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The Best Roomba S9 and S9+ Cyber Monday Week Deals of 2020

The Roomba S9+ is one of the most expensive robot vacuums on the market today, and many people are looking for Cyber Monday deals. We are tracking them daily.

Last year Amazon and other retailers kept running out of stock during the Cyber Monday madness, so take that into account when deciding how much you want to wait for an even better deal.

Today’s Deal:

If you’re willing to compromise, you might want to go with one of the other lesser models:

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So what about the Roomba s9+? Is it worth the price tag? Let’s look at some of its features.

The Self-Cleaning Robot

One of the S9+’s noticeable features is that it can clean itself. With other models, you have to stop the robot, pop off its dustbin, and empty it. This isn’t much of an inconvenience for most able-bodied people, but it still can be annoying. If you’ve got a big, dirty house, constantly having to empty out the Roomba during cleaning means that it’s not the most automated device ever.

This Roomba does its job by being completely self-cleaning. Its charging station also has a waste disposal, which the Roomba empties into a bag. Once the bag’s full, that’s all that you have to take out.

Some customers may be a bit turned off by having to use a bag, when other Roombas don’t need one. However, these bags aren’t too expensive, and they help trap the dust and other allergens. If you’re allergic, it’s always annoying to empty it out yourself and then be greeted with a coughing fit.

One of the Best Around for Carpets

One common complaint about robo-vacs is that while they’re great for hardwood floors, they end up falling short in regards to deeper carpets. Many Roombas work well on low-pile carpets, but they can’t go deep like how a traditional vacuum can.

The S9+ cleans deep. Up to 40 times as much than the 600 line. Once it notices that it’s on a carpet, it increases its power, making sure your carpet is spotless.

While you may want a traditional vacuum to use every once in a while, the Roomba S9+ makes it so that you don’t need to use it as often. This is a plus in our book.

One of the Best Corner Vacuums

Corners are a robo-vac’s worst enemy. At least, they used to be. While most robot vacuums have brushes and other ways to clean as much as they can, they never seemed to get it right. There would always be some dirt and dust left over on the corners.

This is why the S9+ is awesome. It uses this technology known as PerfectEdge. It has a spinning brush on its corner, and combined with its powerful sensors, the S9+ gets deep in those corners. Meanwhile, other robovacs can only dream of that.

It Maps Out Your Home

Most robot vacuums don’t know the layout of your home. They move in one direction until they hit a corner, then go another away. This technique does work, but it always makes the robot miss at least something, destroying some of the automation you would expect out of a robot vacuum.

This is where the S9+’s Imprint Smart Mapping comes in. Using a camera and some of its sensors, the S9+ maps out your house. Every second, the S9+’s sensors can get over 200,000 dating points. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Before you use it for cleaning, you can actually program the S9+ to go around your house, not cleaning anything up, just so it can map out your home.

Can you view your home map? Yes! Using the app, you can look at your house’s map and then customize it. Speaking of apps…

A Great App

Most Roomba models use an app, which you connect with via iOS, Android, and Alexa. With the app, you can control the Roomba and schedule it to clean whenever you want  it to. In addition, the Roomba alerts you whenever it needs maintenance.

Let’s talk about its mapping again. The S9+ lets you take the map and have the Roomba clean only certain parts on certain times, which is quite unheard of with other robot vacuums.

The app also uses voice commands as well. Using your own voice, you can tell it to clean or dock. Quite convenient, huh?

The Battery

With that said, what is the battery life of the S9+? Roombas are known to have a respectable battery life, and the S9+ does exceed expectations. It can go for up to two hours on a single charge, which should work for most houses. Although, if you’re someone who has a bigger home, the Roomba can always return to its charging station, then resume once it has more juice.

The only downside is that the charging time can take up to four hours. Other models take less time. However, because everything is automated, it’s not much of a deal.

What is the Difference Between the S9 and the S9+?

When shopping, you may be confused what the difference between the S9 and the S9+ are. The only difference is that the S9+ self-empties. That’s it. The S9 still has the same power, battery life, brushes, and other features of the S9+.

The S9 is a few hundred cheaper than the S9+, so if you have a budget, but not enough to buy the S9+, the S9 may be a worthy substitute. You have to empty the robot on your own, but it still has all the power.

Tips and Tricks

When purchasing an S9+, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your experience:

  • Always use authentic parts when you need them. This is something you invested a lot of money in, therefore it’s a bit foolish to try to save money on parts by buying something that isn’t genuine. Purchase brushes, bags, and other accessories for your Roomba. If you’re still confused which are the real McCoy, especially on sites like Amazon where there’s a lot of fakes, you can always go on iRobot’s website and see what they have for you.
  • When mapping out the home for the first time, make sure everything is in its typical order. If you have something on the floor, clean it up. You can always change the maps later on, but it’s always a little more convenient to get it right the first time.
  • Even though this Roomba is smart, always make sure to clean up any cords or anything else the Roomba may eat up or get stuck on. Some users have reported that even with the S9+, cords are not your friend.
  • Always fully charge the Roomba before use. This is common sense, but many forget to do that, especially with a model that takes a while to charge.
  • Empty out the bags when they are full. Don’t allow them to overflow. Listen to the Roomba if it says that the bag is full. Don’t try to go over its limit.


Black Friday Deals

The S9+ is quite expensive, and most people aren’t going to want to spend that hefty price tag. Luckily, Black Friday is coming up soon. Roombas tend to be quite good with Black Friday deals, offering hundreds off the price. For something as pricey as the S9+, you may get even more off.

However, because this is an expensive robot, this is not something you want to rush. Take a look at all online retailers, including iRobot’s site itself. In addition, take a look at Walmart, Target, or another retailer that sells the S9+. There’s a chance they may have a deal that beats Amazon. You may have to deal with the rush, but you may end up finding a great Black Friday Roomba deal and having your S9+ right now instead of having to wait a few days.

There are other products from iRobot on sale this year such as the Roomba i7, the Roomba E5, the Roomba i3, the Roomba 980, the Roomba 960, and the Braava Jet. And of course Neato and other Robot Vacuums are on sale too.

Think About It

With that said, this is an expensive item for many people. If you don’t have the biggest budget, don’t spend more than you can afford. There are many Roomba models out there that can get the job done, and they cost half of what the S9+ costs, even more. Don’t put yourself in debt just because you want the best model.

Also, make sure you have a return policy if you are not satisfied. This model has a lot of great aspects, yet many customers have had problems with it. On Amazon, it sits at a 3 star review average, meaning plenty of mixed results. For some, it delivered on what it was promised, and for others, it fell short.

Remember, technology goes down in time, so in a few years, you may be able to purchase a self-emptying Roomba for a fraction of that price.

With that said, if you can afford it, we say to give it a go.

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