Graco Slim Spaces High Chair. It comes with an extra-plush infant cushion and will fold up into only 8 1/2 inches wide.

If you want a minimalist folding high chair that is not only functional but incredibly stylish, choose the JOOVY Nook High Chair. The tray will adjust to your child’s growth, and the one-hand swing tray makes seating your baby incredibly easy.

If you need a high chair that will be easy to clean, choose the Oribel Cocoon Easy Clean High Chair. The seat is made with a soft waterproof foam that will keep your child comfortable, and the seamless design will ensure no food will get stuck and it is easy to wipe it clean.

Choosing the perfect folding high chair for you and your baby is a very personal choice. I believe choosing any of the chairs mentioned in this article will make feeding your child a positive, comfortable, and fun experience.

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