The Best Portable High Chairs for Travel in 2024

Weaning our baby onto solid foods and eventually teaching him to feed himself was a fun and exciting time for us as new parents. Using a high chair allowed us to feed him in a comfortable position, and also gave him the perfect space to explore and develop new skills.

Feeding your baby is not only a practical skill but also a social one. Children need to observe and learn how to eat at a table with the family.

For us, it made sense to not only have a high chair at home but to have one that could we could take out with us. We wanted to be able to take our child along to family, restaurants, on holidays, outdoors, and still be able to feed in comfort.

Choosing a good portable high chair can make going out with your child an absolute pleasure. But with so many types of portable high chairs available at the moment, choosing the right one can prove to be a daunting and confusing task.

No need to panic, though! I have done all the research for you, and by the end of this article, you will know which is the perfect portable high chair for you and your little one.

Types of Portable High Chairs for Travel

Full-featured portable high chairs

Full-featured high chairs are ideal for people who would prefer not to buy a second high chair for traveling. This type of high chair is full-sized and will have extra adjustable features.

Camping/Outdoor High Chairs

These portable high chairs are very lightweight and easy to travel with. They open and fold like a pop-up chair and are made specifically for outdoor adventures.

Something to note about outdoor chairs is that they are often not as high as full-sized travel high chairs.

Portable High Chair Harnesses/Covers

This is a material harness/cover that will fit onto most chairs, and safely and comfortably seat your child. This option is best for people who really don’t want to lug a portable high chair around with them, but also want the convenience to be able to seat their child on their own chair at the table. Conveniently, these will fit into any diaper bag.

Booster seats

Booster seats are an excellent choice if you are going to family or to restaurants so that your child can sit safely at the table and at a higher position.

You will need a chair to place them on, so they will not work outdoors without a chair unless they are made to double as floor chairs.

What Should I Look for in a Portable High Chair?

Criteria #1: Safety Features

Always choose a portable high chair that has safety features such as a 3-5 point harness that will prevent your child from being able to climb out of the chair, and a piece that fits between the baby’s legs so that they cannot fall through the bottom of the seat.

Criteria #2: Easy to Transport and Store

If you want your portable high chair to be convenient to take anywhere, make sure that it is lightweight, easy to fold up, and fits in your car.

Criteria #3: Check Age and Weight Limits

Choose a portable high chair that is suitable for the age and weight of your child.

Criteria #3: Type of Portable High Chair

Pick a high chair that suits your specific travel needs.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Portable High Chair for Travel

When deciding on the best portable high chairs for travel, I considered the most popular selling high chairs with the best features specifically for travel.

I also only chose portable high chairs with excellent reviews by parents that have used them and highly recommend them.

Our Top Picks for the Best Portable High Chair of 2024

#1: Summer Pop n Sit SE High Chair, Sweet Life Edition (Best Value)

Recommended age: 6 months and up
Weight limit: 45 lbs.

Summer Pop n Sit SE High Chair, Sweet Life Edition
View on Amazon | $69.99

The Summer Pop ‘n Sit portable high chair is an Amazon’s Choice product and is ideal for both indoor or outdoor use from the time your baby is able to sit by themselves up until they don’t need it anymore or reach 45 lbs.

This chair comes with a BPA-free plastic tray, including a built-in cup holder, which will give your little one a sturdy and solid surface to eat and play on.

This chair comes in two bright and fun colors to choose from: Aqua Sugar and Mango Melon.

With a 3-point harness and a plastic piece attached to the tray that fits between your baby’s legs when using the tray, your child will not be able to climb out of the chair or fall underneath the seat. The non-slip feet will keep the high chair from sliding.

It Has a Compact Pop ‘n Fold Design

This lightweight high chair sets up in seconds by simply popping up and easily folding down in one easy motion.

Its compact fold makes this high chair easy to store away in a small place or to take with you on all your outings.

It’s Easy to Keep Clean

The seat cover is completely removable and machine washable and the food tray can be placed into the dishwasher for effortless cleanup.

Comes with a Storage Bag and Shoulder Strap

This is a fantastic feature because when you are out with your baby there is usually so much equipment, including your child, that a bag and shoulder strap are a very big help.

Includes a Wet/Dry Bag

A very handy wet/dry bag can be connected to the high chair and will hold all your feeding extras such as wipes, snacks, and utensils.

It Has a Pocket on the Back of the Seat

A pocket on the back of the seat will allow you to be able to store easy-to-reach wipes, toys, or anything you need easy access to.

If you are looking for a high chair that you can use anywhere and everywhere, this one is a fabulous option and at a reasonable price.

The parent reviews of the Summer Pop ‘n Sit are outstanding. Many parents have commented that the chair is easy to travel with, sturdy, and very comfortable for their little ones. Some were disappointed that the seat height is not as tall as other high chairs, but it is designed this way to be used both indoors and outdoors.

#2: Joovy Nook NB High Chair (Best Premium)

Recommended age: newborns and up
Weight limit: 50 lbs.

Joovy Nook NB High Chair
View on Amazon

If you have a high budget, the Joovy Nook has all the bells and whistles. This full-featured portable high chair is the only high chair you will need for home and will easily travel with you on all your adventures.

Made from a soft leatherette fabric, this high chair is easy to wipe clean. Unlike most portable high chairs, this one is very well padded and will keep your little one comfortable even during long feeding sessions.

The 5-point harness is adjustable and includes shoulder straps and a plastic piece that fits between the baby’s legs, which will ensure your child is safe in their high chair at all times.

Ideal from Birth

Unlike my first choice, which can only be used from 6 months, the Joovy Nook is suitable from birth.

With three reclining positions and a soft and comfortable seat, you can seat your newborn with the family, and it will grow with your child up until they no longer need a high chair, or reach 50 pounds.

It has a One-Handed, Swing-Open Tray

If you have ever tried to place a baby with kicking legs in a high chair, in the small space between the chair and tray, you will know this is no simple task and requires one hand to hold the child and another to control their wriggling legs.

This very clever design allows the feeding tray to swing open to the side, allowing you all the space you need to place your baby with one hand in the chair before simply swinging the tray closed.

The Tray Is Adjustable and Toxin Free

The four-stage food tray adjusts outwards in four different positions, which means this high chair grows with your child.

The tray is BPS, BPS, phthalate, and lead-free, ensuring no harmful substances or toxins come into contact with your baby or their food.

The tray also has an extra tray insert, which most portable high chairs don’t have. You can take the dirty tray and place it into the dishwasher and still have a clean surface underneath for your child to play on.

It Comes in a Choice of Five Color

With five modern tones to choose from, this stylish high chair will suit your personal taste and décor.

One-Hand Folding Mechanism

The Joovy Nook is a space-saving high chair that folds open and closed in one easy step with one hand, just like a beach chair.

A handle allows you to easily carry the chair, and the compact folded down design makes this chair easy to store in a small space or transport in a car.

It Has a Footrest

This is the only portable high chair on this list that has a footrest, which can give your child that extra comfort and stability when eating and exploring.

Easy Mobility

The Joovy Nook has two front wheels, which enable this chair to effortlessly move around when open by lifting and pushing the back of the chair.

If the sky is the limit in terms of budget and you want a full-featured high chair that is also convenient to travel with, look no further than the Joovy Nook.

The parent reviews of the Joovy Nook are stellar, with many parents commenting that they love the swing-out tray, the fact that it is portable and easily folds out of the way, and that it is very comfortable for their little ones.

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#3: Baby Delight Go With Me Chair (Best for Camping/Outdoors)

Recommended age: 3 months and up
Weight limit: 75 lbs.

Baby Delight Go With Me Chair
View on Amazon | $49.99

If your family loves the outdoors and you need a portable high chair that will be a convenient addition to your trips, the Baby Delight is an Amazon’s Choice product, and it was built for outdoor lovers.

A five-point harness will keep your little one safely in the seat and can be removed when they no longer need to be strapped in.

Like our first two choices, this chair also comes with a solid plastic feeding tray for your kid to eat on and explore.

The durable polyester fabric is built to last and is very easy to simply wipe clean.

It has Extended Use

The Baby Delight has the highest weight capacity of all the chairs on this list (75 pounds!) and is built to grow with your child.

Initially, the chair can be used from around 3 months to seat and feed your child. When your child is ready to start standing, the bottom fabric of the chair can be removed, revealing two leg holes that allow your little one to stand in an enclosed net underneath the chair. This is the only high chair I have seen with this unique feature, which allows your child to stretch and explore in even more ways.

When your child no longer needs a high chair, the safety harness can be removed and it becomes a mini camping chair that will last your child up to 75 pounds.

It Comes with a Sun Canopy

If you want to enjoy the sunny outdoors and also be able to protect your baby’s delicate skin, this is the only portable high chair on this list that has a removable sun canopy.

It Pops Up and Has a Carry Bag

Similar to our first choice, this chair also pops up and folds in seconds and, like the Summer Pop ‘n Sit, it has 8 points of contact with the ground. This makes the chair very sturdy even on uneven ground or beach sand.

Like the Summer Pop ‘n Sit, this chair also comes with a carry bag and shoulder strap, allowing for very convenient carrying.

Six Colors to Choose From

The Baby Delight is available in six beautiful solid colors to choose from, and you are bound to find one that you love.

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor portable high chair, the Baby Delight is a smart choice. The parent reviews of the Baby Delight are excellent, with many parents saying that the chair is sturdy, comfortable, and the perfect travel companion for your little one and older children who enjoy having their very own camping chair.

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#4: Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat (Best Low Cost)

Recommended age: 6 months and up
Weight limit: 50 lbs.

Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

Get the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat at Walmart

If you need a portable booster chair and don’t want to pay a ton, this excellent quality Fisher-Price booster seat can be used anywhere where it can be fitted to most dining chairs.

I would recommend the Fisher-Price booster seat for slightly older children as there is no padding on this seat. Children should be able to sit up comfortably on their own before using this booster seat (around 6 months).

A three-point safety harness will make sure that your little one cannot climb out of this seat, and the harnesses can be adjusted as your child grows.

It’s Easy to Clean

The Fisher-Price booster seat is made from plastic and has no material or crevices for food to get stuck in, making this chair one of the easiest ones to keep clean. The removable tray is also dishwasher-safe for super easy cleaning.

It has a Snap-on Tray and Tray Cover

The Fisher-Price booster seat comes with an extra tray insert and a tray cover to keep your tray clean, or to contain the mess when out and clean it at home.

It’s Very Lightweight and Easy to Travel With

The backrest fits into the chair, and the strap used to secure the seat to a chair doubles as a convenient shoulder strap, so your hands are free to carry your baby and any other equipment.

Weighing only two pounds, it’s very lightweight to carry around.

Three Height Adjustments

This Fisher-Price booster seat is the only portable high chair on this list that has three height adjustments. With three height levels, your little one will always be at the most comfortable height for them at the table.

It Converts into a Toddler Booster Seat

When your child no longer needs the tray and wants to be closer to the table, the backrest and tray can be removed, and the booster seat will convert into a toddler booster seat.

It’s Budget Friendly

At a much lower price than full-size portable high chairs, this booster seat will give your child a safe place to sit at the table. If you are looking for a low-cost portable high chair, the Fisher-Price doesn’t disappoint and will travel with you anywhere with ease.

The parent reviews of this Fisher-Price seat are fantastic. Many parents love the fact that this chair is easy to keep clean, well made, and a pleasure to travel with.

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#5: Inglesina Fast Table Chair Plus Tray (Best Hook-On Chair)

Recommended age: 6 months and up
Weight limit: 37 lbs.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair Plus Tray
View on Amazon | $98

The Inglesina is an Amazon’s Choice product and is an excellent alternative to a full-size portable high chair.

By simply clipping and securing it onto a table, you can make sure your little one sits comfortably during family meals at home, at restaurants, or even at outdoor picnic tables.

The three-point harness will keep your child securely fastened to the chair and prevent any accidents.

In terms of safety, it’s important to check what table types it’s safe to connect this type of chair onto.

It’s a Fast Table Chair

Simple twist-tight couplings allow you to connect this chair very quickly to most tables and leave the surfaces of tables scratch-free. This brings your little one right up to the table so that they feel part of the family meal.

It Has an Optional Tray

Most hook-on chairs don’t come with a tray. The Inglesina has a detachable tray that will contain your child’s food from spreading outside the baby’s eating area on the table. It also has a cup holder to prevent your child’s bottle or cup from spilling.

It’s Easy to Travel With

The Inglesina folds flat and has a carry bag attached to the underside of the seat, so you won’t need to worry about knowing where your chair cover is.

It’s Comfortable

A lifted backrest and a firm seat will keep your little one comfortable, even for long periods of time.

The Fabric Is Washable

The fabric of the Inglesina is easy to keep clean by hand washing it at 86 degrees.

It Comes in Eight Different Colors

Of all the portable high chairs in this article, the Inglesina has the most color choices, so you will definitely find a color that you adore.

It Has a Back Pocket

The back pocket is great to use for easy access to wipes, toys, or anything else you may need in a hurry.

A clip-on portable chair is a great choice for someone who prefers not to purchase a full-size portable high chair but still needs a safe seat for their child at home or on outings.

The parent reviews of this portable chair are impeccable. Many people commented that this is a brilliant alternative if you don’t want a bulky full-size portable chair, as this one takes absolutely no floor space.

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#6: Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat (Best Travel Booster Seat)

Recommended age: 6 months to 3 years
This travel booster seat is an Amazon’s Choice product and is packed with great features.

Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat
View on Amazon | $35.92

Booster seats are ideal for going out to friends’ homes, restaurants and giving your child a higher and comfortable seat at the table.

Safety straps will secure this seat onto most dining chairs and kitchen chairs. It is also perfect as a floor seat outdoors on grass, or even on beach sand.

Three-point safety harness straps will keep your child safe in their seat, and the one-hand release will make taking your little one out of the seat a breeze.

It Has Tip-Free Stability for the Outdoors

Attachable non-skid duck feet create a stable seat even on unstable surfaces such as grass or beach sand.

It has a Swivel Tray That Is Dishwasher-Safe

Like the Joovy Nook, the Hiccapop also has a swivel tray, which allows you to seat your little one comfortably and with one hand, simply by swinging the tray closed.

The plastic tray is BPA-fee and dishwasher safe for very easy cleanup.

It Has a Machine Washable Cover

When your cover gets dirty, simply remove the fabric cover and put it in the washing machine to get it clean as a whistle.

It has a Back Storage Space

Like the Inglesina and some of the other portable high chairs, the Hiccapop also comes with a very handy back pocket to keep easy to reach items such as wipes or toys.

Very Roomy Fit

The Hiccapop has been redesigned for an extra-wide and spacious seat to ensure that your child will be comfortable and have enough space to eat and explore.

Pop ‘n Fold Design with a Travel Bag

The Hiccapop is very lightweight and will simply pop up. The legs are then locked into place for extra safety. It can then simply be unlocked, folded, and placed into a carry bag, and carried with a shoulder strap.

Lifetime Satisfaction

If something goes wrong with your Hiccapop, you are guaranteed to get it remedied by the company that makes it.

If you are looking for a small and lightweight booster seat that can be used on a chair or on the ground, the Hiccapop is a brilliant option. The parent reviews are very encouraging, with many parents commenting that it is very easy to travel with and that the customer service for this product is excellent.

#7: liuliuby Travel Harness Seat (Best Travel Harness)

Recommended age: 6 months and up

liuliuby Travel Harness Seat
View on Amazon | $27.99

Another alternative to a full-size portable high chair is the travel harness. The liuliuby Travel Harness Seat is an Amazon’s Choice product and will provide a safe space for your child to sit on a chair anywhere.

This harness will fit onto almost any dining room chair. Although it won’t lift your child up to table height, it will still provide a safe space to seat your child.

Like all of our travel chairs on this list, this one also has a safety harness to ensure that your child is secured safely to the seat. The 3-point-harness will secure your little one’s legs to the seat so that they cannot climb out of the chair.

It’s the Most Compact to Travel With

This travel harness is made from lightweight material that simply rolls up into a cylinder and is secured closed by velcro and will fit into any diaper bag.

This is the smallest and lightest of all the portable high chairs on the list.

It’s Easy to Set Up

By simply unrolling the material, the bottom straps are first connected to the back of the dining chair. The top straps are then secured to the top of the dining chair, and then you simply place the baby into the harness and secure and adjust the three-point straps.

The Seat is Padded for Comfort

The seat pad is made from a soft fabric that is padded to ensure your little one’s optimal comfort. Additionally, the straps on the top have anti-slip pads to ensure the seat doesn’t slip down.

Machine Washable Fabric

This travel chair is machine washable, which makes this the easiest chair on the list to keep clean.

If you need a travel seat for your baby but want something that will simply fit into your bag and seat your baby safely, the liuliuby will do the job.

The parent reviews of this portable harness are excellent. Parents commented that this harness comes in handy often and keeps their child secure and comfortable at the table.

Is a High Chair for Travel Really Necessary?

If you like to travel and take your baby along with you, a travel high chair will certainly make the experience far more pleasant. Instead of holding your baby on your lap, you will be able to seat your baby comfortably anywhere you choose to take them with.

This will leave you hands-free to feed your baby and yourself!

How Does a Travel High Chair Compare to a Regular High Chair?

A regular high chair won’t necessarily have features that make the chair portable. For example, a travel high chair will be light-weight and be easy and compact to fold and carry.

Because travel high chairs need to be minimalistic and lightweight, they often won’t have as many features as full-featured, regular high chairs, such as multiple height positions.

Verdict: The Best Portable High Chairs in 2021

Although I love all of the travel high chairs on this list, my choice for the best travel high chairs in terms of great features for a reasonable price would be the Summer Pop n Sit SE High Chair, Sweet Life Edition. It is a full-size high chair that can be used both indoors or outdoors, has a simple pop ‘n fold design, a plastic tray, and a carry bag.

If you have a higher budget and want a full-featured high chair, pick the Joovy Nook NB High Chair. It is suitable from birth, has an adjustable swing-open tray and tray insert, three recline positions, one-handed folding mechanism, and a carry handle for easy storage and portability.

If you need a portable high chair specifically for the outdoors or camping, choose the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair. This chair will grow with your little one up to 75 pounds, has a sun canopy, pop ‘n fold design, a carry bag, plastic tray, and comes in a choice of six different colors.

If you want to keep the spending under $40, pick the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. This chair is all plastic and therefore easy to wipe clean, has an extra pop on tray and tray cover, fits onto most chairs, has three height positions, folds up, and has a shoulder strap for easy transport.

If you want a hook-on travel chair, choose the Inglesina Fast Table Chair Plus Tray. This is a fast table chair that will simply clip onto a table, has a clip-on tray, a built-in travel bag, and a back storage pocket.

If you are looking for a travel booster seat that can also be used outdoors as a floor chair, pick the Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat. It has tip-free stability duck feet for outdoor terrain, fits onto most chairs, has a dishwasher-safe swivel tray, a wide comfort fit, a machine washable cover, pop ‘n fold design, travel bag, and lifetime satisfaction.

If you want a simple travel harness that will fit onto most chairs, choose the liuliuby Travel Harness Seat. This is the most compact and lightweight of all the travel chairs; it will fit into any diaper bag, it’s easy to set up, made from soft fabric, padded, and completely machine washable.

Choosing the best travel high chair will depend on what you want to use it for, but I feel confident that choosing any of the portable chairs mentioned in this article will definitely make life more comfortable for you and your child when traveling.

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