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Daniel Sher, M.A. Clinical Psychologist

Daniel Sher is a clinical psychologist at a private practice and a locum therapist at the Western Cape Health Department.

Sher completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of Cape Town (UCT). During this time, he was trained in various modalities of psychotherapy as well as psychological assessment at the UCT Child Guidance Clinic. Furthermore, he completed his master's thesis, titled, Cultural Discourse Among South African Clinical Psychologists, and presented his findings at the European Congress of Psychology in Stockholm, 2013.

In 2015 he worked at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital. More specifically, he worked at the Male Admissions Unit (acute psychosis), as well as Alexandra Hospital (Inpatient Unit and Outpatient Service for adults with comorbid Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness), J2 Psychiatry Unit at Groote Schuur Hospital and Hanover Park Community Health Clinic.

Under supervision of clinical psychologists and in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams, he worked intersubjectively with clients suffering from psychiatric disorders using individual psychotherapy, psychoeducational groups and family interventions. He also completed psychometric and neuropsychological interventions, the latter of which involved case presentations to the Division of Neuropsychiatry at Groote Schuur Hospital.

As a Community Service Clinical Psychologist (2016), he was employed by the Western Cape Department of Health. he worked at a district level general hospital: Khayelitsha District Hospital, where he engaged in psychological interventions with clients dealing with various psychiatric disorders and comorbid medical conditions. He also provided outreach therapy services at two community health clinics and worked closely with a multi-disciplinary team consisting of psychiatrists, nurses, and family physicians.

His professional interests as a therapist include long-term psychodynamically informed therapeutic models, in addition to cognitive-behavioral and other short term solution-focused interventions.

Academic Studies:

Sher, D., & Long, W. (2015). Cultural discourses in apartheid-era psychology, 1980–1994. South African Journal of Psychology, 45(4), 452–465.

Sher, D., & Long, W. (2012). Historicising the Relevance Debate: South African and American Psychology in Context. South African Journal of Psychology, 42(4), 564–575.

Website: https://danielshertherapy.com/

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