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Review of Quility Weighted Blankets: A Good Option for You or Your Kids?

Learn what you need to know about Quility weighted blankets. Consider what Quility offers in terms of construction, comfort, weight options, care instructions, warranty and more.

Quility claims its weighted blankets help with a variety of issues that impact on sleep, including anxiety, stress, and insomnia. That’s a pretty strong claim.

We wondered if Quility customers actually sleep more soundly with their blankets than they did without them.

We researched the company’s products and heard what Quility customers have to say about things like construction, durability, weight, and comfort.

We also looked at Quility’s customer service record and warranty, because choosing the right weighted blanket can be tricky, and no one wants to be stuck with a product they don’t like or can’t use.

If you already know Quility is for you, then:

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If you want to hear more about Quility products, read on.

What are Quility weighted blankets and how do they work?

Quility manufactures quilted cotton-polyester blankets that contain millions of tiny glass beads. The beads add a significant amount of weight to the blanket which, when applied evenly to the body, is supposed to have a soothing, calming effect. Quility blankets come in variable weights and have a removable cover.

Weighted blankets draw on the science of Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) a therapeutic technique that involves applying gentle but deep pressure to the body.

There is some scientific evidence that applying this sort of pressure to the body helps some people feel more grounded and relaxed, which can be conducive to a more restful sleep experience.

In theory, weighted blankets like those that Quility produces are designed to simulate a warm hug, causing the body to produce feel-good chemicals that are associated with relaxation and pleasure.

 Who can use a Quility?

Quility markets its blankets to people who “suffer from symptoms of stress, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia,” but anyone who is looking for a more restful sleep experience might benefit.

Quility blankets come in a variety of weights to accommodate adults and children of different sizes. The smallest and lightest-weight blanket measures 36″ x 48″ and weighs 5 pounds.

It is designed for a child weighing between 40 and 70 pounds. The largest and heaviest blanket measures 86″ x 92″ and weighs 30 pounds and can be used by couples.

Note: For safety reasons, pregnant women and children under 5 years old should not use weighted blankets. Also, these blankets are not intended for use as a form of restraint. They should not be used by individuals who are incapable of moving a weighted blanket without assistance.

What are Quility blankets made of?

Quility blankets consist of multiple layers:

Outer layer: The outermost layer is made of 100% breathable cotton.

Padded layer: The outer layer is lined by polyester padding.

Filled layers: Beneath the padded layer are two polyester layers that contain glass bead filler.

Beads: The filler consists of millions of tiny lead-free, non-toxic, glass beads.

The beads are sewn into large square pouches, which are supposed to keep the beads evenly distributed throughout the blanket.

Are Quility blankets expensive?

Weighted blankets range in price from $20 to $400. You can purchase a Quility for under $200, making it a moderately priced option.

What do customers like about Quility blankets?

Based on customer feedback, Quility blankets have a lot going for them. Along with many claims of improved sleep, customers appreciate the following design features:

Removable duvet/cover: The soft duvet cover is by far Quility’s most talked-about feature. Customers call it “exceptionally soft” and adore its “warm, heavenly feel.” It can be removed in the summer and is machine-washable, which is incredibly convenient.

Square pouches: Many people feel the square bead-pouch design helps keep the blanket’s weight evenly distributed. The fact that the pouches are rather large means the beads have room to spread out, so the blanket lies relatively flat on the bed. At least one person pointed out that the stitching around the pouches also makes it easier to fold the blanket neatly along the seams.

Ties: We saw a lot of positive feedback about how the cover ties onto the edge of the blanket. The ties are spaced around the perimeter of the blanket, and they are supposed to help keep the blanket from bunching up within the cover.

Stitching: We saw positive feedback about the quality of the stitching, both around the bead-filled pockets and the zipper. Many customers report that the stitching around the pouches appears strong and capable of preventing leakage of beads.

 Are there any downsides?

Quility gets high ratings for its weighted blankets, but there are a few potential downsides:

Dry-clean only: Unlike the duvet, the weighted blanket itself needs to be dry cleaned. This is a turn-off for some customers, especially those who find the duvet too warm and opt to use the blanket alone. A good solution is to purchase one of Quility’s all-cotton, machine-washable duvets.

Tie troubles: Some people find it challenging to tie the cover to the blanket, especially when working with a heavier-weight blanket. For some, the ties seem too short. Others believe there are too few ties, pointing out that there are no ties on the zippered side.

A number of customers have complained that their blanket’s ties eventually ripped away from the fabric, so they can no longer secure the cover to the blanket. This results in the blanket shifting and bunching up within the cover.

Leakage: Despite a lot of positive feedback about good weight distribution, there are quite a few complaints about the glass beads leaking from stitched pouches. A lot of folks find that, over time, the beads migrate and gather around the blanket’s perimeter.

How do you know what weight to buy?

If you are an individual buying a blanket for use with a single, twin, or full-size bed, the company recommends purchasing a blanket that weighs approximately 10 to 12 percent of your body weight, plus one pound. If the final weight falls equally between two blanket sizes, choose the lighter option.

If you are a couple purchasing a blanket for use with a queen- or king-sized bed, the company suggests choosing a blanket that weighs about 10 to 12 percent of the lighter person’s body weight.

You can also consult the company’s size chart.

How do you wash a Quility weighted blanket?

Quility products come with two parts, the inner weighted blanket and a minky duvet cover. According to the manufacturer, these two parts require different washing care.

To wash the blanket, unzip and untie the outer cover to remove the inner weighted blanket. You can hand wash the inner blanket with a mild detergent, rinse it well, and then hang it to dry. Or, you can dry clean it.

To clean the plush duvet, remove it from the inner blanket. You can hand wash it or machine wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle. Wash with like colors only. Hang to dry.

Do not put the blanket or duvet in the dryer.

How do you put the cover on a Quility weighted blanket?

Use the following steps to attach the duvet to the blanket:

1. Spread the weighted blanket on your bed.

2. Unzip the blanket cover.

3. Turn the blanket cover inside-out.

4. Spread out the cover on top of the blanket.

5. Use the attached ties to secure the cover to the blanket.

6. Invert the cover so it is right-side in.

7. Zip up the cover and shake out the blanket so it lies flat and the beads are evenly distributed.

Can you buy replacement duvet covers?

Quility produces cotton duvet covers that are available for purchase separately. They are available in assorted colors, including blue, light gray, gray and ivory.

Is there a warranty on Quility products?

Quility offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The company’s stated policy is to issue a full refund to customers who are not completely satisfied.

How are Quility blankets packaged?

The company packages its weighted blankets in a clear reusable poly zipper bag with a carrying handle. The bag itself is sent in a standard box. We advise against using a sharp blade to open the box, because there is no protective packing material.

Are there other considerations?

Many users report great sleep results almost instantly from their Quility blankets.

However, if you’ve never before used a weighted blanket, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Overheating: We heard from more than a few people that the plush duvet is too warm. If you are sensitive to heat, you might need to keep your bedroom cooler to compensate. Keep in mind, the blanket can be used without the soft, minky duvet, or you can purchase a cooler cotton duvet separately.
  2. Size: The blankets run smaller than you might imagine. Don’t expect any overhang. Some individuals complain that their feet stick out, while couples find themselves battling over the blanket in an effort to stay covered. To prevent either of these scenarios, consider buying a larger size.
  3. Weight: Some buyers feel Quility’s weight recommendations are too high. If you’re concerned, contact customer support for advice or order a lighter-weight blanket.
  4. Adjusting: You might need to use your Quility for several nights before you fully adjust to and benefit from the additional weight.
  5. Health concerns: Quility blankets, like all weighted blankets, are not generally recommended for people with certain health conditions, injuries, or movement restrictions. If you have specific health issues, consult with your doctor before using a Quility or any other weighted blanket.
  6. Safety: Weighted blankets should never cover your head.

What’s the bottom line?

Quality sleep is critical for maintaining physical and mental health and promoting growth and development. Scientists have demonstrated that poor sleep quality and insufficient sleep can play a role in the development of certain chronic illnesses, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Sleep deprivation can also affect mood, attention span, memory, cognitive ability, creativity, and behavior. And yet, so many adults and kids of all ages struggle with sleep.

That’s where Quility comes in.

Many users are thrilled with the overall Quility experience, claiming their blankets have greatly improved sleep for themselves or their children.

If you’re looking for a mid-priced product with good size, weight, and color options, non-toxic glass beads, neatly stitched pouches to hold in those beads, and a luxurious cover that you can remove and toss in the washing machine, you’ve likely hit your mark.

While there have been some complaints about the glass beads leaking out of their pouches, many customers feel the seams are strong and overall construction is good-to-excellent.

If you give Quility a try and you’re unhappy with the product, you can take advantage of their 30-day full-refund policy. The company realizes that weighted blankets are not for everyone and acknowledges that there can be defects in their product. They seem anxious to please.

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Good luck!

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