The Best Gifts and Toys for 6-Year-Old Boys

6-year-old boys are busy little kids, seeking out fun whenever they can. Focused on running and jumping, they often can’t sit still, however, there are a variety of toys and activities that nurture both fine motor and gross motor skills. Keen on building LEGOs, playing with their favorite superheroes and toys, learning sportsmanship with board games, and building make-your-own Hot Wheels race tracks, boys will grow and develop by engaging in these types of activities. Here is a specific guide featuring great toys and gifts for 6-year-old boys.

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#1. MEGA Grave Digger All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck Truck (for the boy who likes to play rough and tough)

At the top of most boys’ wishlists, the Mega Grave Digger remote control truck will be a well-received gift. The multi-directional truck is enormous at about 2-feet long, featuring rubber tread tires for traction control, shocks, and suspension. It can go on most terrain and surfaces. The joystick controller has a 2.4GHz frequency allowing boys to control the truck from up to 250 feet away, a toy practicing hand-eye coordination. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries, but they are not included.

The good: It features a built-in USB charging cable for powering it up.

The not so good: It is priced at $99. However, think of it as an investment toy. One of the best gifts for 6-year-old boys is something they can play with for years to come.

Is it for you? Boys who want the remote control Monster truck are the ones who like playing with larger than life toys.

#2. Hot Wheels Track Builder Triple Loop (for the six-year-old child who makes everything a race)

Hot Wheels are still a hot phenomenon and one fo the best gifts for 6-year-olds. The Hot Wheels brand of car toys and accessories including this Track Builder Triple Loop kit (which comes with one vehicle) inspires a whole lot of creativity, imagination, and innovation for kids. Boys can create a unique triple loop stunt and jump stunts for the cars to go vroom while utilizing fine motor skills to put the pieces in place. The cool aspect of this toy is that this race track can be set up in a variety of ways – kids just need to invoke a little imagination. The race track set folds up for convenient storage and for taking it on-the-go. And for another $5 you can purchase a 5-pack of Hot Wheels vehicles, for extra fun.

The good: The kit is totally compatible with other Hot Wheels track sets.

The not so good: This boy’s toy set includes one car, and for the $25 price tag, you may feel the need to purchase extras.

Is it for you? Fast cars, cool tricks, ramps, and jumps energize boys who love their cars which are great gifts for 6-year-old boys.

#3. Sorry, the Game (for the good sport)

The classic board game Sorry takes a little twist in this version. In addition to moving his pawn up and down based on the card he draws, this game comes with power-up tokens. The child can play “fire bolts” to move his pawn more quickly around the board, and “ice” to freeze the other players on their given spots on the board. A classic board game like Sorry will teach kids to learn and follow the rules and sharpen their focus.

The good: A board game brings people together, and it is the best gift for a 6-year-old boy which gives him quality time with family and friends.

The not so good: If the child is not able to handle the competitive nature of a game like Sorry, it might be best to introduce it when he is a little bit older.

Is it for you? If the 6-year-old is ready for some strategic thinking and is able to sit still, this game is ideal and can be played over and over again.

#4. Fire Special Ops and Rescue Set (for the 6-year-old boy who looks up to his local heroes)

Every young firefighter will be excited to play with this city firemen special ops toy. The seven-piece set comes with a rescue helicopter and fire truck, which feature lights and real-life sounds, an ambulance, a life raft with paddles, a hero action figure, and miniature fireman tools (wrench and saw). Six AG13 batteries are included.

The good: The rescue lights and siren sounds featured in these toys will spark his imagination.

The not so good: Since the truck and helicopter require the batteries, it’s probably best for the parent to keep AG13 batteries around the house.

Is it for you? If, since he was a baby he has always been enthusiastic about fire trucks, this fire rescue toy will give him a good playtime experience.

#5. Disgusting Science Kit (for the boy who loves squishy, disgusting messes)

Real science is at his fingertips with the Disgusting Science Kit. It’s a fun learning tool to explore STEM skills and scientific facts by providing a detailed and easy-to-follow instructional experiment guide. The 6-year-old will get into learning about the chemistry behind soap, while molding “disgusting” shapes like maggots, noses, and poop. The slime experiment demonstrates how the child can make slime, while creating boiled boogers that fart and pretend blood clots that burp. Science kits like this one encourage a variety of skills for kids including thinking critically, following directions, discovering with their hands, and at the same time inspiring their curiosity.

The good: This kit is such a great learning tool exploring language and numbers which boys are learning in-depth at school.

The not so good: The set includes a whole plethora of scientific tools including a safety sheet and gloves, so parents will have to make sure they have a few things on hand including access to a microwave oven, sugar, and flour.

Is it for you? It’s for boys who do not mind getting messy or having dirty hands. The slime is gross but very cool to give as 6-year-old boy gifts.

#6. Shark Chase Board Game (for the boy who thrives on a good chase)

Having Shark Chase in your game closet makes playdates and family nights more entertaining. This board game is all about players keeping their fish from the shark. It’s a race for the 4 fish pawns. Boys must do everything they can to avoid the shark. If a fish is eaten by the shark, it’s out of the game. The last fish on the board “swimming” is the winner. The shark is motorized by 2 AA batteries and moves around the board (when a player presses the button atop his head) and eventually eats a fish.

The good: The pace of the game is fast and the “swimming” shark keeps young boys and girls interested.

The not so good: Batteries are not included and the game does require some adult assembly.

Is it for you? This is for the six-year-old boy who enjoys playing high-energy board games. Shark Chase keeps players on their toes.

#7. Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures First Order Driver and Treadspeeder (for the one who has a lightsaber)

This Stormtrooper and Treadspeeder from the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures bring the First Order to life in any young kid’s imagination of a galaxy far, far away. The toy set includes a Stormtrooper bendable driver, a vehicle, and a projectile. The Treadspeeder vehicle is equipped to launch a projectile at its enemies.

The good: Placing the flexible Stormtrooper figure allows for practicing his fine motor skills.

The not so good: The toy is a little flimsy, but for the price of $15 these toys will get lots of playtime.

Is it for you? Perfect for the little one who already has a collection of Star Wars figurines. He can add this Stormtrooper and its Treadspeeder vehicle toy to his Galaxy. 

#8. National Geographic Glowing Marble Run (for a budding civil engineer)

National Geographic Glowing Marble Run
View on Amazon | $34.99

The marble run is one of the best toys for your child. It is a terrific creative STEM toy for boys and girls. This particular one by National Geographic is top-rated for its countless configurations,10 different stable bases or building blocks, 55 pieces, and 135 tube pieces. He can build multiple structures all while sharpening his STEM skills. The construction pieces are see-through so kids can watch how the marbles find their way down the run. Glass marbles feature six different glow-in-the-dark colors, and the included UV flashlight quickly recharges the marbles. The UV light needs 2 CR2 batteries (included).

The good: There is a pouch to store the marbles and a mesh bag to hold the construction pieces.

The not so good: Not a safe toy to have around the house with sibs under 3 years old.

Is it for you? It is if your 6-year boy is a STEM boy; that is, he is interested in the idea of motion and aerodynamics as well as building mazes. Hands down, these toys are the best gifts for 6-year-old boys. Kids will play with this into their adult years.

#9. Osmo Genius Kit (for the little one who is always asking to play on the iPad)

As more and more kids are using iPad devices, the Osmo Genius Kit is an interactive tech game that is also a challenging learning tool. This is definitely a nice companion for those kids who are in distance learning school districts this coming year. The digital kit features five game apps and more than 500 puzzles designed for ages 6 to 10 years old. Your child will engage in math and spelling games, Tangram puzzles, drawing letters and numbers, and a lot more.

The good: Since parents may be WFH (working from home), the Osmo Genius Kit is an excellent TV alternative during Zoom school session breaks or after school homework practice time.

The not so good: Families must own an iPad to access the games.

Is it for you? Osmo Genius is an excellent choice “toy” and gift for a 6-year-old boy who seeks independent playtime.

#10. Kids Walkie Talkies by Kidzlane (for the boys acting out favorite Avengers scene)

Kids Walkie Talkies by Kidzlane
View on Amazon

Walkie Talkies give 6-year-old boys the opportunity of honing their communication skills while exerting their independence close to home. This set of talkies has a 2-mile range with three separate channels. Push-to-talk buttons and LED light power indicators make this set really easy to use. Another awesome feature the set comes with is a clip-on belt hook. Kids can use these talkies while playing a myriad of indoor and outdoor games. 

The good: Kidzlane walkies are known for high sound quality and durability and are easy to use.

The not so good: Takes three AAA batteries which are not included, but when powering the walkie talkies they can last for up to 9 hours of playtime.

Is it for you? For the little one who thinks he needs a phone, he will be surprised and content with a set of walkie talkies.

#11. LEGO Marvel Avengers Armor Building Kit (for anyone who wants to grow up to be just like Tony Stark)

LEGO Marvel Avengers Armor Building Kit
View on Amazon | $78.99

Boys will spend hours constructing multiple variations of Iron Man’s modular lab. 524 LEGO pieces give him all the tools to manipulate and build Tony Stark’s Iron Man Hall of Armor. The building set comes with five mini-figures (Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41, and Iron Man MK 50), plus Tony Stark face and hairpieces to attach to any one of the Iron Man suits. This LEGO set can be used with other LEGO bricks.

The good: This toy is great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills needed to rearrange and create different versions of Iron Man.

The not so good: With over 524 pieces, if your child hasn’t mastered clean-up, these types of toys can be a pain for parents to keep track of the LEGOs.

Is it for you? If young boys enjoy Marvel Avengers tales, this LEGO building kit is fun for little boys to recreate their favorite action scenes.

#12. Treasure X Fire vs Ice Toy (for the treasure hunter)

Treasure X has become a great toy that is all in the unboxing. Adventure-seeking boys can explore and discover the X-key and figure out a way to erupt the volcano in Fire vs Ice. The set includes a treasure map, the sought after X-key, a Treasure hunter action figure, a weapon, staff, and a meteor. The surprise is whether this volcano will erupt in lava or ice. Regardless, it will be foamy and gooey.

The good: Treasure X toys are experiential giving any 6-year-old boy the opportunity to read maps and think strategically.

The not so good: Once a 6-year-old boy receives one Treasure X, he will want another and another.

Is it for you? If the six-year-old enjoys the quest to dig for treasures, Treasure X kits are the best toys and make great gifts for 6-year-old boys.

#13 Avengers Storybook (for sweet dreaming)

Avengers Storybook
View on Amazon | $2

Heroes come to life when little readers open up this amazing book filled with stories of the Avengers. It has vivid illustrations and action-packed stories about the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow, and many more favorite Marvel comic book characters. This book has loads of adventures in its second edition.

The good: The book is geared to first through third graders. The length of each story will keep his attention for the right amount of time.

The not so good: Is there a downside to reading whether it’s on his own, with an older sibling, or an adult?

Is it for you? If this child marvels at superheroes and enjoys bedtime stories, it makes the best gift.

#14. Map of the United States Puzzle (for the boy who wants to visit all 50 states)

Map of the United States Puzzle
View on Amazon | $12.78

6-year-olds are gaining a sense of the greater world around them, which makes a map an interesting illustration to check out. And the fact that the map is a puzzle makes it all the more fun. The 100-piece puzzle shows off the diverse geography of the United States, state capitals, and native animals for learning and entertainment.

The good: Puzzle pieces are created from recycled boards giving them a strong sturdy quality, and the puzzle comes with a bag to secure the pieces when not being used.

The not so good: You may be able to find cheaper versions of USA maps for kids.

Is it for you? For the 6-year-old boys who like to be challenged and enjoy completing puzzles.

#15. Build-A-Beast Shark Modeling Clay Kit (for discovering the deep waters)

Crayola’s Build-A-Beast Shark Kit lets a kid’s imagination run wild. Supporting the STEAM philosophy of learning through Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics, the art kit includes an instruction guide to craft the shark with Crayola’s neato Model Magic molding clay, a skeleton frame for the shark’s body, a press tool for sculpting, and shark facts. Once crafted, he can play with his shark and see how it’s tail wiggles.

The good: Although there are step-by-step instructions to follow along in this art set, it also allows the child to tap into his creative side by customizing his shark.

The not so good: Parents or adults may need to be on hand to help with instructions.

Is it for you? Boys who want to use their hands and fingers to craft and create will love this.

#16. UNO Card Game (for the card shark)

UNO is one of those card games that all ages can play. It’s about matching colors and numbers and using strategy cards (Draw Two, Reverse, Skip, and Wild Cards) to get rid of cards. The player who has one remaining card in hand shouts “UNO” and is named the winner if he plays the card.  The just over $5 priced game is awesome to stuff in his Christmas stocking.

The good: UNO is easy to learn, and it’s the perfect family game.

The not so good: The Wild customizable cards are for creating your own rules, which may be a little complicated and frustrating for 6-year-olds to understand right away.

Is it for you? If he fancies playing with numbers, UNO is the right card game for him.

#17. Lite Brite (for the one who desires to create a masterpiece)

Lite Brite is a classic toy perfectly suitable for boys and girls, keeping them engaged as they match up the colorful pegs to the paper template that is attached to the Lite Brite screen. The design is lit up by LED bulbs behind the template. There are four different artsy light displays to illuminate the design.

The good: Lite Brite is super fun to play with, plus it enhances hand-eye coordination while making art with light.

The not so good: 3 AA batteries are required but not included, and the 6 included picture templates are simply not enough.

Is it for you? If he’s intrigued by his artistic abilities and is ready to take a stab at creating something unique, this is just the thing for him.

#18. Ribbon Ninja (for releasing all of that active energy)

Ribbon Ninja is for quick thinking on your toes with the intent of having fun while grabbing your opponent’s ribbons. Boys (and girls) love outdoor games, especially in this quarantine time. Each player attaches 3 colored ribbons (six different colors in the game set) to a velcro bracelet on one hand. Players begin by standing in a circle striking their best game ninja pose and then moving one foot back. The back foot is the only foot allowed to move. The object of the game is to snatch other players’ ribbons, and the ninja with one ribbon left wins the game. The game is ideal for playing with your “quarantine pod.”

The good: Ribbon Ninja gets kids moving and keeping them away from electronics.

The not so good: Suggested for outdoors, it can technically be played inside. Playing in smaller indoor spaces can create more chaos.

Is it for you? If your boy is all about being physical and needs to be active, this game is specially designed for him.

#19. Jetson Orbit Light-up Folding Kick Scooter (for zooming around the neighborhood)

This super cool scooter by Jetson Orbit makes zipping around a blast. It has 200 bright blue and green LED lights on the wheels, deck, and stem which accentuates exciting and bright riding. Lights can be powered on or off. Tires are non-inflatable, and the scooter features a rear foot brake. This two-wheel scooter is lightweight and also folds up for convenient storage making it accessible whenever he is ready to go. 

The good: For under $30, this scooter covers it all for 6-year-old boys. Plus, the handlebar can be adjusted as he grows.

The not so good: The scooter takes 3 AA batteries, which are not included.

Is it for you? Scooters are ideal gifts for 6-year-old boys to exert their growing independence.

#20. DC Comics Superheroes and Villains Figurines (for the boy who wants to save the world)

Calling Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern fans! The DC Comics superheroes and villains figurines set will give 6-year-olds the playtime power to set up Justice League battles between good and evil. With just a little bit of imagination and floor time in his room, this metal figurine toy set will inspire any boy’s detailed superhero creativity. There are 20 different characters that stand 1 ½ inches tall.

The good: The metal figurines are made of nice quality metal and paint.

The not so good: Without an included storage bag, how does a 6-year-old keep from losing these mini-figures?

Is it for you? It is, if the young DC Comics devotee prefers the Justice League over any other superheroes.

#21. Konga Drum by Remo (for the kid who has rhythm)

Konga Drum by Remo
View on Amazon | $36.95

Remo which manufactures musical instruments, including drums and percussion instruments, is also recognized for its founder Remo D. Belli. Remo was known for his musical talents as a pioneer percussionist as well as inventing synthetic Mylar® drumheads. All that said, the Remo Konga Drum for kids is an excellent intro to the playful drum sounds for six-year-olds.  This particular one is decorated with a multicultural themed wrapping, has a specially designed Acousticon (or wood-based drum for high-quality sound) shell and a pre-tuned drum head covered in suede. The Konga is just so much fun to play using hands or sticks.

The good: No skill levels needed here. Just tap your hands or fingers atop the drum and feel the rhythm. Parents can play too.

The not so good: It’s not great if you have that child who just wants to bang all day on it, which is why it’s more age-appropriate for kids 6 years and older.

Is it for you? If kids have an interest in music, the Konga instrument is definitely a great place to start for $24.

#22. Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Model Train Set (for the avid train collector)

A toy train set has all the feel of the real thing and is truly a great toy for the traditionalist. The Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer model train is such a great holiday gift or birthday present to give or receive. The steam locomotive is a Berkshire-style train. It’s battery-powered, giving the train a working headlight and the sounds trains make, like bells, whistles, and announcements. The set also includes the RC remote, tender, gondola with removable crate, caboose, and curved and straight track pieces to assemble in three different track variations. The locomotive needs 6 C cell batteries (not included), and the remote control requires 3 AAA batteries (also not included).

The good: A good old fashioned train set is something a 6-year-old boy can play with unsupervised, although adults will find themselves drawn to the train as well.

The not so good: Train tracks are made of plastic and need a hard surface for the train to ride uninhibited. 

Is it for you? The boy who is enchanted by trains will certainly play with this Lionel for years to come.

#22. The Illager Raid LEGO Minecraft Building Kit (for the Minecraft obsessed kid)

Bringing the favorite video game to 3D play, LEGO’s Minecraft adventure of The Illager Raid is a popular building kit as a 6-year-old gift. Once the village (desert house, a trading post, and vegetation crops) is built with the colorful LEGO pieces, kids can play with the Minecraft Kai character figure to fend off and protect the villagers from the biting Ravager. The good news is that after the battle is over, boys can take apart the village and rearrange the set up for the next story to take place.

The good: Batteries, cords, electrical outlets, and devices are not needed with this toy. Plus, LEGOs are always excellent gifts for 6-year-old boys.

The not so good: If the child is unfamiliar with Minecraft, this LEGO set might not be the best choice, especially since LEGO partners up with lots of other franchises from which you can choose.

Is it for you? Building up, tearing down and rebuilding is how this kid likes to play. And these LEGO building blocks give kids all the power.

#23. Lego Kids Clock (for the early riser)

Lego Kids
View on Amazon | $19.99

NINJAGO, a favorite TV computer-animated series which can be seen on Nickelodeon and is produced by The Lego Group, is popular with young boys. From the LEGO building kits to dress-up costumes, 6-year-old boys get excited delving into the world of futuristic adventures of Eastern Asian myths and culture. Take his appreciation for the Ninjago adventures and gift him with a NINJAGO digital alarm clock constructed of LEGO bricks. Push on Cole’s head and the time lights up.

The good: This clock is durable, set-up is kid-friendly, and 2 AAA batteries are included.

The not so good: The alarm sound is a little on the soft side, and parents may have to double-check to make sure he wakes up in time for his day.

Is it for you? The digital clock is a wonderful gift for anyone who adores the NINJAGO cartoon. As this age group starts school and begins team sports, now is the right time for telling time and setting wake-up alarms and is the best gift.

#24. Force-1 Scoot Hand-Operated UFO Mini Drone Toy (for the kid ready to test his flight skills)

Force-1 Scoot Hand-Operated UFO Mini Drone Toy
View on Amazon | $19.99

Force-1 Scoot is an instant hit with boys who are 6. He can easily operate and launch the drone by just tossing it up in the air. It measures 4.75” across, which makes it fun to use indoors and out. This drone is a no-remote-control toy that can be “driven” by waving your hand under or on the side of it. Lit up in blue and green, the lightweight drone is able to navigate obstacles with an avoidance sensor. It takes about 20 minutes to charge with the included USB charging cable allowing for a 7- to 8-minute flight. Definitely read the user manual and information about the Federal Aviation Administration requirements before using it.

The good: The Scoot has been tested for safety by CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) and is FCC-compliant.

The not so good: Drones are apt to give people the idea that boundaries are limitless. With that in mind, it is recommended that parents set up rules, parameters, and boundaries before the initial flight.

Is it for you? A toy drone that has limited usage is so much fun for the boy who is an explorer at heart.

#25. MasterChef Junior Knife and Cutting Board Set With Recipes (to prep for his MasterChef Junior debut)

MasterChef Junior Knife and Cutting Board Set With Recipes
View on Amazon | $24.95

Knowing how to cook simple foods is a life skill everyone needs. The TV show MasterChef Junior has inspired many kids to try their hands in the kitchen. The show has debuted several cookbooks and cooking sets ideal for 6-year-old kids including this Knife and Cutting Board Set that comes with 15 recipes, an 11” knife, a 9” knife, and a silicone cutting board. Recipes are very easy to follow, giving MasterChef kids, the line cook, and the sous chef separate instructions. Recipes include meals such as breakfast pizza, baked chicken nuggets, salmon and vegetables, and banana chocolate chip pancakes (yum).

The good: This cooking set is an excellent intro to the kitchen helping to teach kids basic cutting and chopping methods.

The not so good: The knives aren’t designed to cut hard food items, but are made of a kid-safe serrated plastic blade that will cut and chop soft skin vegetables and fruits, like strawberries.

Is it for you? It’s for the boy who wants to help in the kitchen and is excited to try new food preparations.

The best toys for 6-year-old boys are ones that he can manipulate by himself. Think: Remote control toys, a building kit, and toys that embrace his imagination in pretend play. As more kids will be in Zoom classrooms this coming school year, setting up easy to use activities without a lot of supervision by parents will be useful for families. As families begin to think about upcoming birthday and holiday gifts for 6-year-old boys, this list has a range of the best toys out there.

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