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The Top Roomba 980 Black Friday Sales

If you’re thinking about upgrading your current robot vacuum, or you want to get one and want to start strong, the Roomba 980 is for you. We have found the best current sales for you. Take a look for awesome deals (hint: the 981 is one of the best selling Roombas today):

While a hundred dollars off is lovely, it’s still quite expensive for most families. There are Roomba models that go for less than half of that, and still deliver quality cleaning. What makes this one more special than the others? Let’s look at some of its features.

Some of the Best Sensors Around

The Roomba is great for cleaning your floor, but sometimes, you may notice that it doesn’t do that good of a job at figuring out your house. From cleaning the same rooms to missing some spots, it can be frustrating!

This is because the cheaper Roombas go in a straight line until they hit something, then change direction. They never figure out your house. This way of cleaning can be frustrating when it doesn’t work. That’s why the 980 has some of the best mapping and sensors on the market today.

First, it has a camera. While you need light for it, this camera allows the Roomba to use grid-based mapping. It uses other sensors as well, such as floor tracking. This lets it figure out the furniture and floor type. Great for houses that have a variety of carpets and hardwood floors.

Here’s a tip: always make sure there’s lighting in your house. The cameras won’t be able to see at night and can’t get a good look at your house. If you’re not going to be at home, open up the windows to give your Roomba some lighting.

Knows the Difference Between Floors

Let’s expand on that concept for a second. Many cheaper robo-vacs will use the same cleaning style for all floor types. If you’re someone who has carpets, the Roomba will use turbo mode when it approaches a carpet. This means that it will use more power to clean your carpets. It can go deep. While not as deep as a regular vacuum, the 980 is still quite strong, showing that the line between robo-vac and regular vacuum may not be as far as you may think.

It Handles Rugs Well, Too

Rugs used to be a Roomba’s worst enemy, with the rob-vacuum going under the rug and getting tangled up. Not anymore. This Roomba transitions from floor to rug quite well. It looks oh so satisfying.

It Lasts a While

The 980 can go up to 120 minutes on a single charge. For most homes, this is more than enough. If you forgot to charge the Roomba, it may even be able to have a second go. Like any Roomba, it will return to its home when it needs energy, then resume the task when it’s fully charged.

Two Virtual Walls

This Roomba comes with two virtual walls. These are designed to create virtual boundaries. Sometimes, you don’t want your Roomba to enter a room, but you may not have any doors. Other times, you may not want your Roomba to go to a corner of your house with cables and other dangers. Virtual walls save you the headache. You just need two AA batteries to power them.

All the WiFi Features

Most Roombas have these, and so does the 980. You connect the Roomba to WiFi, and using an app or Alexa, you can control the Roomba. Schedule it to clean while you’re gone, or turn it on without having to touch it. It’s definitely a useful feature to have!

Just remember, you do have to have a smart device to use its advanced features. It doesn’t have a remote of its own.

Unfortunately, It’s a Bit Noisy

The only noticeable downside of the 980 is its noise level. This is not a quiet vacuum. It’s not blatantly loud, but if you’re thinking about watching some holiday movies while kicked back, the Roomba isn’t going to be that quiet.

Black Friday Deals

This Black Friday, expect some good deals.

There are other products from iRobot on sale this year such as the Roomba s9+, the Roomba i7, the Roomba E5, the Roomba 960, and the Braava Jet. And of course Neato and other Robot Vacuums are on sale too.

Many outlets, both online and in brick and mortar stores, shave off a few hundred. This model is expensive, so a cheaper price tag may convince you to purchase it. Be on the lookout for the best deals and steals on your Roomba this Black Friday of 2020. You may get yourself a 980 without it sucking out your savings.

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