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Krista Hillis Bsc Psychology & Neuroscience

Krista has a B.A.Sc degree, specializing in psychology and neuroscience. She is active within her research, currently focusing on cognitive health, development, and nutrition.

Articles by Krista Hillis Bsc Psychology & Neuroscience

5 Ways Pesticides May Harm Your Family

From asthma to diabetes, Alzheimer’s to cancer, there are a wide range of common diseases that currently threaten public health. Although each of these diseases are caused by varying factors,there

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Postpartum Depression: What Every New Mom Needs to Know

One of the tragedies of postpartum depression (PPD) is that most women who suffer from this illness, do not realize what they are going through, so they end up experiencing needless pain for months and

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Postpartum Anxiety: What You Need to Know

About 13% of new mothers suffer from postpartum anxiety, yet most people are not aware of the symptoms and most cases are ignored.  In this article we explain what postpartum anxiety is, what the risk

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Postpartum OCD: Why We Need to Talk About It

Everyone knows that new mother’s are susceptible to postpartum depression.  But did you know that postpartum OCD is also very common? Most people don’t, and that’s exactly why we need

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Tips for Communicating With Your Teenager

Adolescence. If only you could read their mind. You glance across the table. There they are, head down, eating dinner. And you wish for the hundredth time that week that you were a mind reader. That you

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5 Foods That Are Affecting Your Child’s Mood

by: Krista Hillis B.A.Sc Psychology and Neuroscience We often view mental health issues as an ‘adult’ problem, but the unfortunate reality is, children also suffer from mood disorders and other

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