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Baby Monitor Deals: Our Picks

Below are some great prices that we found for baby monitors today.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Thursday October 6, 1am PDT:

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The Main Things To Consider When Buying A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are definitely not a new idea. But as technology has advanced, these gadgets have gotten increasingly complex and varied. So which one’s best?

Now, with so many features you may be wondering which ones are essential and which ones maybe aren’t.

Also, when it comes to baby monitors, sometimes the less announced features are the ones that matter the most.

For example, did you know that you should choose a monitor with a frequency of at least 900 MHz? Otherwise it might catch some interference and see its clarity diminished.

Here are other things to consider when buying a baby monitor:

Wireless Monitors

Wireless is best.

By all means get one that doesn’t require a cord of any kind. It means it will be much easier to take it along for trips, monitor your baby in other settings or take the receiver with you while you finish chores inside and outside the house.

Sound-activated light

Many monitors feature a little light that flashes when noise is detected. This is great for keeping track of your baby while your ears are distracted or the actual sound of the monitor may be drowned out. Like when you’re vacuuming, listening to music or taking a call.

Video Monitors

With the wide availability of video monitors in 2017, some of them even featuring night vision, color LED screen receivers and smartphone connectivity, you might as have eyes and not only ears on your little one.

Sensor pads

Monitors with a sensor mat are rarer than video ones, but you might want to look into it. They come with an additional device that you can put under the bed and it activates an alarm in the receiver if your baby doesn’t move for a certain period of time.

What to Expect in 2020

The entry level products in this space are exactly what you might expect – one or two-way radios that let you keep tabs on your little one from afar. The RRP for this product is as low as “entry-level” suggests, at $30-40. This is a price that represents the “settling” of the product on the market: there’s not much more cost to cut out.

This is obvious when we look at sales figures from the last few black Friday events. The 2016 prices bottomed out at $25, while the 2017 prices were all the way down to $22.50. These are decent reductions of around 25-40% (depending on the model) and they seem to be trending down ever since 2012.

The bottom average for these entry-level products seems to be consistent with an all-time low price during the black Friday 2018 sales. If we take a very simplistic approach and expect another $2.50 reduction, we may be looking at a baby monitor system for as little as $20. Given how much convenience the product brings, this is a great choice for parents on a budget.

Video Baby Monitors

Baby monitoring has seen some technological improvements in the last few years, with the advent of visual baby monitors being well-received. It’s easier than ever to stream video, and this feature has been a great change to the market for these products.

It’s seen a lot of popularity since watching your baby always adds another layer of information and context on top of hearing them. You can hear your body when something is wrong, but you won’t always be able to identify the problem or see if your child needs your immediate attention.

The video feature comes with an increased cost, but it also defines the mid- or premium-tiers of product in the market. These tend to retail between $150 and $200 depending on the range of the monitor, the clarity, and other changes to the technology behind this product.

However, sales on these products are much greater in degree since the overall cost is higher and they’re newer to the market. As technology marches onwards and new products out-mode older ones, the price of these products overall drops.

For example, sales on a $150 baby monitor have seen prices drop 30% to under $110 in many cases. The decline over the past year from an RRP of $230 in 2013 shows just how much strength is behind his trend. Based on these trends and the fact that sales are only getting better, we’re expecting to see video baby monitors routinely hit $100 during the 2018 black Friday/cyber Monday sales.

What We Recommend

With all those things considered, and even some bargains you could profit from right now, which are the best options in baby monitoring today?

Based on reviews from sites like PCMag, Tom’s Guide, and Lifewire, we recommend the following monitors (click on them to see Cyber Monday and Black Friday week prices):

Infant Optics DXR-8 – this is our pick for the best baby monitor on the market this year. It is packed with features and the price is right!

Panasonic Video Baby Monitor – this is our pick for the best long-range baby monitor. Get it if your house is large or if you need a long range for some other reason.

iBaby M6S

Motorala Connect

VTech DM111

VTech VM991

Philips Avent

What We Saw In 2016-2018

In their 2016 Black Friday ad, Target had a Motorola video baby monitor with two cameras (model MBP38S-2) down to $129.99 from the regular price of $259.99

Also, according to the website ‘’ the eStore “My Own Baby Store” had the Snuza Hero baby monitor at 20% off.

They also highlighted that VTech had a Black Friday sale on their own site, where their 2-Camera video monitor was $30 off (so $149.95).

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