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The Best SodaStream Deals We Found For This Month

We love SodaStream, and so – even though it is not directly to parenting – we’re keeping track of the best deals we can find.

Here’s what you can get today.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Saturday May 18, 6pm PDT:

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For many people, SodaStream was a 1980’s phenomenon and nostalgia at its’ very best. However, in recent years, the health-conscious public is starting to realize the many benefits it still offers. In fact, according to a recent study, people who own a SodaStream drink more than 40% more than those without one. In case you might be wondering, this is three extra glasses of water per day!

At the same time, sparkling water is just more enticing than plain mineral water, right? More importantly, this seems like a far more interesting and tasteful way to stay hydrated.

But how does it work?

Well, the CO2 carbonation takes normal tap water and turns it into sparkling water. Therefore, you can create your own sparkling water drinks with your very own flavor and also avoid the fizzy drinks and sugar overloaded soda.

Here is an overview of the deals we found in recent years:

Sodastream on Black Friday 2016 – 2024

The starter kit is one of the most sought after products during the holiday shopping. And with discounted rates, shoppers were able to pick up this model for less than $49 in 2016. That being said, last year there was just as much interest in the Jet which also came with free syrup.

As a rule, most customers were required to make just one simple choice when it came to choosing their deal and this was usually as to whether they wanted LED lights or none at all. With a slim design and half price offerings, Sodastream enjoyed record profits while the customers got an absolute bargain for their favorite machine.

What About 2024?

Sodastream is not the most expensive machine on the market and certainly nowhere near the price point of the big items. However, due to the favorable price and fantastic use-case, we should see these giants making similar gains to last year. That being said, this should also mean that customers will find similar value in discounts this year.

Here are some of the excellent products we can expect to see this year:

Starter Kit

As you can imagine, the Starter Kit is your “all-in-one” which is most often preferred by first-time buyers. That being said, it also makes the perfect replacement for older models and comes with a wide range of syrups as well as a large CO2 carbonator. As with previous years, we expect this kit may come with up to 50% off this year.


The Fizz has been a huge hit and a best seller for the manufacturer. In many ways, this model has captured the old way of making the drinks but with a much smaller, compact design. Online feedback is also very positive for the Fizzi with most customers referring to the model as being simple and fun to use.


Winner of the Reddot Design Award, this beautiful machine can fit into the modern or trendy home with ease. Furthemore, it comes with all the convenience of recent models you can customize the level of carbonation to match your own taste.


Another elegant model, the Crystal has a stylish glass feature that would look great in even the most expensive kitchens out there. Although the most expensive model, Black Friday would be the perfect time to get this beauty on a discount.

Bottle Caps and Accessories

Many shoppers will already have their beloved machine, and for this reason bottle caps and accessories will also be in high demand. SodaStream has offered up to 50% off these accessories in the past and we can expect to see something similar this year.


Buying Tips

SodaStream offers reasonable prices and fantastic value in general but Black Friday is an opportunity to get these machines for a hugely discounted price. However, try not to fret too much about getting to the store on time or staying after midnight to catch a deal online. That is to say, when shoppers jump online to pick out their favorite deal, they can feel overwhelmed with so many products to navigate and so much marketing noise to block out!

Instead, take time to do some research and start following your favorite stores online to catch the latest announcements. When you have enough information, pick out the machines that you want, write them down and wait patiently for the discounts to be made available.

In other words, with access to the online world, shopping can be a simple, straightforward process and this is really all you need to know to pick up the best Black Friday savings for SodaStream this year.


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