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Mosaic 2021 Weighted Blanket Review: Quality Meets Color

Check out our comprehensive review of Mosaic weighted blankets. Learn about Mosaic’s design and construction, fabric options, care instructions, customer service, and more.

I’ll be honest here. I love, love, love the choice of fun and funky fabrics at Mosaic, but I know there’s more to a weighted blanket than its looks.

When I started writing this review, I knew Mosaic had a large variety of 100% cotton and plush fabrics, but I had questions about their durability, comfort, weight distribution, care instructions, and more.

After looking at the specs and analyzing hundreds of customer reviews, I’m ready to share what I’ve learned.

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If you want to learn more about Mosaic’s weighted products, then read on. You’ll find everything you need to know below.



What is a Mosaic weighted blanket?

A quick look at the company’s early history is pretty telling. Mosaic’s owner and cofounder, Laura LeMond, struggled with her own sleep, sensory, and anxiety issues. She learned from experience about the benefit of sleeping under extra weight and crafted her own therapeutic blanket by hand, using sandbags for additional heft.

Ultimately, LeMond’s search for a viable weighted sleep solution resulted in Mosaic’s large range of weighted blankets, wraps, and lap pads.

On the market since 2011, Mosaic weighted blankets are designed to function like a firm hug. Like all weighted bedding products, Mosaic blankets provide a form of deep pressure touch and are supposed to help individuals feel more grounded, relaxed and secure.

The company’s blankets, wraps and lap pads contain small plastic pellets that are sewn into individual pockets to ensure even distribution and coverage. The added weight of the pellets is supposed to provide input to the body’s touch receptors, prompting a sense of calm and well-being.

Mosaic products are hand-crafted in the USA. The company uses non-toxic materials, including the commercial-grade poly pellets that serve as filler.

Mosaic weighted blankets weigh between 5 and 25 pounds and come in a variety of sizes, from kid-size (38×50 inches) to king-size (76×80 inches). There are a ton of color and style options for children, teens and adults.



What do customers say about Mosaic weighted blankets?

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons:


Construction: Customers are generally happy with Mosaic’s construction, including the durable fabrics and heavy-duty stitching that holds the weighted pellets in place.

Comfort: Users can’t say enough about how comfy Mosaic’s products are.

Weight distribution: According to most customers, Mosaic does a good job keeping the pellets distributed evenly. We saw a few complaints about the poly filler bunching up and pellets falling to one side, but most customers seem pleased with the weight distribution.

Options: As we mentioned, Mosaic’s huge selection of fabrics, colors, styles, and sizes is super impressive. Plus, the company offers both pre-made and custom blankets.

Maintenance: Care instructions are pretty straightforward and easy. Mosaic’s smaller, lighter-weight blankets are machine-washable at home. Larger and heavier-weight items might require machine washing at a commercial laundromat.

Customer service: Most customers have found Mosaic service reps to be friendly and responsive.


Noise: We heard some complaints about noise from the tiny plastic pellets shifting around. The sound has been likened to the “sound a bean bag makes when you sink into it.” This won’t be a problem for most people, but keep it in mind if you or your child are hypersensitive to noise.

Odor: Some customers report that their new blankets arrived with a strong chemical smell. Fortunately, among those who did notice a smell, many pointed out that the smell dissipated quickly.

Return policy: Although Mosaic’s return policy is clearly stated on its website, some customers were distressed to learn that their custom blankets were non-returnable.



What are Mosaic blankets made of?

Mosaic crafts its blankets from 100% breathable cotton, super soft polyester minky fabric, or faux fur fabric.

The company also offers antimicrobial blankets made from thermoplastic fabric composites. These fabrics are supposed to stay fresher longer and prevent the growth of bacteria, so the company recommends them for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Mosaic antimicrobial blankets are antistatic, flame-resistant, odor-resistant, and stain-resistant.



What does Mosaic use for filler?

Mosaic fills its blankets with 100% new, BPA-free, hypo-allergenic plastic pellets. The sewn pouches also contain a small amount of polyfil, which adds a bit of extra bulk and may help keep the pellets from shifting to one side. That’s a big plus in terms of maintaining even weight distribution.

Mosaic’s filler materials are FDA-compliant.


What are the different types of Mosaic blankets?

Mosaic offers a variety of weighted items and accessories, including the following:

Weighted blankets: Mosaic produces blankets for adults, teens, and kids. Blankets range in weight from 5 to 25 pounds.

Shoulder wraps: These are smaller-sized units weighing 2 to 3 pounds that can be draped across the shoulders.

Lap pads: These smaller units are available in two sizes. They weigh approximately 2 to 5 pounds and rest across the lap.

Hospital-grade blankets: These antimicrobial blankets are specially treated to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Duvet covers: Mosaic’s assorted duvet covers are sized specifically to fit Mosaic’s blankets. They are easy to wash and can help extend the life of a blanket.



What are the different Mosaic sizes and weights?

Mosaic blankets are available in the following sizes:

Kids: 38×50 inches

Throw: 38×60 inches

Twin: 42×72 inches

Full: 54×75 inches

Queen: 60×80 inches

King: 76×80 inches

Available weights are as follows:

Kids: 5, 8, or 10 pounds

Throw: 8, 10, or 12 pounds

Twin: 10, 12, 15, 18, or 20 pounds

Full: 15, 18, 20, or 25 pounds

Queen: 20 or 25 pounds

King: 20 or 25 pounds



Are Mosaic weighted blankets hot?

Here’s where the choice of fabrics can make a measurable difference in the quality of your sleep experience.

We found few complaints about overheating, and we believe that’s due to Mosaic’s 100% breathable cotton option. If you tend to sleep warm, we recommend you opt for one of these.

There are loads of colors and patterns (think Pink Batik, Lunar Gray, and Cannabliss) in Mosaic’s all-cotton collection, and you’ll definitely appreciate the extra air flow.

Of course, if you need something warmer (or if you crave plush!) you can go with a minky or faux fur fabric. There are plenty of vibrant color choices in Mosaic’s plush category, including bright red, pink, lavender, and several awesome shades of blue.



How do you wash a weighted Mosaic blanket?

Mosaic blankets are durable enough to endure regular machine washing. Customers report good results from repeated washings, which is great news if you plan to use your blanket regularly or share it with family members.

The company provides clear washing instructions that vary based on the weight and/or size of the blanket. Use the following as a general guideline:

Up to 12 pounds: Blankets that weigh up to 12 pounds can be machine washed at home. Use cold water, and allow the blanket to air dry. For better “fluff,” place the blanket in a dryer with a towel, and dry on low heat, but only for a short time.

Over 12 pounds: Mosaic recommends using a commercial laundry machine (on gentle) for larger blankets and blankets weighing more than 12 pounds.

Mosaic does not recommend dry cleaning their products.

Mosaic’s duvet covers can be machine washed on cold and dried in a dryer.



How do you decide on a weight?

There are a few approaches to choosing your blanket weight:

1. Base your blanket’s weight on your actual body weight. As a general rule, if you’re buying for an adult, choose a blanket that is about 10% of the person’s body weight. If you are buying for a child, you should add 1 to 2 pounds to 10% of the child’s body weight. The extra pound or two allows for your child’s growth.

2. Base your blanket’s weight on your ideal body weight. This is the body weight that is considered appropriate for your frame. This approach will help you avoid a blanket that is too heavy for your frame, which can leave you feeling crushed rather than calm.

3. Consult Mosaic’s chart of recommended weights:


4. Speak to your doctor. If your doctor, therapist or other health care professional suggested you purchase a weighted blanket, ask him or her for a weight recommendation.

Is the weight on a Mosaic blanket evenly distributed?

Weight distribution is a major consideration when it comes to weighted blankets. It’s something of a science to keep those thousands of tiny weighted pellets evenly distributed. If the pellets all shift to one side, the blanket won’t add weight evenly across your body, and the blanket will likely end up in a pile on the floor by morning.

Mosaic blankets are quilted; the weighted pellets are housed in individual stitched pouches. Although some customers have complained that the quilted squares are too large, causing the pellets to shift to one side, most customers seem pleased with the weight distribution. That’s good news, because it means you’ll feel gentle, consistent pressure across your body while you sleep.

Are there any safety considerations when using a Mosaic weighted blanket?

Mosaic warns users never to place a weighted blanket over the face and neck.

Furthermore, the company’s weighted blankets are not recommended for use by children age 3 and under or by individuals who lack the necessary physical strength to manipulate the blanket.

Children should only use a weighted blanket when there is appropriate adult supervision.



What is the warranty on a Mosaic blanket?

Mosaic offers a one-year limited warranty. The company states that the warranty applies if the poly pellets begin to leak as a result of failed stitching. If Mosaic determines that pellet loss is due to poor-quality stitching, the company will replace the lost pellets and fix the damaged seam.

As far as returns, Mosaic requests that customers call or e-mail the company immediately if they wish to return an item. The company will send a link that enables the customer to print a shipping label. The customer then prints the label and delivers the blanket to any UPS location. Mosaic agrees to process refunds within two weeks of receiving returns.

Mosaic states clearly on its website that laundered and heavily soiled items are non-returnable. Similarly, clearance and custom items are non-returnable. Keep this in mind when you unpack your blanket. If you’re not 100% sure that it’s the best product for you, keep it completely clean in case you decide to return it.



How is Mosaic’s customer service?

Mosaic customers have a lot of great things to say about their buying experience. Here’s a small sampling of customer comments:

Great service.”

Started out with a blanket that was way too heavy, Mosaic made the return easy and hassle free.”

Mosaic was very helpful, courteous, patient, and informative as I made my choice.”

Thanks for the wonderful customer service.”

We saw multiple reports from customers about helpful Mosaic customer service reps who answered questions promptly and tried hard to accommodate specific needs.



Are there any tips for buying a Mosaic blanket?

To avoid disappointment, note the blanket measurements carefully before you buy. Mosaic blankets are designed to rest on top of the bed and not hang over the sides. If you want some overhang, or if you want to buy a larger size so your child won’t outgrow his blanket too quickly, keep this in mind when you choose a size.



What’s the verdict?

Mosaic blankets aren’t among the cheapest on the market, but we think they’re worth the extra money.

We’re impressed with Mosaic’s design, stitching, and filler. And we love the full palette of colors and zany patterns. We also like the even pellet distribution, which ensures consistent coverage.

However, if you’re super sensitive to noise when you sleep, you might find the sound of Mosaic’s plastic pellets shifting back and forth disturbing. There are other blankets out there, such as the Baloo, which are known for being exceptionally quiet. Light sleepers and sound-sensitive folks might be better off with one of Baloo’s quality products.

Reminder: If you do decide to purchase a Mosaic and you want the option to return it, we suggest you purchase a ready-made, non-clearance item rather than a custom or clearance item.

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