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The Best Kids Karaoke Machine in 2024 (My Experience)

In our home, we love a good sing-fest. We break out the karaoke machine, popcorn, and pop and stretch our lungs to the max. We love to sing, even though, honestly, not a single one of us can carry a tune. But, we don’t care. It’s all in good fun. Nothing’s better than hearing my six-year-old sing a Justin Bieber song or my 23-year-old singing Adele. I personally am a fan of anything country while the husband gets into heavy metal and punk rock.

Regardless of what type of music you love, having a karaoke machine and singing like no one’s listening is, in my opinion, the best therapy a person could ask for. This is especially true if you’ve had a bad day or a bad week. It’s such a great stress reliever and oh so much fun.

Something to keep in mind, however, is not all karaoke machines are created equal. For example, there are karaoke microphones and karaoke machines. Most have volume controls, but not all. Some allow for lyrics of the songs to be viewed on the TV or a smart device, while others have a built-in display screen. You can find a machine with speakers built into the karaoke machine or with the speakers built into the microphone. I do recommend finding a karaoke machine with volume controls though, especially if you don’t own a pair of sound-canceling headphones.

If you’re anxious about buying a karaoke machine for your kids or don’t know where to start, I am more than happy to help you. So, from here, you can carry on reading or feel free to jump straight to our number #1 pick on Amazon.

What Should I Look for in a Kids Karaoke Machine?

To find the perfect karaoke machines for kids, you might want to factor in the following considerations before making your purchase.

Criteria #1: Will my kids have fun with it?

You want your kids to love playing with their karaoke machine, whether they’re practicing to be the next pop star or just wanting to have some weekend fun with the friends.

Criteria #2: Does it have volume controls and features?

This is a good question to ask of your karaoke machine. Unless your child is the next Selena Gomez or Justin Beiber, you want to be able to have some sort of volume controls, so they don’t drive you out of your mind with their singing.

Criteria #3: Will it play different songs via Bluetooth or an MP3 player?

Your kids more than likely will get bored if their karaoke machine only plays a handful of songs. Look for one that can be used via Bluetooth or with an MP3 player, so they have more song options.

Criteria #4: Does it have quality speakers and microphones?

When your child is creating their music magic, make sure they’re working with quality speakers and karaoke mics. These features will ensure they keep up their musical love, and who knows, maybe even create their own masterpiece.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Kids Karaoke Machine

I’ve determined the best karaoke machines for kids by looking at several karaoke machines at various stores and examining their features and reviews. I’ve also owned a couple over the years, so I’ve used my experience with them to evaluate which ones I would buy for my own child. If I wouldn’t buy it for my child, it won’t be on this list. It’s only fair.

Our Top Picks for the Best Kids Karaoke Machine of 2024

#1: Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System (Best Value)

Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System
View on Amazon | $74.99

This singing karaoke machine has everything your child needs to get the party started. They’ll light up the night with the disco lights as they sing along with their favorite stars and songs.

CD Player

The top-loading CD player not only plays all audio CDs but also CD+G karaoke discs.

Bluetooth + USB Port

Your child’s favorite song is at their fingertips when they stream music from a cell phone or other compatible device, or they can use the USB port to play MP3+G files when supported with an MP3 player.

Disco Lights

The 54 LED disco lights with a dimmer setting will give your child the ability to set the ambiance.

Built-In Speaker

These karaoke systems have a built-in speaker enclosed in a wooden box for great sound quality.

RCA Cables

Let your child connect their karaoke machine to the television via the included RCA cables for plug-and-play fun, and watch as they sing along with the lyrics.

Product Reviews

This is a quality karaoke machine for the price. The ability to plug the machine into the television for the full karaoke experience was a great selling point. This is a must-have.

YouTube video

#2: KaraoKing Karaoke Machine (Best Premium)

KaraoKing Karaoke Machine
View on Amazon | $149.99

If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles in a karaoke machine for kids, don’t pass up on this system. Your kids are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood when they break out the KaraoKing Karaoke Machine. Whether you’re having a family night in the living room or it’s your kid’s birthday party, this is sure to bring new life to the event.

Two Microphones

These karaoke machines come with not one, but two microphones for extra fun with siblings or friends. Heck, get the parents in on it, too!

Disco Ball

The disco ball is perfect to get everyone in the mood for some singing and dancing.

USB, AUX, Bluetooth, FM Radio

Connect your phone or tablet to this machine with virtually anything you want, so you’re always ready to rock out with some good music.

Built-In Wheels

The built-in wheels let this kids’ karaoke machine travel wherever you need it to go, whether it’s your basement or the friend’s house down the street. The built-in handles ensure you never have to worry about handles breaking off and the machine crashing down, making this a great portable karaoke machine.


Be your own DeeJay with the master equalizer. You get to control the bump of the bass, the trill of the treble, and so much more.

Product Reviews

This item has excellent reviews. In fact, I couldn’t find one negative review. It’s a hit with kids and adults alike, who say it’s a blast to get out for any occasion. You don’t want to miss out on this karaoke machine.

YouTube video

#3: eKids Frozen 2 Bluetooth CDG Karaoke Machine (Best For Frozen Fans)

eKids Frozen 2 Bluetooth CDG Karaoke Machine
View on Amazon | $74.99

Is your little one a huge Frozen 2 fan who loves to sing? Well, the eKids Frozen 2 Bluetooth CDG Karaoke Machine is perfect for them. They’ll be singing like Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff in no time.


Comparable to the Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System and the KaraoKing Karaoke Machine, this machine has Bluetooth capabilities when connected to a compatible device. Want to take it on the go? Now your little one has their very own portable speaker to sing along with.

LED Flashing Lights

Your child can really perform with the flashing lights that are LED lights.

Plays CD and CD+G Disks

Similar to the Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System, this one also has a CD top-loader. Pop in the CD+G to connect the karaoke machine to your television, and your child can easily sing along with the lyrics.

Auto Voice Control

The auto voice control feature automatically lowers the vocals of the song your child is singing, so they can truly be the star of their own show while still having some sort of volume control.

Product Reviews

Reviews say this is a great quality karaoke machine. It’s very easy to set up and use. It’s perfect for every Frozen fan.

#4: Kids Karaoke Machine Toy Microphone (Best Low Cost)

Your children will have a blast belting out their favorite tunes with the Kids Karaoke Machine Toy Microphone. The only problem they’ll have will be figuring out what song options they want to sing next.

4-1 Function

This karaoke microphone can be used as a microphone, Bluetooth speaker, voice changer, or singing recorder. The perfect product for keeping your little one entertained for hours.

Sound Effects

With a professional audio processor and tuning system, three layers of high-density noise reduction, and echo reverberation, this karaoke microphone works great as a voice changer. It comes in five sound settings: original sound, a child’s voice, a woman’s voice, a male’s voice, and an old man’s voice. Your child will have all the fun with these features.

Fun LED Lights

The LED lights jump to the beat of the music to create the perfect singing and dancing atmosphere.


One of the best features of these microphones for kids is that it’s wireless. You don’t have to worry about your child tripping over or getting tangled up in the cords.

Rechargeable Battery

This comes with a 3.2400mAh rechargeable battery with built-in accessories that allow for seven to eight hours of continuous use on a full charge.

Product Reviews

This is a great karaoke microphone with professional sound quality at an even better price. It’s definitely recommended by customers everywhere.

#5: Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player (Best Compact Karaoke Machine)

Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player
View on Amazon

This plug and play karaoke player will be a hit with your kids. And the best part is, it’s a great compact and easily portable karaoke machine, meaning you don’t have to worry about trying to lug it around!

CD+G Player

Similar to the Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System and the eKids Frozen 2 Bluetooth CDG Karaoke Machine, this is a vertical load CD+G Player.

Disco Lights Effect

The two-digit LED light display with disco effects will ensure a great time for all kids involved.

Two Microphone Jacks

This karaoke player comes with two microphone jacks, so more than one person can sing at a time. Duet, anyone?

Auto Voice Controls

Also, like the eKids Frozen 2 Bluetooth CDG Karaoke Machine, this has auto voice controls along with balance and echo features for fun voice effects and sound effects.

Product Reviews

This makes for a lively party. Plugging it into the tv to sing the lyrics is so much fun.

#6. VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio (Best for Toddlers)

VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio
View on Amazon

VTech is at it again. This time with their VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio, allowing your toddler and little ones to get in on the musical action with their very own recording studio.

Records Music

This toy allows the young artist to record and play back their own music.

Real Microphone

Your toddler will love playing with the real microphone and voice changer as they find their musical voice with these machines.

Pretend Play Instruments

Your little ones will also have the opportunity to express their creativity and explore a variety of sounds, from drums to a whammy bar, even a scratch disk. Even at an early age, they’ll get the full effect of being their own deejay.

Over 40 Songs and Sound Effects

With over 40 song options and sound effects, your toddler will be able to follow along and listen to the tunes of jazz, techno, and rock and roll.

Light-Up Keyboard

The light-up keyboard also teaches your child tempo, rhythm, and melody.

Batteries Required

The VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio do take three AA batteries. Luckily, they are included for demo use, but you’ll want to purchase more soon since the demo batteries don’t tend to have long battery life.

Product Reviews

This is a great instrument and karaoke toy for children in the age range of three to six years old. Definitely kid approved.

YouTube video

#7. Singing Machine Kids Pedestal Kids Karaoke System (Best with Stand)

Singing Machine Kids Pedestal Kids Karaoke System
View on Amazon | $88.87

The Singing Machine Kid’s Pedestal Kids Karaoke System will bring hours of fun to your little artist. These are great karaoke machines if you’re looking for one with a microphone stand.

Six Voice Changers

These karaoke machines come with six voice changing effects that include echo and radio sound effects as well as male, female, robot, and chipmunk voice changers. Your child will love hearing themselves as they manipulate their voices.


The memory lets your child record and playback their performances. There’s also an auto shut off, so you don’t have to worry about the machine staying on continuously.

Connects via Bluetooth

Connect this karaoke machine via any Bluetooth enabled device.

Adjustable Height

The Singing Machine Kid’s Pedestal Kids Karaoke System comes with an adjustable height microphone stand that can also detach for use on a tabletop.

Two Microphones

The two microphones allow for duets, so your children can have a blast singing their favorite songs together.

AC Adapter Included

An AC adapter is included, or use as a portable karaoke machine with four C batteries. These batteries aren’t included, so you’ll want to keep that in mind if you’re planning a car trip.

Product Reviews

This karaoke machine is so much fun. Customer reviews say it’s high quality and their children love it.

YouTube video

Do I Need a Machine With a Screen?

The short answer here is no, you don’t necessarily need a karaoke machine with a screen. The budding artist can simply sing along by memorizing lyrics.

However, a screen will greatly enhance the ambiance and experience of using the karaoke machine. Some of these machines come with their own screen already on the machine, while others are plug and play to be used with your television or smart device.

How Do I Throw A Karaoke Party for My Kid?

Make your invitations fun. Have them look like VIP tickets or backstage passes to the party.

Have your kids’ guests come dressed as their favorite rock, country, or pop star.

Come up with and decorate a staging area. Whether you are handy enough to actually build a stage or just have an area taped off, this will surely set the scene for some good times. Give them enough room for multiple kids to sing and dance at the same time.

Rent or buy your own machine. Renting takes all the guesswork out of setting the machine up, but in all honesty, the karaoke machines for kids aren’t that difficult and can be done with just one person.

Download your favorite karaoke program via Bluetooth or buy a karaoke disc. Be sure there are some of your kids’ and their friends’ favorite songs included so that they’ll want and be able to sing along.

Provide easy-to-eat finger snacks in the shapes of musical instruments or notes.

Get some musical party favors such as glow bracelets, sunglasses, inflatable guitars and microphones, or CDs that include some of the songs from the karaoke playlist.

How Can My Kids Do Karaoke Without a Machine?

One of the easiest ways for your kids to do karaoke without a machine is to find their favorite songs with lyrics on YouTube using a smart TV or another smart device. They can use a wireless karaoke microphone to create music magic.

Verdict: Your Best Kids Karaoke Machine 

Below I have summarized my top picks for the best karaoke machines for kids.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System. This is great family fun with its ability to play CDs and its capabilities for Bluetooth enabled devices as well as its great sound quality with the built-in speaker.

If you want the best premium karaoke machine, pick the KaraoKing Karaoke Machine. This karaoke machine not only has a cool disco ball and various deejay settings, but it also comes with two microphones for even more fun.

If you’re shopping for a Frozen fan, pick the eKids Frozen 2 Bluetooth CDG Karaoke Machine. Your child will love singing along with their favorite characters and songs with this karaoke machine and can really put on a show with the LED lights.

If you’re looking to save some money on a karaoke microphone, pick the Kids Karaoke Machine Toy Microphone. With the different sound effects and LED lights, your child will be creating music magic in no time.

If you want a compact karaoke machine, pick the Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player. This karaoke machine allows for dual microphones with its two jacks as well as CD+G ability with a vertical CD loader.

If you’re looking for karaoke machines for toddlers, pick the VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio. This karaoke machine lets your little ones explore their musical creativity with their own recording studio that includes a microphone and instrumental sounds as well as over 40 songs and sound effects.

If you’re looking for karaoke machines with a stand, pick the Singing Machine Kids Pedestal Kids Karaoke System. This karaoke machine not only connects via Bluetooth or MP3 player but comes with a pedestal stand that is also removable.

These systems will be the life of any party and are a great activity to bring the family together. While, yes, you can rent a karaoke machine if you only plan on using it once, it will be more cost efficient (not to mention fun) if you just order one via online store links. You might even be able to find a quality system by following advertisement links. Your children (and family) will thank you. Plus, who doesn’t love to hear their little one having a blast singing their little heart out to their favorite Disney music or pop song?

A couple of things to remember before you buy. Make sure it has the features your kids are looking for, including voice effects and a good quality microphone and speakers. Another thing to consider is its music options. Look for one that has CD, Bluetooth, or MP3 capabilities, so you don’t have to worry about your children getting bored with the same old songs over and over. Finding one with the ability to show the lyrics either on the TV or a display on the karaoke machine will provide for even more excitement as your child follows along with the words.

Whichever machine you choose, have fun with it. Get in on the action and sing some songs with the kiddos!

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