The 7 Best Nerf Guns in 2024 – My Top List

Nerf guns have proven to be the toy for boys and girls of all ages. It’s one toy that has stood the test of time. They’re so much fun that they can make even the grouchiest adult feel like a kid again. With the best Nerf guns, you can be sure your children will get off their tablets and away from video games long enough to take on zombies or finish the war started by their Nerf rival down the street. These guns are relatively easy to aim and shoot, but of course one of the best features of these guns is that the darts are made of foam, so you don’t have to worry about your children breaking that new television on accident.

However, there are so many models of Nerf guns, it can be hard to determine which is the perfect one for your son or daughter. That’s where I come in. I’m going to tell you what to look for in a Nerf gun, how I’ve determined my top best list and, of course, my list of the best Nerf guns on the market today.

So, from here you can carry on reading or jump straight to our number #1 Amazon pick here.

What Should I Look for in a Nerf Gun?

Not all Nerf guns and blasters are created equal. You can find them with chain links, barrels, a hopper feed, or an indexing clip. They also come motorized, powered by hand pumping, or some simply work by pulling a trigger. Others may have a trigger lock to keep them from shooting the darts until the trigger is pulled.

With so many options, it’s no wonder parents are confused when it comes to finding the best Nerf guns for their children. Regardless of the features you choose, with these toys your child will be ready for their next friendly battle, or even a zombie strike or alien invasion.

Luckily, we’ve come up with a few criteria for you to keep in mind when considering the best Nerf gun.

Criteria #1: How old is your child?

Nerf guns are specifically designed for children in the eight and older age range.

Criteria #2: How is it operated?

Determine if your child wants to use a hand pump or a motorized action gun. You can find the best Nerf guns with either of these capabilities. There are even some that come with both features.

Criteria #3: Does it take batteries?

While some Nerf guns don’t require batteries, others do. Keep this in mind before making your purchase. You don’t want to be caught off guard needing batteries if you don’t have them on hand already.

What type of ammo does it use?

Thankfully, these all use foam darts and rockets. None of these is a tennis ball blaster. You’re welcome.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Nerf Gun

When it came to determining the best Nerf guns, I took into account the experiences of other parents by reading the reviews. This is a great way to look at the pros and cons of each product. I also considered the features compared to the price because no one wants an overpriced toy. Finally, I thought about my family and our own experiences with these toys.

Our Top Picks for the Best Nerf Gun of 2024

#1: Nerf Zombie Ripchain Combat Blaster (Best Value)

Nerf Zombie Ripchain Combat Blaster
View on Amazon | $29.99

Your children will be ready for a Nerf zombie strike with this 25-dart chain toy gun. They’ll be saving their brother and sister from the end of the world in no time. That’s because the Nerf Zombie Ripchain Combat Blaster is the best Nerf gun in zombie hunting.

25-Dart Chain

The Nerf Zombie Ripchain Combat Blaster comes with 25 darts, and if that’s not enough, you can purchase even more darts separately. Your child will have no trouble hitting their target with these rounds.

Pump-Action Blasting

Take on the apocalypse 25 darts at a time using this gun’s handpump action. All your child needs to do is load the darts into the chain, prime the blaster, and pull the trigger. Boom. End of the apocalypse. They’ve successfully saved Mom and Dad from those gory zombies.

Fast Action Blasting

If those zombies are swarming and coming in fast, the slam-fire action might be a bit more efficient in saving the neighborhood. Simply hold down the trigger while pumping the handle forward and backward. The Nerf zombie strike won’t last long.

No Batteries Required

One of the best features of the Nerf Zombie Ripchain Combat Blaster is that there are no batteries required. I know! Can you believe it? A toy that doesn’t take 3,000 batteries. What?

Product Reviews

Parents say this is a good quality toy gun. It doesn’t feel cheaply made. Also, the chain feeds well, which is important with these types of toys since jams are no fun and might even cause the gun to break.

YouTube video

#2: Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon Mega Blaster (Best Premium)

Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon Mega Blaster
View on Amazon | $88

The Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon Mega Blaster reinvents what you thought a Nerf gun should be. This motorized gun is one of the best Nerf guns on the market today. Because it’s motorized, however, it does take six D batteries.

Motorized Blaster

This motorized Nerf gun is designed to deliver incredible rapid-fire speeds at the target. Your children will be taking out their friends and targets with the simple ease of pulling the trigger.

24-Dart Drum

Watch the MEGA darts go screaming through the air with this 24-dart drum.

Long Firing Capabilities

These can fire darts up to 100 feet per second for long-range fun. Your children will be able to shoot at their targets, no matter how far away they are. This is one of the best Nerf guns for its firing distance capabilities.

Comes with 72 Darts

If the motorized blaster and 24-dart drum with long-distance firing capabilities won’t sell you on this toy, the 72 MEGA darts should. Your child won’t have to worry about running out of ammo with this one.


There is some light part assembly required for this blaster but thankfully, you don’t need to worry about tools.

Also, because of the 6 D batteries this gun is on the heavier side, so it’s not suitable for the younger crowd.

Product Review

This is a hit with parents and children alike. It provides hours of excitement and fun.

YouTube video

#3: Nerf Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster (Best for Halo Fans)

Nerf Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster
View on Amazon

So, your kid loves playing Halo, huh? But you’re looking for a way to get them out of the house. What do you do? You buy them one of the best Nerf blasters available.

Inspired by the Video Game

These Nerf guns were inspired by the blaster in Halo Infinite. Your child will spend hours pretending to be the Master Chief and taking on the alien alliance with this Nerf blaster.

Motorized Blasting

Just like the Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon Mega Blaster, the Nerf Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster is motorized. Your child won’t have to use their arm power with this one. Just hold down the acceleration button to power the motor and then press the trigger to fire. Easy-peasy.

10-Dart Magazine

This gun comes with a 10-dart magazine along with 10 foam darts for all the fun.

Includes a Rail Riser

If you want to add custom Nerf gear and accessories later, no problem. This toy gun comes with a rail riser that can be attached to the blaster’s tactical rail.

Halo Game Card

Unlike the other guns here, this one comes with a game card. This card comes with a code that gives your child the ability to unlock a digital asset in the Halo game.

Requires Batteries

These Nerf guns are battery powered. For this one, you’ll need to purchase four C batteries, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

Product Review

This product has rave reviews. It’s a good gun that brings tons of fun to children and adults alike. Your children will be able to finish the fight with this one.

YouTube video

#4: Nerf Fortnite RL Blaster (Best for Fortnite Fans)

Nerf Fortnite RL Blaster
View on Amazon | $57.23

Do you have a Fortnite fan? The Nerf Fortnite RL Blaster is going to be one of the best Nerf guns for them. That’s because its features are inspired by the rocket blaster used in the Fortnite video game. This is perfect for those who are looking for a blaster that doesn’t require batteries.

Fires Foam Rockets

Its single shot action is simple. Your children can fire foam rockets in three easy steps: just load, and fire. Your child will love pretending they’re in their favorite video game with this one.

Comes With Two Rockets

These blasters come with two rockets that are made of foam with flexible, hollow tips. And you don’t need to worry about quality and performance because each one has been tested and approved.


Although the rockets are good, there are only two of them. You’re going to want to buy more.

Product Review

Young gamers love these blasters. They can reenact their favorite Fortnite scenes with this rocket blaster. They will even step away from their gaming systems for a bit to play with this toy.

YouTube video

#5: Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm (Best for Budget)

Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm
View on Amazon | $9.99

Are your children wanting in on the fun of a Nerf battle? This is the best Nerf gun for them. As part of the Nerf N Strike Elite team, they’ll be able to take out the competition one by one with this six-barrel rotating gun, or all at the same time if they want to slam-fire it.

6-Dart Barrel

Your children will have a great time playing with their Nerf rival with this rotating barrel gun. It even flips open for easy reloading each time.

Fast Firing

This gun is fast firing. That’s because the rotating drum can fire darts up to 90 feet per second. The fast Nerf darts will have the enemy running for cover when these toy guns come out.

Official Elite Darts

This Nerf gun comes with six official Nerf Elite darts. These darts are designed for distance. Just like the Nerf Fortnite RL Blaster, these darts are made of foam with flexible hollow tips and have been tested and approved for performance.

Rapid Fire Blasting

We’ve determined that this is a fast-firing Nerf gun, but sometimes the enemy comes in quick. Your children can opt to slam-fire all six darts by simply holding down the trigger while moving the slide back and forth.

Hand Powered

Like the Nerf Zombie Ripchain Combat Blaster and the Nerf Fortnite RL Blaster, this model is hand powered. Your child will have a blast shooting rounds with this blaster.

Product Review

Parents say this product is lightweight and powerful. Many say it’s their child’s favorite Nerf gun and a go-to for Nerf wars.

YouTube video

#6. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster (Best for Double Barrel Action)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster
View on Amazon | $599

This is the best Nerf blaster for double-barrel action. Like the Nerf N-Strike Strongarm, it’s another part of the Nerf N-Strike Elite System. Your kids will have a blast with this motorized blaster. Pun intended.

Dual Barrels

This blaster features motorized blasting from alternating barrels, allowing your child to dominate the battlefield.

Long Distance Firing

Like the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm, this blaster shoots darts up to 90 feet per second for high-impact fun. No one will want to get close to your children when they’re armed with these toys.

Removable Tripod

Unlike the other Nerf guns on this list, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster comes with a tripod. Your children won’t miss when they use the tripod to help them steady their gun.

Comes With Elite Darts

This blaster comes with 50 Elite darts. These darts make a whistling noise as they’re shot through the air at the intended target.

Batteries Required

Similar to the Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon Mega Blasters and the Nerf Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blasters, this product requires batteries. Make sure you have six D batteries when you buy this item.


This blaster tends to jam more often than the others on the list, so your child might have to get it unstuck in the middle of a battle. It’s a minor inconvenience, but something to take into account. In addition, like the Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon Mega Blaster, this blaster tends to be heavier than others so is not perfect for younger kids.

Product Review

Parents say it’s fun and a favorite choice for kids of all ages.

YouTube video

#7. Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster (Best 2-in-1)

Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster
View on Amazon | $22.73

Your child will take control of the battlefield with the Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster. They’ll be the envy of their friends since this is the best Nerf 2-in-1 gun. Keep in mind that this blaster requires four AA batteries.

Fires Both Darts and Rockets

Watch as your child takes control of the war with this blaster. These Nerf guns fire both darts and rockets for never-ending fun for your children. They’ll have the option to either shoot 10 darts in a row with the magazine-fed, motorized blaster or launch a rocket with the pump-action blaster.

Motorized and Pump Action

Your children can either power up the blaster to send 10 Nerf Elite darts toward their opponents or they have the option to use the pump handle to launch a foam rocket.


Will your child need a compact size for the battlefield? No worries since they can easily remove the stock part. When they’re ready, they can simply reattach the stock part to steady the toy gun for those long shots.

Product Review

Nerf or Nothing. Reviews say these Nerf guns are amazing and a great buy for the price.

YouTube video

Verdict: Your Best Nerf Gun 

Don’t worry if you decided to jump to the bottom of the article. I have my list of the best Nerf guns listed below:

If you want the best value for the money, pick the Nerf Zombie Ripchain Combat Blaster.

If you’re looking for the best of the best Nerf guns, choose the Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon Mega Blaster.

If you have a Halo fan, pick the Nerf Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster.

If you want to keep the cost low for one of the best Nerf guns, choose the Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm.

If you have a Fortnite player, pick the Nerf Fortnite RL Blaster.

If you’re looking for double-barrel action fun, choose the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster.

If you’re looking for the best 2-in-1 gun, choose the Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster.

Nerf guns are a great way to get your children outside and away from their tech devices. They’ll exercise more and have fun playing with their friends again.

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  1. Just thought I should add the they will almost never hit advertised ranges. Nerf darts are not accurate but shoot far for accurate darts get adventure force waffle tip darts. Next the rhino fire i own but it sucks because of jams and locks. For a better and cheaper option buy two nerf stryfes and dual weild. Next the riptide does not feed constantly in slam fire.

    • Also forgot to say everything else I own on the list is pretty good (halo blaster, strong arm (disrupter is easier to use but is almost the same), and the demolisher. Good job on the other stuff 😃.


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