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What is the Best Robot Mop of 2021?

Mopping has come a long way since the days of a rag on a stick. We have microfiber cleaning pads that remove the toughest stains, spin mops that use only the amount of water that’s needed, and mops that need very little water at all.

However, you still gotta whip out the mop and do all the work on your own. If you’re an able-bodied person, it’s not the hardest thing in the world, but we live in an age of automation. We should have robot maids by now. Well, we do, kind of. There are robot mops that can make cleaning your floors easier. In this post, we’ll show you the best robot mops for your money.

How I Picked The Robot Mops

I only selected high-quality robot mops with high customer satisfaction, and I picked by several unique categories. I looked at higher-end robot mops, lower-end ones, and I also considered hybrids.

Some other criteria I considered included:

  • How well the mop cleaned. How much space did it cover? How much could the mop clean until you needed to recharge it?
  • The price. You can find robot mops of all prices on Amazon. Some are cheap, while others are more expensive. I looked at mops from all price ranges, from a couple hundred to almost a grand.
  • Ease of use. How easy was it to put together and use the mops? Were there smart features that made it even easier?
  • Unique features. There’s something each mop has that makes it stand out. For example, some mops have smart mapping.
  • Smart features. As robot mops grow smarter, you can do a lot more with them using an app. Some apps have basic features, such as scheduling, while others may have advanced mapping on other features.

My Top Picks for the Best Robot Mop of 2021

#1. iRobot Braava Jet M6 (Best Overall)

First, we have the Braava robot mop from iRobot, better known for their Roomba lineup. There are various Braavas, and the Jet M6 is the best robot mop in the lineup, offering the most features.


Smart Mapping

With iRobot, one feature that’s being rolled out, even for the more affordable units, is smart mapping. For a long time, robot vacuums and other cleaners would go in one direction, then turn when they hit a wall or obstacle. It was an effective enough technique, but it tended to miss spots while cleaning other spots multiple times.

The iRobot Braava Jet M6 has smart mapping. Your M6 can learn the layout of your home, memorize the rooms, and adjust when there are any changes in your room. This makes the job much faster.

Keep Out Zones

Some iRobot units have virtual barriers. You place them physically on the ground, and this prevents the robot from going in the room. Meanwhile, this one has keep out zones. Because the robot mop has your house memorized, you can select what rooms it should stay out of.

Precision Jet Spray

This robot mop manages to clean up the biggest messes without breaking a sweat. One way it does this is through its Precision Jet Spray, which can clean the messiest of spots.

Voice Command

Another feature of the iRobot Braava Jet M6 is its voice command. Connect it to Alexa or Google Assistant and you can ask the M6 to clean up when you need it to. This is great when you made a mess and need the robot mop to clean it up ASAP.


Gets Under  Furniture and Edges

One pro of the Jet M6 robot mop is that it can get under furniture and other tight spots in your home. These areas tend to be the dirtiest, as you may not take care of them as much. The iRobot Braava manages to clean them up with ease. With its shape, the iRobot Braava Jet M6 robot mop is also good for cleaning out other parts of your home.

Switches Between Wet Mopping and Dry Sweeping Seamlessly

With a robot mop, it has a dry sweeping feature as need, which is required for any mopping session. The iAdapt technology makes it much easier for the robot to make the transition between sweeping and cleaning, cleaning it with ease.

Good Battery Life

With any robot, the battery life is always important. You don’t want the robot mop to have to recharge in the middle of a cleaning session. With the M6, it can go for over two and a half hours without needing a recharge, a feature that most people will appreciate.

With that said, should your battery run out, this robot mop has a recharge and resume feature, meaning it will continue where it left off.

Always Updating

With a smart robot, one of its advantages is that it improves over time. Bug fixes are always being added, which can make the experiences even better than before. Some of the earlier reviews are a bit harsher, as some kinks hadn’t been worked out yet, but with time, this robot mop has been even better than ever in regards to how it performs.


Requires a Specific Cleaner

One disadvantage of the M6 is that you have to use the cleaner provided by iRobot, or look up a list of offbrand cleaners you can use. Some robot mops let you put any cleaning solution you want in it, but this isn’t the case for the M6.

Some Users Have Found it Leaves Tire Tracks

This is a problem that was found in the early releases, so chances are that you may not have this problem, but it’s worth noting. A robot mop shouldn’t leave messes; it’s designed to clean them up. If your Braava is leaving behind tire marks, then you may need to return it.

Can Be Buggy

Finally, there’s the problem that occurs with any robot, which is that it can be buggy. It can mess up, forget where it’s going, and have other bugs as well. While these units are obviously updating, the more complex a robot is, the more subject it is to bugs, sadly.

Standout Feature

What makes this mop stand out amongst the crowd is that it’s the smartest mop. It has precise mapping that you can use to pick and choose which rooms you want cleaned. The mop has voice control, adaptability, and everything you expect from a cleaning robot.

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#2. iRobot Braava Jet 240 (Best Budget)

Robot mops don’t have to be a luxury item. You can find many for under $200, and this is one of them. The Braava is iRobot’s lineup of robot mops, best known for their Roomba line of robot vacuums. They have various Braavas, but the cheapest one is the 240.


Touch Free Ejection

Who wants to touch the dirty cleaning pad? No one. That’s why the iRobot Braava, along with other units, has a touch free design. By pressing the eject button, it’s easy to put it in the trash where it belongs. Easy does it.

Three Cleaning Modes Done Automatically

Despite being a cheaper unit, it can automatically change the cleaning mode depending on what jet pad you have. It can mop in a wet, damp, or dry fashion. The latter uses dry sweeping to clean.

Designed to Go Under Furniture

Under your furniture is where you’ll find a good chunk of dirt and grime. The iRobot Braava Jet 240 makes it easy to clean underneath without any hassle.

Virtual Walls

Many Roombas and Braavas have virtual walls, which you place in areas where you don’t need cleaning. This is good when the room doesn’t have a door, or you can’t close the door for whatever reason.

App Enabled

Even the cheapest units from iRobot have app capabilities. You can connect the Braava through your smartphone and see the battery level, cleaning type, and see if the robot mop is stuck or not.


A Good Clean

The iRobot Braava manages to clean light to medium spots and goes underneath furniture. While it’s not a permanent replacement for the mop, it can be a great way to automate your cleaning a little bit.


The Braava Jet 240 is one of the cheapest robot mops on the list. The best robot mops can be costly, and if you’re on a budget, this is a good one to get you started. It’s affordable, but it’s not cheaply made. Some units go for only $100, if you want to take the risk and buy it used.

Easy to Use

The Braava is one of the simplest units to use. It has everything you need to clean the floor, but you don’t get bogged down with overly complex features.

Good Battery Life

The Braava is known for its decent battery life, which can go over 6 hours on dry mode and 2 on wet mopping mode.


No Mapping

Because the Braava is a cheaper unit, some of the features found in more expensive robot mops have to be sacrificed, and one of those features is floor mapping. With floor mapping, your mop knows how to clean the house the fastest way possible, and it won’t miss a spot. Meanwhile, a unit without it will go in a single direction, then turn when it hits an object. It’s a method used by a lot of cheaper units, and while it can work, it tends to miss spots.

Lacks Any Good Smart Features

While it does have smartphone compatibility, many will be disappointed with its lack of features. You can’t schedule cleanings, stop the unit, or do anything you expect. Even the cheapest Roombas tend to have more advanced smart features, so we are a little disappointed in this one.

Not the Best Reviewed

While it still has more positive reviews than negative, the Braava does have a 3.9 out of 4 star average score as of this review. Some people have had problems with the unit cleaning or working for long enough. As I said, it is the minority, but it’s enough for me to want to mention it.

Standout Feature

The iRobot Braava Jet 240’s standout feature is that it’s affordable. Robot mops are relatively new, but you can find some for an affordable price, this one being one of them.

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#3. Roborock E35 (Best Budget Combination)

Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop

In many cases, the vacuum and the mop are two separate robots. You may have to run the robot vacuum, and then the mop. If they are the same brand, like iRobot’s Roomba and Braava, you may be able to sync them up, but still, having two is a hassle. What would happen if you could get a unit that does both?

You’d have the Roborock E35, that’s what.


It Does Both

The most noticeable feature of the E35 is that it vacuums and mops at the same time. This not only allows for a deeper clean, but it leaves behind no puddles as well.

Smart Cleaning

The E35 uses 13 sensors to clean your home smartly and to avoid obstacles. This means the robot won’t repeat anything, either.

App Connectivity

Besides its smart features, the E35 has an app connectivity. It has everything you’d expect out of a smart cleaner’s app. You can schedule, start and stop the unit, and do other unique things as well, including controlling its movement.

Big Battery and Dustbin

If your house is bigger, the E35 has a battery life of up to 2.5 hours. With its dustbin, it can hold quite a lot of dirt and grime.


Quite Affordable

For all it does, you may expect this robot to cost at least $500. However, the E35, as of this posting, is in the low $300 range. Many lower-end Roombas go for this much, so we’re pleased at the quite low price.

A Spotless Clean

You may think that both the vacuuming and wet mopping are watered down due to the unit being a combination, but you’d be wrong. This can clean up messes with over 200Pa of suction, removing dirt quite easily. It’s great for both carpets and hard floors.

Great Reviews and Good Customer Service

The product has a higher than average score on Amazon, with few complaints. Robrock seems quite supportive with their customers, offering customer service for those who left negative reviews as well as giving people some tips to help them with any problems.


Not as Elaborate With Mopping

Because it’s a combination, wet mopping isn’t its main focus. It mops well, but a robot mop manages to do a little more, having more cleaning modes, more customization with brushes and cleaners, and more variety.

It Still Has a Few Hiccups

While it’s a good robot mop, it does have some of your typical hiccups you can find in other robots, like bumping into walls and getting stuck.

Standout Feature

The standout feature of the Roborock is that it’s a combination mopper and robotic vacuum. If you can only choose one, this is the one to go. It bundles both for a price that most will find fair.

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#4. Gecko Robot Cleaner (Best Mop For Windows)

Gecko Robot Cleaner

When you’re mopping your home, you may want to clean your windows as well. Windows can be a bit of a hassle to clean, especially when you have a lot, or there’s a window with some tough stains. Also, you may have multiple stories, and you don’t want to take a risk with cleaning the outside windows on the higher floors on your own. Lately, there have been robot window cleaners to help with that. The Gecko is probably the best out of all of them. Let’s look.


Manages to Get Every Part

With a window, it’s easy to miss a spot. You could see how a lesser robot could miss the edges of a window, or forget to hit a spot. With the Gecko, it uses an AI to get every part of your window, even parts that are hard to reach.


The Gecko has a safety rope. You can use the rope to put the Gecko on higher windows in your home. Not only can this be convenient, but it also helps you reach the higher floors, which can be dangerous to reach on your own.

Smartphone Capabilities

The Gecko has an app as well, which lets you control the cleaner and view other stats. It’s quite easy for anyone to use as well.

Suction Tech

Another feature of the Gecko is its suction technology. It sticks to your window, all while pulling up deep messes and assuring that it won’t fall.



This robot goes for under $200, making it a small investment if you have a lot of windows in your home, or you need a robot to reach the higher spots that can be a danger to you. It’s a low price to pay if you got a bigger house.

Gives a Good Clean

Having clean windows can make your house look better, allow the sun to come in, and if you have cats, they need a clean place to watch cat TV! The Gecko cleans up your windows in a spotless manner that you’re going to love.

Easy to Use

Just follow the instructions and it should be easy to use this robot. Like any robot, there is a bit of setup, but it is worth it once you figure everything out.


May Leave Circles

I noticed some reviewers on Amazon said the robot leaves circles and other marks after it’s done cleaning. However, this is a contested complaint. The company has responded to those reviews saying that this means the window is still dirty, and the robot needs to be ran again. It’s unknown if they ran it again. However, other reviewers say you can prevent the circles if you dust it off first with a cloth. With that said, that’s harder to do for the higher floors of one’s home.

May Not Reach the Corners

While the features say that it can reach spots no human hand can reach, some users have reported that the robot just didn’t reach the corners like they thought the robot would. The shape of the windows can matter with this, and so can the size of the corners. It all depends.

Standout Feature

This robot mops up your windows, which other mop robots can’t do. Unless you remove the window, put it on the floor, and put a Braava on there, you’re not going to be using a traditional robot mop to clean your windows.

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#5. Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI (Best Overall Combination)

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI Robot Vacuum and Mop

So, you want the best of the best? Do you have a high budget and you want an all-in-one hybrid robot vacuum and mop that does it both? This one is the way to go. Let’s look at why the T8 is the best in the hybrid department.


Advanced Object Detection

What makes this robot more advanced is how it detects objects. It can find small objects and identify them, then avoid them. One of the best examples is cables. For someone with a robotic vacuum, cables are the bane of your existence. Often, you have to have them out in the open, and when it’s time to use your robot vacuum, having to remove them can make the robot vacuum feel like it’s not worth it. With this, you no longer have to feel this way.


Another unique feature is that you can watch your robot vacuum through your smartphone. The robot is equipped with an HD camera, which you can use to view the robot. This can be great when you’re not home and you want to check up on your pets, or when you’re needing a security camera.

High-Efficiency Filter

Another feature that’s worth noting is that the T8 has a powerful filter that can filter out every particle 6 microns are higher. If you have someone who has allergies, or you want to keep your home as clean as possible, we highly recommend this one.

Over 3 Hours of Battery Life

This is one of the longest lasting batteries out there, covering most homes with ease.

Advanced Cleaning

Finally, what about the cleaning? This robot has a large water tank to cover over 2,000 square feet, and it can detect your floor type. If you have both carpets and hardwood, this robot won’t mop your carpet, so you don’t have anything to worry about. It can remove most bacteria from your home, leaving it sparkly fresh.


Some of the Most Advanced Features

One reason why this robot is so appealing is that it has the most advanced features. It can map your home and detect objects faster, switch between floor types with ease, and give you a view of your home from the robot’s perspective. We can’t deny that it’s one of the best robots on the market today that’s a hybrid.

The Deepest Clean

If you need a home free from bacteria, messes, and pollutants, this is the way to go. It can mop most of your floor, has suction that goes deep into the carpet, and it gets into the corners with ease.

You Don’t Have to Prepare Your Home Beforehand

As we said, cables are annoying. With this robot, you don’t have to do any prep work for your home beforehand. Just put the robot down and its mapping system will avoid any cables. No having to fish your cables out of the robot after it gets trapped!



Quality doesn’t come cheap. As of this post, it’s around the $799 range, meaning that you’ll pay a pretty penny for it unless you have a good payment plan. With time, the price will go down, but if you’re an early adopter, you have to pay quite a bit.

A Bit Buggy

This is a newer robot vacuum, and as such, you can expect a few bugs. Besides price, another consequence of early adoption is having to deal with the bugs. It can sometimes map things wrong, or get stuck. This does happen for a minority of people, and with time, it will update, but it should be worth noting.

Standout Feature

This robot is the smartest, most powerful hybrid around. It’s almost a complete substitution for the traditional vacuum and mop. You won’t have to use them as much when you have this.

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What is a Robot Mop?

A robot mop is similar to the robot vacuum. It’s a battery-powered cleaner that mops the floor using a cleaning solution and its own brushes. It may clean your floors by going in a straight line, then turning when it hits an obstacle, but more advanced units have more features such as floor mapping, where the robot mop memorizes the layout of your home.

Can it Totally Replace Your Handheld Mop?

Just like the robot vacuum, the robot mop can cut out the regular maintenance of your home by scheduling cleanings weekly, or whatever day you need it. However, you may still need to do the occasional cleaning by hand, especially if you make a big mess.

What’s a Single Use Vs. Hybrid?

When you look at a robot mop, you may notice that there are single use mops and hybrids.

A single use is a robot that only mops hard floors. It doesn’t vacuum. While it can have a dry sweeping option, it can’t suck the dirt from your carpets. Some single use mops can work alongside vacuums, especially if they are the same brand. For example, iRobot’s lineup.

A hybrid is a robot that can mop and vacuum. These are relatively new, but you can find several that have quite a bit of quality to them. While they are not as advanced as some single use mops, they can be a more economic option, and one you may choose if you just want a little A, little B.

Some Tips

Before we go, here are some tips. Because even the best robot mop needs to be used properly for best results.

  • Read the friendly manual before you begin. Some robot mops are quite easy to set up beforehand, but you may miss out on some maintenance tips and other steps that you should not avoid.
  • Make sure the brushes and the cleaners are designed to work with your robot. With some units, like the Braava Jet, you can find a list of cleaners that you can use. Some robot mops let you use reusable brushes, which can save you some money.
  • While the best robot mops remove tough stains, you may want to pre-spray some stains with a cleaning solution to make it easier to remove. This is especially true if your messes have been there for a while.
  • Schedule regular cleanings. You can do so through your smartphone app. Every once in a while, do a manual cleaning as well to get everything clean.
  • Make sure the robot mop has enough cleaning solution and is fully charged before every use. This is common sense, but many people forget to do it.
  • Only use the robot mop for the approved floor type. This usually means hardwood, tile, and similar hard floors. With hybrid mops, they work for most floor types, which is quite helpful.
  • If you have a smart robot mop, always keep the app up-to-date. Doing this can fix any bugs or other issues your mop may have.
  • Contact customer service if you have any issues. Even if it’s no longer warranty, some businesses will try to make it right.

In Summary

Here are the best robot mops again. The best robot mop for you depends on your specific needs:

If you want the best overall single-use robot mop, go for the iRobot Braava M6. It’s a smart mopper that can map out your house and give you a deep clean.

If you want a robot mop that’s more affordable, the iRobot Braava 240 is the way to go. It’s definitely not as advanced as some of the other units, but it does the job for a fair price.

If you want a hybrid you can afford, the Roborock E35 works. Not only can it vacuum and mop, but it has other smart features that can keep even the most needy cleaners happy.

Wanna clean your windows? The Gecko Window Robot works wonders. It can clean windows from up high or within reach, making it great for homes that are tall or have a lot of windows.

Finally, if you want the best robot mop that is also a hybrid, the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI is for you. It has some of the most advanced mapping features around, and it’s always improving.

It’s quite amazing how far robot technology has come. We aren’t quite in the world of The Jetsons just yet; you can’t have conversations with your robot mop unless you’re truly lonely, but we are getting there. Today’s best robot mops can detect objects, memorize your home, and give you the deepest cleans out there, all for a price that you can afford. Not only that, but we have robots that can do both, eliminating the need to buy one for vacuuming and mopping. Try out a robot mop and watch the magic happen.

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