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Our Favorite Hoverboard Deals this Month

Hoverboards have become one of the most rapidly-selling items on the tech market over the past few years.

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The market hype might not be the same as it was back in the simpler times of 2016, but hoverboard technology continues to improve, meaning better products and lower prices. Prime Day is all about the latter: better prices on better products all because of Amazon’s relatively-new Prime Day celebrations.

Stick with us – you’ll learn everything you need to get a hoverboard at reduced prices, as well as how you should handle Prime Day for the best effects. This means a fatter wallet and a better product.

Hoverboards: what’s the big deal?

If you didn’t pay much attention the first tie round, hoverboards are automated stand-and-roll…things. You stand on them and, by shifting your weight, they propel you without having to walk. It’s like walking but without the effort.

They were a pretty big deal on the market when they came out because they’re yet another sign of the times: technology is progressing so quickly you don’t even need to walk if you don’t want to. They gained cult status rapidly and got a lot of attention – with huge cultural presence on vine and Instagram.

They’re an interesting concept and if you missed out the first time round, it might be the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a cheaper, better piece of tech. Prime Day 2018 provides some great chances for this type of bargain.

Prime Day: Why is it so promising?

The first reason we’re excited about big discounts on hoverboards in 2018 is simple: history shows us that these products enjoy a big mark-down when Prime Day gets into full swing. Last year’s sales saw $400 hoverboards selling as low as $200.

This is half price on one of the hottest products of the year. It’s clear that these products are going to continue to pull attention with cuts like these.

Secondly, Prime Day is only gathering momentum. You might not be super interested in the sales figures, participation numbers and statistics around this day. That’s understandable. However, what you should be excited about is that these all show that Prime Day is getting bigger and better every single year.

We’ve seen increases between 10 and 30% in the size and scale of this event every year since 2015. With these shockingly-impressive trends, we’re predicting bigger discounts every year as amazon can make profits on even smaller margins on these products.

Finally, tech products are always a big draw during these events, anyway. The sales on tech products we’ve looked at range from 10% (pretty casual, right?) up to as much as 75%. The market is a big seller on Prime Day because it’s a good chance to pick up some high-quality tech at much better prices. This means that we’re expecting hoverboards and other ‘convenience-tech’ to lead the sales.

Our predictions for this year put sales around the same place at 50%. However, we believe that the big development this year will be on the quality of product that sees these big discounts. With hoverboards losing their cult status (or at least being less visible), sales need to rely on good discounts and great features.

More Items That Go on Sale on This Month:

Buying Tips for Hoverboards on Prime Day

To start with, Prime Day isn’t even a day anymore. It’s a 36-ish hour window of sales. So keep that in mind when preparing your shopping list.

Put Quality First

This is always our advice with any tech purchase: buy a better product at a moderate price rather than a moderate product at a low price. Tech is one area where you tend to get your money’s worth. Leaning on sales to buy entry-level kit at rock bottom prices might sound like a good idea but when Prime Day ends and you have to buy again, you’ll wish you bought quality the first time.

Hoverboards were so popular that some really low-quality, rush-to-market products were put out. Watch out for these and focus on build quality and important features. You’ll not regret spending your money wisely.

Prioritise your Prime Day purchases

This one should be obvious. You need to spend the money that you have on the things that you need and want the most. Hoverboards aren’t a necessary item, so prioritise them in terms of how much use you’ll get out of them and the amount of discount available.

If you’re going to be able to save $$$ on a hoverboard, it may be more sensible to buy this and wait out other luxury/lifestyle products. For this one, it’s about waiting to see what this day brings and knowing what your priorities are.

Make sure you have adapters/batteries/etc.

This shouldn’t even be a problem, but those lower-quality products we discussed above come with a few horror stories.

One of these is that some products don’t come with batteries or the necessary charging equipment needed to use them on day one. There are very few feelings worse than waiting for your product to arrive, only to find that you can’t use it until you’ve ordered an obscure battery or adapter type.

Check your product descriptions – especially if you’re going low on the price – and make sure that you’re going to be able to use your product out of the box. If not, prep ahead and buy any charging facilities you might need at the same time. They probably also have deals on them!

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