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What Are the Best Deals on Glider Rockers and Chairs?

Are you looking to buy a glider for your baby’s nursery?

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Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Monday November 29, 8am PST:

Evolur Holland Upholstered Swivel Glider in Thunder
Price: $329.99
Was: $369.99
Discount: 11%

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Creating a nursery can be a challenge. So many goods are available that it can be hard to know where to start. However, there is something that every nursery needs to be and that is safe, so using child safety as your starting point is a good way to begin.

Nursery hazards

Children often have little sense of fear and perceive any environment as interesting and exciting, regardless of possible hazards. Children love to climb, so do not put furniture immediately beneath a window where they can fall out or near the edges of windows where there may be looped cords controlling blinds that a child could become caught in. Children have little fingers that poke in places they should not, so ensure that plug sockets are either hidden behind furniture or if they are visible are covered with child-safe guards.

If you want to use paint rather than wallpaper on the nursery walls, check the pot’s labelling to make sure that the paint contains zero or low volatile organic compounds (VOC). This will eliminate the danger of the nursery containing poisonous fumes.

Choose your colors

It was once normal practice to paint a nursery according to gender, with blue for boys and pink for girls, but interior decorating trends have changed this. Nurseries are now being decorated using gender-neutral colors and these can include yellow, greens, whites and creams. This greater choice of colors gives you scope to sophisticate the nursery, even to the extent of incorporating bolder colors to serve as accents. Other possibilities include the applying of special paint to one wall to turn it into a giant blackboard that can then be drawn upon by your child.

Essential nursery furniture

Furniture for the nursery should be sturdy to provide maximum support, but which has rounded corners rather than square to minimize the chances of injury to your child. The cot should serve as the focal point for the room. Whilst all cots are manufactured to standard health and safety legislation, some have features that are less preferable than others. Drop-down sides simply present opportunities for trapping little fingers and arms can get caught in footboards and headboards that have cut-out motifs, so these are best avoided. You will also need a sturdy changing table with storage areas beneath for toiletries, as well as a wardrobe for clothes and baby toys.

Keep the light out

Your child will need to take naps during the day and being able to block out the light will ensure that they enjoy a good sleep. Ordinary curtains will probably be too thin for during the day, so invest in a quality blackout blind or curtains. If you do choose a blackout blind, opt for one that has a pole mechanism in preference to a cord, as these present a safety hazard. Install dimmer switches so you can control the lighting levels in the nursery and also have a plug-in night light that will prevent your child becoming frightened in the dark should they wake up.

A nursery may be a place for a child, but that does not mean you cannot decorate it in a sophisticated manner. Keeping your color palette neutral and utilizing durable furniture and streamlined window dressings will mean that your nursery will still suit your child for several years as they grow.

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